Additions 2013

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2013.

Updated 19 December 2013.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific or potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon is replete with books, but I only go there when (a) I am in a hurry, (b) I can’t find the book anywhere else. Author Reading refers to purchase at an event featuring the book’s author. Bargains Unlimited, Sister Bay WI, is a thrift that supports charities: it’s book collection is neither extensive or well organized, but oh so cheap.  Barnes & Nobel [place] is now my store of last resort, following the demise of Borders Books. The Book Vault, one of two independent book stores in Stratford ONT, draws clusters of browsing and buying theater-oriented tourists.   Books Up the Road, a small book and gift shop, occupies the lower floor of a stabbur-style building on Washington Island, WI.  William Caxton, Ellison Bay Wi, features 90,000 high quality used books and a few in-print ones. Cy Chauvin, my longtime friend, and I exchange  books at Christmas time. Common Good Books, now on Snelling and Grand, is larger than Garrison Keillor’s previous store, with more poetry than anywhere in the Twin Cities. Drury Lane in a charming blue-painted cottage, owned by Minnesota author and philanthropist Joan Drury, Grand Marais carries a limited number of excellent and well-chosen books. Ms Drury has been there a couple times I shopped in past years. She is very conversational and knows every book. Fanfare Books competes with The Book Vault, almost directly opposite it across Ontario Street; both feature quality remainders and new titles.  Festival Theatre Store carries wares theatrical and Shakespearean appropriate to the six months of the season. Seldom do you find a store that has multiple editions of every Shakespeare work. Friends Madison Public Library, Wisconsin book sale at $5/bag split with Pat Sween.  Friends University of Wisconsin Libraries booksale at $4/bag amid the ravenous horde.  Goodwill [place], thanks to its scattered collections in many locations, offers to the persistent a few excellent books. Barbara Grudt is a friend, widow of my college classmate, Anthony Grudt, and a member of Classics for Pilgrim book group.  Half Price Books [place] is a booming discount chain, well stocked and well organized where even the discounted remainders and used books can be on reduced-price clearance.  Robert E. Hanson remains my life-long friend (since 3rd grade). We differ, but have much in common including an attraction to poetry. Luther Seminary Bookstore covers a wide range of Lutheran, other Christian and other faith titles and features books in related areas of culture, history, philosophy and literature – most at discount prices. A very large discount book store of remainders and seconds, Magers & Quinn occupies a prominent space across Hennepin Avenue from  the ever burgeoning Calhoun Square of Minneapolis. I haven’t been there for years, but when in the area must go there to find things of immediate import or having failed elsewhere. Novel Ideas, Bailey’s Harbor WI, features a general collection of new books, mostly fiction, mostly popular, but well-chosen.  Passtime Books, though of long duration in Sister Bay WI, has become a shop for used books and newer titles of local interest. I usually find something that captures my interest. Peninsula Bookman, an independent bookstore in Fish Creek Wisconsin, is full of used and remaindered books, especially history and war topics. Except for the truly rare titles, the rest are reasonably priced. Pilgrim Lutheran, the congregation in Saint Paul to which I belong, makes books available for participants in its adult programs. Also at fundraisers sells contributed used books.  Ramsey County Library Friends [place] at library locations offers sharply discounted used books, some contributed, others withdrawn from the library.  Reclassification refers to books, obtained in the past, and given a new classification. Saint Olaf College Book Store, which as an alumnus I often visit, is a combination bookstore for textbooks and other assigned reading, general literature with faculty and alumni titles, and Daedalus remaindered books. I usually buy the cheaper ones.  At the Saint Paul Area Synod Assembly, someone left a box of used books for the taking. Salvation Army [location] for books varies with location, but I make random discoveries. Saint Vincent de Paul [place] operates as a thrift store raising funds for charitable purposes and includes used books at very low prices. Savers [place] which supports other non-profits is a burgeoning thrift outlet for cheap casual wear and sometimes a great book find, besides they give you a discount on next purchase when you donate them stuff. Sixth Chamber Used Books in Saint Paul is my longtime favorite independent store: though dependent on the books brought to them, they have high standards in what they accept. The store grows more and more packed with storage elsewhere and a author, title, category catalog of stock.  SubText, a new Minnesota bookstore in Saint Paul, occupies the space that Garrison Keilor vacated for his new location on Snelling. While the space is more open, the new owner continues the supply of quality reading. Patricia Sween and I have been married for 50+ years. From time to time she gives me a book. Turtle Town Books is a charming little store in Nisswa MN split between children’s items and excellently chosen general fare. Value Thrift [place] besides a whole lot of used clothing and some housewares, stores carry a jumble of books, a few of which interest me. Beverly Voldseth, a Minnesota published poet, is a long-time friend. This April, we began our seventh year of meeting monthly to read aloud and discuss the contents of Poetry magazine. Wee Books in Stratford carries the residue of Callans Books after that exceptional bookseller retired. University of Wisconsin-Madison Book Store with discounted books among the general sales on the lower floor.

