Additions 2011

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2011.

Updated 21 February  2012.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library.  I choose to cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions.  Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete.  However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific or potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acqusition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title; edition if distinctive; price.  Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered past duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources:  Barnes & Noble [location] the surviving super store chain is promoting digital in a big way, but still has large selections of books which I turn to when I can’t readily get titles elsewhere.  Best of Times is an independent bookstore in Red Wing MN.  Book Cliffs is a small and charming used book store in Wabasha, MN.  Borders Books, my favorite of the U.S. big box stores, bankrupt in 2011, under liquidation.  Cy Chauvin is a friend, originally through science fiction fandom in the early ’70s, but subsequently through a shared interest in the novel, especially of manners. Daedalus Books is the catalog and website source for remaindered and discounted books at reasonable prices.  Dollar Tree [location] is the string of discount stores that also carry a few books that list for $1.00. Chris Ellis, a consultant with 20 years experience in helping businesses improve their performance, is a friend of the family.  Rolf Erickson, a friend since college and now deceased, pursued Norwegian-American studies while a librarian at Northwestern University.  Friends UW-Madison Libs (the Friends of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Libraries) holds semi-annual sales of used books.  Shirley Furber is the older of my two younger sisters.  Half Price Books [location]comprises a number of sturdy and expanding outlet locations that offer attractive used and remaindered books at discounted prices.  Forrest Hartmann, a longtime friend, is an attorney, active in the establishment of the International Crane Foundation.  Robert E. Hanson, aka ko shin, is a friend of mine since third grade who shares an interest in poetry and other things and gives me books.  Monkey See/Monkey Read is an independent bookstore in Northfield MN, carrying used and recent titles.  NAHA stands for the Norwegian-American Historical Association of which I am a life member and thereby receive all their publications.  Passtimes is an independent store in Sister Bay WI that carries some new but many used books.  Pilgrim is the Pilgrim Lutheran congregation (ELCA) that we joined upon moving to Maplewood.   QPBC stands for the Quality Paperback Book Club.  Review indicates a books sent to me from the publisher or author for review.  Saint Olaf Bookstore is the independent at our college that also carries always interesting remainders.  SELCO is the Minnesota regional library system Southeast Libraries Cooperating.  Sixth Chamber Used Books in Saint Paul MN is my favorite store, crammed with high quality inexpensive books and more available online.  Unknown refers to books found in the collection without any record of acquisition.  Mary Treacy, a long-time library colleague and friend, knows my interests and is on the alert for sharing information with me.   Value Thrift Saint Paul is an especially large store close to our residence with shelves of reasonably priced used books.  Karen Herseth Wee is a Saint Olaf College classmate and founder of the Northfield Women Poets in the late 60s.  [Wisconsin] University Book Store sells books and affinity items with discounted books in the lower level.

In comparison with past years, readers may note that fewer books are added than previously due to space limitations in the library’s new location that have focused selectivity.

Added: 8 January, QPBC

#14301 C. Clinton, Mrs. Lincoln. 6.60

#14302 R. Dawkins, The greatest show on earth: the evidence for evolution. 5.60

#14303 A. Gopnik, Angels and ages: … Darwin, Lincoln, and modern life. 6.60

#14304 K. McGeough, The Romans. 8.15

Added: 22 January, Book Cliffs

#14305 Great River Review, v.2 no.2, no. 27-29, 31.  22.50

Added: 9 February, Pilgrim

#14306 M.E. Marty, Lutheran questions, Lutheran answers. 10.00

Added: 17 March, Chris Ellis

#14307 C.M. Ellis, The enlightened enterprise. gift

Added: May, SELCO

#14308 Poetic Strokes 2011. Contributor’s copy

Added: 18 June, Shirley Furber

#14313 Granite Falls Lutheran Church, Built on the rock [1876-1995, with supplement on the windows]. gift

Added: 25 June, Sixth Chamber

#14309 S. Blackburn, Truth: a guide. 13.45

#14310 S. Coontz, Marriage, a history. 7.50

#14311 N. Ferguson, Empire: the rise and demise of the British world order … .80

#14312 S. Harris, Letter to a Christian nation [on the negative side of religious belief]. 9.15

Added: 26 June, Review

#14314 J.B. Wahl, The bondsman’s burden: … the common law of Southern slavery. gratis

Added: 28 June, Unknown.

