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May 8, 2014

Religion, Mythology, World Religions – 504 Titles

BL1-BL263/Religion in General & Aspects of Religion       BL300-BL477/Myth in General and Aspects of Mythology     BL530-BL628/The Spiritual Experience      BL722-B2441/Mythology in General & Mythologies; Literatures of Asia      BL2525-BL2780/Topics in Religious Life         BM/Judaism     BP/Islam      BQ/Buddhism, Zen

Contains 252 titles.

Updated 19 January 2019

BL31.H37 1995 Ref   The Harper Collins dictionary of religion. General Editor, Jonathan Z Smith … with the American Academy of Religion. HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperSanFrancisco c1995. xxx, 1154p. photos, chronologies. Feature Articles p.vii. Editorial Board p.ix. Contributors p.xi-svii. Acknowledgements p.xxiii-xxiv. Abbreviations p.xxv. Listo of Illustrations p.xxviii. Photograph Credits p.1153-1154.  #11855 24.00

BL31.O93 1997 Ref   The Oxford dictionary of world religions. Edited by John Bowker. Oxford University Press c1997. xxiv, 1111p. Contains bibliographical references. Editors p.ix. Contributors p.x-xii. Topic Index p.1075-1102. Index of Chinese Headwords p.1103-1111.  #5749

BL31.R43   Twentieth century theology in the making. Edited by Jaroslav Pelikan. Translated by R. A. Wilson. Fontana Books/Harper & Row: Collins, 1970 c1969-1970; selections from Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart; 2nd ed., 1927-1932. 3v. (414,          p.) (The Fontana Library: Theology and Philosophy). Acknowledgements. Contains Bible (RSV) and bibliographical references. v.1, Themes of Biblical Theology. v.2, The theological dialogue: issues and resources. v.3, Ecumenicity and renewal.  #10085 2.40  Have: v.1.

BL41.P36 2006   Pals, Daniel L        Eight theories of religion; 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, c2006. xii, 340p. Bibliographies at ends of chapters. Index. #16322 6.75

BL41.V113 1967   Vries, Jan de, 1890-1964. The study of religion: a historical approach. Translated with an introduction by Kees W. Belle. Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., c1967; 1st published as Godsdientgeschiedens In Vogelvlucht, c1961. xviv, 231p. Acknowledgements p.iv. Notes p.223-228. Index.  #10456 .75

BL42.5.U5P76 2008   Prothero, Stephen. Religious literacy: what every American needs to know – and doesn’t. Harper Collins Publishers: Harper One, 2008 c2007. viii, 372p. Religious Literature Quiz p.293-298. Further Reading p.299-301. Acknowledgements p. 303-305. Notes p.307-352. Index. #16169 1.70

BL48.C5 1985   Chesterton, G(ilbert) K(eith) 1874-1936. The everlasting man. Burns & Oates1985 c1974; 1st published 1925. 274p. #16389 4.30

BL48.E413 1959   Eliade, Mircea, 1907-1986. The sacred and the profane: the nature of religion. Translated from the French by Willard R. Trask. Harcourt brace Jovanovich: A Harvest/HBJ Book, c1958. 256p. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Chronological Survey p.215-232. Selected Bibliography p.234-243. Index.  #1461 1.11

BL48.H8 1957   Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975. Religion without revelation. New American Library: A Mentor Book, 1958 c1957. 222p. Bibliography p.213-215. Index. (1958) .50

BL48.K38 1961   Kaufmann, Walter, 1921-1980. Critique of religion and philosophy. Doubleday & Company, Inc: Anchor Books, 1961 c1958. xxii, 453p. Bibliography p.42-446. Index.  #12269 .85

BL48.N68 1971   Novak, Michael, 1933-      Ascent of the mountain, flight of the dove: an invitation to religious studies. Harper & Row, Publishers, c1971. xvi, 240p. Notes p.210-237. Index of Names.  #14218 .65

BL48.O82 1981   Otto, Rudolf, 1869-1937.  The idea of the holy: an inquiry into the no-rational factor in the idea of the divine and its relation to the rational.  2nd ed.  Translated by John W. Harvey.  Oxford University Press, 1981 c1950; 1st  published 1923.  xxi, 232p.  Bibliographical footnotes.    Translated from Das helige, 9th German ediition.  Index.  #11681  1.05

BL48.S33 1958   Schleirmacher, Friedrich Daniel Ernst, 1768-1834. On religion: speeches to its cultured despisers. Introduction by Rudolf Otto. Translated by John Oman. Harper & Row Publishers: Harper Torchbooks/The Cloister Library, c1958; from the 3rd ed., 1831; 1st published 1799 as Ueber die Religion: Redenan die Gibeldeten unter ihren Verächter. xxiv, 287p. The First Edition, by Oman p.275-284. Index.

