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July 31, 2014

Class D1-2009: General History

Contains 325 titles.

Updated 19 January 2019

D1-D34/History in General with Military and Political aspects.           D51-D90/Ancient History.     D101-D893/Medieval & Modern History.   D900-D2009/Europe; individual countries in DA-DR.

D5.E94 1988 Ref   Eye-witness to history. Edited by John Corey. Harvard University Press, 1988 c1987; 1st published as The Faber book of reportage. xxxviii, 706p. Sources p.687-696. Acknowledgements p.697-699. Index.  #13375 .75

D6.R5 v.1 1962   Cheyney, Edward P(otts) 1861-1947.  The dawn of a new era, 1250-1453.  Harper & Row, Harper Torchbooks, 1962 c1936.  389p., illus.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.1).    Bibliography (rev. Nov. 1957) p.343-378.  Index.  #125  2.45

D6.R5 v.2 1962   Gilmore, Myron P., 1910-1978  The world of humanism, 1453-1517.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1962 c1952.  326p.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.2)   Bibliography (rev. Aug. 1958) p.271-318.  Index.  #126  2.25

D6.R5 v.5 1962   Friedrich, Carl J(oachim) 1901-1964.  The age of the baroque, 1610-1660.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1962 c1952.  368p., illus.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.5)  Bibliography (rev. Nov. 1958) p.327-355.  Index.  #127  2.25

D6.R5 v.6 1953   Frederick L(ouis) Nussbaum, 1885-1958.  The triumph of science and reason, 1660-1685.  Harper & Row, 1953.  304p., illus.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.6)  Bibliography p.261-290.  #535  .16

D6.R5 v.11 1934   Brinton, (Clarence) Crane, 1898-1968.  A decade of revolution, 1789-1799.  Harper & Brothers, 1934.  330p., illus.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.11)  Bibliography p.293-322.  Index.  #536

D6.R5 v.15 1963   Binkley, Robert C(edric) 1897-1940.  Realism and nationalism, 1852-1871.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1963 c1935.  xvi, 338p., illus.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.15).  Bibliographic Essay (rev. Dec. 1958) p.307-331.  Index.  #9662  3.20

D6.R5 v.16 1941x  Hayes, Carlton J(oseph) H(untley) 1882-1964.  A generation of materialism, 1871-1900.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1941.  390p.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.16).  Bibliographic essay (rev. Jan. 1960) p.341-380.  Index.  #5603  1.00

D6.R5 v.17 1971   Hale, Oron J(ames) 1903-1991.  The great illustion, 1900-1914.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1971.  xv, 361p., photos, posters.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.17).  Bibliographical Essay p.315-355.  Index.  #9663  4.30

D6.R5 v.19 1972   Sontag, Raymond J(ames) 1897-1972.  A broken world, 1919-1939.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1972 c1971.  xviii, 465p.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.19).  Bibliographical Essay p.383-403.  Index.  #9664  4.30

D6.R5 v.20 1968   Wright, Gordon, 1912-2000.  The ordeal of total war, 1939-1945.  Harper & Row, Harper Torchbooks, c1968.  314p., photos, maps.  (The rise of modern Europe, v.20).  Bibliographical Essay p.269-305.  #5604  1.00

D7.H823 1959   Huizinga, Johan, 1872-1945.  Men and ideas: history, the Middle Ages, the Renissance.  Essays.  Translated by James S. Homes and Hans van Marle.  Introduction by Bert F. Hoselitz.  Meridian Books, 1959.  378p.  Notes p.343-370.  Index.  #7526  .50

D10.O44 1996   Olmert, Michael, 1940-      Milton’s teeth and Ovid’s umbrella.  Curiouser and curiouser adventures in history.  Simon & Schuster: A Touchstone Book, 1996.  256p.  Notes and Further Reading at ends of chapters.  Contents: Life.   Leisure.  Celebrations.  Implements and Symbols.  #5918  1.00

D11.C27 1996 Ref   Castleden, Rodney.  World history: a chronological dictionary of dates.  J.G. Press, 1996 c1994.  664p.  #5824  4.25

D11. T55 1979 Ref   The timetables of history: a horizontal linkage of people and events.  New, updated ed.  By Bernard Gum, based on Wernerstein’s Kulturfahrplan.  Simone & Schuster: A Touchstone Book, c1979 English translation of the 1963 ed., 1st published 1946.  [viii], 676p.  Index.  #12374  2.10

