BC-BD Classification

May 20, 2014

Updated 16 September 2018

Philosophy’s Parts – 164 Titles

BC/Reason, Rationality, Logic                  BD/Formal Philosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology

BC50.F63 1978   Fogelin, Robert J.  Understanding arguments: an introduction to formal logic.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1978.  xii, 351p., drawings, diagrams.  Index.  #11556  1.70

BC91.M54 bk.6 1965   Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873.  A system of locic, Book VI: On the logic of the moral sciences.  Edited, with an introduction by Hanry M. Magid.  The Bobbs-Merrill Company: The Library of Liberal Arts, c1965; first published 1843.  xxviii, 187p.  Selected Bibliography p.xxvi.  Appendices A-F p.151-180.  Biographical Notes p.181-184.  Index.  Text based on the 8th edition, 1872.  #11546  .25

BC91.R47 1980  Rescher, Nicholas.  Induction: an essay on the justification of inductive reasoning.  University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980.  xiii, 225p.. bibliographical footnotes.  Indexes.  #7427  .55

BC108.J45 1957   Jevons, William Stanley, 1835-1882.  Elementary lessons in logic: deductive and inductive.  With copious questions and examples and a vocabulary of logical terms.  Macmillan & Co.: St. Martin’s Press, 1957 c1870.  340p., diagrams.  Questions and Exercises p.296-331. Index and Concise Vocabulary p.332-340.  #11180  3.20

BC108.R8 1954   Ruby, Lionel.  The art of making sense: a guide to logical thinking.  J.B. Lippincott Company, c1954.  286p., diagrams.  Index.  #11476  .25

BC108.S72 1966   Smith, Vincent Edward.  Éléments de logique.  Traduit de l’Américain par Thérèse Sasseville et Marie Agnès Tremblay.  2e ed.  Centre de Psychologie et de Pedagogie, 1966.  335p.  #1415  .25

BC171.B58 2005   Blackburn, Simon. Truth: a guide. Oxford University Press, c2005. xxii, 238p. Notes p.223-234. Index. #14309 13.45

BC177.N69 1993   Nozick, Robert.  The nature of rationality.  Princeton University Press, c1993.  xvi, 226p.  Notes p.183-217.  Indexes.  #12406  6.45

BC177.R345 1990   Regal, Philip.   The anatomy of judgment.  University of Minnesota Press, 1990.  368p. Additional Readings p.335-347.  Index.  #482  15.85

BC177.S28 1993   Saul, John Ralston.  Voltaire’s bastards: the dictatorship of reason in the West.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1993 c1992.  x, 612p.  Notes p.587-612.  #10217  8.55

BC177.T58   Toulmin, Stephen.  Human understanding.  Princeton University press, 1972-      3v. (519,           ), bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  v.1, General introduction and part 1.  #5352  .25

BD11.B53 1999   Blackburn, Simon.  Think: a compelling introduction to philosophy.  Oxford University Press, c1999.  vii, 312p.  Bibliography p.307-370.  Index.  #10277  15.70

BD21.C594 1975   Classic philosphical questions; 2d ed.  Edited by James A. Gould.  Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company, c1975; 1st published c1971.  x, 661p.  Suggested Readings at ends of selections.  Appendices:  I. General References p.650.  II. [Biographical notes on contributors].  Index.  #13206  1.60

BD21.E5 1981   Emmet, Eric Revell.  Learning to philosophize.  Rev.  Penguin Books, 1981 c1968; 1st published 1964.  270p.  Sources of Extracts p.267-270.  #10835  1.40

BD21.F73 1989   Frost, S        E        1899-1978.  Basic teaching of the great philosophers: a survey of their basic ideas.  rev ed.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1989 c1962; 1st published 1942.  301p.  Biographical Notes p.275-296.  Index.  #5881  .50

BD21.N24 1987   Nagel, Thomas.  What does it all mean?  A very short introduction to philosophy.  Oxford University Press, 1987.  101p.  #7174  .50

BD21.S375 1998   Scruton, Roger.  An intelligent person’s guide to philosophy.  Penguin Books, 1998 c1996.  168p.  Further Reading p.165.  Index.  #10467  13.85

