Additions 2014

January 2, 2014

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2014.

Updated 27 December 2014

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business records of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific of potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by “r” suffix.

Note on sources: ARC’s Value Village [place], a newly discovered thrift that includes books with lots of discount options. Barnes & Noble [place] a surviving chain carries a wide mix of media and toys. I go for the cheaper books a few times a year. Cyrus Chauvin is a longtime friend of mine who shares many of the same interests, especially he novel of manners. Common Good Books, Garrison Keillor’s store on the corner of  Grand and Snelling in the Macalester College neighborhood of St. Paul crowds with books and features writing and literature. Alice Ellis, one of our longest time friends, is most generous, thoughtful, and exquisite in taste.  Fair Trade Merchants & Booksellers, a new store recently opened in Red Wing, features used books with some new titles, and will place orders. The owner is enthusiastic and gives a free book of his choice to first time customers upon learning their interests.  Books accepted gain credit against future purchases. Over time I became impressed with the seriousness of offerings. Garage Sale [place] a rarity for me, but sometimes they pop up opportunely. Half-Price Books [place] is the thriving used book chain that seems well-organized and well-stocked with the prices sustainable. I always give the clearance section a thorough inspection. Robert E. Hanson , a friend since childhood, gives me books. Lectio Divina, a service for used and rare books, is a supplier online through Amazon.  Lehm Books & Gifts in the Homestead village of the Amanas carries far more games, cards and toys than books. There are no full bookstores representing the Amana Society, but you can find books in a few places.  Luther Seminary Book Store, the best-kept secret in Minnesota, carries a wide range of titles related to Lutheranism, Christianity, and religion, most at discounted prices. Magers & Quinn, more vast than most used book stores and well organized, I manage upon occasion to make it across town to Minneapolis Uptown. Minesota Secretary of State produces publications on aspects of state government. Monkey See, Monkey Read is an energetic store in & Northfield MN where even in this age, independent bookstores come and go. The owner features used books, remainders, some new titles and hosts readings. Norwegian-American Historical Association publishes books on the immigration experience and Norwegian heritage in America. Pilgrim Fall Festival this year included used book sales for the first time. Ramsey County Library Friends [place] sells donated and withdrawn books at very low prices compared to other used book dealers. Saint Olaf College Book Store focuses on student and alumni interests including books by faculty and alumni along with seemingly everything related to Kierkegaard in English and in print. Salvation Army [place] a widespread thrift typically has a jumble of books dependent on what they receive. St. Vincent de Paul [place], a Roman Catholic thrift always surprises me at the mix of books available. Savers [place] which supports other non-profits is a burgeoning thrift outlet for cheap casual wear and sometimes a great book find. They also give you a discount on next purchase when you donate them stuff. Sixth Chamber Used Books, in operation for 19 years, has become my favorite bookstore. It is not the largest, but is well organized and carries quality books. Though crowded, more is available by online database to a warehouse and second store in River Falls WI. Subtext,another  smaller but high quality store is where I prefer to do my retail shopping. If the owner doesn’t have it, she orders it. Daughter Katharine Sween & Scott Heins, her husband, also give me books. The Swingles comprise the family of our son Kristofer Sween and Donna Dingle with their three children. They support my addiction with book store gift cards. Theatre Store, an outlet of the Stratford (Ont) Theatre Festival, specializes in books Shakespearean and theatrical. Unique [place], a thrift funding charitable purposes, contains modest collections. University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Friends hold semi-annual sales of donated used books, most of academic interest. On Saturday, books go for $4.00 a bag. Minnesota poet Beverly Voldseth and I meet monthly to read Poetry magazine aloud, discuss the poems and other things. Sometimes we exchange books.

