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June 24, 2014

The Bible (BS1-BS2970) – 425 Titles

BS125-BS355/Modern texts and editions                                 BS410-BS680/Works about the Bible                  BS701-BS1099/Old Testament texts, editions, works about                     BS1200-BS1830/Special Old Testament parts and books           BS1901-2544/New Testament texts, editions, works about           BS2547BS2970/Special New Testament parts and books

Updated 19 September2018.

BS47.L98 2010   Lutheran perspectives on Biblical interpretation: the 2009 Hein-Fry Lectures, Series #19. Laurie Jungling, Editor. Lutheran University Press c2010. 130p. (Hearing the Word, Series XIX). Endnotes after each lecture. The Lecturers p.129-130.  #14997 12.90

BS185 1994 Ref  Bible.  English.  Authorized.  Holy Bible: the 21st century King James version…  KJ21 Bible Publishers, 1994.  2v. in 1 (1410, 466p.)  Appendix p.451-466.  #1329  Review

BS186.B7 1960 Ref   Bridges, Ronald and Weigle, Luther A., 1881-1976. The Bible word book, concerning obsolete or archaic words in the King James Version of the Bible. Thmas Nelson & Sons, c1960. x,422p. Contains Bible and bibliographic references. Index.  #10407 .55

BS186.M33 2001   McGrath, Alister E., 1953-        In the beginning: the story of the King James Bible and how it changed a nation, a language, and a culture.  Random House: Doubleday, c2001.  xii, 340p., illus.  A Comparison of Historic English Translations: Psalm 23 p.311-313.  A Bible Timeline p.314-316.  List of Works Consulted p.317-328.  Index.  #11508  16.50

BS196.P3 1977   Paine, Gustavus S. The men behind the King Jamess Version. Baker Book House, 1977 c1959. xvi, 212p. photos. Contains bibliographic references. Acknowledgements p. v. The Translators p.184-185. Comparative Readings p.186-200. Bibliography p.201-206. Index.  #10464 free

BS191.5.A1 N49 1989 Ref  Bible.  English.  New Revised Standard.  1989.  Holy Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments  with the Apocryphal/ Deutero-canonical books.  T. Nelson, 1989.  890, 260, 261p., Synopsis, subject index, prayers.  #484  19.03

BS181,5,A1 N49 1999 Ref   Bible. English. New Revised Standard. 1999. The access Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocryphal/Deuterocannical books. Gail R. O’Day, David Peterson General Editors. Oxford University Press c1999. xxiv, 1243, [ii], 350, [ii] 510, [xxxii]p. maps with index. Contains study materials and introductory essays. Glossary p.421-436. Weights and Measures p.437-438. Concordance p.439-510. #13857 15.95.

BS191.5.A1 N49 2009 Ref   Bible. English. New Revised Standard. 2009. Lutheran study Bible: New Revised Standard Version. Augsburg Fortress 2009. 2112p. 2112p. illus, maps, chronologies. Contains bibliographical references. Bible History Timeline p.30-32. Martin Luther on the Bible p.1521-1543. What Should We Expect when we read the Bible p.1544-1546. The Bible and God’s Mission p.1547-1552. A Short Guide to Personal Reading p.1553. Subject Tuide p.2055-2078. Acknowledgements p.2079. Charts & Figures p.2080. Bible Reading Plan p.2081-2093. Thirty Key Old Testament Stories p.2094-2095. Prayers in the Bible p.2096. Maps p.2098-2112.  #13989 26.80

BS192.A1 1961 .N4   Bible. New Testament. English. 1961. The new English Bible: New Testament. Translated under the supervision of the Joint Committee on the New Translation of the Bible. Oxford University Press/Cambridge University Press, 1961. xiv, 447p. Footnotes cite variations in text.  #15777 inherited

BS192.A1 .O8 1972 Ref   Bible.  English.  New English Bible.  1972.   New English Bible with the Apocrypha.  Corr. imp.  Oxford University Press, 1972.  1166, 275, 336p.  With introductions and footnotes.  #442.  3.75

