Additions 2018

January 5, 2018

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm  Library in 2018.

Lists 192 titles.

Updated 26 December 2018.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under MY LIBRARY. I cite titles as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for library management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify each title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I want to make clear what each book is about and provide subtitle words or bracketed clarifications when the title is not explicit or may be misleading.

Descriptive data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number for each volume, abbreviated author, brief title, edition markers if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or deliberately reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon Books, which includes discounted books from 2nd hand stores, is both comprehensive and speedy. Barnes & Noble, the “big box” bookstore survives while I shop for discounts. Cy Chauvin, a long-time friend, and I exchange books at Christmas. Common Good Books, owned by Garrison Keillor, and in a prime retail location in Saint Paul between Concordia University and Macalester College, is packed with a flurry of top quality books and a few dozen literary journals. Rolf Erickson, deceased at 55, was a close friend of mine who shared many interests with me. Drury Lane in Grand Marais MN, though relatively small and attractively quaint, is packed with the highest quality books on the market. All this thanks to Joan Drury, owner and an author herself. Prices are standard and titles hard to resist. Fair Trade Books is a high quality book store in Red Wing, featuring used books, some new, and will order options. The owner and associated staff choose the used books to add and give credit that allows customers to draw from credit for percentage discounts on used titles. Recent sales changes show one more effort to keep prices low. Half-Price Books [place] the widespread number of stores offer used media at relatively lower prices and clearance items at 2 or 3 dollars. Robert Erling Hanson (aka koshin), a friend of mine since childhood, keeps me supplied with his poetry. Little Library [Stillwater Street], a crammed box, most of little interest. Minnesota Reviews was a review of submitted Minnesota publications. National Issues Forum has promoted discussion of issues from a democratic perspective.  Norsk Husflid was a shop in Wisconsin that featured Norse books and other items.  Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA) promotes research and publication of materials related chiefly to the Norwegian immigrant experience and subsequent history. I am a life member. Pilgrim Lutheran, Saint Paul, Little Library as a recent phenomena shares a wide variety of approaches and standards, but I am most familiar with the one fed by my church of membership. It’s uneven, but I have taken some titles of interest to me when I give some to it. Powell’s Books [place]. Sells books at discounted prices. Ramsey County Library Friends provide withdrawn and donated books at greatly reduced cost. Saint Vincent de Paul (Williamson Street) has a large used book collection in this thrift store, one very well organized and at $2.00 prices.  Savers [place] is a thrift store that features half price to seniors on Tuesday. The order of merchandise falls into categories. Locating desired books must overcome disorder. Katharine Sween & Scott Heins gives book. Kristofer Sween & family gives book. Patricia Sween knows that I like books and poetry so I get a double dose on my birthday. Value Village [place] has a well-trimmed used book collection with relatively easy browsing for finds. Also offers member 20% discounts and an extra 10% to seniors on Tuesdays.

4  January, Fair Trade Books.

#16382 The Oxford Amnesty lectures, 1992 (v.1, Johnson) [human rights]. 3.50

#16383 K.A. Porter, The collected essays and occasional writings. 3.50

27 January, Ramsey County Library Friends.

#16384 Sir H. Butterfield, Christianity and history. 1.00

#16385 J. & K. Court, The New Testament world. 2.00

#16386 The situation of the story; … contemporary perspective (Young). 2.00

9 February, Half-Price Books, Roseville.

#16387 A. Christie, The Mousetrap and other plays. 7.55

#16388 Philosophic classics: v.2 [of 4] Medieval Philosophy (Kaufmann & Baird). 6.40.

10 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16389 G.K. Chesterton, The everlasting man. 4.30

#16390 L. Standiford, Washington burning: … vision for our nation’s capitol … 4.30

31 March, Cy Chauvin

#16391, D. Philip, A $500 house in Detroit: rebuilding… gift.

31 March, Norwegian-American Historical Association.

#16392, From America to Norway: … letters, 1838-1914. v.4. Indexes. membership

2 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16393, W. Faulkner, Big Woods: the hunting stories – The Bear. The Old People. A Bear Hunt. Race at Morning. 7.50

6 April, Savers, Woodbury.

#16394, America’s God and country: encyclopedia of quotations (Federer). 3.50

10 April, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#16395 R.J. Ellis, Democratic delusions: … initiative process … 3.20

#16396 S. Vint, Science fiction: … for the perplexed. 5.35

1 May, Value Thrift (Sun Ray) Saint Paul.

#16397 The concise Oxford companion to the English language (McArthur). 2.70

#16398 P. Earle, The world of Defoe. 2.70

#16399 W.E. Reck, A. Lincoln: his last 24 hours. 2.35

2 May, Pat Sween.

#16400 J.P. Lenfestey, Earth and anger: … poems of love and despair. gift

#16401 J.P. Lenfestey, A marriage book: 50 years of poems. gift

4 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#2024r L.M. Alcott, The best of Louisa May Alcott (Booso): Little Women I & II/ The Good Wives. Little Men. And 24 short stories. 7.50

#16402 L. Strobel, The case for a creator: … scientific evidence. 3.30

#9825r S. Undset, Kristin Lavransdatter (Nunnally): III, The cross. 6.90

11 June, Norsk Husflid.

#16403 F.E. Ekstrand, The ancient Norwegian calendar (primstav). 3.95

11 June, National Issues Forum.

#16404 D.F. Mathews, The promise of democracy. gratis

11 June, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood.

#16405 W.E.B. Du Bois, The souls of Black folk. 9.60

#16406, J.R. Kasich, Two paths: America divided or united. 6.45

18 June, Value Thrift, Saint Paul.

#16407 J.M. Diamond, Collapse: … societies choose … 3.30

#16408 A. Gore, The assault on reason. 3.30

#16409 B. Obama, The audacity of hope. 3.30

18 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16410 M. Atwood, The Handmaid’s tale. 8.60

#16411 S. Dando-Collins, Caesar’s legion. 3.25

#16412 J.M. Ellis, The theory of literary criticism. 2.15

#16413 F. Van der Linden, The turning point: Jefferson’s battle for the presidency. 3.25

25 June, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16414-15 Aristotle, The works of … (Ross). 2v. 2.00

#16416 The Oxford illustrated history of Western philosophy (Kenny). 1.00

#16417 A sense of history: … American Heritage. 2.00

28 June, Value Village, Maplewood.

#16418 J.B. Conroy, Lincoln’s White House. 2.70

#16419 A. Manning, Father Lincoln: … and his boys … 2.70

#16420 N.A. Trudeau, Lincoln’s greatest journey: sixteen days that changed the presidency. 2.70

6 July, Robert E. Hanson.

#16421 R.E. Hanson, Duende (poetry). gift

16 July, Rolf Erickson.

#16422 N. Reitan, Bright patches, … Shawno County, WI. gift

16 July, Distributed in Red Wing.

#16423 Red Wing: one week: … eighty-three photographs. gratis

16 July, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16424 H.W. Brands, The first American: … Benjamin Franlin. 2.15

#16425 F. McLynn, 1066: the year of three battles. 3.25

20 July, Fair Trade Books.

#12246r M.J. Adler, Aristotle for everybody. 5.40

23 July, Pilgrim Lutheran, Saint Paul, Little Library

#16426 The honest to God debate (Edwards). gratis

#16427 J. Seigenthaler, James K. Polk. gratis

26 July, Value Thrift (Sun Ray) Saint Paul

#16428 The Harper dictionary of modern thought (Bullock & Stallybrass). 2.75

31 July, Savers Woodbury.

#16429 M. Luther, Liturgy & hymns (Luther’s Works, American Ed., v.53). 2.50

#16430 M. Luther, The sermon on the mount (Sermons) and the magnificent (Luther’s Works, American Ed., v.21).

#16431 C.R. Moss, The myth of persecution2.50

#16432 H.K. Bloom, The genius of the beast: … capitalism. 2.50

2 August, Saint Vincent de Paul, Madison WI

#16433 O. & L. Handlin, Liberty and power, 1600-1760. 2.20

#16434 L. de Hartog, Genghis Khan. 2.20

#16435 M. Robinson, Mobocracy: … polling. 2.10

4 August, Powell’s Books [Chicago]

#16436 S. Van Cleve, Land of 10,000 loves: … queer Minnesota. 9.70

5 August, Little Library [Stillwater Road]

#16437 E. Royte, Bottlemania: how water went on sale. gratis

6 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16438 Ancient Egyptian literature (Lichthein):v.2, The new kingdom. 2.15

#12652r P. Green, Alexander of Macedon; rev.& enl. 3.25

#16439 H. Küng, Does God exist (Quinn). 3.25

#16440 D.L. Mallock, Agony and eloquence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson. 3.25

22 August, Drury Lane.

#6175r2 J. Kenyon,

29 August, Fair Trade Books.

#16441 F. Braudel, A history of civilizations. 6.78

12 September, Norwegian-American Historical Association

#16442 O.S. Lovoll, Two homelands: … his life and work. membership

15 September, Minnesota Reviews.

#16443 P.C. Johnston, Minnesota: portrait … submission

15 September, Amazon Books.

#16444 D. Sarokin  & J. Shalkin, Missed information: better information … 6.75

3 October, Fair Trade Books.

#16445 G. Duby, The three orders: feudal society … (Goldhammer). 12.80

#16446 S. Meredith, Writing to sell; 4th ed. 6.40

6 October, Half-Price Books Clearance Sale.

#16447 America’s God and country: … quotations (Federer). 2.20

#16448 K. Armstrong, A history of God: … Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 2.15

#16449 R.L. Currier, Unbound: … eight technologies [effect]. 2.15

#16450 J. Fea, Was America founded as a Christian nation? 2.15

#16451 A. Herman, The idea of decline in Western history. 2.15

#16452 M.L. Houser, Lincoln’s education … 2.15

#16453 O.S. Ireland, Religion, ethnicity, and politics: … ratification in Pennsylvania. 2.15

#16455 N. Sharansky and R. Dermer, The case for democracy. 2.15

18 October 2018 – Little Library  [Stillwater Street]

#16456 S. Johnson, How we got too now: six innovations … gratis

26 October 2018, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16457 J. Bonavia, The silk road: … Xilan to Kashgar (Lindsay & Wu Qi). 1.00

#16458 V.V. Nabokov, Lectures on literature (Bowers). 3.00

#16459 S. Whitefield, Life along the silk road. 1.00

6 November 2018, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#16460 R.A. Dahl, How democratic is the American Constitution? 2nd ed. 8.05

#16461 A. Goodman et. al., Twenty years covering the movements changing America. 8.60

#16462 F. MacDonald, Novus ordo seclorum: … origins of the Constitution. 8.05

11 November, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16463 H, Milner, Civic literacy: … informed citizens make democracy … 5.40

19 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16464 J.M. Barry, Roger Williams and … the American soul … 3.25

#16465 W.A. McDougal, Freedom just around the corner: … American history, 1585-1828. 3.25

#16466 C. Romano, America the philosophical. 7.50

19 November, Common Good Books

#6598r T. Hobbes, Leviathan [moral and political philosophy, 1651, on the need for absolute state power] (Brooke). 12.95

2 December, Saint Olaf Book Store

#16467 J. Powell, Why you love music [psychological aspects]. 7.50

4 December, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#5025r T. Bulfinch, Bulfinch’s mythology (Martin). 15.00

17 December, Cy Chauvin

       #16468 G. Benford, The Berlin project. gift

22 December, Ramsey County Library Friends

       #16469 R.E. Biery, Understanding homosexuality. 2.00

       #16470 J.C. Carville, We’re right, they’re wrong: … for … progressives. 1.00

       #16471 B. Malinowski, Argonauts of the western Pacific. 1.00

24 December, Katharine & Scott

      #16472 J.-P. Sartre, No exit and three other plays. gift

24 December, Kristofer & family.

      #16473 G. Moore, Sherlock Holmes puzzle book. gift

Additions 2017

January 11, 2017

Aquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2017.

Updated 6 December

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under MY LIBRARY. I cite titles as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for library management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify each title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I want to make clear what each book is about and provide subtitle words or bracketed clarifications when the title is not specific or may be misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number for each volume, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or deliberately reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Dr. Joseph Amato (now retired) when Chair of the History Department at Southwest State University in Minnesota, gave me some of the Historical Essay series. Arc’s Value Village, Maplewood is a second hand store with used books as a sideline. Many of them are in boxes. Nevertheless, I persevere. Arizona History Museum in Tucson has a small store with items specific to the region. Augsburg Fortress is the press of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Barnes & Noble (place) a surviving big box store carries a range of items, currently popular, but also orders titles at customer request. Brocket Design provides books, reported through Amazon. Fair Trade Books is a high quality book store in Red Wing, featuring used books, some new, and will order. The owner chooses the books to add and gives credit that allows sellers to draw on for half price discounts on used titles. Alice Ellis is a close friend of the family we have known since college, who on occasion gives us books. Family encompasses books inherited from my parents or their parents. Friends of Ramsey County Library [place] is a non-profit that sells used books in the library’s outlets to fund various library programs. Books are inexpensive, quality is high, choices are few. Half-Price Books [place], the booming discount chain, well-stocked and well-organized where even the used books and discounted remainders can be further reduced for clearance. Other promotions follow frequent customers. I routinely visit stores in Maplewood, Roseville, and Saint Paul. Books are also sold online, though with shipping charges. Library of America since 1979 features classic cultural and literary writings from U.S. authors in elucidating editions and keeps all volumes in print. Books are sold individually or by subscription. Membership in this non-profit provides volumes at slightly reduced prices. Midway Books is a decades old and relatively large (3 floors) used book and magazine store. It occupies a corner of University and Snelling (the busiest intersection in Minneapolis-St. Paul with the Green Line light rail stopping by. My Thrift Store, Saint Paul, at Larpenteur and Rice has added used books to its merchandise; quality books are few but further discounted from the relatively low prices. Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Saint Paul, joins its neighborhood in supplying free books through its Little Library on the corner of St. Clair and Prior. Saint Olaf College Bookstore supports the curriculum with texts, carries works of faculty and alumni, includes children’s literature, and discounted titles.  Savers (place) a chain of thrift stores includes a jumble of books with a few real finds for the persistent. SubText in Saint Paul remains my favorite independent bookstore in Minnesota with an owner who loves literature. Patricia A. Sween knows my interests and at times gives me a book or two. The Swingles is the family pseudonym of our son Kristofer Sween and his wife Donna Dingle. They know I like books.

Added 8 January – Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#16257 D. Bettridge, A travel guide to the seven kingdoms of Westeros. 2.15

#6736r J.D. Franklin, Writing for story: … dramatic nonfiction … 2.15

#16258 G.S. Kirk, Myth: its meaning & function … 2.15

#1479r G.S. Kirk, The nature of Greek myths. 2.15

Added 13 January – The Library of America

#16259 C. McCullers, Stories, plays and other writings (Dews). 30.90

Added 17 January

– Family (Berge?)

#16260 M. Ulvestad, Norge i Amerika med kart [Norway in America with map].

Added 20 January, Dr. Joseph Amato

#16261 Historical essays on rural life (Southwest State University, Department of History). gift

Added 28 January, The Swingles

#16262 J. Gunther, Inside Africa. gift

#16263 J. Gunther, Inside Russia today [1958]. gift

#16264 C. Woodham-Smith, Queen Victoria … to the death of the Prince Consort. gift

Added 2 February, Fair Trade Books.

#16283-16285 The encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church (Bodensieck). 3v. 18.55

Added 13 February, Barnes & Noble, Tucson.

#3464r H.S. Lewis, Elmer Gantry. 10.70

Added 16 February, Arizona History Museum.

#16265 Geronimo, Geronimo, my life (Barret). 9.60

#16289 T.E. Sheridan, A history of the Southwest. 10.95

Added 18 February, Savers, Tucson.

#16266 Kinder- und Hausmärchen, Selected folktales (J. & W. Grimm/Appelbaum). 3.85

#16267 Maspero, G. C. C., Popular stories of ancient Egypt (El-Shamy). 3.85

Added 23 February, Library of America.

#3258 S. Jackson, Novels and stories (Oates). 30.90

Added 28 February, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#2893r E. Hemingway, A farewell to arms. 8.00

Added 9 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16279 S.R. Covey, First things first [conduct of life]. 3.20

 #16280 A history of private life: II. Revelations of the Medieval world (Duby). 6.45

#16281 The spirit of seventy-six: … the American revolution … (Commager & Morris). 3.20

#16282 B.S. Strauss, The Spartacus war. 3.20

Added 9 March, Arc Value Village, Maplewood

#16286 The church, marriage, & the family (Whitehead). 1.75

Added 18 March, Library of America

#16205r E. Bishop, Poems, prose, letters (Giroux & Schwartz). 30.90

Added 21 March, Author

#16287 R.K. Anderson, Selected writings through 1997. gift

Added 21 March, Library Development and Services

#16288 Library and information services issues (Minnesota Governor’s Conference/Sween). gratis

Added 27 March, Ramsey County Library, Roseville.

