Classification BV

BV 1-5009 Theology of Christian Practices

BV5-530/Worship, Liturgy and Ritual                     BV590-1652/Church or Eclessiatical Theology               BV2000-3750/Missions               BV375-3799/Evangelism               BV4000-4470/Pastoral Theology                  BV4485-5099/Christian Life

BV168.A5C4813 1992 Ref   Charbonneau-Lassay, Louis, 1871-1946. The bestiary of Christ. With woodcuts by the author. Translated and abridged by D. M. Dooling. Arkana: A Parabola Book, 1992 c1991; 1st published as Bestiare du Christ, 1940. xv, 467p., woodcuts. Notes at ends of chapters. Bibliographical Appendix p.464-467.  #11068 3.20

BV175.T48 1946   Thurian, Max, 1921-1996. Joie du ciel sur la terre: introduction á la vie liturgique. Delchaux et Niestlé, c1946. 230p. Bibliographical footnotes. (Collection Communauté de Cluny).  #11444 free

BV199.L42R43 1980 Ref   The Lessons, RSV: the appointed first lesson, second lesson and Gospel readings for series A, Series B, and Series C of the three-year lectionary. Augsburg Publishing House & Board of Publication, Lutheran Church in America [1980?]  Old Testament c1952; New Testament; 2nd ed. c1971; 1st published 1946. 380p. Readings correspond to that printed in the Lutheran Book of Worship. Sequence is from Advent to Christ the King with additional readings for Lesser Festivals.  #13271 1.60

BV210.2.E43 1970   Ellul, Jacques, 1912-1994. Prayer and modern man. Translated by C. Edward Hopkin. The Seabury Press, 1970. xi, 178p.  #9065 .60

BV210.2.F69 1976   Fox, Matthew, 1950-     On becoming a musical, mystical bear: spiritutality American style.  Paulist Press/Deus Book, c1976 for preface; c1972. xxxiv, 156p. Bibliographical Footnotes.  #9062 .25

BV210.2.H34 1994   Hallesby, Ole, 1879-1991. Prayer. Updated version. Translated by Clarence J. Carlsen. Foreword by Richard J. Foster. Augsburg, c1994; 1st published 1931. 208p.  #10821 5.60

BV210.2.H36 1971   Happold, Frederick Crossfield, 1893-1971. Prayer and meditation: their nature and practice. Penguin Books, 1971. 381p.Notes p.359-381.  #11154 .50

BV210.2.L44 1964   Lewis, C(live) S(taples) 1898-1963. Letters to Malcolm: chiefly on prayer. Harcourt: A Harvest Book, 1992; 1st published c1963. ii, 124p.  #11433 8.00

BV228.C65 1976   Coggan, Donald, 1909-2000. The prayers of the New Testament. Hodder and Stoughton, 1976 c1967. xiv, 15-190. Contains Biblical references in various versions. Appendix: Litany of Jesus Praying p.186-187. Index.  #13452 .25

BV230.T453 1960   Thielicke, Helmut, 1908-1986. Our heavenly father: sermons on the Lord’s prayer. Translated with an introduction by John W. Doberstein. Harper & Brothers, c1960; 1st published as Dasgeket das die Welt umspannt, c1953. 157p. Contains New Testament references at beginnings of chapters. First given as a series of sermons to his cogregation in Stuttgart in 1945.  #13425 .45

BV236.M33 1990   The Macmillan book of earliest Christian prayers. Edited by F. Forrester Church and Terrence J. Muloy.Macmillan: Collier Books, 1988. 240p. Indexes.  #1306 5.33

BV245.A5 1973   Anselm, Saint, Abp. of Canterbury, 1033-1109. The prayers and meditations of St. Anselm with the Proslogion. Translated and with an introduction by Sister Benedicta Ward, S.L.G. With a foreword by R. W. Southern. Penguin Books, 1973. 287p.  #9535 4.20

BV245.B677 2003   Brueggemann, Walter, 1933-      Awed to heaven, rooted in earth: prayers. Edited by Edwin Searcy. Fortress Press, c2003. Index of Biblical References p.170-174.  #14996 13.75

BV245.O8 1988 Ref   The Oxford book of prayer. General Editor, George Appleton. Oxford University Press, 1988 c1985. 399p. Acknowlegements p.381-389, index.  #1164. 8.83