BL48.T34 1961   Tagore, Rabindranath, Sir, 1861-1941. The religion of man: being [an expansion of] the Hibbert Lectures for 1930. Beacon Press, 1961, c1931. 239p. (Hibbert Lectures). Index. Appendices: I, The Baul Singers of Begal p.209-221. II. Note on the Nature of Reality (a conversation with Albert Einstein) p.222-225. III, Dadu and the Mystery of Form p.226-230. IV, An Address in the Chapel of Manchester College, Oxford p.231-237.  reclassified

BL48.T44 1956   This is my faith: the convictions of representative Americans today.  Edited by Stewart G. Cole.  Harper & Brothers, 1956.  viii, 291p.  #9063  .60 BL48.W475 1984   Wiebe, Paul, 1938-       The architecture of religion: a theoretical essay. Foreword by Walter H. Capps. Trinity University Press, c1984. xvi, 153p. Notes p.139-149. (Trinity University Monograph Series in Religion, v.8). Index.  #14998 1.10

BL48.Y59 1992   Young, Dudley.  Origins of the sacred: the ecstasies of love and war.  Harper Perennial, 1992 c1991.  493p.  Bibliography p.463-468.  Index.  #5228  3.20

BL50.M35 1972   Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978.  Twentieth century faith: hope and survival.  Harper & Row, c1972.  xix, 172p.  (Religious Perspectives, v.25).  Religious Perspectives: Its Meaning and Purpose, by Ruth Nanda Ansum p.xi-xviii.  Acknowledgements p.171-172.  #12188  1.05

BL50.T69 1956   Toynbee, Arnold, 1889-1975. An historian’s approach to religion. Oxford University Press, c1956. x, 318p. (Gifford Lectures, 1952 & 1953). Contains bibliographical footnotes. Index. #15796 .25

BL51.B843 1957  Buber, Martin.   Eclipse of God; studies in the relation between religion and philosophy.  Harper: Torchbooks, 1957 c1952.  152p., notes, index.  #47  1.15

BL51.F318 1993   Faith in theory and practice: essays on justifying religious belief.  Edited by Elizabeth S. Radcliffe and Carol J. White.  Open Court, 1993.  235p.  Footnotes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #5592  6.45

BL51.H4695 1993   Herder, Johann Gottfried, 1744-1803.  Against pure reason: writings on religion, language and history.  Translated, edited, and with an introduction by Marcia Burge.  Fortress Press, c1993.  xx, 264p.  Select Bibliography p.xii-xx.  #10822  18.50

BL51.H488 1993   Hick, John (Harwood) 1922-2012. Disputed questions in the theology and the philosophy of religion. Yale University Press, c1973. x, 198p. Bibliographical notes at the ends of chapters. Index. #16118 2.15

BL51.H98 2009  Huxley, Aldous.  Perennial philosophy.  Harper & Row: Perennial Modern Classics, 2009 c1945.  xii, 312, 28p. A List of Recommended Books p. 303-306. Index p.307-312. About the Author p.2-5. About the Book p.6-22. The Complete Aldous Huxley Bibliography p.23-24. #1109r  20.25

BL51.P316 1962   Patton, H.J.  The modern predicament: a study in the philosophy of religion.  Collier Books, 1962 c1955.  414p.  Index.  #8025  .50

BL51.K54 1974   Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye, 1813-1855. Philosophical fragments; or, A fragment of philosophy by Johannes Climacus. Originally translated and introduced by David F. Swenson. New introduction and commentary by Niels Thulstrap. Translation revised and commentary translated by Howard V. Hong. Princeton University Press, 1967, c1936, 1962. xcviii, 260p. Commentary p.141-260p. #9676 6.95

BL51.R326 2003   Reason and religious belief: an introduction to the philosophy of religion. Michaedl Peterson et. al. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, c2003. x, 326p. Questions notes and suggested readings at the ends of chapters. Indexes.  #15030 2.20