BD31.P56 2001   Phillips, Christopher, 1959-                Socrates café: a fresh taste of philosophy.  W. W. Norton & Company, c2001.  [vi], 232p.  Glossary of Philosophers p.213-224.  Further Reading p.225-229.  Acknowledgements p.231-232.  #12519  6.45

BD32.M3 1991   Maritain, Jacques, 1882-1973.  An introduction to philosophy.  With a new foreword by Stephen J. Cicchio.  Christian Classics, 1991; 1st published 1930?  From the 1920 edition, Elements de philosophie.  xxiii, 191p., diagrams.  Bibliographical footnotes.  #1680  5.00

BD111.W52 1969   Wilshire, Bruce.  Metaphysics: an introduction to philosophy.  Pegasus, 1969.  208p.  Selected Bibliography p.201-203.  Index.  #7725  2.10

BD150.T55 q.5-6 1961   Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?1274.  Providence and PredestinationTruth, Questions 5 & 6.  Translated from the defniitive Leonine text and with an Introduction by Robert W. Mulligan.  Henry Regnery Company: A Gateway Edition, 1961; text 1st published in Veritate, c1953.  xxxii, 154p.  (Questiones disputate du veritate; 5-6).  #12936  .25

BD161.A9 1979   Ayer, Alfred Jules, 1910-1989, Sir.          Problem of knowledge.  Penguin Books, 1979 c1956. 224p..  Index.  #1096  Exchange.

BD161.B32 1980   Bateson, Gregory.  Mind and nature: a necessary unity.  Bantam Books, 1980.  259p., drawings.   Glossary p.249-253.  Index.  #1964  .30

BD161.C34 1969   Capaldi, Nicholas.  Human knowledge: a philosophical analysis of its meaning and scope.  Pegasus, 1969.  176p.  Select Bibliogra­phy p. 170-173.  Index  (Traditions in Philosophy).  #1767  2.13

BD161.B38 1960   Dewey, John, 1859-1952, and Bentley, Arthur Fisher, 1870-        Knowing and the known.  Beacon Press, 1960 c1949.  xiii, 334p.  Bibliographical notes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #9630  4.25

BD161.D4 1960   Dewey, John, 1859-1952.  The quest for certainty: a study of the relation of knowledge and action.  Gifford Lectures 1929.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons: Capricorn Books, 1960 c1929.  318p.  Index.  #7341  3.75

BD161.G74 1974   Grene, Marjorie.  The knower and the known.  University of California Press, c1974; 1st published 1964.  283p.  Notes p.267-280.  Index.  #10213  6.40

BD161.H846 1995   Human knowledge: classical and contemporary approaches.  2d ed.  Edited by Paul K. Moser and Arnold vander Nat.  Oxford University Press, 1995.  463p., bibliographical references at ends of chapters.  Indexes.  #1618  5.98

BD161.L9 1962   Lynch, William F., 1908-          The integrating mind: an exploration into Western thought.  Sheed & Ward, 1962.  viii, 181p.  #7452  1.10

BD161.O94 1992   Owens, Joseph.  Cognition: an episte­melogical inquiry.  Center for Thomistic Studies, 1992.  373p.  Notes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #3055  3.40

BD161.P719 1969   Polanyi, Michael.  Knowing and being: essays.  The University of Chicago Press, 1969.  xvii, 246p.  Bibliographic notes at ends of chaptersIndex.  #9631  4.25

BD161.R3 1969   Rand, Ayn, 1905-1982.   Introduction to objectivist epistemology.  The Objectivist, 1969 c1967.  77p., notes.  #443  First published in The Objectivist.  1.95

BD161.R3 1990   Rand, Ayn, 1905-1982.   Introduction to objectivist epistemology.  With an additional essay by Leonard Peikoff.  Expanded 2d ed.  Penguin: Meridian, 1990.  374p..  Index.  #479  10.45

BD171.A24 1984   Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-      Six great ideas: truth, goodness, beauty–ideas we judge by–liberty, equality, justives–ideas we act by.  Macmillan: Collier Books, 1984 c1981.  243p.  #1262  $7.65

