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May 31, 2014

Christianity and Church (BR1-1725) – 444 Titles

Covers more general aspects, such as

BR17-53/Christianity in Overview/General Collections      BR60-67/Early Christian Literature           BR115/Relation to Social Aspects                     BR140-1510/History of Christianity                   BR1690-1725/Biography

Updated 18 September 2018.

BR17.W55 1968   Winter, Gibson.  Religious identity: a study of religious organization.  Macmillan Company, 1968.  143p.  Appendices (including organizational charts).  #7166  .95

BR21.H3 1957   Harnack, (Carl Gustaf) Adolf von, 1851-1930. What is Christianity. Introduced by Rudolf Bultmann. Translated by Thomas Bailey Saunders. Harper & Row, Publishers: Harper Torchbooks/The Cloister Library c1957; 1st published 1900. xviii, 301p. From a series of lectures, “The Essence of Christianity,” University of Berlin, Winter 1899-1900. #10438 5.35

BR50.M22 1963   Masterpieces of Christian literature in summary form.  Edited by Frank N. Magill with Ian P. McGreal.  Harper & Row, 1963.  xxxix, 1193, v p.  [Reference to the editions indicated]  Alphabetical list of titles p. xiii-xx.  Category Index p.xxvii-xxviii.  Author Index p.1-v.  #9455  5.75

BR50.T764 1997   Troeltsch, Ernst, 1865-1923.  Religion in history: essays.  Translated by James Luther Adams and Walter F. Bense.  With an  introduction by James Luther Adams.  Fortress Press, c1991.  x, 386p.  (Fortress texts in modern theology).  #11520  4.30

BR53.B56 1947   Documents of the Christian Church.   Ed. by H. Bettenson.  Oxford, 1947.  457p., index.  #56  Appendices: A, List of Councils.  B, List of Books.  (Found)

BR53.N5   New theology.  no.1-      1964-       Edited by Martin E. Marty and Dean G. Pearman.  Macmillan.  have no. 1, 3, 5, 1964, 1966, 1968  #11900, 11901, 5063  1.50

BR60.A5713 1975   The sayings of the desert fathers: the alphabetical collection. Translated by Benedicta Ward. Foreword by Metropolitan Anthony. Cistercian Publications, c1975. iv, 228p. (Cistercian Studies; v.59). Chronological Table for Early Egyptian Monasticism p.208-209. Select Bibliography p.210-212. Cross Reference Index p.312-219. General Index p.220-225. Index of People and Places p.226-228. #13488 .55

BR60.A62 1956   Early Latin theology: selections from Tertullian, Cyprian, Ambrose and Jerome. Translated and edited by S. L. Greenslade. The Westminster Press: Icthus Edition. c1956. 415p.  (The Library of Christian Classics). Contains footnotes. Select Bibliography p.394-399. General Index p.401-408. Bible References p.409-413. Patristic References p.413-415. #15853 1.10

BR60.E27 1993   Early Christian fathers.  Newly translated and edited by Cyril C. Richardson.  In collaboration with Eugene R. Fairweather, Edward Rochie Hardy, Massey Hamilton Shepherd.  Simon & Schuster: A Touchstone Book, 1996 c1953.  415p.  Bibliographical footnoes.  Indexes.  (The Library of Christian Classics, v.1).  #10820  11.25

BR60.F3 A8 1961  Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bp. of Hippo.   The city of God; an abridged version from the translation by Gerald G. Walsh.  Doubleday: Image Books, 1961 c1958.  551p., index.  #57  1.45

BR63.T6 1960   Treasury of early Christianity.  Edited with an introduction by Anne Fremantle.  New American Library: Mentor Book, 1960 c1953.  511p.  Acknowledgements p.503-504.  Bibliography p.505-507.  Index.  #1463  1.07

BR65.A52E6 1958   An Augustine synthesis. Arranged by Erich Przywara. Harper & Brothers Publishers: Harper Torchbooks/Cathedral Library c1958. xiv, 496p. Contains bibliographical references. List of Abbreviations p.ix-x. Standard Translations p.xi-xii.  #13613 6.40

BR65.A6E5 1960  Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.   The confessions of…  Washington Square Press, 1960 c1951.  301p.  #58.  .45