#16290  Great books of the Western World (Hutchins & Adler) v.1: The great conversation: the substance of a liberal education. 1.00

#16291 D. Quinn, Beyond civilization: humanity’s next great adventure. .50

#16292 D. Satz, Why some things should not be for sale: moral limits … 1.00

Added 6 April, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16293 J.H. St. John de Crevecoeur , Letters from an American farmer (Stone). 3.20

#16294 J.C. Holt, Robin Hood; rev. & enl. 3.25

Added 6 April, Midway Books

#16295 J. Steinbeck, Cannery Row (Shillinglaw). 5.40

Added 7 April, Friends of Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#16296 R.C. Marius & M.E. Page, A short guide to writing about history; 5th ed. 1.00

Added 5 May, Patricia A. Sween

#16297 M. Oliver, Upstream: selected essays. gift

#16298 M. Oliver, West wind: poems and prose poems. gift

Added 6 May , Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#16299 B. Gracián y Morales, The art of worldly wisdom (Fischer/Schroeder). 7.35

#1109r A. Huxley, The perennial philosophy. 17.25

#16300 H. Petroski, The evolution of successful things. 4.25

Added 8 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16301 P.L. Fradkin, Wells Fargo and the American West. 3.20

#16302 J. Rudinow & A. Graybosch, Ethics and values in the information age. 3.25

#16303 J.V. Smith, Fiction writer’s brainstormer. 3.20

Added 12 May, Subtext

#16311 E.M. Remarque, The black obelisk (Lindley). 19.40

Added 13 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16304 J. Dos Passos,  1919. 5.90

#16305 D. Powell, Novels 1944-1962 (Page): My home is far away; The locusts have no king; The wicked pavilion; The goldenspur. 11.00

Added 16 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16306 J. Le Carré, pseud.; i.e. D.J.M. Cornwell, The spy who came in from the cold. 7.50

#16307 A.I. Solzhenitsyn, One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich (Willetts). 6.95

Added 16 May, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16308 J.C. Davis, In defense of civility: how religion can unite … 2.20

#16309 R.M. Gates, Duty: a secretary at war. 3.25

#16310 J.E. Steinbeck, The winter of our discontent. 7.40

Added 19 May, Augsburg Fortress

#16312 L.S. Brugh & G.W. Lathrop, The Sunday assembly using Evangelical Lutheran Worship. gratis

#16313 J.M. Kittelson & H.H. Wiersma, Luther the reformer; 2nd ed. gratis

Added 21 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16314 W.C. Booth, G.G. Colomb, & J.M. Williams, The craft of research; 2nd ed. 3.25

#16315 A. Holden, William Shakespeare. 3.25

#16316 C. Sandler, Henry Hudson. 3.25

#16317 J.G. Stoessinger, Why nations go to war; 8th ed. 3.25

Added 28 May, Half-Price Books, Madison East

#16318 M. Beard, SPQR: … ancient Rome. 12.15

#16319 Body and soul: … sexuality as justice-love (Ellison & Thorson-Smith). 2.55

#16320 J.P. Euben, Corrupting youth: … democratic culture … 5.00

#16321 J. Garvey & J. Stangroom, The story of philosophy: … Western thought. 5.05

#16322 D.L. Pals, Eight theories of religion; 2nd ed. 6.75

#16323 Z. Salzmann, Language, culture, and society; … linguistic anthropology; 4th ed. 5.05

Added 2 June, Saint Olaf College Bookstore

#16324 G. Harvey, Writing with sources; 2nd ed. 1.00

Added 9 June, Fair Trade Books

#16325 T. Hartmann, The last hours of ancient sunlight. 7.80

#16326 H. Hitchings, The secret life of words: … English [language]. 8.40

Added 20 June, Library of America

#16327 D. Powell, Novels 1930-1942 (Page). 35.00

Added 1 July, Library of America

#16328 J.Q. Adams, Diary. I: 1779-1821 (Waldstreicher). 30.90

Added 6 July, Fair Trade Books

#16329 A. MacIntyre, A short history of ethics; 2nd ed. 8.15

#!6330 The Norton anthology of modern poetry; 2nd ed. 16.65

Added 10 July, Pilgrim Little Library

#16331 Nelson’s complete concordance of the Revised Standard Version Bible; 2nd ed. (Ellison) free

Added 10 July, My Thrift Store

#16332  A sense of history … American Heritage [articles from the 1985 edition not included in the 1995 edition. 1.90

#16333 P. Stanford, The legend of Pope Joan. 1.15

Added 13 July, Half-Priced Books, St. Paul

#16334 M. Dennison, The twelve Caesars. 2.15

#16335 J. Fonte, Sovereignty or submission: … Americans … ruled by others? 2.15

#16336 W.H. McNeill, The rise of the West (1963): [lists of illustrations and maps]. 2.15

#16337 G.A. Williamson, World of Josephus. 2.15

Added 26 July, Brocket Design

#16338 R.A. Watson, The philosopher’s diet: … lose weight and change the world. 15.00

Added 28 July, Library of America

#16339 J.Q. Adams, Diaries II, 1821-1848. 30.90

Added 9 August, Arc’s Value Village, Maplewood

#16340 A book of women poets from antiquity to now (A. & W. Barnstone). 1.50

#16341 S.E. Morison, The European discovery of America: the northern voyages. 1.50

Added 16 August, Fair Trade Books

#16342 B. Brecht, Mother Courage and her children/Mutter Courage und ihre kinder (Kushner). 4.25

#16343 B. Dunham, Man against myth [political and social deceptions]4.15.

#16344 C. Phillips, Socrates in love: … for a die-hard romantic. 4.10

Added 23 August, Library of America

#3404r U.K. Le Guin, Hainish novels and stories (Attebery) v. 1. 30.90

Added 1 September, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16345 A. Pettegree. Brand Luther: … printing and … Reformation. 12.90.

#16346 Readings in Christian humanism (Shaw et al.). 7.70

#16347 Understanding the Dead Sea scrolls (Shanks). 1.70

Added 5 September, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#16348 The lost books of the Bible: … gospels, epistles … (Home/Platt).7.50

Added 6 September, Alice Ellis..

#16349 O. Ekroll, Nidaros cathedral: the west front sculptures. gift

Added 7 September, Barnes & Noble, Roseville.

#16350 B. Malamud, God’s grace (Horn). 1.60

#16351 P. Watson, The modern mind: … intellectual history of the 20th century. 8.60

Added 9 September, Friends of Ramsey County Library, Maplewood.

#16352 L.J. Swidler, Biblical affirmations of women. 1.00

#16353 C. Wells, Sailing from Byzantium: … lost empire shaped the world. 1.50

Added 15 September, Fair Trade Books

#12242r E. Fromm, The revolution of hope: … humanized technology. 3.20

#16354 S. Greenblatt, The swerve: how the world became modern. 18.15

#16355 F.L. Mott, American journalism: … through 260 years; rev. ed. 3.20

Added 21 September, Half-Price Books, Madison East

#16356 R.C. Marius, Martin Luther: … between God and Death. 13.70

Added 21 September, Barnes & Noble, Madison West

#16357 N.J. Karolides, 120 banished books. 1.10

Added 21 September, Half-Price Books, Madison Whitney

#16358 M.E. Lehmann, Luther and prayer. 6.30

Added 22 September, Library of America

#4800r U.K. Le Guin, Hanish novels & stories (Atterby) – v.2. 30.90

Added 7 October, Pilgrim Lutheran Church

#16359 T. Wolff, Old school: a novel. free

#16360 T. Wolff, Our story begins: new and selected stories. free

Added 12 October, Ramsey County Library Friends

#16361 E.S. Fiorenza, In memory of her: feminist … Christian origins. 1.00dd

#16362 J. Keenan, Encyclopedia of American Indian wars, 1492-1890. 1.00

#16363 G. Woolf, Rome [as an empire]. 1.00

Added 12 October, Half-Priced Books, Maplewood.

#16364 L. Keppie, The making of the Roman army. 9.65

Added 20 October, Fair Trade Books

#16365 J. Appleby, Shores of knowledge: new world discoveries and scientific imagination.13.65

#16366 G.E. Moore, Principia ethica. 2.95

Added 27 October, review

#16367 S.O. Imbo, Oral traditions as philosophy. gratis

Added 27 October, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#16368 R.K. Armey & M. Kibbe, Give us liberty: a Tea Party manifesto. 1.49

Added 30 October, Subtext

#16369 H. Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: … the banality of evil. 17.25

Added 3 November, Ramsey County Library Friends

#3893r, 16370 W.S. Porter, The complete works of O. Henry (Hansen) 2v. 4.00

Added 13 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16371 S. Dando-Collins. Mark Antony’s heroes: … the third Gallica Legion … 3.25

#16372 From Magna Carta to the Constitution … 2.15

#16373 D.J. Harrington, Invitation to the Apocrypha. 2.15

#16374 P. James, Understand Roman civilization. 2.15

#16375, R.M. Kidder, How good people make touch choices. 2.15

#16376, H.M.D Parker, The Roman legions. 3.25

Added 30 November, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16377 The best science fiction and fantasy of the year, v.7 (Strahan). 6.40

#16378 Nebula awards [title varies] v.50 (Bear). 8.60

Added 5 December, Half Price Books, Roseville

#16379 Altruism in world religions (Neusner & Chilton). 3.20

#16380 Analog’s expanding universe (Schmidt). 4.35

#16381 J. Blum, Lord and peasant in Russia. 3.20

Additions 2016

January 1, 2016

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2016.

Updated 31 December

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under MY LIBRARY. I cite titles as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for library management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify each title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I want to make clear what each book is about and provide subtitle words or bracketed clarifications when the title is not specific or may be misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number for each volume, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or deliberately reused from discovered duplicate titles or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon Books supplies me with a lot of bibliographical information, but I hardly ever shop there unless the price is right or I can’t find something elsewhere. Arc’s Value Village, Maplewood, carries a jumble of used books, and offers further discounts. Barnes & Noble, a survivor in the big box bookstore competition, is most appealing at its HarMar mall location in Roseville, the chain’s largest outlet in Minnesota. The store also holds a large used book section, unfortunately with very little order. Even I wear out trying to find something of use amid the clutter. Content Bookstore in Northfield is the current in a series of stores selling used and remainder titles, but at increased prices and less range than its predecessors. Copperfield’s Books is a small, independent chain of attractive stores in Sonoma County, California. Some books are on sale. Costco among its many discounts includes a limited number of books, most available for a short time, but timely.  Fair Trade Books, relatively new to Red Wing, has grown in size and quality over its first two years. The owner takes used books and banks the credit for 50% deductions. He also orders books and has a book case of new titles to sell. I stop by whenever I am in town and have time. Friends of the Ramsey County Library operates used book sales at its libraries for rock-bottom prices. I browse offerings every time I’m near one. Goodwill [place], the widespread thrift store may vary from place to place, but can be expected to contain books at low or deeply discounted prices.  When they are in a jumble, looking for desired books can be taxing. Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana sells through Amazon with relatively low prices for used books in good to excellent condition. Half-Price Books [place] is a booming discount chain, well-stocked and well-organized where even the used books and discounted remainders can be on reduced-price clearance. Promotional discounts may also apply. A giant clearance sale takes place at the State Fair Grandstand in Minnesota. Hanseatic Museum in Bergen, Norway has books related to its mission for sale. Benjamin Heins, my oldest grandchild with many of the same interests, is as interested in books and reading as I am. Library of America has for over 30 years produced notable editions of exemplary and representative works in American life and literature that appeal to my propensity for the classics. Midway Books, on the corner of Snelling and University, the busiest intersection in the Metro Area – made busier by the Green Line light rail stop, is one of the more well-established used book stores in the Twin Cities. Past polls rated it a favorite. The three floor store is amazingly stocked, including academic offerings. Prices may be a bit more than found elsewhere, but bargains when you need them. Minnesota State Publications, usually gratis, are available in print and online. Norske Bremuseum (Norwegian Glacier Museum) in Fjaerland carries many publications in its gift shop. Norway House on Lake in Minneapolis is a center for Norwegian culture and related activities. The gift shop carries a few titles. Norwegian American Historical Association aka NAHA with office, collection, and archives at St. Olaf College specializes in Norwegian-American ancestry, immigration, and subsequent history. I am a life member.  Rose Collection refers to books acquired by the late Thomas J. Rose, M.D., a studious reader in a number of important areas. His wife, Karen, gave me the titles I wished to take. Saint Olaf Book Store at my alma mater features required texts for classes, some used and other remainders at discounts and books by faculty and alumni. Generally, I find something at each visit. Saint Vincent de Paul Society [place] operates a number of varying thrift stores carrying mostly clothes & books. Savers in Woodbury, a general thrift store, includes books, a few of which appeal to me, and has senior discounts on Tuesdays. Sixth Chamber Used Books of which I’ve been a customer for 20 years is a crammed and bountiful store where its relatively small space is used to the best advantage amplified by a companion store in River Falls WI and a database the includes also those books warehoused out of public view. Sixth Chamber is one of my two favorite stores. Subtext Booksellers, the only bookstore in downtown Saint Paul is a high quality and service-oriented gift to the reading community. To browse there vitalizes me and proves a worthy ordering source for books not otherwise found. The Swingles, i.e. the family of Kristo Sween and Donna Dingle know my interest in books. Uncle Hugo’s, the longest running science fiction bookstore, is a crammed space of used and new imaginative fiction. I have not read much sf since the ’70s but at times something piques my curiosity. Unique/Value Thrift [place] offers a few books, placed in broad categories, typically below my interests. Best to shop on a discount day for further bargains. Viking Star, a cruise liner, has amid various book collections, a paperback exchange on Deck One. Beverly Voldseth, a dear friend, shares a common interest in reading and poetry and generously exchanges books with me.

Added: 1 January, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#16091 E. Ferguson, Backgrounds of early Christianity; 2nd ed. 6.85

#16092 D.A. Flower, The shores of wisdom: the … library of Alexandria. 4.30

#16093 J.D. Sachs, The price of civilization: … virtue and prosperity. 1.70

#16094 L. Stone, Kinship and gender; 3rd ed. 1.70

#16095 B. Watterson, The Egyptians. 6.85

Added: 19 January, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#16096 B. Holm, The heart can be filled anywhere on earth [Minneota MN]. 7.55

Added: 21 January, Fair Trade Books.

#16097 Ancient religions (Johnson). 3.75

#9530r C. Duriez, The C.S. Lewis encyclopedia. 3.80

Added: 21 January, Beverly Voldseth.

#16098 J. Burnside & A. Shelton, Melissagraphia; 2nd ed. [poetry in handmade book]. gift

Added: 27 January, Barnes & Noble, HarMar in Roseville.

#16099 H.J.M. Nouwen, Reaching out: the three movements of spiritual life. 15.00

Added: 9 February, Value Thrift, Maplewood.

#16100-16102 Bible: … translated from the Vulgate Latin (Knox). 3v. 7.50

Added: 10 February, Sixth Chamber Used Books.

#16103 S. Pinker, The better angels of our nature: why violence has declined. 16.15

Added: 10 February, Half-Price Books (Highland) Saint Paul.

#16104 J. Habermas, The past as future [interviews] (Haller/Pensky). 2.15

#16105 J. Reston, Warriors of God: Richard Lionheart and Salidin … 2.15

Added: 17 February, Fair Trade Books.

#16106 H.G. Liddell, An intermediate Greek-English lexikon. 14.50

#16107 Manu. The laws of … (Doniger & Smith). 3.50

Added: 3 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16108 Apollodorus, of Athens, Gods and heroes of the Greeks (Simpson). 2.15

#16109 N. Cooper, English manor houses. 2.15

#16110 Dictionary of Scandinavian history (Nordstrom). 2.15

#16111 F. McLynn, Richard and John: Kings [of England]. 10.70

#16112 M. de Montaigne, Essais: choix … (Fragonard). 2.15

#16113 R. J. Norman, On humanism. 2.15

#16114 D. Wilson, A brief history of the English Reformation. 5.35

Added: 7 March, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul (Highland)

#16115 C.E. Braaten, Principles of Lutheran theology. 2.15

#16116 M.B. Crawford, The world beyond your head: … distraction.2.15

#16117 D.P. Currie, The Constitution in Congress: … 1829-1961 2.15

#16118 J.H. Hick, Disputed questions in theology and the philosophy of religion. 2.15

#16119 S. Shadrake, The world of the gladiator. 2.15

Added: 16 March, Half-Price Books, Roseville.

#16121 J.L. Byock, Viking age Iceland. 3.20

#16122 S. Friar, The companion to castles [in England]. 3.20

#16123 N. Rodgers, Roman empire. 5.95

#16124 R.E. Nisbett, The geography of thought: … Asians and Westerners. 3.20

Added: 16 March, Midway Books

#16125 J.E.A. Jolliffe, The Constitutional history of medieval Enland [English settlement to 1485]. 9.70

Added: 17 March,  Norway House

#16126 N.M. Brown, The far traveler: … a Viking woman. 16.95

Added: 26 March, Rose Collection

#16120 T. Berry, The dream of earth. gift

#16127 J.D. Crossan, God and empire. gift

#16128 C. Dawson, Progress & religion. gift

#16129 The educated person: … essays. gift

#16130 D. Ehrenfeld, The arrogance of humanism. gift

#16131 N. Frye, The double vision: language and meaning in religion. gift

#16132 D.R. Griffin, Two great truths: … naturalism and Christian faith. gift

#16133 J.J. McNeill, Taking a chance on God: liberating theology for gays … gift

#6928r W.H. McNeill, Plagues and peoples. gift

#16134 S.V.R. Nasr, The Shia revival. gift

#16135 H.R. Niebuhr, Christ and culture. gift

#16136 P.J. Palmer, The courage to teach. gift

#16137 P.J. Palmer, The promise of paradox: … contradictions in the Christian life. gift

#16138 Spiritual disciplines: … from the Eranos Yearbooks (Campbell). gift

#16139 A. Stevens, Archetypes: … the self. gift

#16140 A. Stevens, On Jung. gift

#16141 A. Stevens, The roots of war: a Jungian perspective. gift

#16142 Toward a universal theology of religion (Swidler). gift

Added: 30 March, Friends of the Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#16143 T.S. Asbridge, The first crusade. 1.00

#16144 J.W. Burrow, A history of histories. 1.00

#16145 W. R. Manchester, A world lit only by fire: … medieval mind and the renaissance. 1.00

#16146 J. Reston, The last apoocalyse: Europe … 1000 A.D.