BD171.F47 1997b   Fernándex-Arnesto, Felipe.  Truth: a history and a guide for the perplexed.  St. Martin’s Press, c1997.  xiii, 257p.  Notes p.230-249.  Index.  #10345  12.05

BD175.I544 1990   Ingram, David B. Critical theory and philosophy. Paragon House, c1990. xxx, 240p. (Paragon Issues in Philosophy) Notes and selected bibliography at ends of chapters. Acknowledgements p.xiii. Biographical Profiles of Important Critical Theorists p.217-218. Glossary p.219-227. Index. 16188 1.00

BD177.P3 1961   Passmore, John.  Philosophical reasoning.  Scribners, 1961.  150p., bilbiographical footnes.  #5880  1.00

BD181.B76 1978   Bronowski, Jacob, 1908-1974.  The origins of knowledge and imagination.  Yale University Press, c1978.  xiii, 144p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  (The Silliman Foundation Lectures, v.44).  Index.  #12643  .25

BD215.D45 2007   DeYoung, Curtiss Paul. Living fatith: how faith inspires social justice. Fortress Press c2007. [vi], 186p. Acknowledgements p.159. Brief Biographical Setches of Twentiety Century Mustic advocates p.160-162. Endnotes p.163-175. Bibliography p.176-183. Index.  #13866 12.85

BD215.H43 2000   Hecht, Jennifer Michael. Doubt: a history. The great debaters and their legacy of innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily dickinson. HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperSanFrancisco, 2004 c2003. xxii, 551p. Notes p.495-520. Bibliography p.521-528. Acknowledgements p.529. Index.  #13677 10.75

BD215.N6 1967   Novak, Michael.  Belief and unbelief: a philosophy of self knowledge.  New American Library: Mentor-Omega, 1967 c1965. 189p.  Selected  Bibliography p.178-183.  Index.  #1135  .55

BD221.H37   Harris, James F(ranklin) 1941-      Against relativism: a philosophical defense of method. Open Court, 1993 c1992. xviii, 228p. Acknowledgements p.xvii. Notes p.195-213. Select Bibliography p.215-222. Index.  #15791 .25

BD232.G667 1996   Griffin, James, 1933-   Value judgment: improving your ethical beliefs.  Clarendon Press, c1996.  xii, 180p.  Bibliography p.169-175.  Index.  #12596  2.65

BD232.K6 1959   Köhler, Wolfgang, 1897-         The place of value in a world of facts.  Meridian Books, 1959 c1938.  xiii, 418p., bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #7576  1.00

BD232.N484 1970   New knowledge in human values.  Edited by Abraham N. Maslow.  Foreword by Pitirim A. Sorokin.  Henry Regnery Company: A Gateway Edition, 1970 c1959.  xiv, 268p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Biographical Notes on the Contributors p.251-258.  Index.  #10450  .75

BD241.B415 1983   Bernstein, Richard J.  Beyond objectivism and relativism: science, hermeneutics, and praxis.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983.  xix, 284p.  Bibliography p.268-276.  Index.  #9892  5.35

BD241.G313 1989   Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-     Truth and method; 2nd rev. ed.  Translation revised by Joel Weinsheimer and Donald G. Marshall.  Crossroad, c1989; 1st English translation c1975, based on 5th German ed., Gesammelte Werke, v.1., c1986; 1st published as Warheit und method, c1960.  xxxviii, 594p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #11954  exchange

BD311.T3 1961   Taylor, Alfred Edward, 1869-1945.  Elements of metaphysics.  Barnes & Noble, 1961 c1903.  419p., chpter bibliographies..  Index  #37.  1.95

BD331.H4313 1961   Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.   An introduction to metaphysics.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1961 c1959; 1st published in Germany, 1953.  192p..  Index.  #111  .95

BD331.M3 1962   Maritain, Jacques, 1882-1973.   A preface to metaphysics; seven lectures on being.  New American Library: Mentor Omega Books, 1962.  142p.  #112  .60

BD331.P4 1977   Pearce, Joseph Chilton.   The crack in the cosmic egg: challenging constructs of mind and reality.  Pocket Books, 1977 c1971.  219p. Bibl. p.213-219.  #491  1.04

