Resolutons for 2014

Once more into the breach.

Revised 28 December 2013.

Perhaps I have learned from my 2013 attempts as reported in Static State 2013. Since I have a long history of not achieving what I set out to accomplish, I do ask myself why another attempt at priorities should make any difference. After all, I quit full time employment after June 2000 in order to devote more time to reading and writing. After twelve and a half years, the results in those two areas are minimal. Look at my journal and it chronicles one failed year after another.

Nevertheless there is one major difference. I now feel my mortality and realize not much time remains for me. Hence projections for 2014 appear stated in a more cautious or careful mode, trying to focus on more limited and obtainable objectives.

1. My time. Determine each day the priorities that are actionable that day based on what it will take to accomplish them. My habits derail me. I have this great tendency to immediately go to my computer and launch into a set of friendly and familiar routines most of which I can justify as ground work for my aims. Nevertheless they are time consuming and do not result in much that is public. I need to first look at the primary building block obligations for the day.

2. The Company of Seidor. Make daily progress towards completion. Daily progress means some part of the story. All I have is a sketchy beginning, a vague idea of sequence, and some ill-defined themes or motifs. I need character definition, setting outline, and story development.

3. My reading. Continue in the manner that has been most effective in 2013. I was most pleased with my accomplishments here, but I need to do more. Everything I read should contribute to story logic.

4. My blogs. Put reflective communication with myself first and let those findings guide the blog work. Let me learn from Herring to what I intended for my journal in the first place.

5. My work environment. Tackle the clutter by organization of one linear foot of paper every week. Right now I think I can accomplish a foot a week if I attend to it. Some of the stuff will go into files; some will be thrown away. Some goes to other locations such as the archives of the Minnesota Historical Society. I will need to buy at least two four-drawer filing cabinets to facilitate organization and reduce the piles and boxes.

6. My exercise. Get back into regular therapeutic exercise besides more bicycling than in 2013. Basically, I want to look better and feel better.

7. My stories. Pursue the story most likely of publication. I must become more familiar with what is current in the imaginative literature field and address the genre with what is peculiar to me and my thinking.

8. My gardening. Enjoy the patio in bloom; help the Heinseens with vegetables. I have deliberately cut back to devote more time to other areas, recognize my physical restraints, and basically enjoy what is most easily done.

9. Language learning. Work on Norske. By May 2016, I may not be fluent but I will not be at a total loss when in Norway.

10. My money. Save $100 a month for the Viking Homeland Cruise, May 2016. My major expenditures have been for books, lunches with friends, and office stuff. I also intend to contribute monthly to the campaign fund for legislators who voted for marriage equality.

All this takes is focus and self-monitoring, conscientious use of time to meet goals, selection of concrete tasks, addressing the necessary parts first, concentration on the hard parts when I am at my best.

Copyright 2013 by Roger Sween.

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