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July 26, 2014

Studies Auxilliary to History

Contains 296 titles

CB3-CB482/History of Civilization     CC1-CC960/Archaeology            CE1-CE97/Chronology and Calendar                             CR1-6305/Heraldry     CS1-CS3090/Genealogy                 CT21-CT9999/Biograpy – General, National, and by Subject

CB5.D52 1973 Ref   Dictionary of the history of ideas: studies of selected pivotal ideas.  Philip P. Wiener, Editor in Chief.  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1973.  4v & index (677, 675, 677, 537, 479p.)  Bibliographies at ends of articles.  #7414-7418  26.63/set

CB7.M8 1965   Mumford, Lewis, 1895-1990.  The human prospect.  Edited by Harry T. Moore and Karly W. Deutsch.  Southern Illinois University Press, 1965 c1955.  xiii, 319p.  Biographical Sketch p.xi-xii.  Bibliographical Note p.xiii.  Essays and other writings taken equally from previously published books and uncollected magazine articles.  #11713  .25

CB19.Q56 1999   Quinn, Daniel, 1935-        Beyond civilization: humanity’s next great adventure. Three Rivers Press, c1999. [vi], 202p.  #16291  .50

CB19.R47 1985   Rieff, Philip, 1922-2006. Fellow teachers.  Of culture and its second death.  With a new preface: “A Pretext of Proof Texts.”  The University of Chicago Press, c1985; 1st published 1973.  xxiii, 243p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #11267  2.15

CB19.T5 1972   Thompson, William Irwin, 1938-      At the edge of history.  Harper & Row: Harper Colophon Books, 1972 c1971.  252p., bibl. notes p.233-244, index.  #512  .30

CB19.T7 1948   Toynbee, Arnold Joseph, 1889-1975.  Civilization on trial.  Oxford University press, 1948.  263p.  #1909  3.20

CB19.W4 1999   Weaver, Richard M(alcolm) 1910-1963.  Ideas have consequences.  University of Chicago Press, 1999 [paperback edition, 1984]; 1st published 1948.  vii, 190p.  Acknowledgements p.189-190.  #11530  12.95

CB53.B36   Barnes, Harry Elmer, 1889-1968.  An intellectual and cultural history of the western world.  3rd rev. ed.  With Bernard Myers and other contributors.  Dover Publications, c1965; 1st published c1937.  3v. (xvi, 545; p.  Selected Readings at ends of chapters.  Contents: v.1, From earliest times through the Middle Ages.  #12218  .55

CB53.D85 v.1 1963 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981.  The story of civilization: 1.  Our oriental heritage, being a history of civilization in Egypt and the Near East to the death of Alexander, and in India, China and Japan from the beginning to our own day…  MJF Books, c1963; 1st published 1935.  xxxii, 1047p.  Illustration section between p. xxxii and 1.  Chronological tables.  Glossary p.939-944.  Bibliography p.945-955.  Index.  Maps on end papers.  #9101  7.50

CB53.D85 v.2 1966 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981.  The story of civilization: 2. The life of Greece: being a history of Greek civilization from the beginnings and of civilization in the Near East from the death of Alexander to the Roman conquest…  Simon & Schuster, c1966; 23rd printing, 1st published 1939.  xviii, 754p., illus.m maps on end papers.  Glossary p.672.  Bibliography p.673-679.  Index.  #15524  6.95

CB53.D85 v.3 1944 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981.  The story of civilization: 3. Caesar and Christ: a history of Roman civilization and of Christianity from their beginnings to A.D. 325.  Simon & Schuster, c1944.  xvi, 751p., phtos, fold out map.  Bibliographical Guide p.6730680.  Index.  #12209  3.00

CB53.D85 v.4 1950 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981.  The age of faith: a history of medieval civilization – Christian, Islamic, and Judaic – from Constantine to Dante: A.D. 325-1300.  Simon & Schuster, c1950.  xviii, 1196p., photos, maps on endpapers.  Bibliographical Guide p.1087-1100.  Index.  #12210  3.00

CB53.D85 v.5 1953 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981.  The story of civilization: 5. The Renaissance: a history of civilization in Italy from 1304-1576 A.D.  Simon & Schuster, 1953.  776p., bibl. p.729-734, il., maps, index.  #513  2.84