BS192.3.A1 1970 .C482 Ref   Bible.  English.  New American.  1970.  The new American Bible.  Translated from the original languages with critical use of all the ancient sources by members of the Catholic Biblical Association of America.  Sponsored by the Bishops’ Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.  Benziger, 1970.  1347, 401 (55)p., maps.  #5797  .85

BS195.C66 1995 Ref   Bible. English. Contemporary English. 1995. Holy Bible: contemporary English version. American Bible Society c1995. vi, 838p. What’s in the Bible? p.809-812. A Mini Dictionary for the Bible p.810-830. Maps p.831-838.  #13669 2.15

BS195.J4 1968 Ref  Bible. English. Jerusalem Bible. 1968 Ref   The Jerusalem Bible. Reader’s edition.  General Editor Alexander Jones.  Doubleday & Company, In., c1968.  xii, 2v. in 1 (1340, 358p.), maps.  Chronological Table p.343-355.  Measures and Money p.357-358.  #12926  .25

BS195.K57 1953   Bible. English. Knox. 1950. Newly translated from the Vulgate Latin by Msgr. Ronald Knox … Sheed & Ward, Inc., 1952-1955 (c1944, 1948, 1950). 3v. The Old Testament (Genesis-Esther); (Job-Machabees) with appendix Psalms alternate version; The New Testament. #16100-16002 7.50

BS195.N37 1995b Ref   Bible. English. New International. 1995. The one year chronological Bible. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. c1995. xxxviii, 1655p. General Timeline p.xxii-xxiii. Divided Kingdoms of Israel p.xxiv-xxvii. When the Books Were Writtenp.1643-1644. Scriptural Index in Canonical Order p.1645-1653. Maps p.1654-1655.  #15743 8.55

BS221 .N8 1947 Ref   Bible. Norwegian. 1947.  Bibelen eller den Hellige Skrift.  Det Gamle og det Nye Testamentes kanoniske boker.  Revidebt over settelse av 1930. Norske Bibelselskap Forlag, 1947. 981, 309p., kartes.  #1185  gift

BS230 1948 v.52 & 55   BibleN.T.  Galatians.  French.  Lyonnet.  1953.  Les Épitres de Saint Paul: Aux Galates.  Aux Romains.  Traduites par S. Lyonnet.  Les Éditions de Cerf, c1953.  133p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  (La Sainte Bible traduite en français soul la direction de lÉcole Bibliqued de Jéruslaem).  #11430  free

BS239 19xx Bible. German. Luther. 19xx. Ref   Die Bibel; oder die ganze heligige Schrift des Alten u. Neuen Testaments Nach der deutschen übersetzung D. Martin Luthers.  For the American Bible Society by Privileg. Württ. Bibelanstalt, 19xx.  2v. in1 (896, 298p.) [xvi], maps, photos.  #126767 6.40

BS391.B34 1993 Ref   Bible. English. Authorized. Selections. 1993 Ref   The Bible designed to be read as living literature…  Arranged and edited by Ernest Sutherland Bates, with updated scholarship and a new introduction by Lodowick Allison.  Simon & Schuster, 1993; 1st published 1936.  1258p., maps on endpapers.  Bibliography p.1257-1258.  #5059  6.75

B391.2.B75 1986 Ref   Bible wisdom for modern living: arranged by subject. Edited by David Brown. Simon and Schuster c1986. xii, 491p.  #13854 1.60

BS391.2.W36 1996 Ref   Bible. English. Selections. Wangerin. The book of God: the Bible as a novel. Walter Wangerin, Jr. Zondervan Publishing House c1996. 850p.  #13547 .30

BS417.H18 1955 Ref  Halley, H. H.   Bible handbook.  An abbrev. Bible commentary.  20th ed., rev.  H. H. Halley, 1955.  956p., illus., maps, index.  #73  1.50

BS425.C85 1975 Ref   Cruden, Alexander, 1701-1770.  Cruden’s complete concordance to the Old and New Testaments…  Edited by A. D. Adams, C. H. Irwin, S. A. Waters.  Zondervan, 1975 c1968.  803p.  Appendix.  #1066  1.11

