Additions 2018

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm  Library in 2018.

Lists 192 titles.

Updated 26 December 2018.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under MY LIBRARY. I cite titles as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for library management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify each title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I want to make clear what each book is about and provide subtitle words or bracketed clarifications when the title is not explicit or may be misleading.

Descriptive data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number for each volume, abbreviated author, brief title, edition markers if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or deliberately reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon Books, which includes discounted books from 2nd hand stores, is both comprehensive and speedy. Barnes & Noble, the “big box” bookstore survives while I shop for discounts. Cy Chauvin, a long-time friend, and I exchange books at Christmas. Common Good Books, owned by Garrison Keillor, and in a prime retail location in Saint Paul between Concordia University and Macalester College, is packed with a flurry of top quality books and a few dozen literary journals. Rolf Erickson, deceased at 55, was a close friend of mine who shared many interests with me. Drury Lane in Grand Marais MN, though relatively small and attractively quaint, is packed with the highest quality books on the market. All this thanks to Joan Drury, owner and an author herself. Prices are standard and titles hard to resist. Fair Trade Books is a high quality book store in Red Wing, featuring used books, some new, and will order options. The owner and associated staff choose the used books to add and give credit that allows customers to draw from credit for percentage discounts on used titles. Recent sales changes show one more effort to keep prices low. Half-Price Books [place] the widespread number of stores offer used media at relatively lower prices and clearance items at 2 or 3 dollars. Robert Erling Hanson (aka koshin), a friend of mine since childhood, keeps me supplied with his poetry. Little Library [Stillwater Street], a crammed box, most of little interest. Minnesota Reviews was a review of submitted Minnesota publications. National Issues Forum has promoted discussion of issues from a democratic perspective.  Norsk Husflid was a shop in Wisconsin that featured Norse books and other items.  Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA) promotes research and publication of materials related chiefly to the Norwegian immigrant experience and subsequent history. I am a life member. Pilgrim Lutheran, Saint Paul, Little Library as a recent phenomena shares a wide variety of approaches and standards, but I am most familiar with the one fed by my church of membership. It’s uneven, but I have taken some titles of interest to me when I give some to it. Powell’s Books [place]. Sells books at discounted prices. Ramsey County Library Friends provide withdrawn and donated books at greatly reduced cost. Saint Vincent de Paul (Williamson Street) has a large used book collection in this thrift store, one very well organized and at $2.00 prices.  Savers [place] is a thrift store that features half price to seniors on Tuesday. The order of merchandise falls into categories. Locating desired books must overcome disorder. Katharine Sween & Scott Heins gives book. Kristofer Sween & family gives book. Patricia Sween knows that I like books and poetry so I get a double dose on my birthday. Value Village [place] has a well-trimmed used book collection with relatively easy browsing for finds. Also offers member 20% discounts and an extra 10% to seniors on Tuesdays.

4  January, Fair Trade Books.

#16382 The Oxford Amnesty lectures, 1992 (v.1, Johnson) [human rights]. 3.50

#16383 K.A. Porter, The collected essays and occasional writings. 3.50

27 January, Ramsey County Library Friends.

#16384 Sir H. Butterfield, Christianity and history. 1.00

#16385 J. & K. Court, The New Testament world. 2.00

#16386 The situation of the story; … contemporary perspective (Young). 2.00

9 February, Half-Price Books, Roseville.

#16387 A. Christie, The Mousetrap and other plays. 7.55

#16388 Philosophic classics: v.2 [of 4] Medieval Philosophy (Kaufmann & Baird). 6.40.

10 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16389 G.K. Chesterton, The everlasting man. 4.30

#16390 L. Standiford, Washington burning: … vision for our nation’s capitol … 4.30

31 March, Cy Chauvin

#16391, D. Philip, A $500 house in Detroit: rebuilding… gift.