Added: 1 January, Savers, Maplewood MN

#15751 J.W. Drane, The Old Testament story: an illustrated documentary. 2.15

Added: 22 January, Unique on Rice, Saint Paul

#15752 K. Armstron, Islam: a short history. 3.25

Added: 1 February, Salvation Army, Winona

#15753 C. Andrews, The circle of simplicity. .75

#15754 The four Gospels and the Revelation: … translated … (Lattimore). .75

#15755 E. Hanslick, Hanslick’s music criticisms (Pleasants). .75

#15756 M. McLuhan, The Gutenberg galaxy. .75

#15757 H. E. Read, To hell with culture and other essays on art and society. .75

#15758 A. Wheelis, The quest for identity. .75

Added: 4 February, Savers, Woodbury

#15759 C. Hedges, American fascists: the Christian right … 1.95

#15760 D. Westin, The political brain: the role of emotion … 1.20

#15761 Why businessmen need philosophy: … the ideas behind Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged; rev. & exp. ed.  (Ghate & Ralston). 1.20

#15762 Women’s life in Greece & Rome: a source book … (Lefkowitz & Fant).  1.20

Added: 12 February, Sixth Chamber

#15763 The Cambridge companion to Kierkegaard (Hanny & Marino). 13.50

Added: 12 February, Subtext

#15764 S. Northrup, Twelve years a slave (Gates). 18.10

Added: 18 February, Half-Priced Books, Maplewood

#15765 W. Cather, Later novels (O’Brien): A lost ladyThe professor’s houseDeath comes for the ArchbishopShadows on the rockLucy GayheartSapphira and the slave girl. 10.70

Added: 19 February, Fair Trade

#15765 Boudaries and barriers: … limits of scientific knowledge (Casti & Harlqvist). gift

#15766 D. Goleman, Working with emotional intelligence. 1.10

#15767  R.M. Schott, Cognition and eros: a critique … 5.40

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15768 The gift of tongues: twenty-five years of poetry … (Hamill). 2.15

#15770 G. Wills, Outside looking in. 2.15

Added: 27 February, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2329r2 W. Cather, Early novels and stories (O’Brien): The troll garden [stories]; O pioneers!The song of the larkMy AntoniaOne of others. 10.70

Added: 11 March, Fair Trade

#15769 N. Chomsky, Reflections on language. 2.15

#15771 J. Holt, Why does the world exist? 3.20

#15772 S. Mansfield, The faith of George W. Bush. 2.95

#15773 M. Morange, Life explained (Cobb & DeBevoise). 3.20

#15774 M.S. Peck, People of the lie: … healing human evil. 1.85

#15775 L.F. Stevenson, Seven theories of human nature [Plato to Skinner]. 2.15

Added: 14 March, Fair Trade

#15776 Z.N. Hurston, Their eyes were watching God. 5.35

Added: 18 March [previously uncataloged]

#15777 The new English Bible: New Testament. inherited

Added: 18 March, Alice Ellis

#15778 Shakespeare’s Globe exhibition. gift

Added: 18 March, Theatre Store

#15779, 15780 Stratford Shakespeare Festival souvenir program, 2009, 2013. 20C/v.

Added: 18 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15781 N.B. Goldstone, Joanna: … Queen of Naples. 2.15

#15782 H.S. Kushner, When children ask about God. 2.15

#15783 A.J. Mapp, The faiths of our fathers: … America’s founders … 2.15

#15784 B. Smith, A tree grows in Brooklyn. 8.00

Added: 20 March, Beverly Voldseth

#15785 The open door: … one hundred years of Poetry magazine (Share & Wiman). gift

Added: 29 March, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Friends

#15786 The cloud of unknowing (Walsh) [spirituality]. .25

#15787 H.S. Commager, Freedom, loyalty, dissent. .25

#15788  Common learning: a Carnegie Colloquium. .25

#15789 J. Dewey, Theory of the moral life. .25

#15790 D.L. Eck, Encountering God. .25

#15791 J.F. Harris, Against relativism. 25

#15792 T.H. Hollingsworth, Historical demography. 25

#15793 P.L. Holmer, The grammar of faith. .25

#15794 I. Husik, A history of medieval Jewish philosophy. .25

#15795 M.S. Seale, The desert Bible [nomadic bases]. .25

#15796 A. Toynbee, An historian’s approach to religion. .25

#15797 B. Walker, Gnosticism: its history and influences. 25

#15798 C. Westermann, Genesis (Scullion) [an introduction]. .25

Added: 3 April, Monkey See, Monkey Read

#15799 K. Silverman, The life and times of Cotton Mather. 7.50

Added: 5 April, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#15800 N. R. Lightfoot, How we got the Bible; 3rd ed. 7.50