CB53.D85 v.6 1957 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981. The story of civilization : 6. The Reformation: a history of European civilization from Wyclif to Calvin: 1300-1564. Simon & Schuster, c1957. xvii, 1025p. illus. Maps on end papers. Bibliographical Guide p.941-952. Index.  #13683 10.00

CB53.D85 v.7 1961 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981. The story of civilization: 7. The age of reason begins: a history of European civilization in the period of Shakespeare, Bacon, Montaigne, Rembrandt, Galileo, and Descartes: 1558-1648. Simon & Schuster c1961. xviii, 729p. illus. Maps on endpapers. Notes on the Use of this Book p.ix-x. List of Illustrations p.xvii-xviii. Bibliograhical Guide p.649-659. Notes p.661-681. Index.  #10258 2.85

CB53.D85 v.8 1991 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981, and Ariel, 1898-1981.   The story of civilization: 8. The age of Louis XIV: a history of European civilization in the period… 1648-1715.  802p., illus., maps.  Bibliographical Guide p.723-732.  Index.  #1775  4.15

CB53.D85 v.9 1992 Ref   Durrant, Will, 1885-1981 and Ariel, 1898-1981.  The story of civilization: 9.  The age of Voltaire: a history of civilization in western Eurpe from 1715 to 1756, with special emphais on the conflict between religion and philosophy.  MJF Books, c1992 renewed; 1st published 1965.  xviii, 898p., plates, maps on endpapers.  Bibliographical Guide p.799-809.  Index.  #9826  8.05

CB53.D85 v.10 1967 Ref   Durant, Will, 1885-1981, and Ariel, 1898-1981.  The story of civilization: 10.  Rousseau and revolution: a history of civilization in France, England, and Germany from 1756, and in the remainder of Europe from 1715 to 1789.  Simon & Schuster, c1967.  xx, 1091p., plates.  Bibliographical Guide to editions referred to in the notes p.967-981.  Index.  #11072  7.40

CB53.S82 1958 Ref   Swain, Joseph Ward, 1891-1971. The Harper history of civilization.  Harper & Brothers, Publishers, c1948.  2v. (xiv, 832; xiv, 785p.) photos, maps & fold out maps, chronologies.  Bibliography p. v.1 p.815-824; v.2 p.771-778.  Index in each volume.  #13257m 13258  .50

CB53.W5 1959   Whitehead, Alfred North, 1961-1947.  Adventures of ideas.  New American Library: Mentor Books, 1959 c1933.  302p., index  #118..50

CB57.M9 1954   Muller, Herbert J., 1905-1980.  The uses of the past: profiles of former societies.  New American Library: Mentor Book, 1954 c1952.  384p., bibl. p.363-370, index  #119  .50

CB59.B7 1964   Brinton, (Clarence) Crane, 1898-1968, et al.  Civilization in the West.  Prentice-Hall, 1964.  717p., illus. (part color), maps, index.  #973  Reading suggestions at ends of chapters.  .05

CB59.M29 1986   McNeill, William H(ardy) 1917-      History of Western civilization: a handbook. 6th ed. University of Chicago Press, 1986; 1st published c1949. xviii, 672p. photos, maps, chronologies. Contains Suggestions for Further Reading at ends of parts. Index.  #13441 .30

CB59.M3 1963   McNeill, William H(ardy) 1917-2016.  The rise of the west: a history of the human community.  Drawings by Béla Detheö.  The University of Chicago Press, c1963.  896p., photos, maps.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #16336  2.15

CB59.O7   The other side of western civilization: Readings in everyday life.  Ed. by Stanley Chodorow.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973.  v., illus.  v.1, The ancient world to the Reformation. #1108   2.10

CB63.T6433 1957   Toynbee, Arnold Joseph, 1889-1975.  A study of history.  Abridged by D. C. Somervill.  Oxford University Press, 1997; 1st published 1946 & 1957.  2v. (617p. of v.I-VI & 414p. of v.VII-X).  Indexes.  #7393, 7139  7.65

CB63.T68O713 1973   Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955.   An interpretation of universal history.  Translated by Mildred Adams.  W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., c1973.  302p.  A series of lectures on A. J. Toynbee’s A study of history.  #13204  10.75

CB68.C5 1969   Clark, Kenneth (McKenzie) Baron Clark, 1903-1983.  Civilization: a personal view.  Harper & Row, 1969.  359p., index.  #514  bonus (list: 15.00).