Added: 2 January, Savers Maplewood MN.

#14479 A. D’Abro, The rise of the new physics; corrected ed.; [formerly titled: Decline of mechanism]. v.1. 1.30

Added: 6 January, Half-Price Books, St. Paul.

#14480 N. Loraux, The divided city: … ancient Athens (Pache & Fort). 3.25

#14481 J. Purdy, A tolerable anarchy: … the making of American freedom. 2.15

#14482 N. Thopmpson, The ship of state: … ancient Greece to democratic America. 2.15

#14483 S.F. Wemple, Women in Frankish society: … 500 to 900. 2.15

Added: 1 February, SubText

#14484 R. Blanco, Looking for the Gulf motel [poetry]. 17.15

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, Maplewood MN

#14485 W.B. Bartlett, God wills it: … the crusades. 2.15

#14486  Critical conversations: tools …, by K. Patterson et. al. 2.15

#14487 S.M. Nolte, A history of the Amish. 2.15

#14488 A. Ross, The rest is noise[20th cent. music]. 2.15

#14489 J.G. Warry, Warfare in the classical world. 2.15

Added: 15 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood MN

#14490 A. Huxley, Brave new world; … with fourteen related readings. 6.45

#14491 L.I. Levine, Judaism and Hellenism in antiquity. 8.55

Added: 3 April, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#14492 T. O’Brian, The things they carried: … fiction. 8.10

#14493 Religions of late antiquity in practice (Valantasis). 3.20

#14494 Tierney, The crisis of church and state, 1050-1300. 2.15

#14495 K. Ward, The case for religion. 3.20

Added: 8 April, Luther Seminary Bookstore

Note: 500 skipped in the numbering sequence; found too late to undo.

#14996 W. Brueggemann, Awed to heaven; rooted in earth: prayers of … 13.75

#14997 Lutheran perspectives on Biblical interpretation: … lectures (Jungling). 12.90

#14998 P. Wiebe, The architecture of  religion: a theoretical essay. 1.10

#14999 J. Wilson, A preface to morality. 1.05

Added: 8 April, Amazon

#15000 Robert’s rules of order, newly revised; 11th ed. 14.00

Added: Value Thrift @ SunRay, Saint Paul

#15001 M. Gladwell, Outliers: the story of success. 5.40

#15002 J. Markale, The Celts: … origins of Western culture 3.20

Added: 2 May, Pat Sween

#15003 M. Oliver, New and selected poems: v.1. gift

Added: 4 May, Savers, Maplewood

#15004 C. Dickens, Child’s history of England [with No Thoroughfare and Master Humphrey’s Clock]. 4.50

#15005 I. Loyola, The autobiography of … (O’Callahan/Olin). .75

#15006-15009 The world of mathematics (Newman), 4v. 15.00

Added: 4 May, Subtext.

#15010 J. Culler, Literary theory. 12.90

Added: 8 May, Robert E. Hanson

#15011 R.E. Hanson, Warrior poets [with 42 others]. gift

Added: 11 May, Beverly Voldseth

#15012 T. Hennen, Darkness sticks to everything: … poems. gift

Added: 13 May, SubText

#15013 C. Brady, Story logic and the craft of fiction. 25.83

Added: 18 May, Saint Paul Area Synod

#15014 A.J. Hultgren, Jesus and his adversaries. free

#15015 E.F.A. Klug, Getting into the Formula of Concord [and] Epitome (Stahlke). free

Added: 24 May, Half Price Books, Maplewood MN

#15016 R. Aslan, Beyond fundamentalism: confronting religious extremism … 1.70

#15017 Christian political ethics (Coleman). 5.25

#15018 D. Teems, Majestie: the King behind the King James Bible. 1.70

#15019 G. Vico, Keys to the new science. 1.70

Added: 25 May, Turtle Town Books

#15020 S. Schiff, Cleopatra: a life. 18.20

Added: 25 May, Barbara Grudt

#15021 G. Handscombe, William Golding: Lord of the Flies (Penguin Study Notes). gift

Added: 4 June, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#15o22 J. Bunyan, The pilgrim’s progress; Barbour Books. 2.15

#15023 The Faber book of exploration (Allen). 3.20

#15024, W. Hazlitt, The Classical gazetteer. 2.15

Added: 10 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#2111r W.H. Auden, Collected poems (Mendelson). 10.75

#15025 Bible dictionary & concordance [names and terms]. 2.15

#15026 A. Monda, Do you believe: conversations… 2.15

#15027 R. Price, The collected poems. 1.10

Added: 11 June, Goodwill, Saint Paul (Fairview)