BR65.A52E6 1996   Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  St. Augustine on marriage and sexuality.  Edited by Elizabeth Clark.  The Catholic University of America Press, c1996.  xii, 112p.  (Selections from the Fathers of the Church, v.1).  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #12941  15.00

BR65.A6E5 2001   Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  The confessions of…  Translated by Rex Warner.  With a new introduction and afterword by Martin E. Marty.  A Signet Classic, c2001; 1st published c1963.  xiii, 353p.  Selected Bibliography p.353.  #10633  7.40

BR65.A6.E5w bk.1 2001   Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  Saint Augustine’s childhood: Confessions, book one.  [Translated and commendtary by ] Garry Wills.  Vikding, c2001.  xvi, 191p.  Line notes accompany Ausgustine’s text p.28-79.  Notes p.190-191.  Contents: Introduction.  The Testimony.  Commentary.  Appendix: The Teacher [a dialogue between Augustine and his son].  #12404  6.45

BR65.A6E5w bk.10-11 2002   Augustinus Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  Saint Augustine’s Memory: [Confessions, books 10-11].  Viking, c2002.  xii, 228p.  Contents:  Introduction.  The Testimony, book ten.  Commentary.  Appendix: The Testimony, book eleven.  List of Basic Terms p.225-228.  #12626  5.35

BR65.A6552.5 1999   Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 351-430. On Christian teaching. Rev. Translated with an introduction and notes by R.P.H. Green. Oxford University Press: Oxford World Classics, 1999 c1997. xxvi, 168p. Note on the Text p.xxiv. Select Bibliography p.xxv. Datesp.xxvi. Explanatory Notes p.147-160. Index of Biblical Passages Cited p.161-164. Index.  #10458 8.00

BR65.A664E5 1993   Augustinius Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  On free choice of the will.  Translated by Thomas Williams.  Hackett Publishing Company, c1993.  xxi, 129p.  Selected Bibliography p.xxi.  Bibliographical footnotes.  #10689  2.45

BR65.A73E5 2000   Augustinius Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430.  The Augustine catechism: the Enchiridion on faith, hope, and love.  Translation and notes by Bruce Harbert.  Introduction by Boniface Ramsey.  Edited by John E. Rotelle.  New City Press, 2000 c1994.  144p.  Notes p.137-191.  Index.  #12623  8.55

B65.A75E52000   Augustinius Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430. Soliloquies: Augustine’s interior diaglogue. Translation and notes by Kim Paffenroth. Introduction by Boniface Ramsey. Edited by John E. Rotelle. New City Press, c2000. 103p. (The Augustine Series, v.2). Contains bibliographical references. Index.   #14276 10.05

B65.B33E6 2005   Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesrea, 329-379. On the human condition. Translated and introduced by Nonna Verna Harrison. St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press c2005. 126p. (Popular Patristics Series). Select Bibliography p.125-126. #13591 10.75

BR65.E633H9613 1998   Ephraem, Syrus, Saint, 303-373.  Hymns on parade.  Introduction and translation by Sebastian Brock.  St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1998 c1990.  240p.  Bibliographical Note p.228-233.  Indexes.  Translation of Hymni de paradiso and section D of Commentarium in Gemisium.  #12801  5.35

BR65.G75D4813 2006   Gregory of Nyssa, ca.335-ca.394. The life of Moses. Foreword by Silas House. Translated by Abraham J. Malherbe and Everett Ferguson. HarperCollinsPublications: HarperSanFrancisco, c2006; 1st published c1978. x, 132p. (Harper Collins Spiritual Classics).  #13835 3.25

BR65.068S3 2006   The SCM Press A-Z o Origen. Edited by John Anthony McGuckin. SCM Press c2006. xx, 228p. Contains bibliographical references. Contributors p.xii-xv. Abbreviations p.xvii-xix. Bibliography p.219-228.  #14179 6.30

BR65.T346 1998   Tertullian, ca.160-ca. 230.  Apology.  De spectaculus.  With an English translation by T. R. Glover.  Minicius Felix [Octavius].  With an English translation by Gerald H. Rendall.  Harvard University Press, 1998 c1931.  xxvii, 446p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  (Loeb Classical Library [Latin Authors] 250).  #12074  10.20