D11.W47 1990 Ref   Wetterau, Bruce.  The New York Public Library book of chronologies.  Prentice Hall Press: A Storesong Press Book, 1990.  634p.  Selected Bibliography p.622-634.  Index.  #5192  3.70

D13.B334 1977 Ref   Barzun, Jacques, 1907-2012 and Geoff, Henry F.  The modern researcher.  3d ed.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1977.  xx, 378p.  For Further Reading p.329-351.  Index.  #7636  1.00

D13.B5613 1953   Bloch, Marc, 1886-1944. The historian’s craft. Introduction by Joseph R. Strayer. Translated from the Frency by Peter Putnam. Ramdom House: Vintage Books – A Caravelle Eddition c1953. xxii, 198p. footnotes. Contains bibliographical references.  #1373 1.06

D13.B780 2008 Ref   Burrow, J(ohn) W(illiam) 1935-2009.  A history of histories: epics, chronicles, romances and inquiries from Herodotus and Thucydides to the twentieth century.  Alfred A. Knopf, 2008, c2007.  xviii, 521p.  Acknowledgements p.xi.  Select Bibliography p.487.  Index.  A Note about the Author p.519. #16144  1.00

D13.G395 1987   Gilderhus, Mark T.  History and historians: a historical introduction.  Prentice-Hall, 1987.  132p.  Notes p.127-128.  Index.  #1193  2.46

D13.M2942005   Marius, Richard (Currus) 1933-1999 and Page, Melvin E.  A short guide to writing about history.  5th ed.  Precision Education, Inc. c2005. x, 230p.  Includes bibliographical references.  Appendices: A. Sample Student Research Paper p.185-201. B. Short Essays (and Examinations) p.202-209. C. Book Reviews p.210-222. Select Bibliography p.323-324. Credits p 225. Index.  #16296  1.00

D13.S82 1973   The vareties of history: from Voltaire to the present.    Edited, selected and introduced by Fritz Stern. rev. ed.  Random House: Vintage, 1973 c1972.  528p.  Sources p.516-519.  Index.  #537  3.16

D13.T83 1982   Tuchmann, Barbara Westheim, 1912-1989. Practicing history: selected essays. The Random House Publishing Group: Ballantine Books, 1982 c1981. viii, 307p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. About the Author p.307. #15886 8.10

D16.F53 1970   Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-      Historians’ fallacies: toward a logic of historical thought.  Harper Torchbooks, 1970.  338p..  Bibliography footnotes.  Indexes.  #1194  2.46

D16.H4 1970   The historian’s workshop: original essays by sixteen historians. Edited by L. P. Curtis. Alfred A. Knopf c1970. xvi, 328p. Notes at the ends of essays.  #1958 1.10

D16.W59 1969   White, Morton, 1917-      Foundations of historical knowledge.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1969 c1965.  ix, 299p.  Bibliogrpahical footnotes.  Index.  #10596  5.80

D16.2.H19 1987  Hamerow, Theodore S(tephen) 1920-2013.  Reflections on history and historians. The University of Wisconsin Press, c1987.  xiv, 267p. Tables. Contains bibliographical footnotes.  List of Tables p.ix. Index. #16215  2.15

D16.2.N8 1967   Nugent, Walter T.K.  Creative history.  J.B. Lippincott, 1967.  204p.  Appendix I: A Few Helpful Books p.171-173.  Index.  #7108  2.55

D16.2.R75 1965   Rowse, A(lfred) L(eslie) 1903-1997. The use of history. New rev. ed. Collier Books, 1965 c1963; 1st published 1946. 160p. Index.  #1252 .30

D16.8.A65 1979   Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975.  Between past and future: eight exercises in political thought.  Penguin Books, 1977 c1968.  306p.  Notes p.283-301.  Index of names.  #985  5.33

D16.8.B83 1984   Burke, Kenneth (Duva) 1897-1993. Attitudes toward history. Third ediion with a new afterword. University of California Press, c1984; 1st published c1937. [xii], 434p. footnotes. #1432 3.20

D16.8.C33 1961   Carr, Edward Hallett, 1892-1982. What is history?  The George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectures.  Random House: Vintage, 1961; delivered at the Uniersity of Cambridge, January-March 1961.  209.  Iiip., bibliographical footnotes.  #5940  .50

D16.8 D3 1962   Dawson, Christopher (Henry) 1889-1970. Dynamics of world history.  Edited with a preface to this edition by John J. Mulloy.  Sherwood Sugden and Company. c1978; 1st published 1956D  xiv, 489p.  Sources p.469-472.  Index.  #129r  6.95