#14315 Absorb the colors: poems (Voldseth & Wee). 6.95

#14316 Everyday life through the ages (Davison, Martin, Briggs). 28.90

Added: 28 June, Karen Herseth Wee

#14317 K.H. Wee, Before language: poems.  gift

Added: 30 June, Forrest Hartmann

#14318 B. Katz, So cranes may dance. gift

Added: 1 July 2011, NAHA

#14319 Norwegian-American Essays, 2011: transnationalism and the Norwegian-American experience. Membership.

Added: 1 July 2011, QPBC

#14320 J. Bradshaw, Reclaiming virtue: how we can develop the moral intelligence … 10.95

#14321 S. Harris, The end of faith: religion, terror, and the future of reason. 15.60

#14322 S. Harris, The moral landscape: how science can determine human values. 12.95

Added: 13 July, Value Thrift Saint Paul

#14323 H. Strutz, 501 German verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses; 3rd ed. 1.60

Added: 15 July, Dollar Tree Red Wing

#14324 G. Wills, Head and heart: American Christianities. 1.10

Added: 22 July, Daedalus Books

#14325 The best American poetry, 2007 (McHugh & Lehman). 5.45

#14326 J. Hollis, What matters most: … a more considered life. 7.50

#14327 J. Neeleman, What is God? 7.50

#14328 R.H. Tawney, The acquisitive society [1st published 1920]. 5.45

Added: 23 July, Borders Books

#14329 J. LeFanu, Why us? …science rediscovered the mystery of ourselves. 5.05

Added: 26 July, St. Olaf Bookstore

#14330 L. Chamberlain, Motherland: a philosophical history of Russia. 7.50

#14331 J. Polkinghan & N. Beale, Questions of truth: … God, science, and belief. 4.25

#13332 J. Wallis, The call to conversion: … personal, but never private. 1.05

#14333 C. Wicker, The fall of the evangelical nation. 1.05

Added: 5 August, Dollar Tree, Oakdale MN

#14253r T. Branch, The Clinton tapes: wrestling history with the President. 1.10

Added: 14 August, Passtimes Books

#14334 J.A. Comenius, The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart (Louthan & Sterk). 5.30

Added 17 August, Robert E. Hanson

#14335 G. W. Bertsch, Gifts of healing peace and justice [poetry]. gift

#14336  R. Jones, A fist full of poetry. gift

Added: 24 August, Borders, Woodbury MN

#14337 J.M. Coetzee, Summertime; fiction. 8.05

#14338  R. Paul, Liberty defined: 50 essential issues … 10.70

#14339 W. Whitman, Leaves of Grass: the complete 1855 and 1891-92 editions.  9.60

Added: 4 September, Borders, Roseville.

#14351 G. Easterbrook, The progress paradox: … people feel worse. 3.20

#14352 T. Hartmann, What would Jefferson do: … democracy. 3.20

#5945r C. Levi-Strauss, Tristes tropique (J. & D. Weightman). 4.80

#14353 D. Meyer, Why we hate us: American discontent … 3.20

Added: 7 September, Dollar Tree in Sun Ray, St. Paul.

#14340 J. Freeman, The tyranny of e-mail: the four-thousand-year journey …  1.10

Added: 17 Sept., Half Price Books, Roseville

#2004r C. Achebe, Things fall apart [novel].  5.90

#14341  F. Kafka, The metamorphosis and other stories (Pasley).  7.00

#4108 M. Shelley, Frankenstien (Jansson).  4.20

Added: 17 September, Barnes & Noble, Roseville

#2231r R. Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 [50th anniversary ed.].  7.55

#3820r G. Orwell, 1984 (Fromm).  10.70

Added: 20 September, Half Price Books, Maplewood.