#15801 O. Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray. 7.45

Added: 5 April, Savers, Maplewood

#15802 B. De Breffny & R. Ffolliott, The houses of Ireland: domestic architecture … 3.20

Added: 5 April, Unique on Rice, Saint Paul

#15803 A patriot’s handbook: songs, poems, stories, and speeches … (Kennedy). 3.20

#15804 C.R. Rogers, A way of being. 2.15

#15805 N.J. Salkind, Statistics for people who think they hate statistics; 3rd ed. 2.15

Added: 6 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15806 B. Akhmadulina, The garden: new and selected poetry and prose (Reeve). 2.15

#15807 J. Austen, Poems and favorite poems (Brooks-Davies). 1.10

#15808 J.P. Dougherty, Jacques Maritain: an intellectual profile. 6.40

#15809 H. Hames, The critical muse: selected literary criticism (Gard). 2.15

#15810 T. Aquinas, St., Commentaries on Aristotle’s On sense and what is sensed and On memory and recollection (White & Macierowski). 7.55

Added: 8 April, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15811 A. Zweig, The case of Sergeant Grischa [novel]. 5.90

Added: 8 April, Magers & Quinn

#15812 R.W. Holmen, Queer clergy: a history of … ministry in American Protestantism. 29.15

#3445r C.S. Lewis, The chronicles of Narnia [7 v. in 1]. 10.75

Added: 7 November 1998, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Paul

#6328 reclassified Lin, Yutang, From pagan to Christian. .50

Added: 14 April, Fair Trade

#4831 C. McCullers, The heart is a lonely hunter. 6.40

Added: 15 April, Lehm Books & Gifts

#15813 The Amanas yesterday. 13.90

Added: 3 May, previously uncataloged

#15814 J.R. Wilson, The mind.

Added: 4 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15815 T. Boss, Yellow rocket: poems. 1.10

#15816  The Cambridge companion to Locke (Chappell). 2.15

#15817 C. Fry, Plays: A sleep of prisoners, The dark is light enough, Curtmantle. 1.10

#15818 M. Bernd, Nietsche’s case: philosophy as/and literature. 2.15

#15819 K. Marx, Political writings: v.2, Surveys from exile (Fernbach). 3.20

#15820 Medieval and Tudor drama (Gassner). 1.10

#15821 Religions of antiquity (Seltzer). 3.20

#15822 L. Watson, Dark nature: a natural history of evil. 2.15

#15823 F. Wheen, Karl Marx, a life. 3.20

Added: 5 May, Common Good Books

#15824 S.E. Fish, How to write a sentence and how to read one. 16.15 (store credit)

#15825 D. Jones, The Virginia Woolf writer’s workshop. 15.10 (Swingles)

#15826 P. Woodruff, The Ajax dilemma: justice, fairness, and rewards. 17.15

Added: 9May, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15827 J.M. Shaw, Ole time religion: a history of the department of religion … 12.85

Added: 17 May, Barnes & Noble West Towne, Madison WI

#104r T. Merton, No man is an island. 4.20

#15828, J. Taylor, Where did Christianity come from? 5.30

Added: 30 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2406r W. Collins, The Moonstone (Busby).  3.20

#3332r R. Kipling, Kim (Meyers). 2.70

Added: 3 June, Unique at Sun Ray, St. Paul.

#15829 P. Balakian, The burning Tigris: the Armenian genocide … 3.25

Added: 5 June, previously uncataloged.