CB69.B65 1993   Boorstin, Daniel J(oseph) 1914-2004.  The creators.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1993 c1992.  xv, 811p.  Some Reference Notes p.749-777.  Index.  On cover: A history of heroes of the imagination.  Companion volume to The discoverers, 1983.  #12159  .30

CB69.B66 1985   Boorstin, Daniel J(oseph) 1914-2004.  The discoverers.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1985 c1983.  745p., Some Ref. Notes p.785-713, index  #515  10.55

CB69.F47 2003 Ref   Fernández-Armesto, Felipe, 1950-      Ideas that changed the world. DK c2000. 400p. illus. (part color). Contains bibliographical references.  Index. Acknowledgements p399-400.  #13598 6.40

CB83.E413    Elias, Norbert1897-1990.  Civilizing process.  Tr. by Edmund Jephcott with notes & rev by the author.  Pantheon Books, 1982 c1939.  2v., notes, indexes. v.1, History of Manners.  v.2, Power & civility.  #516; 3071  9.02

CB103.O683 1962   Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1953. Man and crisis. Translated from the Spanish by Mildred Adams. W. W. Norton & Company, 1962 c1958; 1st published as En Torno a Galileo. 217p.   #9799 11.65

CB103.O72 1957   Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955.  The revolt of the masses.  authorized translation from the Spanish.  Nsorton, 1957 c1932; 1st published 1930, as La Relelion de las Masas.  190p.  #7346  .50

CB151.F47 2001   Férnandez-Armesto, Felipe, 1950-      Civilizations: culture, ambition, and the transformation of nature.  Simon & Schuster: The Free Press, c2001.  xii, 545p.  Notes p.469-505.  Index.  #11523  6.85

CB151.L5 1963   Lindsay, Robert Bruce, 1900-1985. The role of science in civilization.  Harper & Row, 1963.  ix, 318p.  Bibliography p. 299-305.  Index.  #7546  1.10

CB151.M25 1966   Matson, Floyd W.  The broken image: man, science and society.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1966 c1964.  342p.  Notes and References p.2490326.  Index.  #5238  .55

CB151.W75 2006   Wright, Ronald, 1948-       An illustrated short history of progress. House of Anasi Press c2006; 1st published 2004 as A short history of progress. x, 245p, illus. (part color), maps. (CB C Massey Lecture Series). Acknowledgements .viii. Noes p.197-225. Bibliography p.227-234. Index.  #14083 8.15

CB158.C67 1978   Cornish, Edward.  The study of the future: an introduction to the art and science of understanding and shaping tomorrow’s world.  World Future Society, 1978 c1977.  307p.  Bibliographjy p.259-282.  Index.  #1838  .27

CB160.C6 1956   Cohn, Victor, 1919-2000.  1999: our hopeful future.  Bobbs-Merrill, 1956 c1954.  205p., photos.  Based on articles appearing in the Minneapolis Star.  #521  source?.

CB160.W3 1968   Wagar, W(alter) Warren, 1932-2004.  The city of man: prophecies of a world civilization in twentieth-century thought.  Penguin Books, 1968 c1973.  xiii, 310p.  A Basic Library of recent Books on World Order p.293-302.  Index.  #7399  2.15

CB161.C5 1984   Clarke, Arthur C(harles) Sir, 1917-2008.  1984: spring; a choice of futures.  Ballantine: A Del Rey Book, 1984.  259p.  #522.2.11

CB161.D53 1979  Dickson, Paul.  The futurefile.  Avon Books, 1979 c1977.  255p.  Almanac & Directory p.177-246, index.  #1082 .27

CB161.G67 1997 Gould, Stephen Jay, 1941-2002.  Questioning the millenium: a rationalists guide to a precisely arbitrary countdown.  Harmony Books, c1997.  190p.  Index.  #9782  4.80

CB161.K46 1994   Kennedy, Paul M., 1945-      Preparing for the twenty-first century. HarperCollinsPublishers: Harper Perennial, 1994 c1993. xviii, 428p. Foreword and Acknowledgements p.ix-xi. Tables and Charts p.xv-xvi. Human Development Index p.351-352. Noes p.353-388. Bibliograpy p.389-405. Index.  310033 3.90