BR66.C37V3J6 1969   Cassiodorus, Flavius Magnus Aurelius, 485-575. An introduction to divine and human redings. Translated with introduction and notes by Leslie Webber Jones. W.W. Norton & Company, 1969 c1946. xviii, 233p., diagrams. (Records of Civilization, Sources and Studies). Contains bibliographical footnotes. Abbreviations p.xii-xvii. Appendix p.211-219. Bibliography p.221-222. Index.  #14174 3.25

BR67.G72 1958   Strachey, Marjorie Golvile.  The fathers without theology.  George Braziller, 1958 c1957.  235p.  Chronological Table p.233-234.  Notes on Sources and Authorities p.235.  #10975  1.10

BR67.2.G35 1995   Gamble, harry Y, 1941-       Books and readers in the early church: a history of early Christian texts.  Yale University Press, 1995.  xii, 337p.  Notes p.247-334.  Index.  #9344  14.45

BR85.H574 1978   Holmer, Paul Leroy, 1916-2004. The grammar of faith. Harper & Row, Publishers c1978. xii, 212p. Contains bibliographical footnotes.  #15793 .25

BR85.K456 1960   Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye, 1813-1855.  …Attack upon “Christendom” 1854-1855.  Translated, with an introduction, by Walter Lowrie.  Beacon Press, 1960 c1944.  303p.  Notes p.295-300.  Index.  #1534  .50

BR85.K4578 1962   Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye, 1813-1855.  The present age and Of the difference between a genius and an apostle.  Rev. translation by Alexander Dru.  Introduction by Walter Kaufmann.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, c1962; translation first published as part of The present age and two minor ethico-religious treatises, c1940.  108p.  #10837  6.30

BR85.L484 1993  Lewis, Clive Staples.  God in the dock: essays on theology and ethics.  Edited by Walter Hooper.  Eerdmans, 1993 c1970.  346p., index.  #1165  12.03

BR85.S27492 1991   Schleiermacher, Friedrich, 1768-1834.  Friedrich Schleiermacher: pioneer of modern theology.  Edited by Keith Clements.  Fortress Press, 19991; 1st published c1987 (The Making of Modern Theology).  281p.  List of Selected Texts p.6.  Select Bibliography p.226-227.  Index.  #12105  8.00

BR95.H3 1960  Handbook of Christian theology; definition essays on concepts and movements of thought in  contemporary Protestantism.  Meridian: Living Age Books, 1960 c1958.  300p., chpt. bibl.  #59  Notes on the contributors, p.373-380.  1.45

BR95.S435 1955   Twentieth century encyclopedia of religious knowledge: an extension of the New Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge.  Editor-in-Chief, Lefferts A. Loetscher.  Baker Book House, 1955.  2v. (xxi, 1-630, 631-1205p.)  Bibliographical footnotes.  v.1, Aachen-Kodesh.  v.2, Koeberle to Zwischen.  #5596-7  5.00/set

BR100.K47 1974   Kierkegaard, Sören Aabye, 1813-1855.  Concluding unscientific postscript.  Translated from the Danish by David F. Swenson; completed by Walter Lowrie and provided with introduction and notes. Princeton University Press, 1974 c1941; 1st published 1846.  xxi, 577p.  Editors Notes p.557-573.  Index.  #7747  3.40

BR100.S3 1958   Sayers, Dorothy Leigh, 1893-1957.  The mind of the maker.  Meridian Books: Living Age Books, 1958 c1941.  220p.  Notes p.211-220.  #12331  1.50

BR100.S517 1990   Sire, James W.  Discipleship of the mind: learning to love God in the way we think.  Inter Varsity Press, c1990.  249p.  Notes p.201-217.  A Bibliography We Can’t Live Without, compiled by Brian J. Walsh and J. Richard Middleton p.220-243.  Indexes.  #13400  .65

BR100.T373 1968   Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre, 1881-1955.  The divine milieu.  Harper Torchbooks, 1968 c1960.  1st published as Le miliu divin.  160p.  Index.  #1522  .25

BR110.J3 1958  James, William.   The varieties of religious experience; a study in human nature…  New Am. Lib.: Mentor, 1958.  406p., index.  #98  The Gifford Lectures, 1901-02.  .50

BR115.A8G67 2002   Gorringe, Timothy J. The education of desire: towards a theology of the senses. The 2000 Diocese of British Columbia John Hall Lectures. Trinity Press International, 2002 c2001. xii, 144p. List of Plates p.viii. Acknowledgements p.ix. Plates between p.52 & 53. Notes p.123-137. Suggestions for Further Reading p.139-140. Index.  #13970 2.15