#15028 A. Rich, Poems: … 1950-1974. 2.15

Added: 14 June, Goodwill, Maplewood

#15029 D.G. McCullough, 1776. 2.25

#15030 Reason and religious belief: … philosophy of religion, by M. Peterson 2.20

Added: 1 July, SubText

#15031 S. Chmielarz, Love from the Yellowstone Trail [poetry]. 13.95

Added: 2 July, Salvation Army, Red Wing

#15032 J. Conrad, The shadow-line: a confession (Hawthorn) [novel]. .80

Added: 10 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15033 R. Alter, The art of Biblical narrative. 2.15

#15034-35 J. Calvin, Calvin: Institutes of the Christian religion (McNeil/Battles). 2v. 21.40

#15036 The capitalist’s bible: … free markets (Morgenson). 2.15

#5663r Collins Italian concise dictionary. 2.15

#15037 L.A. Fiedler, A new Fiedler reader. 2.15

Added: 13 July, SubText

#15038 E. Burke, The portable Edmund Burke (Kramnick). 21.55

Added: 14 July, Magers & Quinn

#15039 E. Burke, A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful; 2nd ed, 1759. 9.70

#15040 C. McCarthy, Blood meridian. 9.70

Added: 17 July, Barnes & Noble, Woodbury

#15041 O. Wister, The Virginian [rev. ed., 1911] (Caweleti & Sobelle). 10.65

Added: 25 July, Savers, Maplewood

#15042 W. Isaacson, Benjamin Franklin. 5.35

#15043 The world’s great speeches; 3rd ed. (Copeland & Lamm). 5.35

Added: 2 August, Peninsula Bookman

#15044 I. Berlin, Vico and Herder. 6.35

#15045 M. Ignatieff, The needs of strangers [social philosophy]. 8.95

Added: 3 August, William Caxton

#15046 T. Frank, What’s the matter with Kansas? How conservatives won … 3.70

Added: 3 August, Novel Ideas

#15047 J. Haidt, The righteous mind [bases of convictions]. 16.90

Added: 4 August, Bargains Unlimited

#15048 W. & A. Durant, The lessons of history. 3.15

#15049 R. M. Scott, Robert the Bruce. 2.10

Added: 6 August, Books Up the Road

#1155r R.J. Fapso, Norwegians in Wisconsin; rev. & exp. ed. 10.50

Added: 6 August, Passtime Books

#15050 C-A. Lopez & E.W. Herbert, The private Franklin. 7.00

Added: 12 August, Fanfare Books

#15051 F. Kafka, The man who disappeared/America (Robertson). 14.65

Added: 13 August, Wee Books

#15052 Spence, J. Becoming Jane Austen. 7.50

Added: 13 August, Book Vault

#15053 A. Kubizek, The young Hitler I knew (Brooks). 7.35

Added: 16 August, Festival Theatre Store

#15054 W. Shakespeare, King Henry VIII (Halio). 15.35

Added: 4 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15055 M.J. Gelb, How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci. 3.20

#15056 B.D. Moyers, Bill Moyers journal: the conversation … 3.20

Added: 4 September, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#15057 J. Burns, Goddess of the market: Ayn Rand … 6.50

#15058 E. Durkheim, Sociology and philosophy (Pocock). 2.10

#15059 E.J. Graff, What is marriage for? 8.10

#15060 M. Grant, Cleopatra. 2.15

#15061  J.J. O’Donnell, The ruin of the Roman Empire.  2.15

Added: 6 September, Value Thrift, Sun Ray in St. Paul

#15062 S.S. Montefiore, Jerusalem. 4.00

Added: 7 September, Savers, Maplewood

#15063 W. Glasser, Choice theory: a new psychology of personal freedom. 5.40

#6653r C.S. Lewis, The abolition of man [advocating humanist education]. 2.15

Added: 10 September, Barnes & Noble, Highland in St. Paul

#15064 No fear Shakespeare: a companion. 10.70

Added: 10 September, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15065 Shakespeare’s Holinshed (Hosley). 5.35

#15066 E. Sitwell, A notebook on William Shakespeare. 3.75

#15067 C.T. Onions, A Shakespeare glossary; [3rd ed. enl. and rev. (Eagleson)]. 10.75

Added: 12 September, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15068 The American intellectual tradition; 3rd ed. (Hollister & Capper). v.II, 1865 to the present. 1.10

#15069 C. Lamont, The philosophy of humanism; 7th ed., rev. & enl. 1.10

#15071 B.D. McLaren, A new kind of Christianity: ten questions … 12.10

#15072 R.L. Maddox, Separation of church and state. 1.10

Added: 12 September, Ramsey County Library Friends, Roseville

#15074 C. Lasch, The minimal self: psychic survival … .50

Added: 14 September, SubText

#15070 R.P. Clark, Writing tools: 50 essential strategies … 14.00

Added: 21 September, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15073 A. Baricco, An Iliad (Goldstein). 1.05