BL51.S66 1964   Smith, Wilfrid Cantwell.  The meaning and end of religion: a new approach to the religious traditions of mankind.  New American Library: Mentor, 1964 c1963.  352p.  Notes p.182-344.  Index.  #1718  .75

BL51.T683  1957   Trueblood, David Elton, 1900-         Philosophy of religion.  Harper & Brothers, c1957.  xv, 324p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Appendix p.307-318.  Bibliographical notes p.315-318.  Index.  #11811  5.00

BL51.W27 2004   Ward, Keith, 1938-      The case for religion. One World, c2004. viii, 246p. Notes p.238-241. Index.  #14495 3.20 BL51.W3713 1970   Watts, Alan W.  Nature, man, and woman.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1970 c1958.  209p.  Bibliographical References p.207-209.  #1273  1.07

BL51.W379 1962   Wells, Donald A.  God, man, and the thinker: philosophies of religion.  Random House,  c1962.  xv, 507p.  Summary Questions p.445-462.  Bibliography p.483-493.  Index.  #13200  .80

BL51.W46 1944   Werfel, Franz, 1890-1945. Between heaven and earth. Translated by Max Newmark.Philosophical Library, c1944; 1st published as Swischen oben uncunter. xii, 13-252p. I, Of Man’s True Happiness. II, Realism and Inwardness. III, Can We Life without Faith in God? IV, Theologoumena [6 sections]. #5796 reclassified .25

BL53.D6 1970   Dodds, Eric Robertson, 1893-    Pagan and Christian in an age of anxiety: some aspects of religious experience from Marcus Aurelius to Constantine.  W. W. Norton & Company, 1970 c1965.  xiii, 144p., bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #12329  3.00

BL53.J56 1959   Johnson, Paul Emanuel.  Psychology of religion.  Rev. & enl.  Abingdon Press, 1959.  304p.  bibliography p.293-297.  Index.  #8026  1.00

BL53.L27 1990   Lash, Nicholas.  Easter in ordinary: reflections on human experience and the knowledge of God.  University of Notre Dame Press, 1990 c1998.  xi, 313p.  (The Richard Lectures for 1986, University of Virginia).  Bibliography p.299-308.  Index.  #12185  1.05

BL53.P47 1970   Personality and religion: the role of religion in personality development. Foreword by Martin E. Marty, General Editor. Harper & Row, Publishers, c1970. x, 245p. (Harper Forum Books). Acknowledgements p. x. Notes ate ends of articles. #13848 4.55

BL53.P8 1943   Pratt, James Bissett, 1875-1944.  The religious consciousness: a psychologicl study.  The Macmillan Company, 1943 c1920.  ix, 488p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #10746  1.10

BL53.R444 1970   The relgious personality.  Edited by Donald Capps & Walter H. Corps.  Wordsworth Publishing Co., c1970.  x, 381p.  Suggestions for Further Reading at ends of selections.  Author Index.  #11475  .25

BL53.S575 2004   Sloan, D.Jason. Theological incorrectness: why relligious people believe what they shouldn’t. Oxford University Press, c2004. xii, 156p. Bibliography p.127-151. Index.  #14350 6.30

BL55.D31929   Dawson, Christopher, 1889-1970. Progress & religion. Sherwood Sugden & Company Publishers. First published c1929. Contains bibliographical footnotes. Bibliography p.251-254. #16128 gift

BL60.S614 1989   Social consequences of religious belief. Edited by William Reace Garrett. Paragon House: A New Era Book, c1989. x, 242p. (God, the contemporary discussion series). Notes at ends of articles. Contributors p.227. Index.  #9863 1.05

BL60.T87 1991   Turner, Bryan S.  Religion and social theory.  2d ed.  SAGE Publications, 1991.  264p.  Bibliography p.247-260.  Index.  #5719  1.10

BL65.H78T72 1991   Traer, Robert.  Faith in human rights: support in religious traditions for a global struggle.  Georgetown University Press, c19991.  xii, 239p.  Notes at ends of chapters.  Index.  #12402  free

BL65.I55A53 2007   Albright, Madeleine Korbel. The mighty and the almighty: reflections on America, God and world affairs. With Bill Woodward. Harper Perennial, 2007 c2006. xii, 351p. Notes p.303-319. Acknowledgements p.320-326. Index.