#15830 Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education, Historical record, 1975-1992. membership

#15831 U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. Briefing and open forum on children and youth services. contributor

Added: 10 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15832 The best spiritual writing (Zaleski) 2012. 2.15

#15833 M. Luther, Faith and freedom: an invitation to the writings … 2.15

#15834 M.A. Powell, Jesus as a figure in history. 3.20

Added: 11 June, Savers, Woodbury

#15835 Favorite folktales from around the world (Yolen). 2.15

#15836 W. Langland, Piers the ploughman (Goodridge). 2.20

Added: 12 June, Half-Price Books, Highland in St. Paul

#9447r O.E. Butler, Kindred: a novel. 2.15

#3189r Gilgamesh. Translated from the Sin-lequi-unninni version (Gardner & Maier w/Henshaw). 1.10

#15837 M. Mazower, The Balkans. 2.15

#15838 J. Ross, The men who would be king [courtships of Elizabeth I]. 1.10

#15839 Tolkien: a celebration (Pearce). 2.15

#15840 G. Vidal, Point to point navigation. 2.15

Added: 13 June, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood

#15841 R. Isaac, The transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790. 2.00

#15842 R.O. Paxton, The anatomy of fascism. 1.50

Added: 13 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15844 T. Jefferson, Jefferson himself (Mayo). 2.15

#15845 C.C. Lemert, Social things. 2.15

#15847 M. Wood, The story of England [from the vantage of Kibworth]. 2.15

Added: 18 June, Fair Trade

#15843 M. Dirda, Classics for pleasure. 4.00

#15846 M. Gaull, English romanticism. 4.00

#15848 D. Gerrold, The Martian child. 3.75

Added: 23 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2727r N.V. Gogol, The complete tales of … (Garnet, rev./Kent) v.1. 8.55

#6234r J. Steinbeck, The pearl (Wagner-Martin). 6.40

#15849 C. Thubron, The lost heart of Asia. 2.15

Added: 28 June, Barnes & Noble, Bloomington

#15850 E.H. Pagels, Revelations: visions, prophecy and politics … 6.40

Added: 30 June, Luther Seminary Book Store ($1.00 sale day)

#408r Anselm, Bp. of Canterbury, The major works. 1.10

#15851 R.H. Bainton, The Medieval church. 1.05

#15852 R. Boer, Political grace: the revolutionary theology of John Calvin. 1.05

#15853 Early Latin theology: selections from Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose, Jerome (Greenslade). 1.10

#15854 O. Höffe, Kant (Farrier). 1.10

#15855 The future of early Christianity: essays (Pearson). 1.10

#15856 M.J. Harris, Jesus as God: … New Testament use of theos in reference to Jesus. 1.10

#3035r G.M. Hopkins, The major works (Phillips). 1.10

#15857 E.M. Humphrey, And I turned to see the voice: … vision in the New Testament. 1.10

#15858 W.L. Humphreys, The tragic vision and the Hebrew tradition. 1.05

#xxxr Thomas Aquinas, On law, morality and politics; 2nd ed. (Regan/Baumgarth). 1.05

#15859 C.M. Wood, The formation of Christian understanding; 2nd ed. 1.05

Added: 2 July, Rice Unique

#4195r L. Sterne, A sentimental journey … with The journal to Eliza and A political romance (Jack). 2.15

#9667r A. de Tocqueville, The old regime and the French Revolution. 2.15

Added: 2 July, Savers, Maplewood

#15860 D.A. Graff, Medieval Chinese warfare, 300-900. 4.25

#15861 L.A. Jardine, Worldly goods: … the Renaissance. 4.25

#15862 A. Weir, The princes in the tower. 4.25

Added: 8 July, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#15863 R. Dawkins, The God delusion. 2.15

#15864 G. MacDonald, Ordering your private world. 2.15

#15865 E. Welty, The eye of the story: … essays and reviews. 7.50

Added: 11 July, Subtext

#6161r N.V. Gogol, Dead souls (Guerney/Fusso). 21.55

Added: 30 July 2014 (previously uncataloged)

#15866-15871 N. Yapp, The Hulton Picture Collection … decades of the 20th century.  v. 