31 March, Norwegian-American Historical Association.

#16392, From America to Norway: … letters, 1838-1914. v.4. Indexes. membership

2 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16393, W. Faulkner, Big Woods: the hunting stories – The Bear. The Old People. A Bear Hunt. Race at Morning. 7.50

6 April, Savers, Woodbury.

#16394, America’s God and country: encyclopedia of quotations (Federer). 3.50

10 April, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#16395 R.J. Ellis, Democratic delusions: … initiative process … 3.20

#16396 S. Vint, Science fiction: … for the perplexed. 5.35

1 May, Value Thrift (Sun Ray) Saint Paul.

#16397 The concise Oxford companion to the English language (McArthur). 2.70

#16398 P. Earle, The world of Defoe. 2.70

#16399 W.E. Reck, A. Lincoln: his last 24 hours. 2.35

2 May, Pat Sween.

#16400 J.P. Lenfestey, Earth and anger: … poems of love and despair. gift

#16401 J.P. Lenfestey, A marriage book: 50 years of poems. gift

4 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#2024r L.M. Alcott, The best of Louisa May Alcott (Booso): Little Women I & II/ The Good Wives. Little Men. And 24 short stories. 7.50

#16402 L. Strobel, The case for a creator: … scientific evidence. 3.30

#9825r S. Undset, Kristin Lavransdatter (Nunnally): III, The cross. 6.90

11 June, Norsk Husflid.

#16403 F.E. Ekstrand, The ancient Norwegian calendar (primstav). 3.95

11 June, National Issues Forum.

#16404 D.F. Mathews, The promise of democracy. gratis

11 June, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood.

#16405 W.E.B. Du Bois, The souls of Black folk. 9.60

#16406, J.R. Kasich, Two paths: America divided or united. 6.45

18 June, Value Thrift, Saint Paul.

#16407 J.M. Diamond, Collapse: … societies choose … 3.30

#16408 A. Gore, The assault on reason. 3.30

#16409 B. Obama, The audacity of hope. 3.30

18 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16410 M. Atwood, The Handmaid’s tale. 8.60

#16411 S. Dando-Collins, Caesar’s legion. 3.25

#16412 J.M. Ellis, The theory of literary criticism. 2.15

#16413 F. Van der Linden, The turning point: Jefferson’s battle for the presidency. 3.25

25 June, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16414-15 Aristotle, The works of … (Ross). 2v. 2.00

#16416 The Oxford illustrated history of Western philosophy (Kenny). 1.00

#16417 A sense of history: … American Heritage. 2.00

28 June, Value Village, Maplewood.

#16418 J.B. Conroy, Lincoln’s White House. 2.70

#16419 A. Manning, Father Lincoln: … and his boys … 2.70

#16420 N.A. Trudeau, Lincoln’s greatest journey: sixteen days that changed the presidency. 2.70

6 July, Robert E. Hanson.

#16421 R.E. Hanson, Duende (poetry). gift

16 July, Rolf Erickson.

#16422 N. Reitan, Bright patches, … Shawno County, WI. gift

16 July, Distributed in Red Wing.

#16423 Red Wing: one week: … eighty-three photographs. gratis

16 July, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16424 H.W. Brands, The first American: … Benjamin Franlin. 2.15

#16425 F. McLynn, 1066: the year of three battles. 3.25

20 July, Fair Trade Books.

#12246r M.J. Adler, Aristotle for everybody. 5.40

23 July, Pilgrim Lutheran, Saint Paul, Little Library

#16426 The honest to God debate (Edwards). gratis

#16427 J. Seigenthaler, James K. Polk. gratis

26 July, Value Thrift (Sun Ray) Saint Paul

#16428 The Harper dictionary of modern thought (Bullock & Stallybrass). 2.75

31 July, Savers Woodbury.

#16429 M. Luther, Liturgy & hymns (Luther’s Works, American Ed., v.53). 2.50

#16430 M. Luther, The sermon on the mount (Sermons) and the magnificent (Luther’s Works, American Ed., v.21).

