A poem for Pat

One day at a time, they say,
Is how you get by;
But I, you know, look ahead
In years, decades, the end of
The century or millennium
To the new generation.

Now that we’re older,
With experience on our bones,
I thought how fast those past
Years went by,
And what seemed so lengthy
Waiting for the treats of time
Has telescoped from this vista
To flashes of focus.

The future is always ours,
The past, too,
One to shape, the other to savor.
The hard part, my dear,
Is to live the present full
In seed, flower, and fruit
As though we are magicians
Of the everlasting now,
Or, at least, upon occasion
Conscious of the moments
That unfold in these little spaces
Between history and promise

Copyright © 2009 by Roger Sween

For other poems by Roger Sween posted on this blog, see the list on My Poetry above.

I wrote this poem some years ago for our wedding anniversary.  Not previously published, “Anniversary” first appeared in CeptsForm on Blogspot, 25 Feb. 2009,  and moved to WordPress, 18 Nov. 2010.

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