D16.8.D84 1968   Durant, Will, 1885-1981 and Durant, Ariel (Chaya Kaufman) 1898-1981. The lessons of history. Simon & Schuster c1968. 117p. Guide to Boks p.105-107. Index.  #15048 3.15

D16.8.E847 1999   Evans, Richard J(ohn), Sir, 1947-      In defense of history.  Rev. ed.  W. W. Norton, c1999; 1st published c1997.  xi, 287p.  Further Reading p.253-272.  Index.  #12027  3.20

D16.8.F85 1993   Fukuyama, (Yoshihiro) Francis, 1952-      The end of history and the last man.  Avon Books, 1993 c1992.  418p.  Bibliography p.391-401.  Index.  #1021  11.98

D16.8.G6983 1997   Graham, Gordon, 1949-      The shape of the past: a philosophical approach to history. Oxford University Press c1997. [x], 236p. Acknowledgements p. [vii]. Bibliography p.223-226. Index.  #10415 8.00

D16.8.G867 1976   Gustavson, Carl G. The mansion of history. McGraw-Hill Book Company c1976. x, 403p. Bibliographical Notes p.383-395. Index.  #13247 .25

D16.8.H34 1956   Hegel, George Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831.  The philosophy of history.  Prefaces by Charles Hegel and the translator, J. Sibree.  A new introduction by J.C. Friedrich.  Dover Publications, c1956; reprint of 1899 revision.  xvi, 457p., bibliographical footnotes.  #9034.10.60

D16.8.M26 1967   Mandlebaum, Maurice, 1908-1987. The problem of historical knowledge: an answer to relativism. Preface to the Torchbook edition by the author. Harper & Row, Publishers: Harper Torchbooks c1967; 1st publisched c1938. x, 338p. Bibliography p.324-334. Index.  #13218 Index

D16.8.M5 1959   Philosophy of history in our time: an anthology selected, with introduction and commentary.  Hans Meyerhoff, ed.  Doubleday: Anchaor Books, 1959.  350p..  Bibliography p.346-350.  #131.1.25

D16.8.N79 1957   Nietzche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900.  The use and abuse of history.  Translated by Adrian Collins. Introduction by Julius Kroft.  Liberal Arts Press, 1957.  75p.  Bibliography p.vi.  #132  .50

D16.8.O72 1962   Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955. History as a system and other essays toward a philosophy of history. [Translated by Helene Weyl]. With an afterword by John William Miller. W. W.       Norton & Company, 1962c1961; 1st published as Toward a Philosophy of History c1941. 269p.  #9800 11.65

D16.8 S3 1957   Schackenberg, Walter C., 1917-1973. Now or never: some reflections on the meaning of the fullness of time.  Luther League Press, 1957. 79p.  (Fullness ser v.1 no.4).  Notes p.77-79.  #133  .50

D16.9.H67 1962   Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989. The hero in history: a study in limitation and possibility.  Beacon Press, 1962 c1943.  xiv, 273p.  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #5551  5.35

D16.9.N5 1949   Niebuhr, (Karl Paul) Reinhold, 1892-1971. Faith and history: a comparison of Christian and modern views of history.  Charles Scribner’s Sons, c1949.  ix, 257p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Indexes.  #10800  15.95

D16.9.N93 1992   Novack, George1905-1992. Understanding history: Marxist essays.  Pathfinder, 1992.  208p.  #1619.  1.71

D20.M484 2003   McNeill, John Robert, 1954-  and McNeill, William (Hardy) 1917-      The human web: a birds-eye view of world history.  W. W. Norton & Company, c2003.  xvii, 350p., maps.  Further Readings p.329-338.  Index.  #12718  7.05

D20.R657 1997   Roberts, J(ohn) M(orris) 1928-2003. The Penguin history of the world.  Penguin Books, 1997; rev. ed. 1992, published as History of the World; 1st published 1976.  1150p..  Index.  #5302  10.97

D20.T87 2006   Turchin, Peter, 1957-      War and peace and war: the life cycles of imperial nations. Pearson Education, Inc.: Pi Press, 2006. x, 405p. frontispiece, maps  Maps p.ix. Notes p.357-388. Acknowledgements p.389-390. Index.  #14018 7.80

D21.C5 1972   Columbia history of the world.  Editors: John A. Garraty and Peter Gay.  Harper & Row, 1972.  1237p., maps  Chronologies, bibliographies at ends of chapters.  Contributors p.1167-1173.  Index.  #5042  20.00

