Additions 2015

Ceptsform Library Acquistions in 2015.

Updated 29 December 2015

This listing follows earlier Additions posted during previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business records of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete as the fully complete classification records show. However in Additions, I try to clarify what each book is about if its title is not specific or potentially misleading. Limited data elements include date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sourcesAmazon, the major “fulfillment” company does not often attract me, unless I cannot obtain a book elsewhere or I can get one amazingly cheap.  Barnes & Noble [place] The major surviving  big-box bookstore moves on to digital marketing besides toys, cards and other trivia. I go to the ones that have discounts and used books. In Madison WI and Roseville MN, the two largest B&N stores I know have used book areas, rather crowded and poorly organize, but offer the lowest discounts if you have the patience to search through them. Bookbyte supplies used books, even recent ones, through discovery on the Amazon website. Canal Park Flea Market in the most touristy part of Duluth has a lot of stuff and a few books, crowded into a closet. Cy Chauvin is s long-time friend who shares similar interests in literature and novels of manners. Content Bookstore in Northfield MN is the new face of what was Monkey See – Monkey Read, moved a block or so and across Division Street. This mix of used, new, and book ordering benefits from a knowledgeable proprietor who knows the collection enhanced by an in-store database. Fair Trade Books has become in its first year the lone book store in Red Wing MN, which gives credit for used books accepted and sells a n increasingly quality-prone collection of many used books and will order new ones. Also a venue for public readings. Goodwill [place] is a widely placed thrift, but in my experience seems to vary with its local environment. Sometimes the books enjoy broad and jumbled categories as close as they get to a helpful order. I look awhile until I tire. Half-Price Books [place] is the thriving used book and remainder chain, well-organized and well-stocked with titles moderately priced and clearance titles greatly reduced. I visit outlets routinely. Robert E. Hanson (Ko Shin), a friend of mine since 3rd grade shares books with me out of a common interest in poetry and religion. This summer I helped edit his latest publication. Hennepin County Library Friends Central has sold out its bookstore. I was there on the last day but found little among the jumble. Luther Seminary Book Store (Minnesota’s best-kept secret) supports the learning of its seminarians and the needs and interests of the wider church. Last year it relocated in the building it shares to the main floor and refocused itself more towards course support. Books are typically discounted and always some on clearance. Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naseth Library, a membership organization located in Madison WI, provides resources and assistance for family searches. A few related books are for sale. Norwegian-American Historical Association, of which I am a life member, distributes copies of its publications to members.    Norway House, located in Minneapolis, promotes Norwegian heritage through exhibits, events, and cooperation with other organizations. A small gift store sells a few books. Norwegian American Historical Association, of which I am a life member, publishes research into the culture and provides translations of Norwegian literature. Ramsey County Library Friends are volunteers who sell donated and withdrawn books at incredibly low prices to raise funds for library related-programs. Saint Olaf Book Store, besides providing materials for courses, the works of faculty and alumni and other selections, keeps two book carts of remainders stocked. Sixth Chamber Used Books, operating in River Falls WI and Saint Paul, shares a common database with many books in storage.I love to browse, but since the shelves are crowded, searching the file is also very helpful. Ray Stubbe whom I knew in college. SubText, formerly a lower level bookstore in the Blair Building, is now the only bookstore in downtown Saint Paul. It features well-chosen books and engaging atmosphere thanks to its conversational owner. They also order on demand. This independent bookstore became my favorite, one that I patronize whenever I can. Patricia A. Sween transfers to me books that have come to her but she doesn’t want. Swingles, that is the Sween-Dingle family, on the alert for books of interest to me.  Unique [place] is a thrift store with some used books in broad categories at moderate prices and additional discounts. Value Village on White Bear in St. Paul, a thrift outlet of ARC, has some used books at low prices; color-coded tags relate to the items that are half-off on a particular day. Beverly Voldseth, a Minnesota poet with whom I meet monthly to read Poetry aloud and discuss the poems, also gives me books.

Added: 8 January, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#15958 J. Alter, The center holds: Obama and his enemies. 3.25

#662r H.A. Johnson, The Chief Justiceship of John Marshall. 3.20

#15959 Romanesque Art (Pocket Visual Library). 2.15

 Added: 19 January, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#15960 N. Branden, My years with Ayn Rand. 8.60

#15961 N.F. Cantor, Antiquity. 3.25

#15962 D.P. McNeil, D.A. Morrison, H.J.M. Nouwen, Compassion. 2.15

#15963 T.Mallon. A book of one’s own: … diaries. 2.15

Added: 26 January, Value Village.