#16147 D. Staloff, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson: the politics of Enlightenment. 1.00

Added: 2 April, Half-Price Books, Madison WI (east)

#16148 J.J. Ellis, American sphinx: … Thomas Jefferson. 2.10

#16149 L. Martin, The history of witchcraft. 2.10

#16150 M. Siddiqui, How to read the Qur’an. 2.10

#16151 A.C. Walworth, Woodrow Wilson; 3rd ed. 3.15

#16152 T.E. Wheeler, Mr. Lincon’s T-mails: [his use of] the telegraph … 3.15

Added: 2 April, Saint Vincent de Paul, Madison WI (Williamson)

#16153 V.A.P. Cronin, The flowering of the Renaissance. 1.10

#16154 T.H. Groome, Educating for life. 2.20

#16155 L.R. Laing, Celtic Britain. 2.20

#16156 L.R. Laing & J. Laing, Anglo-Saxon England. 2.20

#16157 T. Rowley, The Norman heritage, 1066-1200. 2.20

Added: 5 April, Library of America

#2419r-2420r J.F. Cooper, The Leatherstocking tales. 2v: [in story order] The deerslayer; The last of the Mohicans; The pathfinder; The pioneers; The prairie. 12.90

Added: 8 April, Fair Trade Books

#16158 S. Kierkegaard, Stages on life’s way (H.V. Hong & E.H. Hong). 4.30

Added: 26 April, Library of America

#16159 A. Adams, Letters (Grlles). Member

Added: 30 April, Hanseatic Museum, Bergen

#16160 M. Trebbi, The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene (Neltec). 3.45 (40 NOK)

Added: 6 May, Library of America

#1658r R. Niehbur, Major works on religion and politics (Sifton). 30.90

Added: 10 May, Lower Town Shop

#16161 Valeri Sepp, Tallinn (Kotieva). 7.70€

Added: 11 May, Kiosk

#16162 Natalia Papova, Saint Petersburg and its environs (Kenyon).

Added: 15 May, Viking Star paperback exchange

#16163 S. Lindqvist, Terra nullis: [disposition of Australia’s aborigines]. free

Added: 20 May, Norske Bremuseum

#16164 B.S. John, Fjaerland. 2.60(30 NOK)

Added: 25 May, Arc’s Value Village

#16165 D. Armey & M. Kibbe, Give us liberty: a Tea Party manifesto. 1.60

#16166 W.C. Harris, Lincoln’s rise to the presidency. 2.50

#16167 The Rough Guide to Scandinavia (Brown 1.60

Added: 26 May, Value Thrift, Saint Paul (Sun Ray)

#16168 D.K. Godwin, Team of rivals: the political genius of Abraham Lincoln. 1.70

#16169 S.R. Prothero, Religious Literacy: … need to know … 1.70

Added: 1 June, Fair Trade Books

#16170 D.N.J. MacCulloch, The Reformation. 5.60

#16171 H.R. Niebuhr, The responsible self. 6.15

#16172-16173 W. Pannenberg, Basic questions  in theology. 4.15

Added: 2 June, Goodwill, Maplewood.

#16174 D.R. Hillers, Covenant: … a biblical idea. 1.00

#16175 E. Wiesel, Night [his survival of Buchenwald]. 1.00

Added: 5 June, Saint Olaf Book Store

#16176 A. Foxman & C. Wolf, Viral hate: … on the internet. 1.60

#16177 T. Kidder & R. Todd, Good prose: … nonfiction. 5.35

Added: 7 June, Amazon Books

#16178 L. Janus, Norwegian verbs and essentials of grammar. 17.40

#4085r W. Shakespeare, The complete sonnets and poems (Burrow). 16.80.

Added: 8 June, Fair Trade  Books

#16179 R.F. Holland, Against empiricism: … education, epistemology, and value.32.10

Added: 10 June, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana

#16180 D. Brooks, The road to character. 8.00

Added: 16 June, Library of America

#2719r J. Baldwin, Later novels (Pickney). 30.90

Added: 16 June, Content Bookstore

#16181 Short stories in French [parallel English] (Conrad). 6.45

Added: 17 June, Half-Price Books, Roseville.

#7337r T. Mann, The magic mountain (Woods). 9.10

Added: 18 June, FT Books through Amazon

#16182 Engelsk skoleordbok [school dictionary: English to Norwegian & Norwegian to English]. 8.00B

Added: 2 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16183 E. de Bono, Teach your children to think. 2.15

#16184 Lutherans today: American … identity (Cimino). 2.15

#16185 M.E. Marty, Martin Luther: a … life. 2.15

#16186 S.H. Shiffrin, The first amendment, democracy, and romance. 2.15

#16187 S.J Schimmel, The tenacity of unreasonable beliefs: fundamentalism … 6.45

Added: 2 July, Friends of the Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#16188 D.B. Ingram, Critical theory and philosophy. 1.00

#16189 D. Thompson, Counterknowledge: how we surrender to [falsity]. 1.00

Added: 7 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16190 W. Glasser, The quality school; rev ed. 2.15

#16191 R.G. Grant, Battle: a visual journey; 1st American ed. 3.20.

#16192 N. Postman, The end of education: redefining the value … 2.15

#16193 P. Tillich, A history of Christian thought from its Judaic and Hellenistic origins to existentialism (Braaten). 3.20

Added: 15 July, Arc’s Value Village, Saint Paul

#16194 The international thesaurus of quotations (Tripp). 4.50

Added: 17 July, Subtext Bookseller

#2133r H. Balzac, Pére Goriot (RafaelBrooks). 23.00

Added:26 July, Library of America

#16195 J. Adams, Writings from the new nation, 1784-1826. 30.90

Added: 28 July, Barnes & Noble, Roseville

#16196 V.V. Nabokov, Pnin. 16.05

#16197 M. Yourcenar, Oriental tales (Manguel). 1.10

Added: 1 August, Friends of the Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#16198 N.A. Basbanes, On paper. 1.50

#16199 Giving their word: conversations with contemporary poets (Ratiner). 1.00

#16200 S. Klein, Survival of the nicest: … altruism made us human (Dollenmayer). 1.00

#16201 J.T. Nealon & S.S. Giroux, The theory toolbox: critical concepts… 1.50

Added: 2 August, Savers, Woodbury

#2511r C. Dickens, A tale of two cities. 1.90

#16202 A. Fuentes, Race, monogamy, and other lies they told you. 2.60

Added: 8 August, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#6083r H. James, The turn of the screw, The Aspern papers and two stories (Sweet). 6.40

#16203 R. Raphael, Founding myths: … our patriotic past. 8.55

Added: March,  Minnesota Public Radio

#16204 R. Steves & C. Hewitt, Northern European cruise ports. 25.00

Added: 9 August,  Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16205 E. Bishop, The complete poems, 1927-1979. 3.20

#16206 P. Jenkins, The lost history of Christianity: [1ooo years in Middle East, Africa, Asia]. 3.20

#16207 M. Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian (Frick). 8.05

Added: 16 August, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#16208 S.P. Huntington, The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order. 8.10

#16209 C. McCarthy, All of one peace: essays on nonviolence. 5.50

#16210 G. Mattingly, The Armada. .55

#16211 M. Yo)urcenar, Fires (Katz). [narratives on classic figures]. 7.00

#16212 R. Zubrin & R. Wagner, The case for Mars. .55

Added: 16 August, Unique/Value Thrift Sun Ray, St. Paul

#16213 M.L. King, Western civilization; 3rd ed., Combined. 1.50

Added: 23 August, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#16214 The Columbia history of the 20th century (Bulliet). 2.15

#16215 T.S. Hamerow, Reflections on history and historians. 2.1:5

#2893r E. Hemingway, A farewell to arms. 7.50

#16217 C. Skidmore, The rise of the Tudors. 2.15

Added: 24 August, Midway Books

#16216 M. Yourcenar, A coin in nine hands: a novel. 4.30

Added: 25 August, Library of America

#16218 War No More: … American antiwar and peace writing (Rosenwal). 30.90

Added: 26 August, A Little Library in White Bear

#16219 T. Rosenbaum, The myth of moral justice: … what is right. gratis

Added: 5 September, Copperfield’s Books, Healdsburg, CA

#16220 R. Frost, The poetry of … (Lathem). 9.80

Added: 10 September, Costco, Maplewood

#16221 H.R. Clinton & T. Kaine, Stronger together: a blue print … 10.70

Added: 27 September, Library of America

#4840r U.K. Le Guin, The complete Orsinia: Malafrena, stories and songs (Attebery). 30.90

Added: 6 October, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#16222 The best American science fiction and fantasy, 1915 (Adams). 5.30

#16223 Earth habitat: eco-injustice and the church’s response (Hessel & Rasmussen). 5.30

#16224 D.A. Thompson, Crossing the divide: Luther, feminism, and the cross. 1.15

Added: 7 October, Half-Price Books clearance sale

#16225 F. Anderson & A.R.L. Cayton, The dominion of war: … North America, 1500-2000. 2.40

#16226 F.F. Church, So help me God: first [U.S.] battle over church and state. 2.40

#16227 A. Ferguson, Land of Lincoln [his influence]. 2.40

#16228 M.A. Genovese & R.J. Spitzer, The presidency and the constitution. 2.40

#583r W.C. Langer, The mind of Hitler. 2.40

#16229 C. Morris, The discovery of the individual, 1050-1200. 2.40

#16230 R. Rosenbaum, Explaining Hitler: … origins of his evil. 2.40

#16231 C. Ross, Edward IV. 2.40

#16232 The social fabric: … civil war to present; 8th ed.(Cary  v.2 . 2.40

Added: 13 October, Barnes & Noble, Bloomington

#16233 E.A.W. Budge, Babylonian life and history (Widell). 5.10

Added: 22 October, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16234 Beyond the founders: new approaches to … early America (Pasley et al). 2.15

#16235 D. Gabor, How to start a conversation and make friends. 2.15

#16236 A.J. Langguth, After Lincoln: … North won the Civil War and lost the peace. 3.25

#1 N6237 Theology that matters: ecology, economy, and God (Ray). 2.15 

#16238 K.J. Torjesen, When women were priests. 2.15

#16239 S. Winger, Lincoln, religion, and romantic-cultural politics. 2.15

#16240 R. Wright, The moral animal: evolutionary psychology …2.15

Added: 22 October, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#16241 S. Neiman, Moral clarity: … for grown-up idealists. 8.50

Added: 29 October, Norwegian American Historical Association

#16242 From America to Norway: … letters …: v.3, 1893-1914 (Øverland). Member

#16243 Norwegian-American women: migration, communities, and identities (Bergland & Lahlum). 17.00

Added: 5 November, Library of America

#16244 J. Edwards, Writings from the Great Awakening (Gura). 30.90

Added: 14 November, Minnesota State Publications (online)

#16245 Public libraries: evaluation report. print off

Added: 29 November, Savers, Woodbury

#16246 R.P. Carlisle, Scientific American inventions and discoveries. 2.00

#3486r J. London, Novels & stories (Pizer). 3.25

Added: 9 December, Fair Trade Books

#16(B247 E. Durkheim, Essays on morals and education (Pickering). 8.25

#16248 Romanticism and consciousness: essays (Bloom). 8.25

Added: 10 December, Library of America

#16249 J. Marshall, Writings (Hobson). 30.90

Added: 14 December, Uncle Hugo’s

#16250 T. Chiang, Stories of your life and others. 17.25

Added: 24 December, The Swingles

#16251 D. Defoe, Memoirs of a Cavalier (O’Neil). gift

Added: 24 December, Benjamin Heins & Carol Daniels

#16252 U.K. Le Guin, The other wind. gift

Added: 24 December, Cy Chauvin

#16253 U.K. Le Guin, Words Are My Matter. gift

Added: 25 December, Norway House

#16254 Norway (Insight Guides); new ed. 24.65

Added: 31 December, Half-Price Books, East Town.

#16255 The Augustinian Tradition (Matthews) 10.55

#16256 U.K. Le Guin, Unlocking the air and other stories. 6.30

For previous listings, see the Addition links on the MY LIBRARY page.

All I Want in Life Is …

June 4, 2015

Fifteen book-related statements and what I say in comparative parallels.

1. Books. Especially books. Books remain my favorite objects in this long life. Among my 6,000 volume library, I have kept some books going back to early childhood.

2. Books. Particularly books with lasting value. I pride myself that I am not caught up with current best-sellers just because other people are reading them. Rather, I want books that may be reread with increasing enjoyment or that continue to provide the information I want as time goes by.

3. Comfy chair to read books. A quiet place to read. I favor quiet: noise repels me. I generally have a book within arm’s reach at all times. I read most often at my desk, in a hard chair, or sitting up in bed.

4. Books. Classics of literature and in other fields. I know the value of some books purchased may dwindle or I may change my priorities, but those classics that are a generation or more old promise continued value and usefulness to me and my pursuits.

5. Money for books. Opportunity to find the books that interest me at discount prices. I find that rather than money the best resource for acquisition is patience and the enjoyment of searching. Some of the very best books in the world can be had for very little money.

6. Library full of books. The fruitful necessity of enough room for the books I want to keep. I once had twice the number of books I have now before downsizing took its toll. We chose the house we occupy in part because what was the family room in the lower level would accommodate about 6,000 books. I want to keep living within such an accommodation.

7. Bookmarks. Bookmarks that are unique, attractive and of the cause each promotes. Bookmarks are a side issue, but I appreciate them. For books that I do not want to deface with library marks, I put the call number on a bookmark I made by covering cardstock with attractive wrapping paper and attaching the call number patch to that.

8. Books. To keep on discovering more meaning in books. Books have not exhausted me, and I have not exhausted them. I trust this symbiotic relationship will continue.

9. A man who reads books. Becoming a better man through books. I can always improve and so much of what I have valued and learned is due to books in total more than to any other factor.

10. Stacks of books. Getting through the stacks of books I have waiting for me to read them. Alas I doubt that I shall ever get to any kind of appreciable end.

11. Time to read books. Better use of the time I have remaining to read the better books. As far as I can tell we all have the same amount of daily time and the challenge is to find good uses for it. My time wrestles against a variety of interests and a habit of volunteering.

12. Shelves for books. That the crammed shelves I have hold up. The only improvement possible is moving or installing compact storage. At this stage, neither seems affordable or necessary.

13. Books. To maintain a steady state library. The idea of maintenance in library size is a realistic one at this point in my 75 years.

14. Tea to drink while I read books. Remembering to keep in shape by regular breaks from reading. Reading books has to compete with church, family, gardening, bicycling, other exercise, and miscellaneous entertainments – all for my continued well-being.

15. Books. To spread the necessity, values, and enjoyment of books. When you are possessed by such a wonderfully profitable opportunity, how can you keep it to yourself?

The above 15 list appeared to me on Facebook and was printed on 1 September 2014. I finally got around to stating my own wishes. The original is clever and emphatic. My responses represent my preferences about the subject at hand that I want to reveal as best I can.

Corrected and slightly revised, 1 January 2016.


Copyright © 2015 by Roger Sween.

Additions 2015

January 10, 2015

Ceptsform Library Acquistions in 2015.

Updated 29 December 2015

This listing follows earlier Additions posted during previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business records of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete as the fully complete classification records show. However in Additions, I try to clarify what each book is about if its title is not specific or potentially misleading. Limited data elements include date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing accession number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sourcesAmazon, the major “fulfillment” company does not often attract me, unless I cannot obtain a book elsewhere or I can get one amazingly cheap.  Barnes & Noble [place] The major surviving  big-box bookstore moves on to digital marketing besides toys, cards and other trivia. I go to the ones that have discounts and used books. In Madison WI and Roseville MN, the two largest B&N stores I know have used book areas, rather crowded and poorly organize, but offer the lowest discounts if you have the patience to search through them. Bookbyte supplies used books, even recent ones, through discovery on the Amazon website. Canal Park Flea Market in the most touristy part of Duluth has a lot of stuff and a few books, crowded into a closet. Cy Chauvin is s long-time friend who shares similar interests in literature and novels of manners. Content Bookstore in Northfield MN is the new face of what was Monkey See – Monkey Read, moved a block or so and across Division Street. This mix of used, new, and book ordering benefits from a knowledgeable proprietor who knows the collection enhanced by an in-store database. Fair Trade Books has become in its first year the lone book store in Red Wing MN, which gives credit for used books accepted and sells a n increasingly quality-prone collection of many used books and will order new ones. Also a venue for public readings. Goodwill [place] is a widely placed thrift, but in my experience seems to vary with its local environment. Sometimes the books enjoy broad and jumbled categories as close as they get to a helpful order. I look awhile until I tire. Half-Price Books [place] is the thriving used book and remainder chain, well-organized and well-stocked with titles moderately priced and clearance titles greatly reduced. I visit outlets routinely. Robert E. Hanson (Ko Shin), a friend of mine since 3rd grade shares books with me out of a common interest in poetry and religion. This summer I helped edit his latest publication. Hennepin County Library Friends Central has sold out its bookstore. I was there on the last day but found little among the jumble. Luther Seminary Book Store (Minnesota’s best-kept secret) supports the learning of its seminarians and the needs and interests of the wider church. Last year it relocated in the building it shares to the main floor and refocused itself more towards course support. Books are typically discounted and always some on clearance. Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naseth Library, a membership organization located in Madison WI, provides resources and assistance for family searches. A few related books are for sale. Norwegian-American Historical Association, of which I am a life member, distributes copies of its publications to members.    Norway House, located in Minneapolis, promotes Norwegian heritage through exhibits, events, and cooperation with other organizations. A small gift store sells a few books. Norwegian American Historical Association, of which I am a life member, publishes research into the culture and provides translations of Norwegian literature. Ramsey County Library Friends are volunteers who sell donated and withdrawn books at incredibly low prices to raise funds for library related-programs. Saint Olaf Book Store, besides providing materials for courses, the works of faculty and alumni and other selections, keeps two book carts of remainders stocked. Sixth Chamber Used Books, operating in River Falls WI and Saint Paul, shares a common database with many books in storage.I love to browse, but since the shelves are crowded, searching the file is also very helpful. Ray Stubbe whom I knew in college. SubText, formerly a lower level bookstore in the Blair Building, is now the only bookstore in downtown Saint Paul. It features well-chosen books and engaging atmosphere thanks to its conversational owner. They also order on demand. This independent bookstore became my favorite, one that I patronize whenever I can. Patricia A. Sween transfers to me books that have come to her but she doesn’t want. Swingles, that is the Sween-Dingle family, on the alert for books of interest to me.  Unique [place] is a thrift store with some used books in broad categories at moderate prices and additional discounts. Value Village on White Bear in St. Paul, a thrift outlet of ARC, has some used books at low prices; color-coded tags relate to the items that are half-off on a particular day. Beverly Voldseth, a Minnesota poet with whom I meet monthly to read Poetry aloud and discuss the poems, also gives me books.