BV598.R413 1971   Rendtorff, Trutz(-Gotthilf Peter) 1931-      Church and theology: the systematic function of the church concept in modern theology. The Westminster Press, c1971. 251p.  Bibliography p.243-251. #10973 1.10

BV600.2.D78 1987   Dulles, Avery Robert, 1918-2008. Models of the church. Expanded. ed.  Doubleday:  Image, 1987. 256p. Notes p.227-242.Index.  #5834 .25

BV601.6.K5K813 1971   Küng, Hans, 1928-      Infallible? an inquiry. Translated by Edward Quinn. Doubleday, c1971; 1st published as Un fehlbar? Eine Anfrage, c1970. 262p. Notes p.251-262.  #12412 3.20

BV601.8.B64 2013    Bouman, Stephen P(aul) 1947-      The mission table: renewing congregation and community. Foreword by Mark S. Hanson. Augsburg Fortress c2013. viii, 120p. Contains Bible (NRSV) quotes and references. Readings and questions for discussion and refection at ends of chapters. Notes p.119-120. #15892 gift

BV630.2.B4 1958   Bennett, John Coleman, 1902-1995. Christians and the state. Charles Scribner’s Sons, c1958. xvii, 302p. Bibliographical footnotes. Index.  #11323 .55

BV630.2.T5 2002   Tierney, Brian, 1922-      The crisis of church and state, 1050-1300. University of Toronto Press/Medieval Academy of America, 2002 c1988. xii, 210p. (Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching, 21). Acknowledgements p.vii. Abbreviations p.viii.  #14494 2.15

BV639.W7W62 1979   Women of Spirit. Female leadership in the Jewish and Christian traditions.  Ed. by Rosemary Reuther and Eleanor McLaughlin. S&S, 1979. 400p., notes, index.  #457 1.89

BV656.3.F67 1987   Fore, William F. Television and religion: the shaping of faith, values and culture. Augsburg, 1987. 219p. Notes p.206-213. Index.  #1261 .30

BV740.R313 1959   Rahner, Karl, 1904-1981. Free speech in the church. Sheed & Ward, c1959. 112p.  #13170 .50

BV741.K8 1966   Küng, Hans, 1928-          Freedom today. Translated by Cicely Hastings. Sheed and Ward, 1966. 176p. (Theological Meditations).  #5510 .55

BV1464.N45 1989   Nelson, Carl Ellis, 1916-2011. How faith matures. Westminster John Knox Press c1989. 252p. Notes p.231-244. Indexes  #14392 1.10

BV1471.2.G687 1980   Groome, Thomas H. Christian religious education: sharing our story and vision. Harper & Row, c1980. xviii, 296p. Notes at ends of chapters. Bibliography p.279-290. Index. #13590. .55

BV1471.2.L4 1958   LeBar, Lois E., 1907-1998. Education that is Christian. Fleming H. Reull Company c1958. 252p. diagrams. Contains Biblical quotations. Notes p.247-248. Bibliography p.249-252. #14120b .80

BV1471.2.T94 2000   Basics of Christian education. Chalice Press c2000. x, 142p. For Further Reading p.135-136. #13465 15.25

BV1475.B9 1991   Bushnell, Horace, 1802-1876. Christian nurture. Introduction by John M. Mulder. Baker Book House, 1991 c1979; 1st published 1861. xxxii, 7-407p.  #14389 1.10

BV2063.K57 2006   Kirk, J. Andrew. Mission under scrutiny: confronting contemporary challenges. Fortress Press c2006. xiv, 227p. footnotes. Contains Bible references. Acknowledgements p.vii-viii. Bibliography p. 220-224. Index.  #13867 17.10

BV2100.N41 1977   Neill, Stephen (Charles) 1900-1984. A history of Christian missions. Penguin Books, 1977 c1964. 624p. Bibliography p.579-603. Index.  #7748 2.65

BV4011.5.L43 1985   Lebacqz, Karen, 1945-   Professional ethics: power & paradox. Abingdon Press, c1985. 189p. Notes p.167-183. Index.  #12945  free

BV4012.2.H6 1963   Howe, Reul L. The miracle of dialogue. The Seabury Press, 1963. viii, 154p. Index.  #9064 .60

BV4253.T55 1955   Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965. The new beginning. Charles Scribner’s Sons, c1955. ix, 179p.  #12394  3.20

BV4253.T575 1963   Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965. The eternal now. Charles Scribner’s Sons, c1963. 185p.  #11184 6.40