#15964 J.E. Lendon, Song of wrath: the Peloponnesian War begins. 2.40

#15965 O. Pamuk, Istanbul: memoires and the city. 1.60

Added: 27 January, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15966 J.N. Rakove, Revolutionaries: … the invention of America. 1.00

Added: 2 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#15909r J.C. Miller, The wolf by the ears: … Jefferson and slavery. 2.15

#9184r T. Zeldin, An intimate history of humanity. 2.15

Added: 2 February, SubText.

#15967 W.K. Krueger, Ordinary grace: a novel. 17.25

Added: 11 February, SubText

#13069r The readers companion to world literature; 2nd ed.; rev. & upd. (Hornstein, Edel, & Frenz). 10.70

Added: 17 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Broadway)

#15968 D. Jones, The Plantagenets: … who made Englaind. 9.70

#15969 H. Vickers, The royal line of succession [in Britain]. 5.40

#15970 The writings of the Apostolic Fathers (Foster). 10.85

Added: 18 February, Thrift, Fredricksburg TX.

#15971 J.C. Furnas, The Americans: a social history … 1587-1914.

Added: 18 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Huebner).

#15972 R.E. Brown, The churches the apostles left behind. 4.35

#15973 W.A. Simmons, Peoples of the New Testament. 14.05

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Huebner)

#15974 H. Mount, Carpe diem: … Latin in your life. 2.15

Added: 27 February San Antonio Museum of Art.

#15975 The San Antonio Museum of Art: guide to the collection (Powers & Johnston).  27.00

Added: 6 March, SubText

#15976 S. Crane, The red badge of courage (Binder). 19.30

#15977 D. Hammett, The Maltese falcon. 15.10

Added: 14 March, SubText.

#15978 N. Vincent, Magna Carta: … short introduction [and text]. 12.90

Added: 14 March, Sixth Chamber Used Books, Saint Paul.

#15979 [Dante] The figure of Beatrice, by C. Williams. .55

#15980 A.E.D. Howard, Magna Carta: text and commentary. 5.35

#10400r N. Pevsner, An outline of European Architecture. .55

#15982-15983 K.F. Reinhardt, Germany: 2000 years; 2v. 1.10

Added: 4 March, 4 March, NAHA

#15981 O.S. Lovoll, Across the deep blue sea: … early American immigrants. membership

Added: 3 April, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#10326r F. Copleston, A history of philosophy: v.1, Greece and Rome. 8.55

Added: 4 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15984 E.S. Morgan, The genuine article: … looks at early America. 3.25

#15985 A.L. Poole, From Domesday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-1216. 8.60

Added: 6 April, SubText

#15986 J.A. Michener, Tales of the South Pacific. 17.20

Added: 13 April, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15986 The Christological controversy (Norris). 3.50

#15987 Documents for the study of the gospels (Cartlidge & Dungan). 8.30

#15988 N.C. Habel, Literary criticism of the Old Testament. 5.40

#15989 P. Rousseau, Pachomius: … [monastic] community in fourth-century Egypt. 3.50

#15990 S.M. Sheeley & R.N. Noah, The Bible in English translation. 3.50

Added: 6 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15991 R. Arenas, Before midnight falls. 2.15

#15992 C.M. Carmichael, Sex and religion in the Bible. 3.25

#15993 E. Millgram. Practical induction [rationality]. 2.15

#15994 Passionate hearts: the poetry of sexual love (Maltz). 2.15

#15995 Philosophy in history: essays on the historiography … 2.15

#15996 D.C. Steinmetz, Luther in context. 1.10

#15997 J. Story, A familiar exposition of the Constitution of the United States. [1st pub 1859] 3.25

Added: 12 May, Fair Trade Books

#16014 A. Etzioni, The moral dimension: toward a new economics. 8.55

Added: 15 May, Barnes & Noble, Madison, WI: West Towne

#15998 M. Bishop, The Middle Ages. 1.35

#15999 Change we can believe in: Barack Obama’s plan … 1.05

#16000 N.Chomsky, Necessary illusions: thought control … 1.05

#16001 A.C. Desmond, Cleopatra’s children. 1.05

#16002 The dictionary of global culture (Appiah & Gates). 1.05

#16003 M. White, The Pope and the heretic: … Giordano Bruno… 2.10

Added: 18 May, Luther Seminary Book Store

#16005 Bible. New Testament. A new New Testament: … combining traditional and … discovered texts. 25.85

#16006 J.L. Crenshaw, Old Testament wisdom; rev. & enl. 8.35

Added: 23 May, Hennepin County Library Friends, Central.