CB161.M3 1971   McHale, John.  The future of the future.  Ballantine Books, 1971 c1969.  370p., diagrams, photos.  Bibliography p.353-361, index.  #1443  .11

CB161.M35 1997   Malone, John.  Predicting the future: from Jules Verne to Bill Gates.  M. Evans and Company, c1997.  ix, 184p.  [An uncorrected advance proof.]  #11498  2.15

CB161.P74 1999  Predictions.  Edited by Sian Griffiths.  With an ingroduction by Jonathan Weiner.  Oxford University Press, c1999.  xxi, 328p., black & white photos.  Further Reading at ends of selections.  Index.  #10666  4.70

CB161.T57 1972   Futurists.  Edited with an introduction by Alvin Toffler.    Random House, 1972.  321p., Notes About the Author p.xi-xiv.  #1035  Exchange.

CB161.W25 1981   Wallechinsky, David, 1948-      et al.  The people’s almanac presents the book of predictions.  William Morrow, 1981.  530p., il., index.  #523  1.05

CB245.B365 2000   Barzun, Jacques, 1907-2012. From dawn to decadence: 1500 to the present. Harper Collins Publishers c2000. xviii, 877p. Contains quotations & references. Reference Notes p.803-828. Index of Persons p.829-852. Index of Subjects p.853-877.  #10131 18.80

CB245.B73 1965   Brinton, (Clarence) Crane, 1898-1968.  The shaping of modern thought.  Prentice-Hall, 1965 c1963; 1st published 1950.  vi, 249p.  Previously publihsed as The shaping of the modern mind, consisting of Introduction and chapters 7-14 of Ideas and man; 2d ed.  #7681  2.50

CB245.C68   Critical issues in history.  Under the editorial direction of Richard E. Sullivan.  Six-volume edition.  D.C. Heath and Company.   v.  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Contents: v.3 ([viii], 223-366) The eve of the modern world, 1250-1648. Edited with introductions by J. K. Sowards.  v.4 ([viii], 367-518) The early modern era, 1648-1770.  Edited with introductions by John  C. Rule.  v.5 ([viii], 519-657) The age of revolution, 1770-1870.  Edited with introductions by David L. Dowd.  v.6 ([viii], 659-794) War 7 totalitarianism, 1870-to the present.  Edited with introductions by John L. Snell.  #12906-12909  2.00

CB245.D44 1996   Denby, David, 1948-      Great books: my adventures with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and other indestructible writers of the Western World.  Simon & Schuster, 1996.  492p.  Reading Lists p.21-24.  Earlier Reading Lists p.465-466.  Selected Bibliography p.467-470.  Index.  #7468  6.40

CB245.K545 2006 Ref   King, Margaret L        1947-        Western civilization: a social and cultural history. 3rd ed. Prentice Hall, c2006. xl, 919, E1-32p. color illus., maps, chronology. Witnesses p.xviii-xxi. Timelines p.xxiv. Picture Credits p.xxix-xxx. Literary Credits p.xxxi. Glossary p.E1-14. Index p.E14-32. Includes Disc with over  200 documents. #16213  1.50

CB245.L613 1967   Lopez, Robert(o) S(abatino) 1910-1986.  The birth of Europe.  Evans, 1967 c1966, c1962.  442p., il., maps, bibl. p.403-406, regnal lists p.408-420, indexes.  #523  7.95

CB245.P4 1978   Mandrou, Robert, 1921-1984. From humanism to science, 1480-1700. Translated by Brian Pearce. Penguin Books c1978; 1st published as Des humanistes aux hommes de science xvie et xviie siécles. 329p. maps. (The Pelican History of European Thought, v.3). Further Reading p.303-306. Index.  #13428 3.80

CB251.T69 1958   Toynbee, Arnold Joseph, 1889-1975.  Civilization on trail and The World and the west.  Meridian Books, 1958.  1st published 1948 & 1953.  A summary of the argument of A study of history c1957.  348p.  #1140  1.35

CB253.D4 1957  Dean, Vera Michaels, 1903-1972. The nature of the non-Western world.  New American Library: Mentor, 1957.  284p., sel. readings p. 269-276, index.  #902  .10