#15075 A. Nagorski, Hitlerland: American eyewitnesses to the rise … 7.40

#15076 K. Vlassopoulos, Politics: antiquity and its legacy. 5.40

Added: 27 September, SubText

#15077 Everyman and Mankind (Bruster & Rasmussen). 19.40

Added: 2 October, Drury Lane

#15078 M. Oliver, New and selected poems, v.2. 17.00

Added: 4 October, Barnes & Noble, Duluth

#15709 G. de Maupassant, Bel-ami (Parmée). 4.20

Added: 8 October, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#2066r S. Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio (M. Cowley). 4.80

#3468r S. Lewis, Main Street (B. Allen). 9.60

Added: 19 October while in Madison WI, coincident with the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Friends University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

#15710 I. Abrahams, Jewish life in the middle ages. .30

#15711 J.S. Brown & P. Daguid, The social life of information. .35

#15712 E, Canetti, Crowds and power. .30

#15713 R.M. Crunden, From self to society, 1919-1941. .30

#15714 I.W. Frank, A concise history of the medieval church. .35

#15715 M. Hadas, Humanism: the Greek ideal … .30

#15716 J. Miles, Christ. .30

#15717 M. Murray, The law of the father? … feudalism to capitalism [in Britain].  .30

#15718 J. Rauch, Gay marriage: why it is good … .35

#15719 Sikh religion [selections from the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib]. .35

#15720 J.B. Tyson, The New Testament and early Christianity. .40

#15721 G. Wills, Mr. Jefferson’s university. .35

University of Wisconsin Madison Book Store

#15722 R.B. Alter, The art of Biblical poetry. 1.55

#15723 S. de Beauvoir, The ethics of ambiguity (Frechtman). 5.80

#15724 G. Cavalcanti, Complete poems (Mortimer). 2.10

#15725 The Louisiana Purchase and American expansion, 1803-1898. 2.10

#15726 Mengzi, Mencius (Bloom). 2.10

Saint Vincent de Paul, Madison WI – large and well organized

#15727 T. Jefferson, The Jefferson Bible: … life and morals of Jesus … (Forrester, Pelikan). 2.10

#15728 H.W. Noonan, [David] Hume. 1.05

Friends Madison Public Library

#15729 The best American poetry, 1995. .60

#15730 C. Gibson, Spain in America [colonial period]. .60

#15731The great ideas today (Hutchins & Adler). .65

#15732 The new Oxford book of Christian verse (Davie). .65

Added: 2 November, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#5681r R. Maggio, Talking about people: … fair and accurate language. .80

#15733 J.P. Powelson, The moral economy. 15.10

#15734 H. Rheingold, They have a word for it: … untranslatable words … .80

Added: 3 November, Pilgrim Lutheran

#15735 D. Erlander, Manna and mercy: … God’s unfolding promise … 7.00

Added: 7 November, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15736 D.J. Hall, What Christianity is not. 17.75

#15737 Laozi, The canon of reason and virtue (Suzuki & Carus). 1.10

#15738  K. Stendahl, Paul among Jews and Gentiles and other essays. 1.10


#15739 Benjamin of Tudela, The itinerary … [12th century]. 12.60

#15740 Ibn Batuta, The travels … [1325-1354]. 12.75

Added: 9 November, Pilgrim Lutheran

#15741 J. Feldman, Framing the debate: famous presidential speeches [for] progressives. 1.00

Reclassified: 11 November, Salvation Army, Red Wing 31 Oct. 1998

#5796 F. Werfel, Between heaven and earth [philosophy of religion]. .25

Added: 23 November, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15742 The best American poetry – 1996 (Rich). 2.70

#15743 Bible: the one year chronological Bible. 8.55

#15744 H.S. Goss & R. McDowell, Sound and form in modern poetry; 2nd ed. 2.70

#15745 G. Himmelfarb, One nation, two cultures. 2.70

#15746 H.J. Kaye, Thomas Paine and the promise of America. 2.70

Added: 30 November, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#4464r E. Wharton, The Age of Innocence (Library of America ed./Lewis). 2.88

Added: 5 December, Author Reading

#15747 K. Hering, Writing to wake the soul. 20.00

Added: 15 December, Subtext

#15748 M. Hasse, Earth’s appetite: poems. $16.75

Added: 16 December, Cy Chauvin

#15749 M. Robinson, Gilead [a novel]. gift

Added: 18 December, Beverly Voldseth

#15750 The heart is all that is: reflections of home (Perlman gift

Watch for further additions.

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