Added: 8 January, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#15958 J. Alter, The center holds: Obama and his enemies. 3.25

#662r H.A. Johnson, The Chief Justiceship of John Marshall. 3.20

#15959 Romanesque Art (Pocket Visual Library). 2.15

 Added: 19 January, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#15960 N. Branden, My years with Ayn Rand. 8.60

#15961 N.F. Cantor, Antiquity. 3.25

#15962 D.P. McNeil, D.A. Morrison, H.J.M. Nouwen, Compassion. 2.15

#15963 T.Mallon. A book of one’s own: … diaries. 2.15

Added: 26 January, Value Village.

#15964 J.E. Lendon, Song of wrath: the Peloponnesian War begins. 2.40

#15965 O. Pamuk, Istanbul: memoires and the city. 1.60

Added: 27 January, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15966 J.N. Rakove, Revolutionaries: … the invention of America. 1.00

Added: 2 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul.

#15909r J.C. Miller, The wolf by the ears: … Jefferson and slavery. 2.15

#9184r T. Zeldin, An intimate history of humanity. 2.15

Added: 2 February, SubText.

#15967 W.K. Krueger, Ordinary grace: a novel. 17.25

Added: 11 February, SubText

#13069r The readers companion to world literature; 2nd ed.; rev. & upd. (Hornstein, Edel, & Frenz). 10.70

Added: 17 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Broadway)

#15968 D. Jones, The Plantagenets: … who made Englaind. 9.70

#15969 H. Vickers, The royal line of succession [in Britain]. 5.40

#15970 The writings of the Apostolic Fathers (Foster). 10.85

Added: 18 February, Thrift, Fredricksburg TX.

#15971 J.C. Furnas, The Americans: a social history … 1587-1914.

Added: 18 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Huebner).

#15972 R.E. Brown, The churches the apostles left behind. 4.35

#15973 W.A. Simmons, Peoples of the New Testament. 14.05

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, San Antonio (Huebner)

#15974 H. Mount, Carpe diem: … Latin in your life. 2.15

Added: 27 February San Antonio Museum of Art.

#15975 The San Antonio Museum of Art: guide to the collection (Powers & Johnston).  27.00

Added: 6 March, SubText

#15976 S. Crane, The red badge of courage (Binder). 19.30

#15977 D. Hammett, The Maltese falcon. 15.10

Added: 14 March, SubText.

#15978 N. Vincent, Magna Carta: … short introduction [and text]. 12.90

Added: 14 March, Sixth Chamber Used Books, Saint Paul.

#15979 [Dante] The figure of Beatrice, by C. Williams. .55

#15980 A.E.D. Howard, Magna Carta: text and commentary. 5.35

#10400r N. Pevsner, An outline of European Architecture. .55

#15982-15983 K.F. Reinhardt, Germany: 2000 years; 2v. 1.10

Added: 4 March, 4 March, NAHA

#15981 O.S. Lovoll, Across the deep blue sea: … early American immigrants. membership

Added: 3 April, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#10326r F. Copleston, A history of philosophy: v.1, Greece and Rome. 8.55

Added: 4 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15984 E.S. Morgan, The genuine article: … looks at early America. 3.25

#15985 A.L. Poole, From Domesday Book to Magna Carta, 1087-1216. 8.60

Added: 6 April, SubText

#15986 J.A. Michener, Tales of the South Pacific. 17.20

Added: 13 April, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15986 The Christological controversy (Norris). 3.50

#15987 Documents for the study of the gospels (Cartlidge & Dungan). 8.30

#15988 N.C. Habel, Literary criticism of the Old Testament. 5.40

#15989 P. Rousseau, Pachomius: … [monastic] community in fourth-century Egypt. 3.50

#15990 S.M. Sheeley & R.N. Noah, The Bible in English translation. 3.50

Added: 6 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15991 R. Arenas, Before midnight falls. 2.15

#15992 C.M. Carmichael, Sex and religion in the Bible. 3.25

#15993 E. Millgram. Practical induction [rationality]. 2.15

#15994 Passionate hearts: the poetry of sexual love (Maltz). 2.15

#15995 Philosophy in history: essays on the historiography … 2.15

#15996 D.C. Steinmetz, Luther in context. 1.10

#15997 J. Story, A familiar exposition of the Constitution of the United States. [1st pub 1859] 3.25

Added: 12 May, Fair Trade Books

#16014 A. Etzioni, The moral dimension: toward a new economics. 8.55

Added: 15 May, Barnes & Noble, Madison, WI: West Towne

#15998 M. Bishop, The Middle Ages. 1.35

#15999 Change we can believe in: Barack Obama’s plan … 1.05

#16000 N.Chomsky, Necessary illusions: thought control … 1.05

#16001 A.C. Desmond, Cleopatra’s children. 1.05

#16002 The dictionary of global culture (Appiah & Gates). 1.05

#16003 M. White, The Pope and the heretic: … Giordano Bruno… 2.10

Added: 18 May, Luther Seminary Book Store

#16005 Bible. New Testament. A new New Testament: … combining traditional and … discovered texts. 25.85

#16006 J.L. Crenshaw, Old Testament wisdom; rev. & enl. 8.35

Added: 23 May, Hennepin County Library Friends, Central.

#16007 Bible. O.T., Ancient Israel, the former prophets (Alter). 1.95

#16008 C. Brooks, The well wrought urn: … structure of poetry. .65

#16009 C. Randall & M. Makowsky, The discovery of society; 3rd ed. .65

#16010 J.W. Gardner, Morale. .65

#16011 K.A. Kersten & M.B. Pearlstein, Close to home: … America’s experiment in freedom. .65

#16012 Late nineteenth-century American liberalism: selections, 1880-1900 (Filler). .65

#16013 J.C. Courtney, The problem of God [history of doctrine]. .65

Added: 3 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16016 D.W. Kling, The Bible in History. 2.75

#16017 A parsing guide to the Greek New Testament [verb forms] (Han). 4.20

Added: 10 June, Fair Trade Books

#2565r D. du Maurier, Rebecca (Beauman). 4.20

#3096r G. Eliot, pseud., Silas Marner (A Beka Book). 3.40

Added: 13 June, Robert H. Hanson

#16018 Gui de Cambrai, Barlaam and Josaphat  (McCracken). gift

#16019 L. Herring, The writing warrior: … free your true voice. gift

Added: 23 June, Unique, Saint Paul (Sun Ray)

#16020 Confucius, The Wisdom of … (Lin Yutang). 1.60

#16021 J. Mirsky, The westward crossings: Balboa, Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark. 1.60

Added: 24 June, Fair Trade Books

#2420r J.F. Cooper, The last of the Mohicans. 6.95

#16022 J. Steinbeck, East of Eden. 9.10

Added: 5 September 1993, reclassification

#? Confucius, The analects of … (Waley). 5.95

Added: 24 June, Patricia A. Sween

#16024 W. Sundberg, A Seven-session course on Martin Luther. gift

Added 24, June, Ray Stubbe

#16025 R. Stubbe, Our “scientific” culture: … a future philosophy … gift

Added: 1 July, Norway House

#16026 K. Langeland, Norwegians in America, some records of the Norwegian emigration to America [1888] (Raneng, Huntrods/Lovoll). 16.15

Added: 5 July, Sub Text

#4453r E. Welty, Complete novels (Ford). 37.70

Added: 25 July, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul (Highland)

#16027 W.J. Bernstein, Masters of the word; how media shaped history … 2.15

#16028 The best American spiritual writing (Zaleski) 2005. 2.15

#16029 S. Biel, Independent intellectuals in the United States,1910-1945. 2.15

#16030 C.A. Butcher, Man of blessing: … St. Benedict. 2.15

#16031 T.F. Eagleton, Reason, faith, and revolution: … the God debate. 2.15

#16032 M. Godwin, Who are you? … seeing yourself. 2.15

# 16033 H. Marcuse, Eros and civilization: … inquiry into Freud.2.15

Added: 31 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16034 M.R. Beschloss, Presidential courage. 1.05

#16035 J.A.G. Man, Alpha beta: … shaped the Western world. 2.15

#16036 J.J. Palen, The urban world; 8th ed. 2.15

#16037 O. Pamuk, The naïve and the sentimental novelist: … when we write and read. 2.15

#16038 A. Rippin, Muslims: … beliefs and practices. 2.15

 Added: 8 August, Barnes & Noble, Duluth

#16039 R. Aslan, Zealot: .. life and times of Jesus … 7.60

Added: 10 August, Canal Park Flea Market

#16040 W.P. Webb, The Great Plains. 3.25

Added: 12 August, Goodwill, Cottage Grove

#16041 H. Innes, Scandinavia. 1.60

Added: 13 August, Content Bookstore

#16042 H. Bornkamm, Luther in mid-career,1521-1530. 10.75

#16043 P.J. Palmer, A hidden wholeness: … toward an  undivided life. 8.60

Added: 13 August, Saint Olaf College Bookstore

#16044 J. Stauffer, Giants: … parallel lives of Douglass and Lincoln. 6.45

Added: 17 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#16045 J. Simpson, Sciences and the self in Medieval poetry. 2.15

Added: 17 August, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul (Sun Ray)

#16046 D. Knowles, The religious orders in England: v.2, The end of the Middle Ages [1334-1485]. 3.25

Added: 29 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#16047 M. Faust, Remember–no electricity! .5o

#16048 L. Fowler, The Columbia guide to American Indians of the great plains. 1.00

#16049 S. Greenblatt, Will in the world: … Shakespeare became Shakespeare. 2.00

#16050 A. Nash & C. Strobel, Daily life of the native Americans: from post-Columbian through 19th century … 1.50

#16051 The speech: race and Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” (Whiting). 1.00

Added: 1 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2589r G. Eliot, pseud. Janet’s repentance (Hughes). 4.30

#16052 G. Eliot, pseud. Mr. Gilfil’s love story (Gunn). 4.30

#16053 P.D. Wellstone, The conscience of a liberal. 2.10

Added: 3 September, Barnes & Noble, Roseville.

#2596r G. Eliot, pseud. The Mill on the Floss. 11.80

Added: 5 September, Robert E. Hanson (Ko Shin).

#16054 R.E. Hanson (Ko Shin) Somewhere between Yubari and Cold Mountain [poetry] (Sween). gift

Added: 10 September, Barnes & Noble, Madison (West Towne)

#16055 D.A. Leeming & M.A. Leeming, A dictionary of creation myths. 1.05

Added: 11 September, Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naseth Library.

#16056 C.A. Culbertson & J. Paulson, A research guide for Norwegian genealogy. 15.00

Added: 11 September, Half-Price Books, Madison (East Towne).

#16059 A. Plowden, Danger to Elizabeth [I and Catholicism]. 2.15

Added: 25 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#16058 B.C. Crosby & J.M. Bryson, Leadership for the common good. 2.15

#16060 E.L. Doctorow, Andrew’s brain [novel]. 6.40

#16061 E. Post, Emily Post’s etiquette; 16th ed. (P. Post). 2.15

#16062 G. Wills, Henry Adams and the making of America. 2.15

Added: 23 September, Beverly Voldseth

#16063 D. Walcott, Omeros [poems]. gift

Added: 3 October, Content Bookstore

#16064 Documents from the history of Lutheranism, 1517-1750 (Lund). 10.75

#16065 The origins of Christianity: sources … (Key). 5.35

Added: 3 October, St. Olaf Bookstore

#16066 M.A. Caws, Virginia Woolf. 4.35

#16067 Eyewitness Travel:: Stockholm. 10.75

Added: 10 October, Norwegian-American Historical Association.

#16068 H.C. Heg, The Civil War letters of Colonel H.C. Heg (Blegen). Membership

Added: 13 October, Amazon.

#16069 F.E. Peters, Greek philosophical terms. 13.35

Added: 14 October, Bookbyte.

#16070 J.D. Bessler, The birth of American law. 6.05

Added: 12 November, Half-Price Books, Madison, WI – East Towne

#16071 Confessing the one faith: … explication of the Apostolic faith … 2.10

#16072 S. Hook, From Hegel to Marx. 2.10

#16073 C.M. Radding & F. Newton, Theology, rhetoric, and politics in the Eucharist Controversy, 1078-1079. 2.15

#16074 K.J. Torjesen. When women were priests: … early church … 2.10

Added: 1 December, Luther Seminary Book Store

#16075 M. Casey, Strangers to the city: reflections on [the Benedictines]. 3.50

#16076 T. Otto, Oriented to faith: … conflict over gay relationships. 3.50

#16077 R.F. Rea, Why church history matters. 3.50

#16078 J.G. Stackhouse, Need to know: … Christian epistemology. #5.40

#16079 J.H. Walton, Ancient Near Eastern thought and the Old Testament. 3.50

Added: 4 December, Amazon Books

#16080 Aristotle, Selections (Irwin & Fine). 27.00

Added: Half-Price Books, Roseville

#16081 A. Robinson, The story of writing. 2.15

#16082 M. Stone, Ancient mirrors of womanhood: a treasury of … lore … 2.15

#4221r H.B. Stowe, Uncle Tom’s cabin (Ammons). 8.60

#16083 A. Wroe: The perfect prince: [Perkin Warbeck] and deception in Renaissance Europe. 2.15

Added: 16 December, Friends of the Ramsey County Library

#16084 T. Standage, An edible history of humanity. 1.00

Added: 21 December, Cy Chauvin

#16023 P. Lively, Dancing fish and ammonties: a memoir. gift

Added: 24 December, Swingles

#16085 A. Lincoln, The literary works of … (Van Doren). gift

#16086 London in Dickens’ day [sources] (Korg). gift

Added: 29 December, Barnes & Noble at HarMar, Roseville

#2277r P.S. Buck, The good earth. 17.15

#16087 Dictionary of 20th-century history. 1.10

#16088 A.D.S. Johns, The nature of the book. 5.35

#16089 C. Murphey, God’s jury: the inquisition … 1.05

#16090 A.J. Reichley, The values connection [to religion]. 1.05

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Additions 2014

January 2, 2014

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2014.

Updated 27 December 2014

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business records of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific of potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by “r” suffix.

Note on sources: ARC’s Value Village [place], a newly discovered thrift that includes books with lots of discount options. Barnes & Noble [place] a surviving chain carries a wide mix of media and toys. I go for the cheaper books a few times a year. Cyrus Chauvin is a longtime friend of mine who shares many of the same interests, especially he novel of manners. Common Good Books, Garrison Keillor’s store on the corner of  Grand and Snelling in the Macalester College neighborhood of St. Paul crowds with books and features writing and literature. Alice Ellis, one of our longest time friends, is most generous, thoughtful, and exquisite in taste.  Fair Trade Merchants & Booksellers, a new store recently opened in Red Wing, features used books with some new titles, and will place orders. The owner is enthusiastic and gives a free book of his choice to first time customers upon learning their interests.  Books accepted gain credit against future purchases. Over time I became impressed with the seriousness of offerings. Garage Sale [place] a rarity for me, but sometimes they pop up opportunely. Half-Price Books [place] is the thriving used book chain that seems well-organized and well-stocked with the prices sustainable. I always give the clearance section a thorough inspection. Robert E. Hanson , a friend since childhood, gives me books. Lectio Divina, a service for used and rare books, is a supplier online through Amazon.  Lehm Books & Gifts in the Homestead village of the Amanas carries far more games, cards and toys than books. There are no full bookstores representing the Amana Society, but you can find books in a few places.  Luther Seminary Book Store, the best-kept secret in Minnesota, carries a wide range of titles related to Lutheranism, Christianity, and religion, most at discounted prices. Magers & Quinn, more vast than most used book stores and well organized, I manage upon occasion to make it across town to Minneapolis Uptown. Minesota Secretary of State produces publications on aspects of state government. Monkey See, Monkey Read is an energetic store in & Northfield MN where even in this age, independent bookstores come and go. The owner features used books, remainders, some new titles and hosts readings. Norwegian-American Historical Association publishes books on the immigration experience and Norwegian heritage in America. Pilgrim Fall Festival this year included used book sales for the first time. Ramsey County Library Friends [place] sells donated and withdrawn books at very low prices compared to other used book dealers. Saint Olaf College Book Store focuses on student and alumni interests including books by faculty and alumni along with seemingly everything related to Kierkegaard in English and in print. Salvation Army [place] a widespread thrift typically has a jumble of books dependent on what they receive. St. Vincent de Paul [place], a Roman Catholic thrift always surprises me at the mix of books available. Savers [place] which supports other non-profits is a burgeoning thrift outlet for cheap casual wear and sometimes a great book find. They also give you a discount on next purchase when you donate them stuff. Sixth Chamber Used Books, in operation for 19 years, has become my favorite bookstore. It is not the largest, but is well organized and carries quality books. Though crowded, more is available by online database to a warehouse and second store in River Falls WI. Subtext,another  smaller but high quality store is where I prefer to do my retail shopping. If the owner doesn’t have it, she orders it. Daughter Katharine Sween & Scott Heins, her husband, also give me books. The Swingles comprise the family of our son Kristofer Sween and Donna Dingle with their three children. They support my addiction with book store gift cards. Theatre Store, an outlet of the Stratford (Ont) Theatre Festival, specializes in books Shakespearean and theatrical. Unique [place], a thrift funding charitable purposes, contains modest collections. University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Friends hold semi-annual sales of donated used books, most of academic interest. On Saturday, books go for $4.00 a bag. Minnesota poet Beverly Voldseth and I meet monthly to read Poetry magazine aloud, discuss the poems and other things. Sometimes we exchange books.