BV4253.T6 1948   Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965. The shaking of the foundations. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1948. [viii], 186p.  #9144 1.00

BV4501.2.B52 1980   Blamires, Harry, 1916-      Where do we stand? an examination of the Christian’s position in the world. With a foreword by Malcolm Muggeridge. Servant Books c1980. xii, 158p. Acknowledgements p.xi. Contents: At the Point in History. Secularism Authority. Worldliness. Current Idolatries. Irrationalism.  #13530 .80

BV4501.2.F655 1988   Foster, Richard J(ames) 1942-      Celebration of discipline: the path to spiritual growth. Rev. & expanded. [Foreword by Dr. Elton Trueblod.] Harper & Row c1988; 1st published 1978. x, 228p. Acknowledgements In Celebration of Celebration of Discipline p.202-210. Notes p.211-216. A Brief Bibliography of Recent Works p.217-221. Indexes.  #13912 .50

BV4501.2.H248 1989   Hagberg, Janet O.  Critical journey: stages in the life of faith. With Robert A. Guelich. Word Publishing, 1989. 162p.  #900 Review copy

BV4501.3.M23 2003   MacDonald, Gordon, 1939-      Ordering your private world. Thomas Nelson c2003; 1st published c1984. iv, 251p. Contains Bible references (NASB & TLB). Study Guide p.213-248. Notes p.249-251.  #15864 2.15

BV4503.B622 1954   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945. Life together. Translated and with an introduction by John W. Doberstein. HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperSanFrancisco, c1954; 1st published as Gemeinsames Leben. 122p.  #11145 10.00

BV4505.K42 1964   Kierkegaard, Soren, 1813-1855. Works of love: some Christian reflections in the form of discourses. Translated by Howard and Edna Hong. Preface by R. Gregor Smith. Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks/The Cloister Library, 1964, c1962; first published as Kjer lighedens gjerninger. 378p. Notes p.354-378.  #12431 8.05

BV4505.K4813 1991   Kierkegaard, Soren, 1813-1855. For self-examination/Judge for yourself! Edited and translated with introduction and notes by Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong. [with corrections]. Princeton University Press, 1991 c1990; 1st published as Til selprovelse Dommerselv.  xviii, 296p. Key to References p.218-219. Selected Entries from Kierkegaard’s journals and papers pertaining to Self Examination p.223-241; to Judge for Yourself p.245-261. Collation of For self-examination in the Danish editions of Kierkegaard’s collected works p.267; Judge for Yoursepf p.268-269. Bibliographical Note p.283. Index.

BV4509.5.K35 1980   Kelsey, Morton T.  Adventure inward: Christian growth through personal journal writing. Augsburg, 1980. 216p. Bibliography p.211-216.  #5498 .25

BV4510.2.S665 1993   Spirituality in ecumenical perspective. Edited by E. Glenn Hinson. Westminster/John Knox Press, c1993. xvi, 200p. Notes at ends of contributions. Index.  #12933 3.25

BV4515.2.F3 1963   Faith is a star. Written and edited by Roland Gammon. Dutton, 1963. 236p.  #1697 free

BV4596/G38W44 2008   Weiss, David R. To the tune of a welcoming God: lyrical reflections on sexuality, spirituality, and the wideness of God’s welcome – in the home that the church will dare to sing along. London Street Press c2008 [viii], 181p.  #14386 3.20

BV4598.3.K57 1996   Kise, Jane A.G., Stark, David and Hirsh, Sandra Krebs. Life keys: discovering who you are, why you’re here, what you do best. Bethany House Publishers, 1991. 272p., drawings. Suggestions for Further Reading p.271-272.  #5845 Review

BV4625.M46 1988   Menninger, Karl (Augustus) 1893-1990. Whatever became of sin? Bantam Books, 1988 c1973. 277p., bibl. footnotes, index.  #455. 4.19

BV4526.2.M32 1983   Martin, Ralph, 1942-       Husbands, wives, parents, children: foundations for the Christian family.  rev. ed.  Servant Books, c1983; 1st published 1978.  vii, 178p. Index.  #12763  .25

BV4627.B6C3313 2002   Cabantous, Alain. Blasphemy: impious speech in the West from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Translated by Eric Rauth. Columbia University Press c2002; 1st published as Histoire du blasphème en occident c1998/ xiv, 288p. (European Perspectives). Notes p.207-264. Bibliography p.264-274. Index.  #14112 2.00