BS425.N4 1972 Ref   Nelson’s complete concordance of the Revised Standard Version Bible; 2nd edition. Compiled under the supervision of John W. Ellison. Thomas Nelson Inc., 1972 c1957. xii, 2157p. #16331 gratis

BS432.A53 1988 Ref   Anderson, Ken, 1917-2006. The contemporary concordance of Biblical topics: the entire Bible indexed by subject matter. Edited and compiled by Ken Anderson. Scripture Press Publications Inc.: Victor Books c1988. Primary Source: New International Version c1984; King James Version also used. 438p.  #14234 .55

BS435.S8 1979 Ref   Strong, James, 1822-1894. Strong’s exhaustive concordance of the Bible, with brief dictionaries of the Hebrew and Greek words of the original with references to the English words. Thomas Nelson Publishers c1979; 1st published 1890: earlier editions published as The exhaustive concordance of the Bible. 1218, 127, 79p. Addenda p.1211-1218. Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible (127p.). Dictionary of the Greek Testament (79p.).   #11233 1.40

BS432.W56 1987 Ref   Willmington, H. L.  Willmington’s book of Bible lists.  Special gift edition from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Tyndale House Publishers, c1987.  362p.  #10816  6.40

BS435.B43 2011 Ref   Bible dictionary & concordance. Castle Books, 2011 c1995. x, 434p. On cover: Over 6,000 Biblical Names & Terms. 315025 2.15

BS449.B68 1958 Ref   Boyd, James P. Bible dictionary, including concise definitions, pronunciations, textual references and little-known Biblical facts. Ottenheimer Publishing, Inc. c1958 [viii], 121p. Little Known Biblical Facts p.115-121.  #14221 1.10

BS440.B78 1969 Ref  New compact Bible dictionary.  Ed. by T. Alton Bryant.  Zondervan, 1969 c1967.  621p., illus., maps.  #434.  .10

BS440.C85 1976 Ref   Cruden, Alexander, 1699-1770. Cruden’s dictionary of Biblical terms. Baker Book House, 1976; 1st published as Cruden’s Explanations of Scripture Terms, 1840 and originally the “Explanations” from Cruden’s Unabridged Concordance. [iv], 383p.  #10185 .50

BS440.M5 1996 Ref   Miller, Madeleine Sweeny, 1890-1976, and Miller, John Lane, 1884-1954.  Harper’s encyclopedia of Bible life.  3rd rev. ed.  Castle Books, 1996 c1978; 1st published as Encyclopedia of Bible life, by Boyce M. Bennett and David H. Scott.  xviii, 423p., black & white photos, drawings.  Suggestions for Further Reading p.390395.  Indexes.  #11857  10.75

BS440.N45 1970 Ref  New world dictionary-concordance to the New American Bible.  World Bible Publishers, 1970.  756p.  #5056  1.95

BS440.O8 1993 Ref   The Oxford companion to the Bible.  Edited by Bruce M. Metzger and Michael D. Googan.  Oxford University Press, 1993.  xxi, 874p.  14 maps with index.  Bibliography p.831-833.  #5477  7.99

BS440.R53 1962 Ref   Theological word book of the bible.  Ed. by Alan Richardson.  Macmillan, 1962 c1950.  290 p.  #1186  .50

BS440.T49 1980 Ref   Theological word book of the Old Testament. R. Laird Harris, Editor. Moody Press c1980. 2v. (xviii, 538; xviii, 539-1124p.) Contains Bible references. Contributors p.xvi-xvii. Index [references from Strong numbers to 3607 TWOT numbers].  #13858-13859 21.10

BS445.B457 1996 Ref   The Bible through the ages. Project Editor Robert V. Huber. Reader’s Digest c1996. 384p. color illus: photos, maps, charts, facsimilies, chron. Contains Bible references and literature excerpts. Staff & Contributors p.5. Board of Consultants p.6. Glossary p.366-369. [Illustration] Credits p.370-372. Acknowledgements p.372. Index.  #14220 2.70