BR115.A82 K4 1989   Kennedy, Dennis James, 1930-        The real meaning of the Zodiac.  Compiled and edited by Nancy Britt from a series of sermons on the Zodiac.  Special TBN Edition, c1989.  143p., diagram.  Books Helpful in Researching the Subject of the Zodiac. p.141.  #11568  .25

BR115.C3W413 2005   Weber, Max, 1864-1920. The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Translated by Talcott Parsons with an introduction by Anthony Giddens. Routledge Classics, 2005; English ed. [c1930] 1st published as Protestantische Ethik ander Geist des Kapitalismus, 1904. xlii, 271p. Notes p.126-262. Index.  #9075r 2.15

BR115.C5S33 1976   Schaeffer,  Francis August, 1912-1984. How should we then live? The rise and decline of western thought and culture. Fleming H. Revell Company c1976. 288p., photos. Contains bibliographical references. List of Illustrations p.11-12. Acknowledgements p.13-15. Chronological Index p.259-265. Topical Index p.266-280. Select Bibliograpy p.281-288. #13627

BR115.C5S63 2006   Stark, Rodney, 1934-       The victory of reason: how Christianity led to freedom, capitalism, and western success. Random House, 2006 c2005. xvi, 281p., maps, tables. Acknowledgements p.237. Notes p.239-252. Bibliography p.253-270. Index.  #13586 7.49

BR115.C66C47 1995   Christian Coalition. Contract with the American family: a bold plan by Christian Coalition to strengthen the family and restore common-sense values. Introduction by Ralph Reed. The Ballantine Publishing Group/Random House, Inc.: Moorings `1995. xiv, 161p. Acknowledgements p.vii. Appendices: 1. Ralph Reed: Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club, January 17, 1995, p.133-145. 2. Additional Sources of Information on Pro-Family Issues p. 146. 3. How to Join with Christian Coalition p.147-150. Notes p.151-159. About Christian Coalition p.160-161.  #10306 .40

BR115.C66R44 1994   Reed, Ralph, 1961-      Politically incorrect: the emerging faith factor in American politics. With a foreword by William Bennett. Word Publishing c1994. xvi, 312p. Acknowledgements p.xv-xvi. Notes p.269-292. Index.  #10107 1.10

BR115.C8F64 1982   Fox, Matthew, 1948-   and Swimmer, Brian.  Manifesto for a global civilization.  Bear & Company, c1982.  54p.  #12944  .50

BR115.C8J46 1995   Jenson, Robert W.  Essays in theology of culture.  Willam B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, c1995.  xi, 224p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Essays previously published, 1966-1994.  #11642  5.25

BR115.C8N5 1951   Niebuhr, H(elmut) Richard, 1894-1962. Christ and culture. Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, c1951. xii, 259p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Index. Acknowledgements p.xi-xii. 16135 gift

BR115.C8T474 2006   Theology that matters: ecology, economy, and God. Darby Kathleen Ray, Editor. Fortress Press, c2006. x, 245p. Includes bibliographic references. Contributors p.vii-ix. Notes p.212-238. Index. #16237 2.15

BR115.E3B58 2004   Blank, Rebecca M. & McGarni, William. Is the market moral? a dialogue on religion, economics & justice. Brookings Institute Press c2004. xvi, 151p. (The Pew Forum Dialogues on Religion and Public Life).Acknowledgements p.xi-xiii. Notes at ends of articles. Contributors p.145-146. Index. #14356 2.15

BR115.E3T3 1960   Tawney, R. H.   Religion and the rise of capitalism; a historical study.  New Am. Lib: Mentor, 1960 c1926.  280p., notes, index.  #60  Holland Memorial Lectures.  .50

BR115.E3W4 1958   Weber, Max, 1864-1920.  The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism.  Translated by Talcott Parsons.  With a foreword by R.H. Tawney.  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1958; 1st published 1904-1905 as Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus.  xvii, 1a-e, 292p.  #9075  .25

BR115.H5B8 1950   Butterfield, H(erbert), Sir, 1900-1979. Christianity and history. Charles Scrigner’s Sons, c1950. viii, 246p. #16384 1.00