Added: 30 July, Savers, Woodbury

#15872 Catholic encyclopedia (Stravinskas). 1.30

#15873-15874 The New Oxford shorter English dictionary (Brown). 2v. 5.15 

Added: 31 July, Friends of Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#15875 F. Armesto-Fernández, Near a thousand tables: a history of food. 1.00

#15876 C.S. Maier, Among empires: American ascendancy and its predecessors. 1.00

#15877 R.B. Reich, Reason: why liberals will win … 1.00

Added: 1 August, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15878 J.L. Altholz, The churches in the nineteenth century. 1.10

#15880 M.A. Hicks, Who’s who in late medieval England. 5.35

#15881 F. Hooper, Roman realities. 8.60

Added: 1 August, Half-Price Books, Highland

#15882 J.C. Greenburg, Supreme conflict: … struggle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court. 2.15

#15883 P. Maier, American scripture: making the Declaration of Independence. 2.15

#15884 Memory of the world [UNESCO register of archives]. 10.75

#15886 B.W. Tuchmann, Practicing history. 8.10

Added: 11 August, Lectio Divina

#15879 T.W. Organ, An index to Aristotle in English translation. 18.00.

Added: 12 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15885 J.C. Cooper, An illustrated encyclopedia of traditional symbols. 1.00

Added: 19 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15887 W. Kazer, A glorious accident: understanding our place in the cosmic puzzle. 1.00

Added: 27 August, Minnesota Secretary of State

#15888 Minnesota Legislative Manual Blue Book; pocket ed. 2013-2014. free

Added: 29 August, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#15889 L. P. Baradat, Political ideologies; 7th ed. 1.70

#15890, L. Chamberlain, Nietzsche in Turin. 1.70

#15891, M. Kurlansky, Salt: a world history. 1.70

Added: 29 August, Robert E. Hanson.

#15892 S.P. Bouman, The mission table: … congregation and community. gift

#15893 B. Dethlefsen, Small talk: the shorter poems. gift

#15894 B. Dethlefsen, Unexpected shiny things [poems]. gift

#15895 D. R. Harris, The snow misquito stings: … poems. gift

Added: 2 September, ARC’s Value Village, St. Paul.

#15896 W. H. Hill and others, Antonio Stradavari. 2.40

#15897 M. Meyerson, Political numeracy: … perspectives. 2.40

Added: 3 September, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15898 D. Sehat, The myth of American religious freedom. 1.00

#15899 S.R. Williams, Demeter’s daughters: … who founded America. 1.00

Added: 14 September, Subtext.

#15900, A. Cossette, Humanism and libraries: … philosophy … 16.15

Added: 17 September, Monkey See

#15901 A. Grafton, The footnote: … history. 8.40

Added: 18 September, Garage Sale, Roseville MN

#15902 R. Claiborn, The roots of English: [etymological] origins. .50

Added: 20 September, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15903 K. Hokeness, The Belles of Christiania [novel] 3.20

#15904 D. Sobel, A more perfect heaven: … Copernicus … 5.35

Added: 24 September, Garage Sale, Roseville MN

#15905 The best [American] short stories, 1941. .50

#15906 (J.E.) C. Hill, The century of revolution, 1603-1714. .50

#15907 The English revolution, 1600-1660. .50

#15908 E. Ehrlich, The highly selective dictionary for the extraordinary literate. 1.00

Added: 24 September, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood

#15909 J.C. Miller, The wolf by the ears: … Jefferson and slavery. 1.00

Added: 1 October, Savers, Woodbury MN

#15910 H.R. Clinton, Living history. 1.70

#15911 R.A. Kann, A history of the Habsburg empire, 1526-1918. 1.70

#15912 C. Moatti, In search of Ancient Rome. 1.70

Added: 1 October, Sixth Chamber Used Books, St. Paul

#15913 G. Faber, Oxford apostles: … the Oxford movement. .80

#15914 J.C.F. Metford, Dictionary of Christian lore and legend. 7.00

Added: 1 October, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#15915 Aristotle, Metaphysics (Tredennick; bks I-IX). 2.15

#15916 F.E. Halliday, Shakespeare. 3.20

#69r M. Luther, Table talk (Tappert). 17.75

#15918 P. Neruda, The Captain’s verses (Los versos del Capitán). 2.15

#15919 Reading in Christian communities: … interpretation in the early church (Boberts & Brakke). 2.15

#15920 H. Rubin, Dante in love: the world’s greatest poem … 5.40

Added: 9 October, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15917 J.D. Chittister, The Rule of Benedict: insights … 2.15