D21.E53 1948 Ref   An encyclopedia of world history: ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged.  Compiled and edited by William L. Langer.  Rev. ed.  Illustrated with maps.  Houghton Mifflin Company: The Riverside Press, c1948; 1st published c1940.  xlvi, 1270p., maps, genealogies.  Appendices: I-IX p.1173-1185.  Index.  #11464  .50

D21.M32 1967   McNeill, William H(ardy) 1917-      A world history.  Oxford University press, 1967.  xii, 478p., black & white photos, drawings, charts, maps  Chronologies, bibliographical essays.  Index.  #9994  .55

D21.W43 1949   Wells, Herbert George, 1866-1946.  The outline of history.  Rev. and brought up to date by Raymond Postgate.  Garden City Books, 1949.  2v. (1288p.)  Chronology p.1199-1220,  Index.  #135, 136

D23.C4 1959   Cheney, L. J.  A history of the western world.  New American Library: Mentor Books, 1959.  302p..  Index.  #137..50

D24.P58 2006 Ref   Piven, Joshua et al. The worst case scenario almanac. Chronicle Books c2006. 316p. drawings, diagrams, maps, tables, graphs, chronology. Chronology p.296-305. Index.  #13565 10.25

D25.K43 1978   Keegan, John (Desmond Patrick) Sir, 1934-2012. The face of battle.  Penguin Books, 1978 c1976.  365p., plates, maps.  Bibliography p.345-350.  Index.  #10780  14.10

D25.S45 1988   Seymour, William. Be your own Napoleon: how would you command ten of history’s greatest battles?  Bramhall, 1988 c1987.  338p., maps.  Bibliography p.321-324.  Index.  #538  7.41

D25.5.G68 2009 Ref   Grant, R. G., 1949-          Battle: a visual journey through 5,000 years of combat.  First American Edition, revised. DK Publishing, c2009. 360p. color illus., maps, chronology. Index p.354-360. Acknowledgements p.360.  #16191  3.20

D25.5.W44 1999   What if?  The world’s foremost military historians imagine what might have been.  Essays by Steven Ambrose et. al.  Edited by Robert Cowley.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, c1999.  xiv, 395p., illus., maps.   #11456  4.80

D57.D28 1996   Davies, (Ivor) Norman (Richard) 1939-      Europe: a history.  Oxford University Press, 1996.  1365p., plates, maps, charts, tables.  Notes p.1137-1212.  Index.  #5311  13.47

D58.H4713 1988   Hrrodotus, c484-425. The history.  Translated by David Grene.  University of Chicago Press, 1988 c1987.  x, 699p., maps.  Index.  #11338  5.90

D59.D3 1961   De Burgh, W(illiam) G(eorge) 1866-1943. Legacy of the ancient world.  new & rev.  Penguin Books, 1961 c1947.  608p.  Bibliography p.577-585.  Index.  #141  2.45

D59.M48 1960   Meuleau, Maurice, 1927-      Égypte, Orient, Grèce.  Bordas, c1960.  352p., illus. (part color), maps.  Références des Textes Cités p.332.  Chronologie Comparée p.333-341.  Événements Politiques p.342.  Mesures, Poids, Monnaies à Athènes aux ve et ive siècles p.343.  Table des Illustrations p.345-348.  #12460  5.30

D59.S75 1991   Starr, Chester G., 1914-1999. A history of the ancient world. 4th ed.  Oxford University Press, c1991.  xvii, 742p., maps, tables.  General Bibliography p.717-719.  Index.  #12294  1.35

D65.P65 1970   Piggott, Stuart (Ernest) 1910-1996.  Ancient Europe from the beginnings of agriculture to classical antiquity.  Aldine Publishing, 1970 c1965.  340p., plates, drawings, maps.  Select Bibliography p.267-305.  Index.  #7171  2.15

D70.C47 1971   Chadwick, Nora (Kershaw) 1891-1972. The Celts.  With an introd by J.H.W.P. Corcoran.  Penguin Books, 1971.  301p., il.  #539 7.62

D70.M713 1993   Markale, Jean, i.e. Jean Betrand, 1928-2008. The Celts: uncovering the mythic and historic origins of western culture. Inner Traditions, International, 1993 c1978; 1st published as Les Celts et la Cicivilization Celtique c1916. 320p. drawings, maps. Select bibliography p.303-305. Notes p.306-311. Index.  #15002 3.20

