Moving to Maplewood has led to a lot of re-examination.  I need to set priorities about my study, writing, and activities.  Though efforts to control chaos obtrude necessarily at this time, I endeavor to be more practical than ever I have been.  That means becoming focused: I must narrow my attention and time to what is most important to accomplish at this moment.  I have to quell my interests to a precious few contrary to my whole 70-plus years of past meandering history.

Right now my daily tasks richochet between organizing the baggageof my life, setting up my library, concluding disposal of several hundred books, preparing the Red Wing house for sale, and tabulating the fiscal minutia our tax accountant must have.  These burdens short change the time I have for thinking, reduced to fleeting flashes: reading – finished the second Coetzee memoir – and writing – mostly Facebook status reports, email exchanges, and these scriblings. I did accomplish a longish and overdue letter to my neglected brother whose birthday comes up April 1.

What I must do when all this turmoil settles is research my grandfather, K. K. Berge and his building, being rennovated in Granite Falls to meet federal flood code to become a community center.  That ought to come first because of set deadlines.  Then I have the big intellectual issues to tackle – our vocation as learners, AAUW’s grasp of the relationship between its aim of equity and its membership eligibility requirement of a degree, and some basic philosophy of librarianship.  My fiction writing, unfortunately has to slip in priority until I clear my mind on these other issues.

I look forward to the blessings of April and the comming of Springtime.

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