BS445.D35 1998 Ref   Davis, Kenneth C. Don’t know much about the Bible: everything you need to know about the good book but never learned. William Morrow and Company, Inc.: Eagle Brook c1998. xxvi, 533p. Contains Bible references. Glossary p.491-495. Bibliography p.497-505.  Acknowledgements p.507-508. Index.  #14223 1.10

BS445.L47 2003   Lightfood, Neil R, 1929-2012. How we got the Bible. 3rd ed., rev. & exp. MDF Books, 2003; 1st published 1963. 224p. Discussion questions at ends of chapters. Notes p.211-220. Index.  #15800 7.50

BS445.P45 2005   Pelikan, Jaroslav.  Whose Bible is it?  A history of the scriptures through the ages.  With an exclusive preface by the author.  Viking, c2005.  xii, 274p., facsimilies.  Appendices: I. Alternative Canons of the Tanakh/Old Testament p.253-254.  II. New Testament p.255.  Notes and Further Reading p.257-274.  #13322  9.00

BS449.B8313 1994   Buber, Martin, 1878-1965, and Rosenzweig, Franz, 1886-1929.   Scripture and translation.  Translated by Lawrence Rosenwald with Everett Fox.  Indiana University Press, c1994; translation of Schrift und ihre Vedeutschung.  xliv, 223p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  (Studies in biblical Literature).  #11417  5.35

BS449.B87 1985   Burton, Barry D. Let’s weigh the evidence. Chick Publications c1983. 95p. drawings. Contains bibliographical references. For More Information p.95.  #13462 free

BS455.H43 1959   Herklets, Hugh Gerard Gibson, 1903-      How the Bible came to us: its texts and versions. Penguin Books, 1959; 1st published c1954. 190pl illus. Contains bibliographical footnotes. List of Plates p.7. Short Chronological Table p.168-175. Bibliography p.176-179. Some Recent Versions and Translations of the Bible p.180-181. Index.  #13665 5.30

BS455.K38 2004   Katz, David S. God’s last words: reading the English Bible from the reformation to fundamentalism. Yale University Press c2004. xvi, 397p. Acknowledgements p.viii-ix. Notes p.316-374. Suggestions for Further Reading p.375-378. Index.  #14107 5.35

BS465.D86 2007   Dungan, David L. Constantine’s Bible: politics and the making of the New Testament. SCM Press c2006. xii, 224p. Appendices: A. References in Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History to Early Christian Writings p.141-147. B. Writings Considered “Scripture” by One or Another Christian Group p.148-150. The Library of Nag Hammadi p.151-153. Timeline of Figures and Events Discussed in the Text p.155-157. Notes p.159-209. Select Bibliography p.211-214. Indexes.  #14106 5.35

BS465.S28 1989   Sarna, Nahum M.  Ancient libraries and the ordering of Biblical Books: a lecture presented at the Library of Congress, March 6, 1989.  Library of Congress, 1989.  22p.  Bibliographical Notes p.21-22.  #1013  gift

BS475.W75 1960   Wright, G. Ernest and Fuller, Reginald H.  The book of the acts of God: contemporary scholarship interprets the Bible.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1960.  420p.  Indexes.  #5324  .25

BS475.2.J334 1991 Ref   Jacobson, Diane L., 1948-       and Kysar, Robert.  A beginner’s guide to the books of the Bible.  Augsburg, c1989.  125p.  Contains Biblical references (NRSV).  #13454  .25

BS476.J68 2012   Jowett, Benjamin, 1817-1893. On the interpretation of scripture. [excerpt from] Essays and reviews. John W. Parker, 1860 [60 pages]. Printed 8 May 2012 from [in 6 sections].  #14462 download

BS476.T74 2008   Treier, Daniel J., 1972-        Introducing theological interpretation of scripture: recovering a Christian practice. Baker Publishing Group: Baker Academic c2008. 221p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Acknowledgements p.9-10. Suggested Reading p.207-213. Scripture Index p.215-216p. Subject Index.  #14194 12.90