BD411.C544 2003   Clegg, Brian.  A brief history of infinity: the quest to think the unthinkable.  Robinson, c2003.  [x], 255p., diagrams, tables, equations.  Acknowledgements p. [ix].  References p.245-249.  Index.  #13411  5.65

BD418.3.F627 2000   Fodor, Jerry A.  The mind doesn’t work that way: the scope and limits of computational psychology.  MIT Press: A Bradford Book, c2000.  xi, 126p.  References p.121-123.  Index.  (Representation and Mind).  #11265  15.00

BD418.3.S43 1995   Searle, John R.  The rediscovery of mind.  The MIT Press: A Bradford Book, 1995 c1992.  xv, 270p.  Bibliograhy p.255-261.  Indexes.  #11183  10.65

BD431.B24 1961   Baker, Herschel Clay, 1914-      The image of man: a study of the idea of human dignity in classical antiquity, the middle ages, and the Renaissance.  Harper & Brothers: Harper Torchbooks/The Academy Library, 1961 c1947.  xii, 365p.  Bibliography p.339-357.  Index.  #12325  4.00

BD431.F68 1968   Frankel, Charles.  The case for modern man.  With a new preface by the author.  Beacon Press, 1968 c1956.  240p.  Notes p.213-236.  Index.  #5882  .50

BD435.G73 2008   Gracián y Morales, Baltasar, 1601-1658. Translated by Martin Fischer. Edited with an introduction by Steven Schroeder. Barnes & Noble, 2008; 1st published 1647. xiv, 103p. Suggested Reading p.103. 16299 7.35

BD435.K874 1986   Kushner, Harold.  When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough.  Simon & Schuster: Summit Books, c1986.  x, 147p.  On cover: The Search for a Life That Matters.  #12753  .30

BD436.B47 1987   Bergmann, Martin S., 1913-        The anatomy of loving: the story of man’s quest to know what love is.  Columbia University Press, 1987.  xii, 302p, frontispiece.  Bibliography p.279-287.  Index.  #7634  1.00

BD436.P44 2007   Phillips, Christopher, 1959-      Socrates in Love: philosophy for a die-hard romantic. W. W. Norton & Company, c2007. 320p. Acknowledgements p.313-317. Recommended Reading p.319-320. 16344 4.10

BD436.S6 1988   Solomon, Robert C.  About love: reinventing romance for our times.  Simon & Schuster, c1988.  349p.  #10390  1.05

BD438.E83 1909   Eucken, Rudolf Christof.  The problem of human life as viewed by the great thinkers…  Translated from the German by Williston S. Hough and W.R. Boyce Gibson.  Scribners, 1909.  582p.  Indexes.  #1646  .25

BD444.H37 1977   Harrington, Alan, 1919-     The immortalist.  Celestial Arts, c1977; 1st published 1969.  [viii], 313p.  Notes p.292-308.  Index.  A book on the engineering of man’s divinity. – Preface.   #13379  .70

BD450.B39 1971   Becker, Ernest.  Birth and death of meaning: an interdisciplinary perspective on the problem of man.  2d ed.  Macmillan: Free Press, 1971.  228p.  References p.211-214.  Background Bibliography p.215-219.  Index.  #1766  1.88

BD450.B44 1971   Bernstein, Richard J.  Praxis and action: contemporary philosophies of human activity.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 1971.  xv, 344p.  Bibliography p.321-333.  Indexes.  #9094  2.15

BD450.B525 1997   Bloom, Howard K., 1943-         The Lucifer principle: a scientific expedition into the forces of history.  The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1997.  xiv, 466p.  Bibliography p.409-448.  Index.  #9002  16.00

BD450.C3 1965   Castell, Alburey, 1904-                      The self in philosophy.  The Macmillan Co., c1965.  vi, 122p.  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Bibliography p.118-122.   #13610  4.30

BD450.F35 2002   Flanagan, Owen J., 1949-       The problem of the soul: two visions of mind and how to reconcile them. Perseus Book Group: Basic Books, c2002. xviii, 364p. Bibliographic Essay p.324-334. Selected Bibliography p.335-348. Acknowledgements p.349-350. Index.  #14432 6.40