CB311.C5 1961   Childe, V(ere) Gordon, 1892-1957. Man makes himself.  Rev.  New American Library: Mentor, 1961 c1951 [1st publ. 1936]  192p., chron. p.190, index.  #121  .30

CB311.C53 1957   Childe, V(ere) Gordon,1892-1957. What happened in history.  Penguin Books, 1957 c1954.  288p., mps, index  #123..85

CB311.E53 1988 Ref   Encyclopedia of ancient civilizations.  Edited by Leondard Cotterell.  Penguin Books, 1988 c1980.  367p., il. (part color), maps, Further Reading p.356-361, index.  Egypt, West Asia, India, Europe, China, America.  #550  gift

CB311.J59 1973   Jones, Tom B(ard) 1909-1999.  Ancient civilization.  rev.  Rand McNally College Publishing, 1973 c1960.  461p., photos, maps, tables, drawings.  Bibliography p.461-469.  Index.  #1803  .01

CB311.M8 1964   Muller, Herbert J., 1905-1980.  Freedom in the ancient world.  Bantam Books, 1964 c1961.  390p., bibl. p.375-379, index.  #124..95

CB311.P27 1965   Parkes, Henry Branford, 1904-        Gods and men: the origins of western culture.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1965 c1959.  xi, 489, vi p.  Listo of Books p.480-489.  Index.  #9145  1.00

CB311.P45 1991 Ref   Perring, Stefania (Merlo) and Dominc.  Then & now.  Macmillan, 1991.  144p., color photos and overlay, diagrams.  #925.  19.82

CB311.S3 1991   Schiller, Ronald.  Distant secrets: unraveling the mysteries of our ancient past.  Berkeley, 1991 c1989.  258p., photos, index.  #926  4.74

CB311.S735 1981 Ov   Splendors of the past: lost cities of the ancient world.  Prepared by the Special Publications Division.  National Geographic Society, 1981.  295p., illus., color photos, maps, index.  #967

CB351.B67 1973   Brandt, William J.  The shape of medieval history: studies in modes of perception.  Schocken Books, 1973 c1966.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #5716  2.10

CB351.C24 1994   Cantor, Norman F(rank) 1929-2004.  The civilization of the middle ages.  A completely rev. & exp. ed. of Medieval history: the life and death of a civilization.  Harper Perennial, 1994 c1993; 1st published 1963.  xv, 604p.  The Middle Ages on Film p.567-568.  Recommended Reading p.569-576.  Index.  #9165  13.15

CB351.M438 1993 Medieval culture and society. Edited by David Herlihy. Waveland Press, Inc., 1993 c1968. xvi, 410p. footnotes. Recommended Readings at the ends of sections.  #9937 .55

CB351.R3 1957   Rand, Edward Kennard, 1871-1945.  Founders of the Middle Ages.  Dover, 1957 c1928.  365p., List of Books p.285-286, notes p.289-349, index.  #1115  1.07

CB351.S6 1953   Southern, Richard William, Sir, 1912-2001.  The making of the Middle Ages.  Yale University Press, 1953.  280p., genealogies, bibliographies, index.  #1296  3.20

CB351.T24 1930   Taylor, Henry Osborn, 1856-1941.  The Medieval mind: a history of the development of thought and emotion in the middle ages.  4th ed.  Macmillan, 1930 c1925.  2v. index.  #524, 525

CB353.D3 1960   Dawson, Christopher (Henry) 1889-1970.  The making of Europe: an introduction to the history of European unity.  Meridian, 1960; rep. 1956 of 1952 c1932.  274p., notes p.245-262, index.  #122   1.35

CB353.W45 2007   Wells, Colin, 1960-      Sailing from Byzantium: how a lost empire shaped the world. Random House Inc./Bantam Dell: Delta Trade Boks, 2007 c2006. xxxii, 335p.  Major Characters p.ix-xv. Concurrent Timeline p.xvii. Maps p.xviii-xxvii. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Acknowledgements p.297-300. Notes p.301-307. bibliograph p. 309-327. Index.  #13663 19.15

CB353.W5 1964   White, Lynn.  Medieval technology and social change.  Oxford University press, 1964 c1962.  194p., illus., tables.  Notes p.135-177.  Index.  #1589  8.52

