Z Classification

April 9, 2014

The Z Classification Covers Bibliography, Writing (not authorship), Books, Publishing, Censorship & Intellectual Freedom, and Libraries

Updated 19 September 2014.

In the range of Library of Congress classifications this is the last in the sequence A-Z, but the first developed. LC did so as an aid to developing the system for all other books. For CeptsForm Library, I chose to place bibliographies for specific subject areas outside of Z with their subject affiliation. Bibliographies of a general nature that cross subjects remain in Z as do other books related to my professional career as a library and information specialist as well as my continuing interest in other related areas, especially intellectual freedom, publishing, librarianship and reading.

This post originally appeared in CeptsForm Library on Blogspot, February 22, 20o9, established here April 8, 2014.

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Z43.A3N5 1998 Noad, Timothy. Calligraphy: mastering calligraphy. Coombe Books, 1998c1995. 104p., color illus. Index. #5300 6.40

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Z280.E67 2001 Epstein, Jason. Book business: publishing, past, present and future. W. W. Norton & Company, c2001. Published in conjunction with the New York Public Library Center for Scholars and Writers. xiv, 188p. Index. #11668 5.20

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