#16007 Bible. O.T., Ancient Israel, the former prophets (Alter). 1.95

#16008 C. Brooks, The well wrought urn: … structure of poetry. .65

#16009 C. Randall & M. Makowsky, The discovery of society; 3rd ed. .65

#16010 J.W. Gardner, Morale. .65

#16011 K.A. Kersten & M.B. Pearlstein, Close to home: … America’s experiment in freedom. .65

#16012 Late nineteenth-century American liberalism: selections, 1880-1900 (Filler). .65

#16013 J.C. Courtney, The problem of God [history of doctrine]. .65

Added: 3 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16016 D.W. Kling, The Bible in History. 2.75

#16017 A parsing guide to the Greek New Testament [verb forms] (Han). 4.20

Added: 10 June, Fair Trade Books

#2565r D. du Maurier, Rebecca (Beauman). 4.20

#3096r G. Eliot, pseud., Silas Marner (A Beka Book). 3.40

Added: 13 June, Robert H. Hanson

#16018 Gui de Cambrai, Barlaam and Josaphat  (McCracken). gift

#16019 L. Herring, The writing warrior: … free your true voice. gift

Added: 23 June, Unique, Saint Paul (Sun Ray)

#16020 Confucius, The Wisdom of … (Lin Yutang). 1.60

#16021 J. Mirsky, The westward crossings: Balboa, Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark. 1.60

Added: 24 June, Fair Trade Books

#2420r J.F. Cooper, The last of the Mohicans. 6.95

#16022 J. Steinbeck, East of Eden. 9.10

Added: 5 September 1993, reclassification

#? Confucius, The analects of … (Waley). 5.95

Added: 24 June, Patricia A. Sween

#16024 W. Sundberg, A Seven-session course on Martin Luther. gift

Added 24, June, Ray Stubbe

#16025 R. Stubbe, Our “scientific” culture: … a future philosophy … gift

Added: 1 July, Norway House

#16026 K. Langeland, Norwegians in America, some records of the Norwegian emigration to America [1888] (Raneng, Huntrods/Lovoll). 16.15

Added: 5 July, Sub Text

#4453r E. Welty, Complete novels (Ford). 37.70

Added: 25 July, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul (Highland)

#16027 W.J. Bernstein, Masters of the word; how media shaped history … 2.15

#16028 The best American spiritual writing (Zaleski) 2005. 2.15

#16029 S. Biel, Independent intellectuals in the United States,1910-1945. 2.15

#16030 C.A. Butcher, Man of blessing: … St. Benedict. 2.15

#16031 T.F. Eagleton, Reason, faith, and revolution: … the God debate. 2.15

#16032 M. Godwin, Who are you? … seeing yourself. 2.15

# 16033 H. Marcuse, Eros and civilization: … inquiry into Freud.2.15

Added: 31 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16034 M.R. Beschloss, Presidential courage. 1.05

#16035 J.A.G. Man, Alpha beta: … shaped the Western world. 2.15

#16036 J.J. Palen, The urban world; 8th ed. 2.15

#16037 O. Pamuk, The naïve and the sentimental novelist: … when we write and read. 2.15

#16038 A. Rippin, Muslims: … beliefs and practices. 2.15

 Added: 8 August, Barnes & Noble, Duluth

#16039 R. Aslan, Zealot: .. life and times of Jesus … 7.60

Added: 10 August, Canal Park Flea Market

#16040 W.P. Webb, The Great Plains. 3.25

Added: 12 August, Goodwill, Cottage Grove

#16041 H. Innes, Scandinavia. 1.60

Added: 13 August, Content Bookstore

#16042 H. Bornkamm, Luther in mid-career,1521-1530. 10.75

#16043 P.J. Palmer, A hidden wholeness: … toward an  undivided life. 8.60

Added: 13 August, Saint Olaf College Bookstore

#16044 J. Stauffer, Giants: … parallel lives of Douglass and Lincoln. 6.45

Added: 17 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16045 J. Simpson, Sciences and the self in Medieval poetry. 2.15

Added: 17 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul (Sun Ray)

#16046 D. Knowles, The religious orders in England: v.2, The end of the Middle Ages [1334-1485]. 3.25

Added: 29 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16047 M. Faust, Remember–no electricity! .5o

#16048 L. Fowler, The Columbia guide to American Indians of the great plains. 1.00

#16049 S. Greenblatt, Will in the world: … Shakespeare became Shakespeare. 2.00

#16050 A. Nash & C. Strobel, Daily life of the native Americans: from post-Columbian through 19th century … 1.50

#16051 The speech: race and Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” (Whiting). 1.00

Added: 1 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2589r G. Eliot, pseud. Janet’s repentance (Hughes). 4.30

#16052 G. Eliot, pseud. Mr. Gilfil’s love story (Gunn). 4.30

#16053 P.D. Wellstone, The conscience of a liberal. 2.10

Added: 3 September, Barnes & Noble, Roseville.

