Holdings Count

July 7, 2014

How many books do I actually have?

Updated 8 August 2014.

Prior to the Calamity where library shelves fell over to the ruin of some and the necessity to reduce the size of the library, I kept rigorous track of the number of volumes added and deselected, that is – withdrawn. Though I kept some kind of record of the subsequent withdrawls and a good record of the additions, I have never tallied the resulting number. This year I have felt a strong need to know and have begun an inventory in line with an uptodate shelf list. What follows is a count by classification categories of the number of volumes actually on the shelf. I have determined that a physical count is more accurate than a count of bibliographic entries since some titles contain more than one volume and it is otherwise easy to miss a true account of those volumes actually held when you don’t see them as compared to reading the bibliographic entry. This page will be ongoing as I work my way through the collection and kept uptodate as the collection changes through further additions and subtractions.

Counts reported here compare with counts reported previously for years 1994 and 2008 at Library Growth. Current collection size is roughly estimated at 6,000 volumes.

A Classification: Miscellanea/General Works.

B Classification: Philosophy & Religion. (703v. & 991v. = 1694v. or 28.23%)

Subclasses – B (Philosophy in General) 353v.  BC-BD (Metaphysics, Epistemology) 79v.  BF-BJ (Mind/Psychology, Ethics) 271v.  BL-BQ (Religion in General, Mythology, World Religions) 240v.  BR (Christianity) 203v.  BS (Bible) 187v.  BT (Judaic & Christian Doctrinal Theology) 146v.  BV (Theology of Christian Practice) 70v. BX (Christian Denominations) 145v.

C Classification: Studies Auxilliary to History. (119v. or 1.98%)

D Classification: History

Subclasses – D (History in General & Europe in General) 161v. DA (The British Isles, British Empire & Commonwealth) 93v.