#12627r The Mabinogion (Guest). 4.25

#15921 J. Wright, Heretics: … Gnostics to the modern church. 3.20

Added: 15 October, St. Olaf Book Store

#15922 B. Brier, The murder of Tutankhamen; rev. ed. 5.35

#15923 J.E. Ferling, Independence: … to set America free. 5.35

Added: 23 October, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15924 S. Crane, The red badge of courage. 5.35

Added: 31 October, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15925 E.J. Dionne, Reclaiming faith and politics after the religious right. 1.00

#15926 N. Elliott, Liberating Paul: … justice & politics. 1.00

#15927 L. Ferlinghetti, These are my rivers: … poems, 1955-1993. 1.00

#15928 C.P. Freeman, The closing of the Western mind. 1.50

#15929-15930 Story (Periodical) v.45 n.1-3; v.46 n.1,3, 4. 3.60

#15931 J.P. Tabor, The Jesus dynasty: … his family. 1.00

Added: 5 November, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15932 D.L. Baker, A visual history of the English Bible. 1.00

Added: 5 November, Subtext

#2449r Dante, The divine comedy (Ciardi). 21.50

Added: 8 November, Pilgrim Fall Festival

#15933 M.J. Anthony & W.S.Benson, Exploring the history and philosophy of Christian education. .50

#15934 F. Dell’Isola, Thomas Merton: a bibliography. 1.00

#15935 R. Inchausti, Thomas Merton’s American prophecy. .50

#15936 T. Merton, Contemplation in a world of action. .50

#269r T. Merton, New seeds of contemplation. .50

#1348r T. Merton, Seven storey mountain. 1.00

# 88r T. Merton, The silent life. .50

#15937 Merton by those who knew him (Wikes). 1.00

#15939 P. Petterson, Out stealing horses (Born). .50

Added: 9 November, Pilgrim Fall Festival

#15938 Q. Sima, Records of the historian (Watson). Remainder

#15940 Webster’s New World Italian dictionary (Love). Remainder

Added: 10 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15941 W.R. Hutchinson, Religious pluralism in America. 2.70

#15942 Tertullian, Christian and pagan in the Roman Empire (Sider). 3.80

Added: 12 November, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15943 T. Peters, The evolution of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life. 5.35

#15944 G.S. Wood, The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. 5.35

Added: 24 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15945 A.A. Alawi, The crisis of Islamic civilization. 3.20

#15946 W.H. Gass, Finding a [literary] form: essays. 2.15

#15947 D.S. Gutterman, Prophetic politics: Christian social movements and American democracy. 2.15

Added: 1 December, Barnes & Noble, Saint Paul

#2252 A. Brontë, Agnes Grey (Schswarzbach). 5.15

Added: 2 December, Fair Trade Books

#15948 C.A. Diop, Civilization or barbarism [Afrocentric history]. 4.35

#15949 R.E. Frykenberg, History and belief: … historical understanding.2.40

Added: 10 December, Norwegian-American Historical Association

#15950 From America to Norway: … immigrant letters (Øverland) v.2,  1871-1892. Membership

Added: 11 Decenber, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15951 L. Harris, Civilization and its enemies [essays following 9/11]. 1.00

Added: 12 December, Barnes & Noble, St. Paul

#15952 A. Nafis, The republic of imagination [literature as the antidote to ideology]. 15.60

Added: 18 December, Half-Price Books, Madison WI, East

#15953 F.C. Copleston, A history of philosophy. v.5: … Hobbes to Hume. 7.30

#15954 F.C. Copleston, A history of philosophy. v.8: … Empiricism, idealism and pragmatism… 7.35

Added: 24 December, Katharine Sween & Scott Heins.

#15955 L. Anthony & G. Spence, The elephant whisperer: … with the herd in the African wild. gift

Added: 26 December, Barnes & Noble, St. Paul

#15956 A dictionary of philosophical quotations (Ayer & O’Grady). 20.95

Added: 26 December, Cyrus Chauvin

#15957 J. Phillips, The double life of Alice B. Sheldon [James Tiptree]. gift

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