Added: 1 January, Savers, Maplewood MN

#15751 J.W. Drane, The Old Testament story: an illustrated documentary. 2.15

Added: 22 January, Unique on Rice, Saint Paul

#15752 K. Armstron, Islam: a short history. 3.25

Added: 1 February, Salvation Army, Winona

#15753 C. Andrews, The circle of simplicity. .75

#15754 The four Gospels and the Revelation: … translated … (Lattimore). .75

#15755 E. Hanslick, Hanslick’s music criticisms (Pleasants). .75

#15756 M. McLuhan, The Gutenberg galaxy. .75

#15757 H. E. Read, To hell with culture and other essays on art and society. .75

#15758 A. Wheelis, The quest for identity. .75

Added: 4 February, Savers, Woodbury

#15759 C. Hedges, American fascists: the Christian right … 1.95

#15760 D. Westin, The political brain: the role of emotion … 1.20

#15761 Why businessmen need philosophy: … the ideas behind Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged; rev. & exp. ed.  (Ghate & Ralston). 1.20

#15762 Women’s life in Greece & Rome: a source book … (Lefkowitz & Fant).  1.20

Added: 12 February, Sixth Chamber

#15763 The Cambridge companion to Kierkegaard (Hanny & Marino). 13.50

Added: 12 February, Subtext

#15764 S. Northrup, Twelve years a slave (Gates). 18.10

Added: 18 February, Half-Priced Books, Maplewood

#15765 W. Cather, Later novels (O’Brien): A lost ladyThe professor’s houseDeath comes for the ArchbishopShadows on the rockLucy GayheartSapphira and the slave girl. 10.70

Added: 19 February, Fair Trade

#15765 Boudaries and barriers: … limits of scientific knowledge (Casti & Harlqvist). gift

#15766 D. Goleman, Working with emotional intelligence. 1.10

#15767  R.M. Schott, Cognition and eros: a critique … 5.40

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15768 The gift of tongues: twenty-five years of poetry … (Hamill). 2.15

#15770 G. Wills, Outside looking in. 2.15

Added: 27 February, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2329r2 W. Cather, Early novels and stories (O’Brien): The troll garden [stories]; O pioneers!The song of the larkMy AntoniaOne of others. 10.70

Added: 11 March, Fair Trade

#15769 N. Chomsky, Reflections on language. 2.15

#15771 J. Holt, Why does the world exist? 3.20

#15772 S. Mansfield, The faith of George W. Bush. 2.95

#15773 M. Morange, Life explained (Cobb & DeBevoise). 3.20

#15774 M.S. Peck, People of the lie: … healing human evil. 1.85

#15775 L.F. Stevenson, Seven theories of human nature [Plato to Skinner]. 2.15

Added: 14 March, Fair Trade

#15776 Z.N. Hurston, Their eyes were watching God. 5.35

Added: 18 March [previously uncataloged]

#15777 The new English Bible: New Testament. inherited

Added: 18 March, Alice Ellis

#15778 Shakespeare’s Globe exhibition. gift

Added: 18 March, Theatre Store

#15779, 15780 Stratford Shakespeare Festival souvenir program, 2009, 2013. 20C/v.

Added: 18 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15781 N.B. Goldstone, Joanna: … Queen of Naples. 2.15

#15782 H.S. Kushner, When children ask about God. 2.15

#15783 A.J. Mapp, The faiths of our fathers: … America’s founders … 2.15

#15784 B. Smith, A tree grows in Brooklyn. 8.00

Added: 20 March, Beverly Voldseth

#15785 The open door: … one hundred years of Poetry magazine (Share & Wiman). gift

Added: 29 March, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Friends

#15786 The cloud of unknowing (Walsh) [spirituality]. .25

#15787 H.S. Commager, Freedom, loyalty, dissent. .25

#15788  Common learning: a Carnegie Colloquium. .25

#15789 J. Dewey, Theory of the moral life. .25

#15790 D.L. Eck, Encountering God. .25

#15791 J.F. Harris, Against relativism. 25

#15792 T.H. Hollingsworth, Historical demography. 25

#15793 P.L. Holmer, The grammar of faith. .25

#15794 I. Husik, A history of medieval Jewish philosophy. .25

#15795 M.S. Seale, The desert Bible [nomadic bases]. .25

#15796 A. Toynbee, An historian’s approach to religion. .25

#15797 B. Walker, Gnosticism: its history and influences. 25

#15798 C. Westermann, Genesis (Scullion) [an introduction]. .25

Added: 3 April, Monkey See, Monkey Read

#15799 K. Silverman, The life and times of Cotton Mather. 7.50

Added: 5 April, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#15800 N. R. Lightfoot, How we got the Bible; 3rd ed. 7.50

#15801 O. Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray. 7.45

Added: 5 April, Savers, Maplewood

#15802 B. De Breffny & R. Ffolliott, The houses of Ireland: domestic architecture … 3.20

Added: 5 April, Unique on Rice, Saint Paul

#15803 A patriot’s handbook: songs, poems, stories, and speeches … (Kennedy). 3.20

#15804 C.R. Rogers, A way of being. 2.15

#15805 N.J. Salkind, Statistics for people who think they hate statistics; 3rd ed. 2.15

Added: 6 April, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15806 B. Akhmadulina, The garden: new and selected poetry and prose (Reeve). 2.15

#15807 J. Austen, Poems and favorite poems (Brooks-Davies). 1.10

#15808 J.P. Dougherty, Jacques Maritain: an intellectual profile. 6.40

#15809 H. Hames, The critical muse: selected literary criticism (Gard). 2.15

#15810 T. Aquinas, St., Commentaries on Aristotle’s On sense and what is sensed and On memory and recollection (White & Macierowski). 7.55

Added: 8 April, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15811 A. Zweig, The case of Sergeant Grischa [novel]. 5.90

Added: 8 April, Magers & Quinn

#15812 R.W. Holmen, Queer clergy: a history of … ministry in American Protestantism. 29.15

#3445r C.S. Lewis, The chronicles of Narnia [7 v. in 1]. 10.75

Added: 7 November 1998, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Paul

#6328 reclassified Lin, Yutang, From pagan to Christian. .50

Added: 14 April, Fair Trade

#4831 C. McCullers, The heart is a lonely hunter. 6.40

Added: 15 April, Lehm Books & Gifts

#15813 The Amanas yesterday. 13.90

Added: 3 May, previously uncataloged

#15814 J.R. Wilson, The mind.

Added: 4 May, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15815 T. Boss, Yellow rocket: poems. 1.10

#15816  The Cambridge companion to Locke (Chappell). 2.15

#15817 C. Fry, Plays: A sleep of prisoners, The dark is light enough, Curtmantle. 1.10

#15818 M. Bernd, Nietsche’s case: philosophy as/and literature. 2.15

#15819 K. Marx, Political writings: v.2, Surveys from exile (Fernbach). 3.20

#15820 Medieval and Tudor drama (Gassner). 1.10

#15821 Religions of antiquity (Seltzer). 3.20

#15822 L. Watson, Dark nature: a natural history of evil. 2.15

#15823 F. Wheen, Karl Marx, a life. 3.20

Added: 5 May, Common Good Books

#15824 S.E. Fish, How to write a sentence and how to read one. 16.15 (store credit)

#15825 D. Jones, The Virginia Woolf writer’s workshop. 15.10 (Swingles)

#15826 P. Woodruff, The Ajax dilemma: justice, fairness, and rewards. 17.15

Added: 9May, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15827 J.M. Shaw, Ole time religion: a history of the department of religion … 12.85

Added: 17 May, Barnes & Noble West Towne, Madison WI

#104r T. Merton, No man is an island. 4.20

#15828, J. Taylor, Where did Christianity come from? 5.30

Added: 30 May, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2406r W. Collins, The Moonstone (Busby).  3.20

#3332r R. Kipling, Kim (Meyers). 2.70

Added: 3 June, Unique at Sun Ray, St. Paul.

#15829 P. Balakian, The burning Tigris: the Armenian genocide … 3.25

Added: 5 June, previously uncataloged.

#15830 Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education, Historical record, 1975-1992. membership

#15831 U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. Briefing and open forum on children and youth services. contributor

Added: 10 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15832 The best spiritual writing (Zaleski) 2012. 2.15

#15833 M. Luther, Faith and freedom: an invitation to the writings … 2.15

#15834 M.A. Powell, Jesus as a figure in history. 3.20

Added: 11 June, Savers, Woodbury

#15835 Favorite folktales from around the world (Yolen). 2.15

#15836 W. Langland, Piers the ploughman (Goodridge). 2.20

Added: 12 June, Half-Price Books, Highland in St. Paul

#9447r O.E. Butler, Kindred: a novel. 2.15

#3189r Gilgamesh. Translated from the Sin-lequi-unninni version (Gardner & Maier w/Henshaw). 1.10

#15837 M. Mazower, The Balkans. 2.15

#15838 J. Ross, The men who would be king [courtships of Elizabeth I]. 1.10

#15839 Tolkien: a celebration (Pearce). 2.15

#15840 G. Vidal, Point to point navigation. 2.15

Added: 13 June, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood

#15841 R. Isaac, The transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790. 2.00

#15842 R.O. Paxton, The anatomy of fascism. 1.50

Added: 13 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15844 T. Jefferson, Jefferson himself (Mayo). 2.15

#15845 C.C. Lemert, Social things. 2.15

#15847 M. Wood, The story of England [from the vantage of Kibworth]. 2.15

Added: 18 June, Fair Trade

#15843 M. Dirda, Classics for pleasure. 4.00

#15846 M. Gaull, English romanticism. 4.00

#15848 D. Gerrold, The Martian child. 3.75

Added: 23 June, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#2727r N.V. Gogol, The complete tales of … (Garnet, rev./Kent) v.1. 8.55

#6234r J. Steinbeck, The pearl (Wagner-Martin). 6.40

#15849 C. Thubron, The lost heart of Asia. 2.15

Added: 28 June, Barnes & Noble, Bloomington

#15850 E.H. Pagels, Revelations: visions, prophecy and politics … 6.40

Added: 30 June, Luther Seminary Book Store ($1.00 sale day)

#408r Anselm, Bp. of Canterbury, The major works. 1.10

#15851 R.H. Bainton, The Medieval church. 1.05

#15852 R. Boer, Political grace: the revolutionary theology of John Calvin. 1.05

#15853 Early Latin theology: selections from Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose, Jerome (Greenslade). 1.10

#15854 O. Höffe, Kant (Farrier). 1.10

#15855 The future of early Christianity: essays (Pearson). 1.10

#15856 M.J. Harris, Jesus as God: … New Testament use of theos in reference to Jesus. 1.10

#3035r G.M. Hopkins, The major works (Phillips). 1.10

#15857 E.M. Humphrey, And I turned to see the voice: … vision in the New Testament. 1.10

#15858 W.L. Humphreys, The tragic vision and the Hebrew tradition. 1.05

#xxxr Thomas Aquinas, On law, morality and politics; 2nd ed. (Regan/Baumgarth). 1.05

#15859 C.M. Wood, The formation of Christian understanding; 2nd ed. 1.05

Added: 2 July, Rice Unique

#4195r L. Sterne, A sentimental journey … with The journal to Eliza and A political romance (Jack). 2.15

#9667r A. de Tocqueville, The old regime and the French Revolution. 2.15

Added: 2 July, Savers, Maplewood

#15860 D.A. Graff, Medieval Chinese warfare, 300-900. 4.25

#15861 L.A. Jardine, Worldly goods: … the Renaissance. 4.25

#15862 A. Weir, The princes in the tower. 4.25

Added: 8 July, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#15863 R. Dawkins, The God delusion. 2.15

#15864 G. MacDonald, Ordering your private world. 2.15

#15865 E. Welty, The eye of the story: … essays and reviews. 7.50

Added: 11 July, Subtext

#6161r N.V. Gogol, Dead souls (Guerney/Fusso). 21.55

Added: 30 July 2014 (previously uncataloged)

#15866-15871 N. Yapp, The Hulton Picture Collection … decades of the 20th century.  v. 

Added: 30 July, Savers, Woodbury

#15872 Catholic encyclopedia (Stravinskas). 1.30

#15873-15874 The New Oxford shorter English dictionary (Brown). 2v. 5.15 

Added: 31 July, Friends of Ramsey County Library, Maplewood

#15875 F. Armesto-Fernández, Near a thousand tables: a history of food. 1.00

#15876 C.S. Maier, Among empires: American ascendancy and its predecessors. 1.00

#15877 R.B. Reich, Reason: why liberals will win … 1.00

Added: 1 August, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15878 J.L. Altholz, The churches in the nineteenth century. 1.10

#15880 M.A. Hicks, Who’s who in late medieval England. 5.35

#15881 F. Hooper, Roman realities. 8.60

Added: 1 August, Half-Price Books, Highland

#15882 J.C. Greenburg, Supreme conflict: … struggle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court. 2.15

#15883 P. Maier, American scripture: making the Declaration of Independence. 2.15

#15884 Memory of the world [UNESCO register of archives]. 10.75

#15886 B.W. Tuchmann, Practicing history. 8.10

Added: 11 August, Lectio Divina

#15879 T.W. Organ, An index to Aristotle in English translation. 18.00.

Added: 12 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15885 J.C. Cooper, An illustrated encyclopedia of traditional symbols. 1.00

Added: 19 August, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood.

#15887 W. Kazer, A glorious accident: understanding our place in the cosmic puzzle. 1.00

Added: 27 August, Minnesota Secretary of State

#15888 Minnesota Legislative Manual Blue Book; pocket ed. 2013-2014. free

Added: 29 August, Half-Price Books, Maplewood.

#15889 L. P. Baradat, Political ideologies; 7th ed. 1.70

#15890, L. Chamberlain, Nietzsche in Turin. 1.70

#15891, M. Kurlansky, Salt: a world history. 1.70

Added: 29 August, Robert E. Hanson.

#15892 S.P. Bouman, The mission table: … congregation and community. gift

#15893 B. Dethlefsen, Small talk: the shorter poems. gift

#15894 B. Dethlefsen, Unexpected shiny things [poems]. gift

#15895 D. R. Harris, The snow misquito stings: … poems. gift

Added: 2 September, ARC’s Value Village, St. Paul.

#15896 W. H. Hill and others, Antonio Stradavari. 2.40

#15897 M. Meyerson, Political numeracy: … perspectives. 2.40

Added: 3 September, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15898 D. Sehat, The myth of American religious freedom. 1.00

#15899 S.R. Williams, Demeter’s daughters: … who founded America. 1.00

Added: 14 September, Subtext.