BL65.P4P3613 1995   Panikkar, Raimundo, 1918-     Cultural disarmament: the way to peace.  Translated by Robert R. Barr.  Westminster John Knox Press, c1995; 1st published as Paz y Desarme Cultural, 1993.  ix, 142p.  Bibliography p.129-140.  Index of Authors.  #12378  3.20

BL71.C6613 1992 Ref   Comte, Fernand.  Sacred writings of world religions.  Chambers, 1992; 1st published as Les livres sacré, 1990.  249p., illus.  Index  (Chambers compact reference series).  #1372  5.34

BL72.F73 1968   Fremantle, Anne Jackson, 1909-      Pilgrimage to people.  David McKay, 1968.  231p.  #5829  .50

BL80.B625 1962   Bouquet, A(lan) C(oates), 1884-1976.  Comparative religion; 6th ed. Penguin Books, c1962; 1st published 1941. 320p. A List of Books for Further Study p.307-314. Index.  #10086 3.65

BL80.R65 1956  Ross, Floyd H.   The great relgions by which men live.  (Questions that matter most…).  With Tynette Hills.  Fawcett: Premier, 1956.  192p., index.  #48  .35

BL80.S66 1965   Smith, Huston.  Religions of man.  Harper & Row: Perennial Library, 1965 c1958.  371p.  Notes p.356-366.  Index.  #5149  1.10

BL80.2.C6 1971 Ref   The concise encyclopedia of living faiths.  2nd ed.  Hutchinson of London, c1971; 1st pbulished 1959.  xxii, 436p, maps.  For Further Reading p.415-422p.  Acknowledgements p.423-426.  Index.  #13589  .55

BL80.2N374 1978  Great religions of the world.  A volume in the story of Man Library.  Prepared by National  Geographic.  By Robert McAfee Brown and others.  National Geogrpahic, 1978.  419p., illus., maps, index, Milestones p.414-5, bibl.  #428  10.00

BL80.2.R3 1965   Religions and the promise of the twentieth century: Readings in the history of mankind.  Edited for the International Commission … by Guy S. Métraux and François Crouzet.  New American Library: Mentor, 1965.  277p.  #1768  1.07

BL80.2.S33 1969   Schneider, Del Byron.  No God, but God: a look at Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.  Augsburg Publishing House, c1969.  vii, 136p.  Contains bibliographic footnotes.  Glossary p.127-132.  Index.  #13562  1.05

BL85.F67 1999   Ford, David.  Theology: a very short introduction.  Oxford University Press, c1999.  199p., black & whilte illus., photos, facsimilies, diagrams.  Further Reading p.188-193.  Index.  #11260  4.25

BL85.L363 1965   Lanternari, Vittorio.  The religions of the oppressed: a study of modern messianic cults.  Translated from the Italian by Lisa Sergio.  New American Library: A Mentor Book, 1965 c1963.  xvi, 19-286p.  Bibliography p.255-268 & Abbreviations p.269-271.  Index.  #12118  .25

BL85.M22 1969   Maeterlinck, Maurice, 1862-1949.  The great secret.  New foreword by Leslie Shepard.  Carol Publishing Group: A Citadel Press Book, c1969.  xv, 268p.  #11111  1.80

BL85.M32 2005   Marty, Martin E. 1928-     When faiths collide.  Blackwell Publishing, c2005.  x, 193p.  Notes p.179-185.  (Blackwell Manifestoes).  Index.  #12904  18.00

BL85.N54 2008   Niebuhr, Gustav. Beyond tolerance: searching for interfaith understanding in America. Viking, c2008. xxxviii, 218p. Acknowledgements p.197. Notes p.198-207. Bibliography p.208-212. Index.  #14258 5.50

BL96.A53 2007   Ancient religions. Sarah Iles Johnson. The Belknap Press of Harvard University, c2007. xvii, 266p. Bibliographies at ends of articles. Note on Translation and Transliteration p.xiii. Abbreviations p.xv. Maps p.xvi-xvii. Contributions p.253. Index. #16097 3.75

BL96.F78 1959   Frankfort, Henri, 1897-1954,  Before philosophy: the intellectual adventure of ancient manAn essay on speculative thought in the Ancient Near East.  With H. A. Groenewegen Frankfort, John A. Wilson, and Thorkild Jacobsen.  Penguin Books, 1959 c1946.  275p.  Notes and Suggested Readings at ends of chapters.  Index.  #13128  2.00

BL98.N48 1976   The new religious consciousness.  Edited by Charles Y. Glock and Robert N. Bellah.  University of California Press, 1976.  391p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #5831  .25