BS476.W65 1993   Wood, Charles Monroe. The formation of Christian understanding: theological hermeneutics; 2nd ed. Trinity Press International c1993; 1st published c1981. 128p. Notes p.121-126. Index.  #15859 1.05

BS480.F69 1991   Fox, Robin Lane.  The unauthorized version: truth and fiction in the Bible.  Alfred A. Knopf, c1991.  478p.  Notes and Bibliography p.419-470.  Index.  #12876  .40

BS500.G7 1963   Grant, Robert McQueen, 1917-       A short history of the interpretation of the Bible.  rev. ed.  The Macmillan Company, c1963; 1st published 1948 as The Bible in the church.  224p.  Selected English Bibliography p.215-217.  Index.  #11395  3.20

BS500.H36 2002   Harrisville, Roy A. and Sundberg, Walter.  The Bible in modern culture: Baruch Spinoza to Brevard Childs.  2nd ed.  William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, c2002; 1st published 1995.  xiv, 349p.  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Indexes.  #1324  5.35

BS500.S3 1959   Schonfield, Hugh J.   The Bible was right: an astonishing examination of the New Testament.  New American Library: Signet, 1959.  191p., index.  #74  .50

BS511.2.A63 1985   Armstrong, Herbert W.  Mystery of the ages: Did you ever ask yourself: “Who am I?  What amid I?  Why ami I?”  You are a mystery.  The world about you is a mystery.  Now, you can understand!  WorldWide Church of God, c1985.  svi, 315p.  #13278  .15

BS511.2.B42 1954   Beck, Alfred L.   Exploring the Bible.  W. Kent Gilbert, Editor.  Illustrated by Paul M. Swisher.  John Geiszel, maps and charts.  Muhlenberg Press, c1954.  152p., illus., maps  (The Weekday Church Series, Grade 9X).  Exploring Further [exercises] p.131-152.  #6744  textbook

BS511.2.G67 2005   Gorman, Michael J., 1955-      Elements of Biblical exegesis: a basic guide for students and ministers. Hendrickson Publishers, 2005 c2001; revised from Texts and Contexts c1994. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Chapter Summary, Practical Hints, Further Insight and Practice at ends of chapters. Acknowledgements p.ix-x. Resources for Exegetes p.147-193. A Chart of Exegetical Methods p.195-203. Practical Guidelines for Writing a Research Exegesis Paper p.205-209. A Short Sample Exegesis Paper p.211-216. A Longer Sample Exegesis Paper p.217-231. Selected Internet Resources p.233-236. Some Additional Resources p.237-243. Index.  #13847 6.70

BS511.2.M39 1981   McKenzie, John L. How relevant is the Bible? and other commentaries on scripture. The Thomas More press c1981. 216p.  #13534 .80

BS511.2.S69 1992   Spong, John Shelby. Rescuing the Bible from fundamentalism: a bishop rethinks the meaning of scripture. HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperSanFrancisco, 1992 c1991. xvi, 267p. Bibliography p.255-258. Index  #13995 2.10

BS511.3.B43 2011   Beal, Timothy Kandler, 1963-      The rise and fall of the Bible: the unexpected history of an accidental book. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt c2011. xii, 244p. illus Acknowledgements p.197-199. Notes p.200-225. Index.  #14456 6.00

BS511.3.B67 2002   Borg, Marcus J.  Reading the Bible again for the first time: taking the Bible seriously but not literally.  HarperSanFrancisco, 2002 c2001.  xii, 321p.  Notes at ends of chapters.  Indexes.  #11378  15.95

BS511.3.D66 2006   Donfried, Karl Paul. Who owns the Bible? Toward the recovery of a Christian hermenutic. The Crossroads Publishing Company: A Herder Book c2006. xvi, 176p. (Companions to the New Testament). Notes at ends of chapters. Indexes. #14105 4.30

BS511.3.K46 2000   Kennedy, D(ennis) James, 1930-2007. Solving Bible mysteries: unraveling the perplexity and troubling passages of scripture. Thomas Nelson Publishers c2000. xii, 211p. Contains Bible references (KJV & KJV, 1982). Acknowledgements p.Vii Notes p.208-210. About the Author p.211.  #13078 .40