#15900, A. Cossette, Humanism and libraries: … philosophy … 16.15

Added: 17 September, Monkey See

#15901 A. Grafton, The footnote: … history. 8.40

Added: 18 September, Garage Sale, Roseville MN

#15902 R. Claiborn, The roots of English: [etymological] origins. .50

Added: 20 September, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15903 K. Hokeness, The Belles of Christiania [novel] 3.20

#15904 D. Sobel, A more perfect heaven: … Copernicus … 5.35

Added: 24 September, Garage Sale, Roseville MN

#15905 The best [American] short stories, 1941. .50

#15906 (J.E.) C. Hill, The century of revolution, 1603-1714. .50

#15907 The English revolution, 1600-1660. .50

#15908 E. Ehrlich, The highly selective dictionary for the extraordinary literate. 1.00

Added: 24 September, Ramsey County Library Friends, Maplewood

#15909 J.C. Miller, The wolf by the ears: … Jefferson and slavery. 1.00

Added: 1 October, Savers, Woodbury MN

#15910 H.R. Clinton, Living history. 1.70

#15911 R.A. Kann, A history of the Habsburg empire, 1526-1918. 1.70

#15912 C. Moatti, In search of Ancient Rome. 1.70

Added: 1 October, Sixth Chamber Used Books, St. Paul

#15913 G. Faber, Oxford apostles: … the Oxford movement. .80

#15914 J.C.F. Metford, Dictionary of Christian lore and legend. 7.00

Added: 1 October, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#15915 Aristotle, Metaphysics (Tredennick; bks I-IX). 2.15

#15916 F.E. Halliday, Shakespeare. 3.20

#69r M. Luther, Table talk (Tappert). 17.75

#15918 P. Neruda, The Captain’s verses (Los versos del Capitán). 2.15

#15919 Reading in Christian communities: … interpretation in the early church (Boberts & Brakke). 2.15

#15920 H. Rubin, Dante in love: the world’s greatest poem … 5.40

Added: 9 October, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15917 J.D. Chittister, The Rule of Benedict: insights … 2.15

#12627r The Mabinogion (Guest). 4.25

#15921 J. Wright, Heretics: … Gnostics to the modern church. 3.20

Added: 15 October, St. Olaf Book Store

#15922 B. Brier, The murder of Tutankhamen; rev. ed. 5.35

#15923 J.E. Ferling, Independence: … to set America free. 5.35

Added: 23 October, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15924 S. Crane, The red badge of courage. 5.35

Added: 31 October, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15925 E.J. Dionne, Reclaiming faith and politics after the religious right. 1.00

#15926 N. Elliott, Liberating Paul: … justice & politics. 1.00

#15927 L. Ferlinghetti, These are my rivers: … poems, 1955-1993. 1.00

#15928 C.P. Freeman, The closing of the Western mind. 1.50

#15929-15930 Story (Periodical) v.45 n.1-3; v.46 n.1,3, 4. 3.60

#15931 J.P. Tabor, The Jesus dynasty: … his family. 1.00

Added: 5 November, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15932 D.L. Baker, A visual history of the English Bible. 1.00

Added: 5 November, Subtext

#2449r Dante, The divine comedy (Ciardi). 21.50

Added: 8 November, Pilgrim Fall Festival

#15933 M.J. Anthony & W.S.Benson, Exploring the history and philosophy of Christian education. .50

#15934 F. Dell’Isola, Thomas Merton: a bibliography. 1.00

#15935 R. Inchausti, Thomas Merton’s American prophecy. .50

#15936 T. Merton, Contemplation in a world of action. .50

#269r T. Merton, New seeds of contemplation. .50

#1348r T. Merton, Seven storey mountain. 1.00

# 88r T. Merton, The silent life. .50

#15937 Merton by those who knew him (Wikes). 1.00

#15939 P. Petterson, Out stealing horses (Born). .50

Added: 9 November, Pilgrim Fall Festival

#15938 Q. Sima, Records of the historian (Watson). Remainder

#15940 Webster’s New World Italian dictionary (Love). Remainder

Added: 10 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15941 W.R. Hutchinson, Religious pluralism in America. 2.70

#15942 Tertullian, Christian and pagan in the Roman Empire (Sider). 3.80

Added: 12 November, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15943 T. Peters, The evolution of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life. 5.35

#15944 G.S. Wood, The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. 5.35

Added: 24 November, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#15945 A.A. Alawi, The crisis of Islamic civilization. 3.20

#15946 W.H. Gass, Finding a [literary] form: essays. 2.15

#15947 D.S. Gutterman, Prophetic politics: Christian social movements and American democracy. 2.15

Added: 1 December, Barnes & Noble, Saint Paul

#2252 A. Brontë, Agnes Grey (Schswarzbach). 5.15

Added: 2 December, Fair Trade Books

#15948 C.A. Diop, Civilization or barbarism [Afrocentric history]. 4.35

#15949 R.E. Frykenberg, History and belief: … historical understanding.2.40

Added: 10 December, Norwegian-American Historical Association

#15950 From America to Norway: … immigrant letters (Øverland) v.2,  1871-1892. Membership

Added: 11 Decenber, Ramsey County Library Friends

#15951 L. Harris, Civilization and its enemies [essays following 9/11]. 1.00

Added: 12 December, Barnes & Noble, St. Paul

#15952 A. Nafis, The republic of imagination [literature as the antidote to ideology]. 15.60

Added: 18 December, Half-Price Books, Madison WI, East

#15953 F.C. Copleston, A history of philosophy. v.5: … Hobbes to Hume. 7.30

#15954 F.C. Copleston, A history of philosophy. v.8: … Empiricism, idealism and pragmatism… 7.35

Added: 24 December, Katharine Sween & Scott Heins.

#15955 L. Anthony & G. Spence, The elephant whisperer: … with the herd in the African wild. gift

Added: 26 December, Barnes & Noble, St. Paul

#15956 A dictionary of philosophical quotations (Ayer & O’Grady). 20.95

Added: 26 December, Cyrus Chauvin

#15957 J. Phillips, The double life of Alice B. Sheldon [James Tiptree]. gift

Additions 2014 is closed. Continued by Additions 2015.


Static State: 2013

December 20, 2013

What happened this year?

At base, I am bound by the limitations of space. I miss the days when I tracked the changes in Ceptsform Library on an annual basis that showed absolute growth in the number of added volumes less those withdrawn and the resulting proportional changes among the subject categories. Such a system ended when the cascade of metal shelves toppled the center part of the library stacks and forced me to “weed” the collection under a new set of priorities. Deselection accelerated under the decision to move and shift the collection to what had been the family room in the house we bought. I estimated enough room for about half the collection – approximately 6,000 titles. I still do not know how many I actually have. I do know that space is at a premium.

This year’s more careful count shows than the years since 2008 account for 151 volumes added and those subtracted at, least 108 volumes. Volumes withdrawn prior to May were not documented in the same way, but I know they constituted a few sacks. Most of these books go to Ramsey County Library or charitable organizations. Some that I consider out of date or too technical for other users, I turn into recycled paper.

Acquisitions this year fill the following classifications –

A  Genera/Miscellany  1  The Great Ideas Today, 1961.

B-BJ  Philosophy  15  Notably: Hadas, Humanism; Vico, Keys to the New Science; Lasch, The Minimal Self; Haidt, The Righteous Mind; Beauvoir, The Ethics of Ambiguity.

BL-BX  Religion  35  Notably: Hering, Writing to Wake the SoulNew International [chronological] Bible; Hall, What Christianity Is NotLutheran Perspectives on Biblical Interpretation; Bruggeman, Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth; Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion.

D  Other Countries  14  Notably: Kubizek, The Young Hitler I Knew; Loraux, The Divided City: … ancient Athens; Abrahams, Jewish Life in the Middle Ages.

E-F  United States  10  Notably: Lopez & Herbert, The Private Franklin; Gopnik, Angels and Ages: … Darwin, Lincoln, and modern life; Frank, What’s the Matter with Kansas?

G  Geography  3  Notably: The Travels of Ibn Battutah.

H  Social Sciences  11  Notably: Himelfarb, One Nation, Two Cultures; Ignatieff, The Needs of Strangers; Murray, The Law of the Father: patriarchy.

J  Political Science  7  Notably: The Portable Edmund Burke; Purdy, A Tolerable Anarchy: … the making of American freedomRobert’s Rules of Order, 11th ed.

L  Education  2  Notably: Lewis, The Abolition of Man.

M  Music  1  Ross, The Rest is Noise.

P  Language & Lit  12  Notably: Maggio, Talking about People: … fair and accurate; Culler, Literary Theory; Brady, Story Logic and the Craft of Fiction; Everyman and Mankind (Bruster & Rasmussen).

Q  Sciences  5  Notably: The World of Mathematics (4v.).

U  Military  1  Warry, Warfare in the Classical World.

Individual literary works  34  Notably: Auden, Collected Poems; Chmielarz, Love from the Yellowstone Trail; Hasse, Earth’s Appetite; Kafka, The Man Who Disappeard (America); Oliver, New and Selected Poems, v.1-2; A Shakespeare Glossary (Onions) 3rd enl. & rev. ed.

As it stands now, my book collecting is most heavily influenced by my need to know for writing purposes and my wide-ranging interests which all boil down to trying to understand myself and others besides the book clubs where I participate and the recommendations of my maturing grandchildren. You can see my primary interests and representative prime discoveries. For the full list of 2013 acquisitions, see Additions 2013.

Copyright © 2013 by Roger Sween.

I welcome comments on this blog. For personal comments to me, send to my email.

Additions 2013

January 3, 2013

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2013.

Updated 19 December 2013.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library. I cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific or potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, and cost. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon is replete with books, but I only go there when (a) I am in a hurry, (b) I can’t find the book anywhere else. Author Reading refers to purchase at an event featuring the book’s author. Bargains Unlimited, Sister Bay WI, is a thrift that supports charities: it’s book collection is neither extensive or well organized, but oh so cheap.  Barnes & Nobel [place] is now my store of last resort, following the demise of Borders Books. The Book Vault, one of two independent book stores in Stratford ONT, draws clusters of browsing and buying theater-oriented tourists.   Books Up the Road, a small book and gift shop, occupies the lower floor of a stabbur-style building on Washington Island, WI.  William Caxton, Ellison Bay Wi, features 90,000 high quality used books and a few in-print ones. Cy Chauvin, my longtime friend, and I exchange  books at Christmas time. Common Good Books, now on Snelling and Grand, is larger than Garrison Keillor’s previous store, with more poetry than anywhere in the Twin Cities. Drury Lane in a charming blue-painted cottage, owned by Minnesota author and philanthropist Joan Drury, Grand Marais carries a limited number of excellent and well-chosen books. Ms Drury has been there a couple times I shopped in past years. She is very conversational and knows every book. Fanfare Books competes with The Book Vault, almost directly opposite it across Ontario Street; both feature quality remainders and new titles.  Festival Theatre Store carries wares theatrical and Shakespearean appropriate to the six months of the season. Seldom do you find a store that has multiple editions of every Shakespeare work. Friends Madison Public Library, Wisconsin book sale at $5/bag split with Pat Sween.  Friends University of Wisconsin Libraries booksale at $4/bag amid the ravenous horde.  Goodwill [place], thanks to its scattered collections in many locations, offers to the persistent a few excellent books. Barbara Grudt is a friend, widow of my college classmate, Anthony Grudt, and a member of Classics for Pilgrim book group.  Half Price Books [place] is a booming discount chain, well stocked and well organized where even the discounted remainders and used books can be on reduced-price clearance.  Robert E. Hanson remains my life-long friend (since 3rd grade). We differ, but have much in common including an attraction to poetry. Luther Seminary Bookstore covers a wide range of Lutheran, other Christian and other faith titles and features books in related areas of culture, history, philosophy and literature – most at discount prices. A very large discount book store of remainders and seconds, Magers & Quinn occupies a prominent space across Hennepin Avenue from  the ever burgeoning Calhoun Square of Minneapolis. I haven’t been there for years, but when in the area must go there to find things of immediate import or having failed elsewhere. Novel Ideas, Bailey’s Harbor WI, features a general collection of new books, mostly fiction, mostly popular, but well-chosen.  Passtime Books, though of long duration in Sister Bay WI, has become a shop for used books and newer titles of local interest. I usually find something that captures my interest. Peninsula Bookman, an independent bookstore in Fish Creek Wisconsin, is full of used and remaindered books, especially history and war topics. Except for the truly rare titles, the rest are reasonably priced. Pilgrim Lutheran, the congregation in Saint Paul to which I belong, makes books available for participants in its adult programs. Also at fundraisers sells contributed used books.  Ramsey County Library Friends [place] at library locations offers sharply discounted used books, some contributed, others withdrawn from the library.  Reclassification refers to books, obtained in the past, and given a new classification. Saint Olaf College Book Store, which as an alumnus I often visit, is a combination bookstore for textbooks and other assigned reading, general literature with faculty and alumni titles, and Daedalus remaindered books. I usually buy the cheaper ones.  At the Saint Paul Area Synod Assembly, someone left a box of used books for the taking. Salvation Army [location] for books varies with location, but I make random discoveries. Saint Vincent de Paul [place] operates as a thrift store raising funds for charitable purposes and includes used books at very low prices. Savers [place] which supports other non-profits is a burgeoning thrift outlet for cheap casual wear and sometimes a great book find, besides they give you a discount on next purchase when you donate them stuff. Sixth Chamber Used Books in Saint Paul is my longtime favorite independent store: though dependent on the books brought to them, they have high standards in what they accept. The store grows more and more packed with storage elsewhere and a author, title, category catalog of stock.  SubText, a new Minnesota bookstore in Saint Paul, occupies the space that Garrison Keilor vacated for his new location on Snelling. While the space is more open, the new owner continues the supply of quality reading. Patricia Sween and I have been married for 50+ years. From time to time she gives me a book. Turtle Town Books is a charming little store in Nisswa MN split between children’s items and excellently chosen general fare. Value Thrift [place] besides a whole lot of used clothing and some housewares, stores carry a jumble of books, a few of which interest me. Beverly Voldseth, a Minnesota published poet, is a long-time friend. This April, we began our seventh year of meeting monthly to read aloud and discuss the contents of Poetry magazine. Wee Books in Stratford carries the residue of Callans Books after that exceptional bookseller retired. University of Wisconsin-Madison Book Store with discounted books among the general sales on the lower floor.

Added: 2 January, Savers Maplewood MN.

#14479 A. D’Abro, The rise of the new physics; corrected ed.; [formerly titled: Decline of mechanism]. v.1. 1.30

Added: 6 January, Half-Price Books, St. Paul.

#14480 N. Loraux, The divided city: … ancient Athens (Pache & Fort). 3.25

#14481 J. Purdy, A tolerable anarchy: … the making of American freedom. 2.15

#14482 N. Thopmpson, The ship of state: … ancient Greece to democratic America. 2.15

#14483 S.F. Wemple, Women in Frankish society: … 500 to 900. 2.15

Added: 1 February, SubText

#14484 R. Blanco, Looking for the Gulf motel [poetry]. 17.15

Added: 25 February, Half-Price Books, Maplewood MN

#14485 W.B. Bartlett, God wills it: … the crusades. 2.15

#14486  Critical conversations: tools …, by K. Patterson et. al. 2.15

#14487 S.M. Nolte, A history of the Amish. 2.15

#14488 A. Ross, The rest is noise[20th cent. music]. 2.15

#14489 J.G. Warry, Warfare in the classical world. 2.15

Added: 15 March, Half-Price Books, Maplewood MN

#14490 A. Huxley, Brave new world; … with fourteen related readings. 6.45

#14491 L.I. Levine, Judaism and Hellenism in antiquity. 8.55

Added: 3 April, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#14492 T. O’Brian, The things they carried: … fiction. 8.10

#14493 Religions of late antiquity in practice (Valantasis). 3.20

#14494 Tierney, The crisis of church and state, 1050-1300. 2.15

#14495 K. Ward, The case for religion. 3.20

Added: 8 April, Luther Seminary Bookstore

Note: 500 skipped in the numbering sequence; found too late to undo.

#14996 W. Brueggemann, Awed to heaven; rooted in earth: prayers of … 13.75

#14997 Lutheran perspectives on Biblical interpretation: … lectures (Jungling). 12.90

#14998 P. Wiebe, The architecture of  religion: a theoretical essay. 1.10

#14999 J. Wilson, A preface to morality. 1.05

Added: 8 April, Amazon

#15000 Robert’s rules of order, newly revised; 11th ed. 14.00

Added: Value Thrift @ SunRay, Saint Paul

#15001 M. Gladwell, Outliers: the story of success. 5.40

#15002 J. Markale, The Celts: … origins of Western culture 3.20

Added: 2 May, Pat Sween

#15003 M. Oliver, New and selected poems: v.1. gift

Added: 4 May, Savers, Maplewood

#15004 C. Dickens, Child’s history of England [with No Thoroughfare and Master Humphrey’s Clock]. 4.50

#15005 I. Loyola, The autobiography of … (O’Callahan/Olin). .75

#15006-15009 The world of mathematics (Newman), 4v. 15.00

Added: 4 May, Subtext.

#15010 J. Culler, Literary theory. 12.90

Added: 8 May, Robert E. Hanson

#15011 R.E. Hanson, Warrior poets [with 42 others]. gift

Added: 11 May, Beverly Voldseth

#15012 T. Hennen, Darkness sticks to everything: … poems. gift

Added: 13 May, SubText

#15013 C. Brady, Story logic and the craft of fiction. 25.83

Added: 18 May, Saint Paul Area Synod

#15014 A.J. Hultgren, Jesus and his adversaries. free

#15015 E.F.A. Klug, Getting into the Formula of Concord [and] Epitome (Stahlke). free

Added: 24 May, Half Price Books, Maplewood MN

#15016 R. Aslan, Beyond fundamentalism: confronting religious extremism … 1.70

#15017 Christian political ethics (Coleman). 5.25

#15018 D. Teems, Majestie: the King behind the King James Bible. 1.70

#15019 G. Vico, Keys to the new science. 1.70

Added: 25 May, Turtle Town Books

#15020 S. Schiff, Cleopatra: a life. 18.20

Added: 25 May, Barbara Grudt

#15021 G. Handscombe, William Golding: Lord of the Flies (Penguin Study Notes). gift

Added: 4 June, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#15o22 J. Bunyan, The pilgrim’s progress; Barbour Books. 2.15

#15023 The Faber book of exploration (Allen). 3.20

#15024, W. Hazlitt, The Classical gazetteer. 2.15

Added: 10 June, Half-Price Books, Saint Paul

#2111r W.H. Auden, Collected poems (Mendelson). 10.75

#15025 Bible dictionary & concordance [names and terms]. 2.15

#15026 A. Monda, Do you believe: conversations… 2.15

#15027 R. Price, The collected poems. 1.10

Added: 11 June, Goodwill, Saint Paul (Fairview)

#15028 A. Rich, Poems: … 1950-1974. 2.15

Added: 14 June, Goodwill, Maplewood

#15029 D.G. McCullough, 1776. 2.25

#15030 Reason and religious belief: … philosophy of religion, by M. Peterson 2.20

Added: 1 July, SubText

#15031 S. Chmielarz, Love from the Yellowstone Trail [poetry]. 13.95

Added: 2 July, Salvation Army, Red Wing

#15032 J. Conrad, The shadow-line: a confession (Hawthorn) [novel]. .80

Added: 10 July, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15033 R. Alter, The art of Biblical narrative. 2.15

#15034-35 J. Calvin, Calvin: Institutes of the Christian religion (McNeil/Battles). 2v. 21.40

#15036 The capitalist’s bible: … free markets (Morgenson). 2.15

#5663r Collins Italian concise dictionary. 2.15

#15037 L.A. Fiedler, A new Fiedler reader. 2.15

Added: 13 July, SubText

#15038 E. Burke, The portable Edmund Burke (Kramnick). 21.55

Added: 14 July, Magers & Quinn

#15039 E. Burke, A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful; 2nd ed, 1759. 9.70