BV4596.G38A42 1996   Alexander, Marilyn Bennett and Preston, James, 1964-          We were baptized too: claiming God’s grace for lesbians and gays. Westminster John Knox Press, c1996. Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. xix, 139p. Appendices: A. Congregati0nal Reaffirmation of the Boptismal Covenant p.111-119. B. Self-Reflection Worksheet p. 121. Bibliography p.137-139.  #12609 3.20

BV4630.T473 1984   Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274. Treatise on the virtues. Translated by John A. Oesterlie. University of Notre Dame Press, 1984 c1966. xvi, 171p. Bibliographical footnotes. Summa Thelogiae questions 49-67.  #10595 6.25

BV4633.T5 1960   Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965.  Love, power and justice: ontological analyses and ethical applications.  Oxford: Galaxy, 1960 c1954. 127p., index.  #86.  .95

BV4637.K43 1974   Kennedy, Eugene C(ullen) 1928-      Believing. Doubleday, 1974. 216p.  #5499  .55

BV4740.H4 1984   Heiges, Donald R., 1910-1990. The Christian’s calling. Rev. ed. Fortress Press, c1984. 108p. Selected Bibliography p.105-108.  #13551 .15

BV4740.P35 2000   Palmer, Parker J., 1939-      Let your life speak: listening for the voice of vocation. Jossey-Boss c2000. x, 117p. Gratitudes p.vii-x. Credists p.117.  #14126 9.85

BV4655.B3718 1973   Barclay, William. The ten commandments for today. Eerdmans, 1973. 220p.  #5109  .10

BV4817.W42 1973   Weil, Simone, 1909-1943. Waiting for God. Translated by Emma Crawford. With an introduction by Leslie A. Fiedler. Harper & Row: Perennial Library, 1973 c1951.  227p.  #1775 2.86

BV4821.A1 1954   Thomas à Kempis, 1380-1471. The imitation of Christ. Translated by Richard Whitford and decorated by Valenti Angelo. Pocket Books, 1954 c1953. 305p., illus, bibl. p.301-5.  #87 .35

BV4831.J8 1966   Julian of Norwich b.1343. Revelations of divine love. Translated into modern English and with an introduction by Clifton Wolters. Penguin Books, 1966. 213p.  #5549 4.25

BV4905.L4 1976   Lewis, Clive Staples, 1898-1963. A grief observed. Afterword by Chad Walsh. Bantam Books, 1976 c1961. 151p.  #1168 4.81

BV4916.3.W35 2005   Wallis, Jim. The call to conversion: why faith is always personal but never private. rev. & upd. HarperCollins Publishers: HarperSanFrancisco, c2005; 1st published 1981. xxii, 201p. Bibliograph p.179-187. Acknowledgements p.189-190. Notes p.191-201. #14332 1.05

BV4935.L5A3 1959   Lin, Yutang, 1895-1976. From pagan to Christian. The World Publishing Company c1959. 253p. Contains bibliographical references. Index.  #6328 .50

BV5080.B7W41 1978   Boehme, Jakob, 1575-1624. The way to Christ. Translated and introduction by Peter Erb.  Prface by Winfried Zeller. Paulist Press, c1978. xviii, 307p. (Classics of Western Spirituality). Notes p.275-282. Indexes.  Based on the edition by Johann Wilhelm Ueberfeld, 1730. Contents: 1st-9th treatises.  On True Repentance (1622). On True Resignation (1622). On the New Birth That Is (1622). On the Supersensual Life (1622). The Precious Gat on Dire Contemplation (1620). Conversation Between an Enlightened and Unenlightened Soul (1629). On the Four Humors (1624).  #12423 .55

BV5080.C5 1978   The cloud of unknowing and other works. Translated into Modern English with an introduction by Clifton Walters. Penguin Books, 1978. 231p. Select Bibliography p.30-34. With The epistle of privy counsel. Dionysius’ mystical teaching. The epistle of prayer. #9162  6.35

BB5080.C5 1981   The cloud of unknowing. Edited, with an introduction by James Walsh. Preface by James Walsh. Paulist Press c1981. xxvi, 293p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. (Classics of Western Spirituality). Bibliograpy p.267-272. Scriptural Citations and Allusions p.272-276. Indexes.  #15786 .25

BV5082.2.J6 1988   Johnson, Arthur L., 1935-        Faith misguided: exposing the dangers of mysticism. Moody Press, 1988. 156p. Selective Bibliography p.153-156.  #1575 3.21

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