BD450.G39 1990   Gaylin, Willard.  On being and becoming human.  Penguin Books, 1990.  292p.   Bibliographical Notes p.273-281.  Index.  #1620  1.71

BD450.M578 1985   Monasterio, Xavier O. To be human: an introductory experiment in philosophy. Paulist Press 1985. viii, 241p. Acknowledgements p.vii. Notes p.237-241.  #13653 free

BD450.N366 1988   Cicero, Marcus Tullius, 106-43 B.C.E.   The Nature of the Gods.  Translated by Horace C. P. McGregor; introduction by J. M. Ross.  Penguin Books, 1988 c1972.  278p..  Index, list of books.  #447.  7.37

BD450.N58 1968   Nobel Conference: 4th, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1968.  The uniqueness of man: a discussion.  Edited by John D. Soslansky.  North Holland Publishing Company, 1968.  189p.  Contains bibliographical notes and footnotes.  #7472  .50

BD450.S3785 2010   Schulz, Kathryn. Being worng: adventures in the margin of error. HarperCollinsPublishrs: Ecco `2010. x, 405p., photos, table. Acknowledgements p.341-344. Notes p.345-391. Index.  #14434 15.80

BD450.S766 1987   Stevenson, Leslie Foster. Seven theories of human nature. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press c1987; 1st published c1974. xii, 147p. Notes and bibliographies at ends of chapters. Index. On cover: Christianity, Freud, Lorenz, Marx, Sartre, Skinner, Plato.  #15775 2.15

BD450.T413 1969   Teihard de Chardin, Pierre, 1881-1955.  The future of man.  Translated from the French by Damien Deny.  Harper & Row, 1969 c1964.  1st published 1959 as L’Avenir de l’homme.  332p., biblographic footnotes.  Index.  #1532  .25

BD450.Z43 1995   Zeldin, Theodore.  An intimate history of humanity.  Harper Collins Publishers: Harper Perennial, 1996 c1994.  viii, 488p.  Bibliographical notes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #9184  17.00

BD511.H65 2012   Holt, Jim, 1954-      Why does the world exist? an existential detective story. W.W. Norton & Company: Liveriglit Publishing Corporation c2012. xiii, 308p. Acknowledgements p.281. Notes p.283-294. Index. #15771 3.20

BD511.L4 1947   Lecomte du  Noüy, P.  Human destiny.  New American Library: Mentor Book, 1942.  189p.  #1715  .37

BD511.M8 1961 Munitz, Milton Karl, 1913-               Space, time and creation: philosophical aspects of scientific cosmology.  Collier Books, 1961 c1957.  156p.  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #13160  3.20

BD512.T413 1965   Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre, 1881-1955.   The phenomenon of man.  Harper: Torchbooks (The Cathedral Library) 1965 c1959; 1st published in France, 1955.  320p..  Index.  #415  .10

BD638.G64 2001   Gorst, Martin, 1960-        Measuring eternity: the search for the beginning of time.  Broadway Books, c2001.  [5], 338p., black & white photos, facsimilies.  Notes and Sources p.295-310.  Select Bibliography p.311-313.  Index.  #11978  10.65

BD638.J6613 2001   Jonsson, Bodil.  Unwinding the clock: ten thoughts on our relation to time.  Translated from the Swedish by Tiina Nunnally.  Harcourt, c2001; 1st published 1999 as Tiv Tankar om Tid.  x,150p.  Uncorrected proof.  #11261  2.15

BD638.S76 2001   Steiner, George 1929-       Grammars of creation: originating in the Gifford Lectures for 1990.  Yale Unsiversity Press, c2001 [vi], 344p.  Contains bibliographical references.  Index.  #12593  6.40

BD701.E383 1959   Eliade, Mircea, 1907-    Cosmos and history: they myth of the eternal return.  Translated from the French by Willard R. Trask.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks/The Bollingen Library, c1959; 1st published c1954 as The myth of the eternal return from Le mythe d’éternal retour: archétypes et répétition c1949.  xv, 176p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #12368  3.20

BD901.N38 1998   The necessity of friction.  Edited by Nordal Akerman.  HarperCollinsPublishers: Westview Press, c1998.  viii, 320p.  Notes at ends of articles.  About the Authors p.319-320.  #10081  5.00