#14342 F. Kafka, Letter to his father/Brief and der vater (Kaiser & Wilkins). 3.20

#14343 F. Kafka, The metamorphosis; Norton critical ed. (Corngold).  6.40

Added: 1 October, St. Olaf Olaf Study Travel

#14373 The Seagull reader: Stories (Kelly); 2nd ed. Included.

Added: 15 October, Sixth Chamber.

#7504r2 M. Angelou, The complete collected poems.  .80+

#14344 L. Brownworth, Lost to the West: the forgotten Byzantine empire. 8.10

#14345 Butler’s lives of patron saints (Walsh).  .80

#14346 H. Ibsen, Brand (Hill/Ewbank; 2nd ed.). 4.30

#14347 O. Wilde, Literary criticism … .80

Added: 21 October, Friends UW-Madison Libs.

#14348 L.A. Fiedler, What was literature. 1.00

Added: 21 October, [WI] University Book Store.

#14349 M. W. Labarge, Medieval travellers. 4.75

Added: 22 October, Half Price Books, Madison East Town

#14350 D. J. Sloan, Theological incorrectness. 6.30

Added: ca. 1994, Rolf Erickson

#14351 Engelsk-Norsk: Gylendals ordbøker.  gift

Added: 27 October, St. Olaf College Book Store

#14352 R.S. McElvaine, Grand theft Jesus: the hijacking of religion in America. 5.30

#14353 Schott’s miscellany: an almanac, 2008. 1.65

Added: 4 November, Monkey See/Monkey Read.

#14354 R. E. Rubinstein, When Jesus became God: the struggle to define Christianity … 7.50

Added: 4 November, Best of Times.

#2329r W. Cather, My Ántonia (Murphy/Benda). 10.65

#2637# W. Faulkner, As I lay dying; the corrected edition (Polk & Blotner). 13.90

Added: 5 November, Half Price Books, Highland in St. Paul.

#14355 Falling into theory: conflicting views on reading literature (Richter). 10.75

#14356 R.M. Blank & W. McGarn, Is the market moral? 2.15

#14357 J.Q. Wilson, The moral sense. .55

Added: 5 November, NAHA.

#14358 Norwegian American Studies: v.36, 2011 (Nichols).  Membership

Added: 6 November, Half Price Books, Roseville.

#14359 C. Anderson, Beyond a house divided: the moral concensus …  2.15

#14360 D. Bonhoeffer, Reflictions on the Bible (Weber/Hendrickson). 2.15

#14361 International Colloquium in the Philosophy of Science [Proceedings], Criticism and the growth of knowledge. 2.15

#14362 P. Hanson, Why still dance [poems]. 2.15

#14363 E. Karsh, Islamic imperialism. 2.15

Added: 7 November, QPBC.

#14364 D. Brooks, The social animal. 8.65

#14365 C. FitzRoy, Renaissance Florence on 5 florins a day.  8.70

#14366 T. W. Ryback, Hitler’s private library.  8.65

Added: September, Mary Treacy.

#14367 Historical atlas of early Rose township (includes Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Roseville & Parts of St. Paul. gift

Added: 10 November, Sixth Chamber.

#14378 J.M. Weatherford, The history of money. 7.00

#14369 What life was like at the dawn of democracy: classical Athens. 3.70

Added: 21 November, Best of Times.

#3840r B. L. Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago (Pevear & Volokhonsky). 18.10

Added: 5 December, Robert E. Hanson.

#14370 R. E. Hanson, The inner passage [on cover: by ko shin, Bob Hanson, poet & photographer & his friends]. gift

Added: 22 December, Cy Chauvin.

#14371 Essays on the intellect (Link). gift

#14372 P. Lively, Family album. gift.

This ends additions for 2011.

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