Additions 2019

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2019

Updated 29 September 2019

66 titles.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under MY LIBRARY. I cite titles as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping  a brief record for library management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify each title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I want to make clear what each book is about and provide subtitle words or bracketed clarifications when the title is not explicit or may be misleading.

Descriptive data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number for each volume, abbreviated author, brief title, edition markers if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or deliberately reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

6 January, Sub Text.

#16501 A. Oz, Scenes from village life (de Lange). 13.97

7 January, Ramsey County Library Friends (Maplewood).

Note on sources: Barnes & Noble (place) sells a variety of titles, some at low prices.

Half-Price Books (place) second-hand and remaindered titles at reduced costs with some titles at clearance rates. Lawrence University (Wisconsin) provided copies of Colleges that Change Lives. Pilgrim Lutheran, Saint Paul, Little Library. Books given or withdrawn from the church library are free. My Thrift Store, Saint Paul, has a modest used book section. Ramsey County Library Friends (place) sell select titles donated or withdrawn from collection use, all at the most reasonable prices. Scuppernong Books is a high quality thriving store in Greensboro, NC with used books at discount and food and drink for sale. Sixth Chamber Used Books (Saint Paul) since 1995 has sold quality books at reasonable and clearance prices. Unfortunately this store closed in March. The owners have another store, the Fox Den, in River Falls, WI Sub Text is a selective, high quality bookstore, the only one in downtown Saint Paul. They carry used books as well, many for next to nothing. Katharine Sween, a school band director and flutist, taught music for 30 years. Target (place) sells a small number of books, including some located in the office and stationery section. Thiftbooks, a store linked to the Amazon market place, sells used books at discounted rates. Beverly Voldseth, a Minnesota poet, is a close friend of mine and a generous one. World of Books, a store linked to the Amazon market, also sells used books at discounted rates.

#16464 P.H. Schuck, Why government fails so often. 1.50

10 January, Target (North Saint Paul).

#16475 300 writing prompts. 7.50

17 January, Half-Price Books (Saint Paul).

#16476 R. Garland, Ancient Greece: everyday life … 3.25

#16477 N. Goldstone, Four Queens: … who ruled Europe [Marguerite, France; Eleanor, England; Sanchia, Romans; Beatrice, Sicily]. 2.15

#16478 J. Neusner, Rabbinic literature. 3.25

#16479 C.R. Sunstein, Impeachment. 4.30

17 January, Sixth Chamber Used Books.

#16480 S. Chmielarz, Little eternities: poems. 8.00

#16481 D. Defoe, A tour through the whole island of Great Britain; abridged & edited (P. Rogers). .40

#16482 W.R. Goldshmidt, Exploring the ways of mankind. .40

22 January, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood.

#16483 Strength exercises. 10.70

10 February, Subtext.

# 16484 L. Ferlinghetti, These are my rivers: new and selected poems,1955-1993. 2.15

19 February, Thriftbooks.

#16485 A. Oz, A tale of love and darkness (de Lange). 7.50

21 February, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16486 H. Bloom, Genius: … one hundred exemplary creative [writers]. 3.25

#16487 Plato, The last days of Socrates (Tredennick & Tarrant). 5.35

1 March, World of Books.

#16488 Oz, A., The story begins: essays on literature. 7.50

5 March, Sixth Chamber Used Books.

#16489 O. Pamuk, The museum of innocence. 6.15

#16490 F. Prokosch, The Asiatics. 6.15

#16491 C. Tomalin, Samuel Pepys. 6.15

7 March, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16492 J. Krishnamurti, The impossible question. 2.15

#16493 B. Prothero, Why liberals win (even when they lose elections). 2.15

#16494 M.J. Sandel, Justice: what’s the right thing to do? 2.15

#16495 S. Zweig, Confusion. 7.55

12 March, Barnes & Nobles

#16496 B. Grazer & C. Fishman, A curious mind. 4.80

#16497 J. Le Carre, Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. 6.40

#16498 B. Maclanahan, The founding fathers’ guide to the Constitutio.4.80

16 March, Lawrence University (Wisconsin)

#16499 L. Pope, Colleges that change lives. gratis

16 March, Katharine Sween

#16500 D.J. Levitin, This is your brain on music. gratis

7 April, Pilgrim Lutheran Little Library.

#16502 D. Chidester, Christianity, a global history. gratis

19 April, Scuppernong Books.

#16503 F. Bacon, The major works (Vickers), 20.23

2007, Beverly Voldseth.

#16504 L. Gavin, Least Resistance: [poetry]. gratis

2013, Beverly Voldseth.

#16505 J.T. McDonnell, A bone in the throat: [poetry]. gratis

4 June, My Thrift Store.

#16506 I.H. Elder, Celt, Druid and Culdee (1973 edition). 2.60

#1746r2 G. Lefebvre, The coming of the French Revolution (Palmer). 2.80

12 June, Pilgrim Church Little Library.

#16507 A. Donagan, The theory of morality. gratis

16 June, Sub Text.

#4401r2 K. Vonnegut, Cat’s cradle. 17.00

17 June, Pilgrim Church Little Library.

#16508 A source book in Chinese philosophy (Chan). gratis

18 July, Half Price Books, Maplewood.

#16509 D. Bodanis, Passionate minds: the great scientific affair. 3.35

#16510 Cicero, Political speeches (Berry). 3.35

#16511 P. Irons, A people’s history of the Supreme Court. 3.40

#16512 W.G. McLaughlin, Cherokee Renascence in the new republic. 3.40

#16513 The Reich victorious: alternate histories (Tsouras). 3.35

9 September, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood.

#16514 The Mueller report (Helderman & Zapotosky). 8.25

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