#16431 C.R. Moss, The myth of persecution2.50

#16432 H.K. Bloom, The genius of the beast: … capitalism. 2.50

2 August, Saint Vincent de Paul, Madison WI

#16433 O. & L. Handlin, Liberty and power, 1600-1760. 2.20

#16434 L. de Hartog, Genghis Khan. 2.20

#16435 M. Robinson, Mobocracy: … polling. 2.10

4 August, Powell’s Books [Chicago]

#16436 S. Van Cleve, Land of 10,000 loves: … queer Minnesota. 9.70

5 August, Little Library [Stillwater Road]

#16437 E. Royte, Bottlemania: how water went on sale. gratis

6 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16438 Ancient Egyptian literature (Lichthein):v.2, The new kingdom. 2.15

#12652r P. Green, Alexander of Macedon; rev.& enl. 3.25

#16439 H. Küng, Does God exist (Quinn). 3.25

#16440 D.L. Mallock, Agony and eloquence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson. 3.25

22 August, Drury Lane.

#6175r2 J. Kenyon,

29 August, Fair Trade Books.

#16441 F. Braudel, A history of civilizations. 6.78

12 September, Norwegian-American Historical Association

#16442 O.S. Lovoll, Two homelands: … his life and work. membership

15 September, Minnesota Reviews.

#16443 P.C. Johnston, Minnesota: portrait … submission

15 September, Amazon Books.

#16444 D. Sarokin  & J. Shalkin, Missed information: better information … 6.75

3 October, Fair Trade Books.

#16445 G. Duby, The three orders: feudal society … (Goldhammer). 12.80

#16446 S. Meredith, Writing to sell; 4th ed. 6.40

6 October, Half-Price Books Clearance Sale.

#16447 America’s God and country: … quotations (Federer). 2.20

#16448 K. Armstrong, A history of God: … Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 2.15

#16449 R.L. Currier, Unbound: … eight technologies [effect]. 2.15

#16450 J. Fea, Was America founded as a Christian nation? 2.15

#16451 A. Herman, The idea of decline in Western history. 2.15

#16452 M.L. Houser, Lincoln’s education … 2.15

#16453 O.S. Ireland, Religion, ethnicity, and politics: … ratification in Pennsylvania. 2.15

#16455 N. Sharansky and R. Dermer, The case for democracy. 2.15

18 October 2018 – Little Library  [Stillwater Street]

#16456 S. Johnson, How we got too now: six innovations … gratis

26 October 2018, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16457 J. Bonavia, The silk road: … Xilan to Kashgar (Lindsay & Wu Qi). 1.00

#16458 V.V. Nabokov, Lectures on literature (Bowers). 3.00

#16459 S. Whitefield, Life along the silk road. 1.00

6 November 2018, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#16460 R.A. Dahl, How democratic is the American Constitution? 2nd ed. 8.05

#16461 A. Goodman et. al., Twenty years covering the movements changing America. 8.60

#16462 F. MacDonald, Novus ordo seclorum: … origins of the Constitution. 8.05

11 November, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16463 H, Milner, Civic literacy: … informed citizens make democracy … 5.40

19 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16464 J.M. Barry, Roger Williams and … the American soul … 3.25

#16465 W.A. McDougal, Freedom just around the corner: … American history, 1585-1828. 3.25

#16466 C. Romano, America the philosophical. 7.50

19 November, Common Good Books

#6598r T. Hobbes, Leviathan [moral and political philosophy, 1651, on the need for absolute state power] (Brooke). 12.95

2 December, Saint Olaf Book Store

#16467 J. Powell, Why you love music [psychological aspects]. 7.50

4 December, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#5025r T. Bulfinch, Bulfinch’s mythology (Martin). 15.00

17 December, Cy Chauvin

       #16468 G. Benford, The Berlin project. gift

22 December, Ramsey County Library Friends

       #16469 R.E. Biery, Understanding homosexuality. 2.00

       #16470 J.C. Carville, We’re right, they’re wrong: … for … progressives. 1.00

       #16471 B. Malinowski, Argonauts of the western Pacific. 1.00

24 December, Katharine & Scott

      #16472 J.-P. Sartre, No exit and three other plays. gift

24 December, Kristofer & family.

      #16473 G. Moore, Sherlock Holmes puzzle book. gift

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