#15040 C. McCarthy, Blood meridian. 9.70

Added: 17 July, Barnes & Noble, Woodbury

#15041 O. Wister, The Virginian [rev. ed., 1911] (Caweleti & Sobelle). 10.65

Added: 25 July, Savers, Maplewood

#15042 W. Isaacson, Benjamin Franklin. 5.35

#15043 The world’s great speeches; 3rd ed. (Copeland & Lamm). 5.35

Added: 2 August, Peninsula Bookman

#15044 I. Berlin, Vico and Herder. 6.35

#15045 M. Ignatieff, The needs of strangers [social philosophy]. 8.95

Added: 3 August, William Caxton

#15046 T. Frank, What’s the matter with Kansas? How conservatives won … 3.70

Added: 3 August, Novel Ideas

#15047 J. Haidt, The righteous mind [bases of convictions]. 16.90

Added: 4 August, Bargains Unlimited

#15048 W. & A. Durant, The lessons of history. 3.15

#15049 R. M. Scott, Robert the Bruce. 2.10

Added: 6 August, Books Up the Road

#1155r R.J. Fapso, Norwegians in Wisconsin; rev. & exp. ed. 10.50

Added: 6 August, Passtime Books

#15050 C-A. Lopez & E.W. Herbert, The private Franklin. 7.00

Added: 12 August, Fanfare Books

#15051 F. Kafka, The man who disappeared/America (Robertson). 14.65

Added: 13 August, Wee Books

#15052 Spence, J. Becoming Jane Austen. 7.50

Added: 13 August, Book Vault

#15053 A. Kubizek, The young Hitler I knew (Brooks). 7.35

Added: 16 August, Festival Theatre Store

#15054 W. Shakespeare, King Henry VIII (Halio). 15.35

Added: 4 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15055 M.J. Gelb, How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci. 3.20

#15056 B.D. Moyers, Bill Moyers journal: the conversation … 3.20

Added: 4 September, Half-Price Books, St. Paul

#15057 J. Burns, Goddess of the market: Ayn Rand … 6.50

#15058 E. Durkheim, Sociology and philosophy (Pocock). 2.10

#15059 E.J. Graff, What is marriage for? 8.10

#15060 M. Grant, Cleopatra. 2.15

#15061  J.J. O’Donnell, The ruin of the Roman Empire.  2.15

Added: 6 September, Value Thrift, Sun Ray in St. Paul

#15062 S.S. Montefiore, Jerusalem. 4.00

Added: 7 September, Savers, Maplewood

#15063 W. Glasser, Choice theory: a new psychology of personal freedom. 5.40

#6653r C.S. Lewis, The abolition of man [advocating humanist education]. 2.15

Added: 10 September, Barnes & Noble, Highland in St. Paul

#15064 No fear Shakespeare: a companion. 10.70

Added: 10 September, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#15065 Shakespeare’s Holinshed (Hosley). 5.35

#15066 E. Sitwell, A notebook on William Shakespeare. 3.75

#15067 C.T. Onions, A Shakespeare glossary; [3rd ed. enl. and rev. (Eagleson)]. 10.75

Added: 12 September, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15068 The American intellectual tradition; 3rd ed. (Hollister & Capper). v.II, 1865 to the present. 1.10

#15069 C. Lamont, The philosophy of humanism; 7th ed., rev. & enl. 1.10

#15071 B.D. McLaren, A new kind of Christianity: ten questions … 12.10

#15072 R.L. Maddox, Separation of church and state. 1.10

Added: 12 September, Ramsey County Library Friends, Roseville

#15074 C. Lasch, The minimal self: psychic survival … .50

Added: 14 September, SubText

#15070 R.P. Clark, Writing tools: 50 essential strategies … 14.00

Added: 21 September, Saint Olaf College Book Store

#15073 A. Baricco, An Iliad (Goldstein). 1.05

#15075 A. Nagorski, Hitlerland: American eyewitnesses to the rise … 7.40

#15076 K. Vlassopoulos, Politics: antiquity and its legacy. 5.40

Added: 27 September, SubText

#15077 Everyman and Mankind (Bruster & Rasmussen). 19.40

Added: 2 October, Drury Lane

#15078 M. Oliver, New and selected poems, v.2. 17.00

Added: 4 October, Barnes & Noble, Duluth

#15709 G. de Maupassant, Bel-ami (Parmée). 4.20

Added: 8 October, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#2066r S. Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio (M. Cowley). 4.80

#3468r S. Lewis, Main Street (B. Allen). 9.60

Added: 19 October while in Madison WI, coincident with the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Friends University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

#15710 I. Abrahams, Jewish life in the middle ages. .30

#15711 J.S. Brown & P. Daguid, The social life of information. .35

#15712 E, Canetti, Crowds and power. .30

#15713 R.M. Crunden, From self to society, 1919-1941. .30

#15714 I.W. Frank, A concise history of the medieval church. .35

#15715 M. Hadas, Humanism: the Greek ideal … .30

#15716 J. Miles, Christ. .30

#15717 M. Murray, The law of the father? … feudalism to capitalism [in Britain].  .30

#15718 J. Rauch, Gay marriage: why it is good … .35

#15719 Sikh religion [selections from the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib]. .35

#15720 J.B. Tyson, The New Testament and early Christianity. .40

#15721 G. Wills, Mr. Jefferson’s university. .35

University of Wisconsin Madison Book Store

#15722 R.B. Alter, The art of Biblical poetry. 1.55

#15723 S. de Beauvoir, The ethics of ambiguity (Frechtman). 5.80

#15724 G. Cavalcanti, Complete poems (Mortimer). 2.10

#15725 The Louisiana Purchase and American expansion, 1803-1898. 2.10

#15726 Mengzi, Mencius (Bloom). 2.10

Saint Vincent de Paul, Madison WI – large and well organized

#15727 T. Jefferson, The Jefferson Bible: … life and morals of Jesus … (Forrester, Pelikan). 2.10

#15728 H.W. Noonan, [David] Hume. 1.05

Friends Madison Public Library

#15729 The best American poetry, 1995. .60

#15730 C. Gibson, Spain in America [colonial period]. .60

#15731The great ideas today (Hutchins & Adler). .65

#15732 The new Oxford book of Christian verse (Davie). .65

Added: 2 November, Sixth Chamber Used Books

#5681r R. Maggio, Talking about people: … fair and accurate language. .80

#15733 J.P. Powelson, The moral economy. 15.10

#15734 H. Rheingold, They have a word for it: … untranslatable words … .80

Added: 3 November, Pilgrim Lutheran

#15735 D. Erlander, Manna and mercy: … God’s unfolding promise … 7.00

Added: 7 November, Luther Seminary Book Store

#15736 D.J. Hall, What Christianity is not. 17.75

#15737 Laozi, The canon of reason and virtue (Suzuki & Carus). 1.10

#15738  K. Stendahl, Paul among Jews and Gentiles and other essays. 1.10


#15739 Benjamin of Tudela, The itinerary … [12th century]. 12.60

#15740 Ibn Batuta, The travels … [1325-1354]. 12.75

Added: 9 November, Pilgrim Lutheran

#15741 J. Feldman, Framing the debate: famous presidential speeches [for] progressives. 1.00

Reclassified: 11 November, Salvation Army, Red Wing 31 Oct. 1998

#5796 F. Werfel, Between heaven and earth [philosophy of religion]. .25

Added: 23 November, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#15742 The best American poetry – 1996 (Rich). 2.70

#15743 Bible: the one year chronological Bible. 8.55

#15744 H.S. Goss & R. McDowell, Sound and form in modern poetry; 2nd ed. 2.70

#15745 G. Himmelfarb, One nation, two cultures. 2.70

#15746 H.J. Kaye, Thomas Paine and the promise of America. 2.70

Added: 30 November, Half-Price Books, Roseville

#4464r E. Wharton, The Age of Innocence (Library of America ed./Lewis). 2.88

Added: 5 December, Author Reading

#15747 K. Hering, Writing to wake the soul. 20.00

Added: 15 December, Subtext

#15748 M. Hasse, Earth’s appetite: poems. $16.75

Added: 16 December, Cy Chauvin

#15749 M. Robinson, Gilead [a novel]. gift

Added: 18 December, Beverly Voldseth

#15750 The heart is all that is: reflections of home (Perlman gift

Watch for further additions.

Additions 2012

February 22, 2012

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2012.

Updated 1 January 2013

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library. I choose to cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions. Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete. However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific or potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acquisition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title, edition if distinctive, price. Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvetently skipped or resused from discovered past duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources: Amazon is, of course, the online super store for books and other items. I prefer smaller, more browseable stores, but being of specialist interests with an outrageous appetite for books that requires me to stretch my dollar, I will turn, but rarely, to the killer of the stores I grew up loving. Barnes & Noble [location] has increasingly become a chain that puts digital readers up front, adds toys, games, cards and other miscellany, but may have a book I want. Best of Times, the beloved Red Wing independent bookstore ceased operations, but first I went to pay my respects and buy a gift book and one for myself. is an online site. Cy Chauvin is a long-time friend who shares an interest in reading with me, being especially fond of novels of manners. We exchanges books at holiday times. Common Good Books, established by Garrison Keillor, features a wide range of excellent books in all areas with special attention to literature, a huge poetry section, and more literary magazines than any place in the Twin Cities; now in a new location, kitty-corner from where Ruminator Books (formerly The Hungry Mind) used to be. Rolf Erickson, a long-time friend of mine, now deceased, devoted his avocational life to Norwegian-American studies. Goodwill [place] is the charity operating thrift stores in several locations. Occasionally, I stop by the better stocked and organized used book  sections. Half Price Books [place] sells used and remaindered books at attractive prices and often attracts my interest as I browse around. Robert E. Hanson and I have been friends since the third grade and now share an interest in poetry. Don Holst is a member of Classics for Pilgrim book discussion group and gave me his book based on his journal of the two summers (1984 & 1986) when he and his son bicycled across the U.S. Lowell Jevens is a family friend who collects U.S. Civil War memorabilia and books.  Luther Seminary Book Store, Saint Paul, combined with an outlet of the church’s publisher, Augsburg Fortress Press, serves a community of faculty, students, and laity of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with commonly discounted and remaindered titles. The Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education, of which I am a past-president, has been a major factor in my professional and intellectual life.  NAHA stands the Norwegian-American Historical Association, established 1925, of which I am a life member and thereby receive all their publications.  Novel Ideas is an independent book store in Baileys Harbor WI that serves the locals year round and the tourists in their turn.  Pastimes is an independent bookstore in Sister Bay WI that features books of local interest but carries mostly used books on consignment at modest prices. Quality Paperback Book Club offers a variety of titles at reduced and clearance prices, a few of which appeal to me. Red Sock Yarns in Fish Creek WI is a store for knitters with fine yarns, knitting equipment, and related books.  StO Book Store, the Saint Olaf College Book Store is a regular stop for the many times we are at our alma mater; I buy primarily from the discounts. StO College, my alma mater, remains one of the major influences on my life. Savers [place] is a great thrift place for cheap casual wear and sometimes a great book find. United Lutheran Church, Red Wing, was my congregation, 1976-2010. Sixth Chamber Used Books is my favorite store thanks to its stock of excellently arranged, better than usual used books and some real bargains; with more warehoused and all searchable online. Unique Thrift Store, [place] as indicated carries inexpensive, used items, including a few books. Beverly Volseth is a friend and Minnesota published poet; we meet monthly to read Poetry magazine aloud and discuss the writing.

Added: 5 January, Don Holst.

#14374 D. Holst, Thence comes the wind: bicycling across America. gift

Added: 12 January, Best of Times.

#14375 R. Hass,  The Apple trees at Olema: new and selected poems. 11.80

Added: 25 January, Beverly Voldseth.

#14376 J. Sutphen, First words: poems. gift

Added: 2 February, Barnes & Noble, Har-Mar

#14382 C.L. Flinders, The values of belonging. 1.10

#14383 Same-sex marriage: pro and con. A reader. 1.10

Added: 8 February, Barnes & Noble, Edina.

#2463r D. Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (Swingle) [1st published, 1719]. 6.40

#4241r J. Swift,  Gulliver’s travels (Seidel) [1st published, 1726]. 6.40

Added: 18 February, Sixth Chamber

 #14377 R.G. Olson, The Morality of Self-Interest. 6.45

#14378 R. Pound, An Introduction to the philosophy of law. 5.40

#14379 M. Stokstad, Medieval art. .80

Added: 22 February, Common Good Books.

#14380 G. Orwell, pseud., All art is propaganda: critical essays (Packer). 16.10

#14381 J. Sutphen, Straight out of view: poems. 13.95

Added: 15 March 2012, StO Book Store

#14384 A. Anathaswamy, The edge of physics: … to the earth’s extremes. 5.60

#14385 J. Child, My life in France; with A. Prud’homme. 5.60

#14386 D. R. Weiss, To the tune of a welcoming God: ..reflections on sexuality, spirituality, and the wideness of God’s welcome. 3.20

Added: 31 March 2012, Luther Seminary Book Store

#14389 H. Bushnell, 1892-1876, Christian nurture; reprint of 1861 edition. 1.10

#14390 Faithful conversation: Christian perspectives on homosexuality (Childs). 7.30

#14391 E. S. Gaustad, Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams … 1.05

#14392 C. S. Nelson, How faith matures. 1.10

#7205r L. D. Scanzoni & V. R. Mollenkott, Is the homosexual my neighbor? rev. & updated. 12.90

#14393 Stories from ancient Canaan (Coogan). 1.05

Added: 1 April 2012, Barnes & Noble, Highland.

#14394 G. Collins, When everything changed: the amazing journey of American women from 1960 … 6.45

#14395 E. Gungor, What bothers me most about Christianity. 5.35

Added: 7 April 2012, Half Price Books, Maplewood

#14396  R.J. Elford, The ethics of uncertainty: a new Christian approach … 5.35

#14397 J.J. Pelikan, Christian doctrine and modern culture (since 1700): v.5 of The Christian tradition. 8.55

Added: 15 April 2012, Half Price Books, East Towne

#14398 J.M. Banner & H.C. Cannon, The elements of learning. 2.10

#14399 T. Lester, The fourth part of the world: … global discovery … and the birth of America. 1.05

#14400 J. Sarmago. Blindness (Pontiero). 7.35

Added: 3 May 2012, Quality Paperback Book Club

#14401 M. Kaku, Physics of the future. 11.85

#14402 M. Shermer, The believing brain. 11.85

#14403 C. Stringer & P. Andrews, The complete world of human evolution. 11.85

Added: 8 May, Common Good Books

#14404 S. Chmielarz, Calling: poems. 13.95

#14405 T. Transtromer, The great enigma: … collected poems (Fulton). 19.30

Added: 10 May, Half Price Books, Maplewood, MN

#2122r J. Baldwin, Another country. 7.50

#6073r J. Baldwin, Going to meet the man [stories]. 6.40

Added: 22 May, Half Price Books, Maplewood, MN

#14406 J.B. Elshtaine, Sovereignty: God, state, and self. 2.15

#14407 J.J. McNeill, The church and the homosexual; 4th ed. 2.15

Added: 29 May, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood

#2502r C. Dickens, Great expectations (Jones). 9.00

Added: 5 June, Half Price Books, Saint Paul (Highland Area)

#2392r S.L. Clemens (Mark Twain, pseud.), The adventures of Huckleberry Finn; critical controversies ed. (Graff & Phelan). 7.55

#2655r G. Flaubert, Madame Bovary (Steegmuller). 6.45

Added: June 9, Half Price Books, Madison WI East

#2256 E. Brontë, Wuthering Heights (Merkin/Holway). 5.75

#4425 R.P. Warren, All the king’s men. 7.90

Added: 12 June, Sixth Chamber

#2363r K. Chopin, The awakening: an authoritative text, biography, contexts, criticism (Cully). 2nd ed. 5.90

Added: 19 June, Beverly Voldseth

#14408 R. Bly, Holes the crickets have eaten in blankets: a sequence of poems. gift

#14409 Kabir, The Kabir book: forty-four of the ecstatic poems (Bly).  gift

#14410 The thousands: number one (Bly). [contains Robert Bly’s “Six Disciplines that Intensify Poetry.” gift

Added: 25 June, Half-Price Books, Roseville.

 #14411 J. Conrad, Heart of darkness (Knowles), The Congo diary (Hampson). 4.80

#14412 D.J. Hall, Thinking the faith. 8.55

#2857r N. Hawthorne, The scarlet letter (Harding & Weinstein). 4.20

#14413 U. K. LeGuin, Searoad [stories]. 7.50

Added: 5 July, Unique Thrift Store, St. Paul.

#14414 M.J. Borg, Jesus: uncovering the life, teachings and relevance … 2.70

#14415 G. Tenet, At the Center of the Storm. 2.70

Added: 11 July 2012, Half Price Books, St. Paul.

#14416 R.W. Barber, King Arthur: hero and legend; 3rd ed., rev. & extended. 2.15

#14417 J.M. Coetzee, Stranger shores: literary essays, 1906-1999. 2.15

#14418 A.C. Heller, Ayn Rand and the world she made. 16.15

#14419 J. Lorentzen, Kierkegaard’s metaphors. 3.25

Added: 14 July, Quality Paperback Book Club.

#14420 J. Carter, White House Diary. 6.00

#14421 C. Higgins, It’s all Greek to me: … how ancient Greece has shaped our world. 6.80

#14422 J.C. Holt, Robin Hood [paperback edition, 2011, with additional material]. 5.00

#14423 S. Moalem, How sex works. 5.60

#14424 I. Mortimer, The time traveller’s guide to medieval England. 6.00

Added: 20 July, Amazon.