BR115.H5S83 1978   Swanstrom, Roy.  History in the making: an introduction to the past.  InterVarsity Press, c1978.  137p.  Bibliographical Notes p.133-134.  #12765  .25

BR115.H6B52 2005   The Bible, the church and homosexuality. Edited by Nicholas Coulton. Foreword by The Right Reverend Richard Harris, Bishop of Oxford. Darton, Longman & Todd c2005. x, 136p. Notes on Contributors p.vii-viii. Notes at ends of articles. Appendix: The Church of England Decades of Debate p.123-130.  #14057 5.35

BR115.H6F34 2003   Faithful conversation: Christian perspectives on homosexuality. Edited by James M. Childs Jr. Fortress Press, c2003. x, 132p. Contains discussion on questions, notes and bibliographical references for further reading at the ends of articles. #14390 7.30

BR115.H6H634 1999  Homosexuality and the Christian faith: questions of conscience for the churches. Edited by Walter Wink. Fortress Press, c1999. viii, 133p. Contains bibliographical referencs.  #13861 12.05

BR115.H6S3 1994   Scanzoni, Letha Dawson and Mollenko, Virginia Ramey.  Is the homosexual my neighbor?  rev. & upd.  Harper & Row, c1994; 1st published c1978.  xiv, 242p.  Notes p.199-230. Recommended for Further Reading p.231-234.  Indexes.  #7205r  10.55 + 12.90

BR115.H6T43 1990   Theological reflections on ministry and sexual orientation.  Pamela Dickey Young, Editor.  Trinity Press, c1990.  146p.  Contains bibliographical references.  #13226  1.05

BR115.H6W45 2006   White, Mel. Religion gond bad: the hidden dangers of the Christian right. Penguin Group: Jeremy P. Tarcher, c2006. xvi, 367p. Notes p.335-358. Acknowledgements p.359-360. Index.  #13852 6.70

BR115.H8R43 1982   Readings in Christian humanism. Edited by Joseph M. Shaw, R.W. Franklin, Harris Racsa, and Charles W. Buzicky. Foreword by Martin E. Marty. Augsburg Publishing House, c1982. 685p. Acknowledgements p.9-11 #16346 7.70

BR115.I35G48 1997   Geyer, Alan F.  Ideology in America: challenges to faith.  Westminster John Knowx Press, c1997.  x, 139p.  Notes p.125-133.  Index.  #12302  3.20

BR115.J8F34 1977   The faith that does justice: examining the Christian sources for social change.  Edited by John C. Haughley.  Paulist Press, c1977.  vi, 295p.  (Woodstock Series, 2).   Notes at the ends of chapters.  Index.  #12500  .50

BR115.P7C37955 2008   Christian political ethics. Edited by John A. Coleman. Princeton University Press, c2008. xviii, 289p. (The Ethikon Series in Comparative Ethics). Bibliographical references at the ends of chapters. Contributors p.279-280. Index.  #15017 5.25

BR115.P7C755 2007   Crossan, John Dominic, 1934-        God and empire: Jesus against Rome, then and now. Harper Collins Publishers: HarperSanFrancisco, c2007. [xiv], 257p. Contains bibliographical and biblical references. Prologue p.1-5. Epilogue p.237-242. Index. #16127 gift

BR115.P7D74 1985   Drinan, Robert Fredrick, 1920-2007. God and Caesar on the Potomac: a pilgrimage of conscience: writings and addresses on justice and peace. Preface by Jimmy Carter. Michael Glazier, c1985. xvi, 231p. Acknowledgements p.iv. Contains citations of first publication. Acknowledgements p.iv. Index.  #10801 .55

BR115.P7F746 1999   From Irenaeus to Grotius: a sourcebook in Christian political thought, 100-1625.  Edited by Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O’Donnovan.  William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Inc., 1999.  xx, 838p.  Bibliographical Notes.  Indexes.  #12369  10.60

BR115.P7J6 1970   Jorstad, Erling, 1930-      The politics of doomsday: fundamentalists of the far right. Abingdon Press c1970. 190p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Index.  #13826 6.43

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BR115.P7W26 1995   Wallis, Jim.  The soul of politics: beyond “Religious Right” and “Secular Left.”  With a foreword by GarryWills and a preface by Corneel West.  Harcourt Bace and Company: A Harvest Book, c1995.  xxiii, 327p.  Notes p.305-322.  Index.  #10774  .25

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