CB357.T64 1992   Toulmin, Stephen Edelston, 1922-2009.  Cosmopolis: the hidden agenda of modernity.  The University of Chicago Press, 1992 c1990.  xii, 228p.  Bibliographical Notes p.211-220.  Index.  #12733  6.40

CB361.B68 1973   Breisach, Ernst A.  Renaissance Europe, 1300-1517.  The Macmillan Company, c1973.  xxiv, 456p., plates (part color), diagrams, plans, charts, map.  Bibliography p.405-439.  Index.   #1339  .25

CB361.E83 1975   Europe reborn: the story of Renaissance civilization.  Robert Douglas Mead, Gen. Ed.  New American Lib-rary: Mentor, 1975.  324p., For Further Reading p.307-9, maps, charts, photos, index.  #1191  .10

CB361.G69 2011   Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943-        The swerve: how the world became modern. W.W. Norton & Company, c2011. xiv, 356p. color illus.  Acknowledgements p.265-266. Notes p.267-308. Selected Bibliography p.309-335. Photograph Credits p.337. Index.  #16354  18.15

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CB411.N5 1961   Nicolson, Harold George, Sir, 1886-1968. The age of reason: the eighteenth century.  Doubleday 1961 c1960.  433p., bibl. p.419-425, index (Main stream of the modern world)  #525  withdrawn copy

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CB425.C583 1999   Conrad, Peter, 1948-      Modern times, modern places.  Alfred A. Knopf, c1998.  752p., photos.  Illustration Acknowledgements p.738-742.  Index.  #12440  5.80

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CB425.S35 s.11960   Saturday Evening Post (periodical).  Adventures of the mind.  Edited by Richard Thruelsen and John Kobler.  Introduction by Mark Van Doren.  Alfred A. Knopf, 1960; essays 1st published c1958 & c1959.  x, 285p.  Contains Further Reading at the ends of some essays.  Contents: L. Eisley, An Evolutionist Looks at Modern Man.  J. Barzun, The Misbehavioral Sciences.  Wm. S. Beck, The Riddle of Life.  P. Tillich, The Lost Dimension in Religion.  J. R. Oppenheimer, The Mystery of Matter.  E. Hamilton, The Lessons of the Past.  A. Huxley, Drugs that Shape Men’s Minds.  A.M. Schlesinger, Jr., The Decline of Heroes.  E. Sitwell, The Poet’s Vision.  D.W. Brogan, The End of Empire.  H. Selye, What Makes Basic Research Basic?  H. Read, Art and Life.  F. Hoyle, When Time Began.  L. Mumford, How War Began.  A. Copland, The Pleasures of Music.  M.C. D’Arcy, The Varieties of Human Love.  J.R. Newman, Einstein’s Great Idea.  S.I. Hayakawa, How Words Change Our Lives.  C. Greenberg, The Case for Abstract Art.  W. Gropius, The Curse of Conformity.  B. Russell, The Expanding Mental Universe.  #12694  3.20

CB425.S35 s.2 1961  Saturday Evening Post (periodical).  Adventures of the mind.  Second series.  Edited by Richard Thruelsen and John Kobler. Random House: Vintage, 1961; essays 1st published c1959 & c1960.  Contains Further Reading at the ends of some essays.  Contents: H.W. Wriston, The Challenge of Being Free.  S. Spender, The Connecting Imagination.  Sir G. Thomson, What You Should Know about Physics.  Wm. Snaith, The Anguish of Modern Art.  Morris Kline, The Meaning of Mathematics.  C. Rossiter, Why Marx Failed Here.  W.A. Fowler, The Origin of Elements.  D.L. Bazelon, The Awesome Decision.  A. Eliot, The Sense of Truth.  F.A. Brown, Jr., Life’s Mysterious Clocks.  J.K. Galbraith, Men and Capital.  G.W. Corner, Science and Sex Ethics.  F. Mauriac, The Final Answer.  B. Ward, The Economic Revolution.  J.L. Greenstein, Natural History of a Star.  G.W. Johnson, The U.S. Presidency.  E.A. Evans, Jr., How Life Began.  O. Barfield, The Rediscovery of Meaning.  C.P. Snow, Conflict of Cultures.  J. Ciardi, The Art of Language.  #1650  .25

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