What I Learned

July 31, 2014

At Least, So Far: Responses by Roger Sween


I do not see much evidence that humans have learned how to live together.

Given free rein, I imagine I would carry on as I have.

A couple of weeks away from civilization would feed my concentration.

I would go to Granada as an afterthought from Provençal.

Phaeton Flight I wrote one summer; everything else has taken the rest of my life.

I do not talk to young writers because they do not talk to me.

Once in twenty years, I think I may catch up. That thought passes quickly.

I most probably would not have been a librarian except for Rolf Erickson recommending I take library courses as employment insurance.

It is just like when I was twenty and I pondered where I was going.

If all I did was read books, I would be deliriously happy.

It is like hunting for any lost item: there is always a logical explanation for where it went.

I do not hunt mammals; only ideas.

Unlike a lot of writers, I think most reliance on conflict for story tends to be stupid.

They published many of my poems in Poetic Strokes, but politely ignored all my suggestions for improving the publication and its program.

I do not think I suffer from writer’s block; rather I lack confidence in measuring up to standards of excellence.

Fifty-two years later and we are still married. I often think of Narum’s statements in Ethics class about the ontology of marriage – shared values.

The interesting thing about the writers I most admire – Hugo, Heinlein, Le Guin, Lively – is their ability to make the nonexistent convincing.

It is overwhelming when you learn something from history that you never knew before, and then you realize how much more you still do not know.

The reason why writers write is that they must unravel their sentiments.

I revere bears and almost all animals in nature, though only at a distance.

I work every morning and most of every day attempting to bring order to my life and thought.

If you have written all day, that day is another good one.

My grandmothers lived into their eighties, each different from the other: knowing them into adulthood became my good fortune; now I miss their steadiness.

All people are unique individuals, their essential worth.

I do not want to die until I have finished at least one novel to my satisfaction.

Has happiness changed with age? My standards are higher, but I expect less.

No conclusions on time; despite, since reading Schnackenburg’s The Uses of Time (1957), I have been obsessed with the dimensions of history.

You end up respecting complexity in an appreciative way.

What is the meaning of it all? However much we persevere, our lives remain essentially minuscule in the ultimate scheme.

Now, where can I do the most good today?


Based on “Jim Harrison: What I’ve Learned,” Esquire (August 2014). With appreciation to Robert Hanson for sending me the web location.

I followed the opening lead on Harrison’s responses, altered so the words fit me and answered in ways as I understand myself.

D Classification

July 31, 2014

Class D1-2009: General History

Contains 325 titles.

Updated 19 January 2019

D1-D34/History in General with Military and Political aspects.           D51-D90/Ancient History.     D101-D893/Medieval & Modern History.   D900-D2009/Europe; individual countries in DA-DR.

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C Classification

July 26, 2014

Studies Auxilliary to History

Contains 296 titles

CB3-CB482/History of Civilization     CC1-CC960/Archaeology            CE1-CE97/Chronology and Calendar                             CR1-6305/Heraldry     CS1-CS3090/Genealogy                 CT21-CT9999/Biograpy – General, National, and by Subject

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CB19.R47 1985   Rieff, Philip, 1922-2006. Fellow teachers.  Of culture and its second death.  With a new preface: “A Pretext of Proof Texts.”  The University of Chicago Press, c1985; 1st published 1973.  xxiii, 243p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #11267  2.15

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CB53.D85 v.7 1961 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981. The story of civilization: 7. The age of reason begins: a history of European civilization in the period of Shakespeare, Bacon, Montaigne, Rembrandt, Galileo, and Descartes: 1558-1648. Simon & Schuster c1961. xviii, 729p. illus. Maps on endpapers. Notes on the Use of this Book p.ix-x. List of Illustrations p.xvii-xviii. Bibliograhical Guide p.649-659. Notes p.661-681. Index.  #10258 2.85

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July 21, 2014

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Classification BV

July 14, 2014

BV 1-5009 Theology of Christian Practices

BV5-530/Worship, Liturgy and Ritual                     BV590-1652/Church or Eclessiatical Theology               BV2000-3750/Missions               BV375-3799/Evangelism               BV4000-4470/Pastoral Theology                  BV4485-5099/Christian Life

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Classification BT

July 9, 2014

Judaic & Christian Theology: BT 10-1480 -290 Titles

BT10-BT97.2/Theologies in General                            BT98-BT153/God                         BT198-BT590/Christology                    BT595-BT1040/Aspects of Christianity                 BT1095-BT1255/Apologetics & Evidences of Christianity               BT1313-BT1480/Specific Doctrines, Movements, Heresies and Schisms.

Updated 24 September 2018.

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Holdings Count

July 7, 2014

How many books do I actually have?

Updated 8 August 2014.

Prior to the Calamity where library shelves fell over to the ruin of some and the necessity to reduce the size of the library, I kept rigorous track of the number of volumes added and deselected, that is – withdrawn. Though I kept some kind of record of the subsequent withdrawls and a good record of the additions, I have never tallied the resulting number. This year I have felt a strong need to know and have begun an inventory in line with an uptodate shelf list. What follows is a count by classification categories of the number of volumes actually on the shelf. I have determined that a physical count is more accurate than a count of bibliographic entries since some titles contain more than one volume and it is otherwise easy to miss a true account of those volumes actually held when you don’t see them as compared to reading the bibliographic entry. This page will be ongoing as I work my way through the collection and kept uptodate as the collection changes through further additions and subtractions.

Counts reported here compare with counts reported previously for years 1994 and 2008 at Library Growth. Current collection size is roughly estimated at 6,000 volumes.

A Classification: Miscellanea/General Works.

B Classification: Philosophy & Religion. (703v. & 991v. = 1694v. or 28.23%)

Subclasses – B (Philosophy in General) 353v.  BC-BD (Metaphysics, Epistemology) 79v.  BF-BJ (Mind/Psychology, Ethics) 271v.  BL-BQ (Religion in General, Mythology, World Religions) 240v.  BR (Christianity) 203v.  BS (Bible) 187v.  BT (Judaic & Christian Doctrinal Theology) 146v.  BV (Theology of Christian Practice) 70v. BX (Christian Denominations) 145v.

C Classification: Studies Auxilliary to History. (119v. or 1.98%)

D Classification: History

Subclasses – D (History in General & Europe in General) 161v. DA (The British Isles, British Empire & Commonwealth) 93v.