#14425 P.J. Palmer, Healing the heart of democracy. 14.50

#14426 P.J. Palmer, Let your life speak: … vocation. 9.85

#14427 P.J. Palmer, To know as we are known. 9.10

Added: 2 August, Sixth Chamber

#14428 F. Bergmann, On being free. 4.30

#14429 R. Bly, Selected poems [1986]. 6.45

#14430 O.J. Flanagan, Consciousness reconsidered. 10.75

#14431 J.Z. Young, Philosophy and the brain. 4.85

Added: 3 August, Barnes & Noble, Maplewood.

#14432 O.J. Flanagan, The problem of the soul: two visions of mind… 6.40

Added: 14 August, Red Sock Yarns.

#14433 B.L. McCarthy, Knit socks! 17 classic patterns … 13.70

Added: 15 August, Novel Ideas.

#14434 K. Schulz, Being wrong: adventures in … error. 15.80

Added: 18 August, Passtimes Books

#14436 The best American spiritual writing (Zaleski) v.10, 2008. 7.40

#14437 R.R. Niebuhr, Experiential religion. 4.20

Added: 1 September, Goodwill, Maplewood

#14435 Baja California (The American Wildenress) by W.W. Johnson & Editors of Time-Life Books. 2.15

#14438 The Sierra Madre (The American Wilderness) by D.D. Jackson, P. Wood & Editors of Time-Life Books. 2.15

#14439 Critical theory since Plato; rev. ed. (Adams). 2.15

#14440 Journals of Forty-Niners: Salt Lake to Los Angeles (L.R. & A.W. Hafner). 1.05

#14441 M.C. Cooper, House as a mirror of self. 4.30

Added: 1 September, Half-Price Books, Maplewood

#14442 D. Erasmus, The praise of folly; 2nd ed. (Miller). 5.60

#14443 J.C. Oates, The faith of a writer: life, craft, art. 5.10

Added: 4 September, Quality Paperback Book Club.

#14444 R. Bradbury, A pleasure to burn: Fahrenheit 451 stories. 7.25

#14445 G. Deutscher, Through the language glass: … the world looks different in other languages. 7.25

#14446 E.L. Gleaser, Triumph of the city: … our greatest invention … 7.25

#14447 D.D. Hall, A reforming people: Puritanism … transformation in New England. 7.25

Added: 9 September, Luther Seminary Book Store

#14448 D.J. Lose, Making sense of Christianity. 13.00

Added: 11 September, Amazon

#14449 S. Alcorn, How to fix your novel. 20.00

#14450 W. Noble, Conflict, action and suspense. 11.00

#14451 R. B. Tobias, 20 master plots and how to build them. 11.55

Added: 4 October, Half Price Books, Saint Paul.

#14452 D. Gardner, The science of fear. 8.60

#14453 G.M. Marsden, Fundamentalism and American culture; 2nd ed. 8.60

#14454 G. Santayana, The genteel tradition in American philosophy and Character and opinion in the United States (Seaton). 5.40

Added: 5 October, Lowell Jevens.

#14455 B.P. Thomas, Abraham Lincoln. gift

Added: 6 October, Quality Paperback Book Club.

#14456 T.K. Beal, The rise and fall of the Bible. 6.00

#14457 T.L. Friedman & M. Mandelbaum, That used to be us: … America fell behind … 10.00

Added: 8 October, Half Price Books, Roseville MN

#14458 W.J. Miller, The task of criticism: essays … (Fell et al.) 6.40

#14459 S.M. Nadler, The best of all possible worlds: … philosophers … 3.20

#14460 K.P. Phillips, The cousins’ wars: religion, politics & … Anglo-America. 2.15

#14461 R. Scruton, Kant: a brief insight [illustrated ed.]. 2.15

#9075r M. Weber, The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism (Parsons/Giddens). 2.15

#14462-14471 were acquired at various times, but records Added 11 October.


#14462 B. Jowett, “On the Interpretation of Scripture.” [from] Essays and reviews [1860]. download

– Rolf Erickson.

#14463 America Norvegica, v.3, 1971. gift

#14464 T. Torgenson, History of Norwegian literature. gift

#14465 M.B. Olsen, Farms and fanes of ancient Norway. gift

#14466 E.E. Simpson, A history of St. Olaf Choir. gift

 – Robert E. Hanson

#14467 R.E. Hanson, Chasing wind mills. Why not. gift

#14468 Summer Writing Program, Naropa University, (2012): Erasure. gift

 – Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education.

Historical record, 1975-1992. Member.

 – St. Olaf College.

#14470 … Class of 1962 … autobiographies and remembrances … alumnus

 – United Lutheran Church.

#14471 A heritage of faithfulness … 1858-2003. Member

Added: 27 October, Savers, Maplewood MN.

#14472 G. W. Bush, Decision points. 5.35

#6297r W. Golding, Lord of the Flies (Forster & Epstein)5.35

Added: 30 October, NAHA.

#14473 From America to Norway: Norwegian-American immigrant letters (Øverland).  v.1, 1838-1870. Member

Added: 1 December, Half Price Books, Maplewood MN.

#14474 S. Beckett, Waiting for Godot; tragicomedy in 2 acts. 7.50

#14475 N. Coward, Three plays: Blithe spirit; Hay fever; Private lives. 7.50

#14476 Wm. Shakespeare, Measure for measure; the Arden ed. (Lever). 5.35

#14477 Wm. Shakespeare, Othello; the Arden Shakespeare (Honigmann). 5.35

Added: 1 December, Quality Paperback Book Club.

#13273r The world almanac and book of facts, 2113. $10.00

Added: 24 December, Cy Chauvin

#14478 P. Lively, How it all began: a novel. gift

Additions 2011

June 27, 2011

Acquisitions to the CeptsForm Library in 2011.

Updated 21 February  2012.

This listing follows earlier Additions posted in previous years. See the links under My Library.  I choose to cite selections as a public glimpse at my ongoing interests as well as keeping a brief record for management purposes. Acquisitions are the business record of library additions.  Accordingly, each following citation carries only enough information to identify the title’s addition to the collection and is not bibliographically complete.  However, I try to make it clear what the book is about if it’s title is not specific or potentially misleading.

Data includes limited elements: date of acqusition and source, a distinguishing acquisition number, abbreviated author, brief title; edition if distinctive; price.  Accession numbers may appear out of sequence when numbers are inadvertently skipped or reused from discovered past duplicates or reused for replacement copies, noted by an “r” suffix.

Note on sources:  Barnes & Noble [location] the surviving super store chain is promoting digital in a big way, but still has large selections of books which I turn to when I can’t readily get titles elsewhere.  Best of Times is an independent bookstore in Red Wing MN.  Book Cliffs is a small and charming used book store in Wabasha, MN.  Borders Books, my favorite of the U.S. big box stores, bankrupt in 2011, under liquidation.  Cy Chauvin is a friend, originally through science fiction fandom in the early ’70s, but subsequently through a shared interest in the novel, especially of manners. Daedalus Books is the catalog and website source for remaindered and discounted books at reasonable prices.  Dollar Tree [location] is the string of discount stores that also carry a few books that list for $1.00. Chris Ellis, a consultant with 20 years experience in helping businesses improve their performance, is a friend of the family.  Rolf Erickson, a friend since college and now deceased, pursued Norwegian-American studies while a librarian at Northwestern University.  Friends UW-Madison Libs (the Friends of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Libraries) holds semi-annual sales of used books.  Shirley Furber is the older of my two younger sisters.  Half Price Books [location]comprises a number of sturdy and expanding outlet locations that offer attractive used and remaindered books at discounted prices.  Forrest Hartmann, a longtime friend, is an attorney, active in the establishment of the International Crane Foundation.  Robert E. Hanson, aka ko shin, is a friend of mine since third grade who shares an interest in poetry and other things and gives me books.  Monkey See/Monkey Read is an independent bookstore in Northfield MN, carrying used and recent titles.  NAHA stands for the Norwegian-American Historical Association of which I am a life member and thereby receive all their publications.  Passtimes is an independent store in Sister Bay WI that carries some new but many used books.  Pilgrim is the Pilgrim Lutheran congregation (ELCA) that we joined upon moving to Maplewood.   QPBC stands for the Quality Paperback Book Club.  Review indicates a books sent to me from the publisher or author for review.  Saint Olaf Bookstore is the independent at our college that also carries always interesting remainders.  SELCO is the Minnesota regional library system Southeast Libraries Cooperating.  Sixth Chamber Used Books in Saint Paul MN is my favorite store, crammed with high quality inexpensive books and more available online.  Unknown refers to books found in the collection without any record of acquisition.  Mary Treacy, a long-time library colleague and friend, knows my interests and is on the alert for sharing information with me.   Value Thrift Saint Paul is an especially large store close to our residence with shelves of reasonably priced used books.  Karen Herseth Wee is a Saint Olaf College classmate and founder of the Northfield Women Poets in the late 60s.  [Wisconsin] University Book Store sells books and affinity items with discounted books in the lower level.

In comparison with past years, readers may note that fewer books are added than previously due to space limitations in the library’s new location that have focused selectivity.

Added: 8 January, QPBC

#14301 C. Clinton, Mrs. Lincoln. 6.60

#14302 R. Dawkins, The greatest show on earth: the evidence for evolution. 5.60

#14303 A. Gopnik, Angels and ages: … Darwin, Lincoln, and modern life. 6.60

#14304 K. McGeough, The Romans. 8.15

Added: 22 January, Book Cliffs

#14305 Great River Review, v.2 no.2, no. 27-29, 31.  22.50

Added: 9 February, Pilgrim

#14306 M.E. Marty, Lutheran questions, Lutheran answers. 10.00

Added: 17 March, Chris Ellis

#14307 C.M. Ellis, The enlightened enterprise. gift

Added: May, SELCO

#14308 Poetic Strokes 2011. Contributor’s copy

Added: 18 June, Shirley Furber

#14313 Granite Falls Lutheran Church, Built on the rock [1876-1995, with supplement on the windows]. gift

Added: 25 June, Sixth Chamber

#14309 S. Blackburn, Truth: a guide. 13.45

#14310 S. Coontz, Marriage, a history. 7.50

#14311 N. Ferguson, Empire: the rise and demise of the British world order … .80

#14312 S. Harris, Letter to a Christian nation [on the negative side of religious belief]. 9.15

Added: 26 June, Review

#14314 J.B. Wahl, The bondsman’s burden: … the common law of Southern slavery. gratis

Added: 28 June, Unknown.

#14315 Absorb the colors: poems (Voldseth & Wee). 6.95

#14316 Everyday life through the ages (Davison, Martin, Briggs). 28.90

Added: 28 June, Karen Herseth Wee

#14317 K.H. Wee, Before language: poems.  gift

Added: 30 June, Forrest Hartmann

#14318 B. Katz, So cranes may dance. gift

Added: 1 July 2011, NAHA

#14319 Norwegian-American Essays, 2011: transnationalism and the Norwegian-American experience. Membership.

Added: 1 July 2011, QPBC

#14320 J. Bradshaw, Reclaiming virtue: how we can develop the moral intelligence … 10.95

#14321 S. Harris, The end of faith: religion, terror, and the future of reason. 15.60

#14322 S. Harris, The moral landscape: how science can determine human values. 12.95

Added: 13 July, Value Thrift Saint Paul

#14323 H. Strutz, 501 German verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses; 3rd ed. 1.60

Added: 15 July, Dollar Tree Red Wing

#14324 G. Wills, Head and heart: American Christianities. 1.10

Added: 22 July, Daedalus Books

#14325 The best American poetry, 2007 (McHugh & Lehman). 5.45

#14326 J. Hollis, What matters most: … a more considered life. 7.50

#14327 J. Neeleman, What is God? 7.50

#14328 R.H. Tawney, The acquisitive society [1st published 1920]. 5.45

Added: 23 July, Borders Books

#14329 J. LeFanu, Why us? …science rediscovered the mystery of ourselves. 5.05

Added: 26 July, St. Olaf Bookstore

#14330 L. Chamberlain, Motherland: a philosophical history of Russia. 7.50

#14331 J. Polkinghan & N. Beale, Questions of truth: … God, science, and belief. 4.25

#13332 J. Wallis, The call to conversion: … personal, but never private. 1.05

#14333 C. Wicker, The fall of the evangelical nation. 1.05

Added: 5 August, Dollar Tree, Oakdale MN

#14253r T. Branch, The Clinton tapes: wrestling history with the President. 1.10

Added: 14 August, Passtimes Books

#14334 J.A. Comenius, The labyrinth of the world and the paradise of the heart (Louthan & Sterk). 5.30

Added 17 August, Robert E. Hanson

#14335 G. W. Bertsch, Gifts of healing peace and justice [poetry]. gift

#14336  R. Jones, A fist full of poetry. gift

Added: 24 August, Borders, Woodbury MN

#14337 J.M. Coetzee, Summertime; fiction. 8.05

#14338  R. Paul, Liberty defined: 50 essential issues … 10.70

#14339 W. Whitman, Leaves of Grass: the complete 1855 and 1891-92 editions.  9.60

Added: 4 September, Borders, Roseville.

#14351 G. Easterbrook, The progress paradox: … people feel worse. 3.20

#14352 T. Hartmann, What would Jefferson do: … democracy. 3.20

#5945r C. Levi-Strauss, Tristes tropique (J. & D. Weightman). 4.80

#14353 D. Meyer, Why we hate us: American discontent … 3.20

Added: 7 September, Dollar Tree in Sun Ray, St. Paul.

#14340 J. Freeman, The tyranny of e-mail: the four-thousand-year journey …  1.10

Added: 17 Sept., Half Price Books, Roseville

#2004r C. Achebe, Things fall apart [novel].  5.90

#14341  F. Kafka, The metamorphosis and other stories (Pasley).  7.00

#4108 M. Shelley, Frankenstien (Jansson).  4.20

Added: 17 September, Barnes & Noble, Roseville

#2231r R. Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 [50th anniversary ed.].  7.55

#3820r G. Orwell, 1984 (Fromm).  10.70

Added: 20 September, Half Price Books, Maplewood.

#14342 F. Kafka, Letter to his father/Brief and der vater (Kaiser & Wilkins). 3.20

#14343 F. Kafka, The metamorphosis; Norton critical ed. (Corngold).  6.40

Added: 1 October, St. Olaf Olaf Study Travel

#14373 The Seagull reader: Stories (Kelly); 2nd ed. Included.

Added: 15 October, Sixth Chamber.

#7504r2 M. Angelou, The complete collected poems.  .80+

#14344 L. Brownworth, Lost to the West: the forgotten Byzantine empire. 8.10

#14345 Butler’s lives of patron saints (Walsh).  .80

#14346 H. Ibsen, Brand (Hill/Ewbank; 2nd ed.). 4.30

#14347 O. Wilde, Literary criticism … .80

Added: 21 October, Friends UW-Madison Libs.

#14348 L.A. Fiedler, What was literature. 1.00

Added: 21 October, [WI] University Book Store.

#14349 M. W. Labarge, Medieval travellers. 4.75

Added: 22 October, Half Price Books, Madison East Town

#14350 D. J. Sloan, Theological incorrectness. 6.30

Added: ca. 1994, Rolf Erickson

#14351 Engelsk-Norsk: Gylendals ordbøker.  gift

Added: 27 October, St. Olaf College Book Store

#14352 R.S. McElvaine, Grand theft Jesus: the hijacking of religion in America. 5.30

#14353 Schott’s miscellany: an almanac, 2008. 1.65

Added: 4 November, Monkey See/Monkey Read.

#14354 R. E. Rubinstein, When Jesus became God: the struggle to define Christianity … 7.50

Added: 4 November, Best of Times.

#2329r W. Cather, My Ántonia (Murphy/Benda). 10.65

#2637# W. Faulkner, As I lay dying; the corrected edition (Polk & Blotner). 13.90

Added: 5 November, Half Price Books, Highland in St. Paul.

#14355 Falling into theory: conflicting views on reading literature (Richter). 10.75

#14356 R.M. Blank & W. McGarn, Is the market moral? 2.15

#14357 J.Q. Wilson, The moral sense. .55

Added: 5 November, NAHA.

#14358 Norwegian American Studies: v.36, 2011 (Nichols).  Membership

Added: 6 November, Half Price Books, Roseville.

#14359 C. Anderson, Beyond a house divided: the moral concensus …  2.15

#14360 D. Bonhoeffer, Reflictions on the Bible (Weber/Hendrickson). 2.15

#14361 International Colloquium in the Philosophy of Science [Proceedings], Criticism and the growth of knowledge. 2.15

#14362 P. Hanson, Why still dance [poems]. 2.15

#14363 E. Karsh, Islamic imperialism. 2.15

Added: 7 November, QPBC.

#14364 D. Brooks, The social animal. 8.65

#14365 C. FitzRoy, Renaissance Florence on 5 florins a day.  8.70

#14366 T. W. Ryback, Hitler’s private library.  8.65

Added: September, Mary Treacy.

#14367 Historical atlas of early Rose township (includes Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Roseville & Parts of St. Paul. gift

Added: 10 November, Sixth Chamber.

#14378 J.M. Weatherford, The history of money. 7.00

#14369 What life was like at the dawn of democracy: classical Athens. 3.70

Added: 21 November, Best of Times.

#3840r B. L. Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago (Pevear & Volokhonsky). 18.10

Added: 5 December, Robert E. Hanson.

#14370 R. E. Hanson, The inner passage [on cover: by ko shin, Bob Hanson, poet & photographer & his friends]. gift

Added: 22 December, Cy Chauvin.

#14371 Essays on the intellect (Link). gift

#14372 P. Lively, Family album. gift.

This ends additions for 2011.