BS534.5.L66 1989   Long, Thomas G., 1946-      Preaching and the literary forms of the Bible. Fortress press c1989. 144p. Notes p.136-140. Index of Names and Subjects p.141-142. Index of Biblical Texts p.143-144.  #14054 8.60

BS535.A57 1991   Alter, Robert.  The world of Biblical literature.  Basic Books, 1992.  225p.  Notes p.210-217.  Index.  #5493  .55

BS535.B49 1991   The Bible and the narrative tradition.  Edited by Frank McConnell.  Oxford University Press, 1991 c1986.  [v], 152p.  Notes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #7756  4.25

BS535.C47 1945   Chase, Mary Ellen.  The Bible and the common reader.  The Macmillan Company, 1945 c1944.  xi, 316p.  Map on endpapers.  #9392  .55

BS535.M35 1985   McKnight, Edgar V.  The Bible and the reader: an introduction to literary criticism.  Fortress Press, c1985.  xix, 147p.  Works Cited p.135-141.  Index.  #11083  1.05

BS537.A33 2008 Ref  Adams, James Rowe, 1934-      From literal to literary: the essential reference book for Biblical metaphor. The Pilgrim Press in association with The Center for Progressive Christianity c2005. 387p. Index of Hebrew and Greek Words p.328-342. Index to Other Foreign Words p.343. Index of Biblical Citations p.344-385. Endnotes p.386-387.  #14068 6.40

BS540.B323 2002   Barr, James, 1924-      The scope and authority of the Bible. Preface by John Barton. SCM Press c2002; 1st published as Explorations in Theology 7, 1980. xviii, 154p. Abbreviations p.xvi. Bibliography of Main Published Works p.134-140. Notes p.141-150. Index.  #14104 5.35

BS543.B58 2004   Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945. Reflections on the Bible: human word and word of God. Edited by Manfred Weber. Translated by M. Eugene Boring. Hendrickson Publishers c2004; 1st published as Die Antwot auf ungere Fragen: Gedanken zur Bibel, c2002. vi, 115p. Table of Sources p.113-115.  #14360 2.15

BS550.213.B7   Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker, 1892-1973.  The story Bible.  New American Library: A Signet Book, 1972 c1971.  2v. (      ix, 13-190p.)  v.2, The New Testament.  #7571  1.00

BS551.H8 1904   Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman, 1843-1930.  Story of the Bible; self pronouncing: The complete Bible story, running from Genesis to Revelation, told in simple language of today for young and old.  One hundred and sixty-eight stories…  Profusely illustrated with color plates and halftone engravings.  John C. Winston Co., 1904.  757p., illus., index.  #9119  5.35

BS570.W56 1980 Ref  Who’s who in the Bible: two volumes in one.  …Old Testament with Apocrypha, by Joan Comay…  New Testament, by Ronald BrownriggWing Books, 1980.  2v. (432, 432p.) black & white illustrations, maps.  #5237  10.70

BS571.D4 1974 Ref  Deen, Edith.  All the Bible’s men of hope.  Doubleday & Company, c1974.  xxv, 310p.  Chronology p. ii.  A Circle of Hope in a Wheel of Time p. iii.  Bibliography p.297-299.  Index.  #12635  .25

BS571.G73 1974 Ref   Great people of the Bible and how they lived. The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. c1974. Principal Adviser and Editorial Consultant: G. Ernest Wright. 432p., illus (part color) photos, drawings, diagrams, maps. Index. Contributing Artists p.432. Photography Credits p.432. #147119 1.10

BS571.W548 1991   Wiesel, Elie.  Sages and dreamers: Biblical, Talmudic and Hasidic portraits and legends.  Simon & Schuster: touchstone, 1993 c1991.  443p.  Glossary p.441-443.  #1245  3.19

BS575.S68 1993   Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 1815-1902. The woman’s Bible. Foreword by Maureen Fitzgerald. Northeastern University Press c1993; 1st published 1895. 2 pts in 1 (xxxiv, 152, 217p.) Notes Appendix: [comments] p.185-214.  The Woman’s Bible repudiated p.215-217.  #14091 32.35