D101.2.M24   The making of modern Europe.  Edited by Herman Ausubel.  The Dryden Press, 1953 c1951.  2v. (           xvi, p.577-1183).  Book 2: Waterloo to the Atomic Age.  #9473  1.05

D102.S83 1997   Guizot, François, 1787-1874.  The history of civilization in Europe.  Translated by William Hazlitt.  Edited with an introduction by Larry Siedentop.  Penguin Books, 1991; translation 1st published 1846 from the French, Histoire de la civilisation en France, 1829-1832.  xxxix, 255p.  A short bibliography p.xxxviii.  #10559  5.35

D115.F5 1995 Ref   Fines, John. Who’s who in the Middle Ages.  Barnes & Noble, 1995 c1970.  218p., bibliograhical notes.  Index of Proper Names.   #5158  1.05

D115.G66 2007   Goldstone, Nancy. Four queens: the Provencale sisters who ruled Europe. Penguin Books, c2007. xviii, 336, 11p. List of Maps p.309-310. Genealogical Charts p.311-313. Bibliographical Note p.315-322. List of Illustration Credits p.323-325. Acknowledgements p.327-328. Index. A Penguin Reader’s Guide p.1-11. #16477 2.15

D116.7.G3 1970   Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794.  Gibbon’s autobiography.  Edited by M. M. Reese.  Routlege & Kegan Paul, 1970.  170p.  Notes p.127-143, appendices p.145-170 (2:names, 3: career, 4: reading)  #984  2.13

D117.R42 1997   Reynolds, Susan.  Kingdoms and communities in western Europe, 900-1300.  2d ed.  Clarendon press, c1997; 1st published 1984.  387p.  List of Works Cited p.340-375.  Index.  #7452

D117.S55 1968 Ov   Simons, Gerald.  Barbarian Europe.  Time-Life Books, 1968.  192p., photos (part color), drawings, maps. (The Great Ages of Man).  Chronology p.184-185.  Bibliography p.186.  Index.  #5041  4.24

D118.K43 1991   Keen, Maurice (Hugh) 1933-2012. The Penguin history of medieval Europe.  Penguin Books, 1991 c1968.  349p., maps.  Index.  #12303  4.80

D121.D8 1990   Duckett, Eleanor Shipley, 1880-1976. The gateway to the Middle Ages.  Dorset Press, 1990 c1966.  3v.  Notes & bibl..  Indexes.  v.1.  Italy. v.3, Monasticism.  #1068; 1069  6.37

D121.M6 1980   Moss, H(enry) St. L(awrence) B(eaufort). The birth of the Middle Ages, 395-814.  Oxford University Press: A Galaxy Book, 1980 c1964; 1st pub. 1935.  291p., illus., maps  Chronology.  Bibliography p.283-287.  #1141  2.10

D127.P88 1924   Power, Eileen, 1889-1940. Medieval people. Doubleday & Company, Inc.: Doubleday Anchor Book, 1924. 238p. Notes and Sources p.185-218. Index. Contents: The Peasant Bodo. Marco Polo. Madame Englentyne. The Ménagier’s Wife. Thomas Betson. Thomas Paycocke.  #1865 .10

D151.C4 1963   Chronicles of the Crusades: Joinville and Villhardouin.  Translated with an introduction by M.R.B. Shaw.  Penguin Books, 1963.  362p., maps.  Glossary p.357-362.  #540  5.95

D157.B37 1999   Bartlett, W. B. God wills it: an illustrated history of the crusades. Sutton Publishing c1999. xiv, 274p. illus. (part color). List of Illustrations and Maps p.vi-vii. List of Colour Plates p.ix. Picture Credits p.x. Bibliography p.268-270. Index.  #14485 2.15

D157.L3 1962   Lamb, Harold (Albert) 1882-1962.  Crusades: the whole story.    Bantam Books, 1962; originally published as Iron men and saints, c1930, and The flame of Islam, c1931.  594p.  #147  .75

D158.O4 1966   Oldenbourg, Zoé, 1916-2002. Crusades.  Translated by Anne Carter.  Random House: Pantheon Books, c1966; 1st published 1965.  650p., illus., genealogies.  Chronology p.602-620.  Bibliography p.628-632.  Indexes.  #541  6.89

D160.R62 1991   Robinson, John J, c1918-1996. Dungeon, fire and sword: the Knights Templar in the Crusades.  M. Evans and Company, c1991.  xiv, 494p., maps.  Grand Masters, Popes, Kings p.477-478.  Bibliography p.479-482.  Index.  #12661  .25