#2596r G. Eliot, pseud. The Mill on the Floss. 11.80

Added: 5 September, Robert E. Hanson (Ko Shin).

#16054 R.E. Hanson (Ko Shin) Somewhere between Yubari and Cold Mountain [poetry] (Sween). gift

Added: 10 September, Barnes & Noble, Madison (West Towne)

#16055 D.A. Leeming & M.A. Leeming, A dictionary of creation myths. 1.05

Added: 11 September, Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naseth Library.

#16056 C.A. Culbertson & J. Paulson, A research guide for Norwegian genealogy. 15.00

Added: 11 September, Half-Price Books, Madison (East Towne).

#16059 A. Plowden, Danger to Elizabeth [I and Catholicism]. 2.15

Added: 25 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16058 B.C. Crosby & J.M. Bryson, Leadership for the common good. 2.15

#16060 E.L. Doctorow, Andrew’s brain [novel]. 6.40

#16061 E. Post, Emily Post’s etiquette; 16th ed. (P. Post). 2.15

#16062 G. Wills, Henry Adams and the making of America. 2.15

Added: 23 September, Beverly Voldseth

#16063 D. Walcott, Omeros [poems]. gift

Added: 3 October, Content Bookstore

#16064 Documents from the history of Lutheranism, 1517-1750 (Lund). 10.75

#16065 The origins of Christianity: sources … (Key). 5.35

Added: 3 October, St. Olaf Bookstore

#16066 M.A. Caws, Virginia Woolf. 4.35

#16067 Eyewitness Travel:: Stockholm. 10.75

Added: 10 October, Norwegian-American Historical Association.

#16068 H.C. Heg, The Civil War letters of Colonel H.C. Heg (Blegen). Membership

Added: 13 October, Amazon.

#16069 F.E. Peters, Greek philosophical terms. 13.35

Added: 14 October, Bookbyte.

#16070 J.D. Bessler, The birth of American law. 6.05

Added: 12 November, Half-Price Books, Madison, WI – East Towne

#16071 Confessing the one faith: … explication of the Apostolic faith … 2.10

#16072 S. Hook, From Hegel to Marx. 2.10

#16073 C.M. Radding & F. Newton, Theology, rhetoric, and politics in the Eucharist Controversy, 1078-1079. 2.15

#16074 K.J. Torjesen. When women were priests: … early church … 2.10

Added: 1 December, Luther Seminary Book Store

#16075 M. Casey, Strangers to the city: reflections on [the Benedictines]. 3.50

#16076 T. Otto, Oriented to faith: … conflict over gay relationships. 3.50

#16077 R.F. Rea, Why church history matters. 3.50

#16078 J.G. Stackhouse, Need to know: … Christian epistemology. #5.40

#16079 J.H. Walton, Ancient Near Eastern thought and the Old Testament. 3.50

Added: 4 December, Amazon Books

#16080 Aristotle, Selections (Irwin & Fine). 27.00

Added: Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16081 A. Robinson, The story of writing. 2.15

#16082 M. Stone, Ancient mirrors of womanhood: a treasury of … lore … 2.15

#4221r H.B. Stowe, Uncle Tom’s cabin (Ammons). 8.60

#16083 A. Wroe: The perfect prince: [Perkin Warbeck] and deception in Renaissance Europe. 2.15

Added: 16 December, Friends of the Ramsey County Library

#16084 T. Standage, An edible history of humanity. 1.00

Added: 21 December, Cy Chauvin

#16023 P. Lively, Dancing fish and ammonties: a memoir. gift

Added: 24 December, Swingles

#16085 A. Lincoln, The literary works of … (Van Doren). gift

#16086 London in Dickens’ day [sources] (Korg). gift

Added: 29 December, Barnes & Noble at HarMar, Roseville

#2277r P.S. Buck, The good earth. 17.15

#16087 Dictionary of 20th-century history. 1.10

#16088 A.D.S. Johns, The nature of the book. 5.35

#16089 C. Murphey, God’s jury: the inquisition … 1.05

#16090 A.J. Reichley, The values connection [to religion]. 1.05

Editions 2015 is closed. To continue, see Additions 2016.

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