BS600.2.Z934 1961 Ref   Glanzman, Georges, 1916-      and Fitzmyer, Joseph A., 1907-      An introductory bibliography for the study of scripture. The Newman Press, c1961. xix, 135p. (Woodstock Papers: occasional essays for theology, n.5) Index of Modern Authors.  #10912  .50

BS600.3.J33 2008   Jacobson, Diane L., 1948-      et. al. Opening the book of faith: Lutheran insights for Bible study. With Stanley N. Olson and Mark Allan Powell. Augsburg Fortress c2008. viii, 120p. Contains Bible references. Endnotes p.100-103. Book of Faith Assessment Tools p.104-120. Contents: 1. God’s Powerful Book. 2. How Can Lutherans Open Up the Bible? 3. How Can the Bible Be Studied? 4. Four Bible Studies (Ex 3:1-16, Jer 1:4-19, John 8:31-36, Rom 7:15-25a).  #13865 free

BS612.R6 1984   Robertson, (Marion Gordon) Pat, 1930-       Answers to 200 of life’s most probing questions. CBN Partners Edition c1984. [xiv], vi, 226p. color photos. Contains Bible footnotes (version varies). Acknowlegements p.i.  #13084 .55

BS620.N37 1968 Ref  National Geographic Society.  Everyday life in Bible times.  The Society, 1968 c1967.  448p., photos (part color), illus., maps.  Acknowledgements and Reference Guide p.447.  Index.  #8034  3.00

BS620.W54 1994 Ref  Wight, Fred Hartley, 1899-   Manners & Customs of Bible lands.  Billy Graham Evangelistic edition.  Moody Press, c1994; 1st publiched c1953.  336p., drawings.  Bibliography p.317-320.  General Index.  Scriptural Index.  #13061  .55

BS621.D49 1990   Dever, William G. Recent archaeological discoveries and Biblical research. University of Washington Press c1990. x, 189p. photos, drawings, plans, maps, tables. (The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies).Notes p.175-186. Index.  #13846 3.80

BS621.F56 2001   Finkelstein, Israel & Silberman, Neil Asher.  The Bible unearthed: archaeology’s new vision of ancient Israel and the origin of its sacred texts.  The Free Press, c2001.  x, 385p., drawings, maps.  Bibliography p.356-372.  Index.  #11297  17.50

BS635.K45 1976   Keller, Werner.  The Bible as history: a confirmation of the book of books.  Translated by William Neil.  Bantam, 1976 c1956.  515p., drawings, photos, maps.  Bibliography p.495-500.  Index.  #1465  1.11

BS635.2.A84 1981 Ref   Atlas of the Bible: an illustrated guide to the Holy Land.  Editor: Joseph L. Garder.  The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., 1991, c1981.  256p., color illus: plates, photos, plans, maps, facismilies, tables.  Gazetteer of the Bible World p.209-241.  A Chronology of Biblical Times p.210-211.  Bibliography p.244.  Credits p.244-245.  Biblical Citations p.245-246.  Index.  #13333  .55

BS651.B7875 1995   Brown, Walter Tarleton, 1937-       In the beginning: compelling evidence for creation and the flood.  6th general edition .  Center for Scientific Creation, 1995; 1st published 1980.  vi, 230p., color photos, diagrams, tables.  References and notes passim.  Index.  #9141  .60

BS651.C585 1983   Coffin, Harold G. Origin by design, with Robert H. Brown. Review and Herald Publishing Association c1983. 494p. photos, charts, statistics. Glossary p.431-445. Chapter Ntes & References p.447-475. Index.  #10447 .75

BS651.K3 1984   Katter, Luther Reuben.  The history of the creation and origin of species: an exhaustive treatise reconciling the theological and sceintific viewpoints of the creation of the universe and its forms of life.  3d ed, rev. & enl.  Theotes Loges Research, 1984.  450p.  Bibliograpical Footnotes.  Index.  #1098  Review.

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