D161.2.77 2004   Asbridge, Thomas S.  The first crusade: a new history. Oxford University Press, c2004. xvi, 408, photos, maps. List of Maps p.xiii. Cast of Characters p.xv-xvi. Glossary p.341. Chronology p.342-344. Notes p.345-379. Bibliography p.380-396. Index.  #16143  1.00

D162.1.O3 1948   Odo of Deuil, 1110-1162. De profectione ludovici VII in orientens. The jouney of Louis VII to the east. Edited with an English translation by virginia Gingerick Berry. W.W. Norton & Company c1948. [vi], xiii-xliv, 154p. footnotes, maps. Contains bibliographical references. Bibliographical Abbrevitions p.144. Select Bibliography p.145-148. Index.  #10489 1.05

D163.4.R47 2001   Reston, James, 1941-        Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade. Random House, Inc.: Anchor Books, 2002, c2001. xx, 410p. illus, maps.  The Principal Characters p.x-xi. Maps p.xii. Foreword p. xiii. Acknowledlgements p.385-388. Selected Bibliograhy p.389-395. Index.  #16105  2.15

D164.A3V48 1969   Villhardouin, Georffrey de, d. c1212.  La conquête de Constantinople.  Chronologie et préface par Jean Dufournet.  Garnier-Flammarion, c1969.  192p.  Chronologie p.6-7.  Bibliographie p.22.  Glossaire p.181-186.  Index de Noms Propres p.186-188.  #12984  2.15

D205.H35 1970 Ref   Harper encyclopedia of the modern world: a concise reference history from 1760 to the present.  Edited by Richard B. Morris and Graham W. Irwin.  Harper-Row, c1970.  xxxii, 1271p., maps, statistics, contains chronologies.  Index.  #10826  .55

D208.N67 v.6 1970   Gilbert, Felix, 1905-1991. The end of the European era, 1890 to the present.  W.W. Norton, 1970.  436p.  Suggestions for Further Reading p.418-426.  Index.  #5717  1.05

D201.4.R47 1998   Reston, James, 1941-         The last apocalypse: Europe at the year 1000 A.D.  Doubleday, 1998. xviii, 299p. illus., maps.  Acknowledgements p.278-281.  Selected Bibliography p.282-287.  Index.  #16146  1.00

D208.W64 1982   Wolf, Eric R(obert) 1923-1999. Europe and the people without history. University of California Press, 1982.  503p., illus., maps by Noel L. Diaz.  Bibliography p.427-472.  Index.  #542  12.35

D210.F58 1984   For want of a horse: choice and chance in history.  Edited by Johm M. Merriam.  Stephen Greene Press, 1985.  163p.  Contents: Himself; Voltaire; Pigeons into Frenchmen; What Pocahontas did; etc.  #542  2.05

D210.K46 1989   Kennedy, Paul, 1945-      The rise and fall of the great powers: economic change & military conflict, 1500-2000.  Random:  Vintage, 1987.  677p..  Bibliography p.625-662.  Index.  #543  13.73

D210.T89 1985   Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim, 1912-1989. The march of folly: from Troy to Vietnam.  Sphere Books Ltd: Abacus, 1985 c1984.  ix, 559p.  Reference Notes and Works Consulted p.487-536.  Index.  #11657  4.20

D215.M342 1987   Mahan, Alfred Thayer, 1840-1914.  The influence of sea power upon history, 1660-1783.  5th ed.  Dover Publications, 1987; slightly altered reprint of 1894, 1st published 1890.  xxiv, 557p., maps.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #11320  4.00

D220.H413 1962  Heer, Friedrich, 1916-1983. The Medieval world: Europe, 1100-1350.  Translated by Janet Sondheimer.  New American Library: Mentor, 1962 c1961.  432p., illus.  Bibliography p.408-420.  Index.  #544  5.95

D228.E38 1969   Elliott, J(ohn) H(uxtable) 1930-      Europe divided, 1559-1598.  Harper & Row: Harper Torchbooks, 1969 c1968.  432p., maps, genealogy.  Further Readings p.409-419.  Index.  #1744  .50

D247.A53 1998   Anderson, Matthew Smith, 1922-2006. War and society in Europe of the old regime, 1618-1789.  Rev. ed.  Sutton Publishing, c1998; 1st published 1988.  239p.  Select Bibliography p.215-227.  Index.  #11189  2.10

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