BL180.R43M6 1993   Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592.  An apology for Raymond Sebond.  Translate and edited with an introduction and notes by M.A. Screech.  Penguin Books, 1993 c1987.  xliv, 190p.  Further Reading p.xxxviii-xxxix.  #10825  11.75

BL221.K57 2004   Kirsch, Jonathan.  God against the gods: the history of the war between monotheism and polytheism.  Viking Compass, c2004.  xvi, 336p., map.  Bibliography p.315-321.  Index.  #12887  5.00

BL238.L38 1989   Lawrence, Bruce B.  Defenders of God: the fundamentalist revolt against the modern age.  Harper & Row, 1989.  306p.  Selected Bibliography p.277-291.  Index.  #5598  1.00

BL238.S32 2008   Schimmel, Solomon, 1942-        The tenacity of unreasonable beliefs: fundamentalism and the fear of truth. Oxford University Press, 2008. x.282p. Acknowledgements p.v-vii. Notesp.229-262. Bibliography p.263-273. Index. #16187 6.55

BL240.2.B368   Barbour, Ian. Religion in an age of science: The Gifford Lectures, 1989-1990. HarperSanFrancisco, c1990. xvi, 299p. (The Gifford Lectures, v.1). Notes p.271-290. Index of Names. v.1, #14115b .45

BL240.2.D29 1992   Davies, Paul C.W.  Mind of God: the scientific basis for a rational world.  Simon & Schuster: Touchstone, 1993 c1992.  254p.  Selected Bibliography p.239-241.  Index.  #5015

BL240.2.S635 2000   Smith, Huston.  Why religion matters: the fate of the human spirit in an age of disbelief.  HarperSanFrancisco, c2001.  xiv, 290p.  Index.  #11301  7.80

BL240.3.G75 2004   Griffin, David Ray, 1939-        Two great truths: a new synthesis of scientific naturalism and Christian faith. Westminster John Knox Press, c2004. xxii, 130p. Footnotes contain bibliographic references. Notes at the ends of chapters. References p.116-123. Index. #16132 gift

BL240.3.W585 2005   The measure of God: our century-long struggle to reconcile science and religion. HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperSanFrancisco, c2005. x, 358p. Acknowledgements p.vii-ix. Appendix: The Gifford Lectures, 1888-2005, p.305-317. Notes p.319-341. Index. On cover: The Story of the Gifford Lectures.   #13875 2.15

BL245.K63 1989   Koestler, Arthur, 1905-1983.  The sleepwalkers: a history of man’s changing vision of the universe.  With an introduction by Herbert Butterfield.  Arkana, 1989 c1959.  623p.  Selected Bibliography p.555-557.  Index.  #7225  5.35

BL245.W66 1999   Wilson, A. N.   God’s funeral: a biography of faith and doubt in western civilization.  Ballantine Books, c1999.  xiv, 402p., black & white illus.  Bibliography p. 371-384.  Index.  #11708  5.35

BL262.I57 2006   Intelligent thought: science versus the intelligent design movement.  Edited by John Brockman.  Random House, Inc.: Vintage Books, c2006.  xiv, 356p.  Contains bibliographical references.  Contributors identified at ends of articles.  Appendix: Excerpt from the Memorandum Opinion of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, December 20, 2005, p.233-256.  #13403  4.50

BL263.A93 2006   Ayala, Francisco José, 1930-          Darwin and intelligent design.  Fortress Press, c2006.  xii, 116p.  (Facets Series).  Acknowledgements p.105-06.  Notes p.107-113.  Additional Resources p.114-116.  #13581  6.50

BL263.C4 1969   Changing man: the threat and the promise. Five scientists and five theologians on Christian faith and evolution of thought.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1969 c1960.  Edited by Kyle Haselden and Philip Hefner.  184p.  Bibliography p.169-173.  Index.  #5582  1.00

BL263.G34 1966   Gatewood, Willard B.  Preachers, pedagogues & politicians: the evolutionary controversy in North Carolina, 1920-1927.  The University of North Carolina Press, c1966.  x, 268p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Appendices: A. Contempoary Poems p.235-241.  B. Platform, Constittuoons and Bylaws of the North Carolina Bible League p.238-241.  C. The Poole Bill and Our Legislators p.242.  D. Evolution, University and the People p.243-248.  E. Evolution – A Religious Question p.249-250.  Bibliography p.251-259.  Index.  #12963  1.00

BL300.E42 1975  Eliade, Mircea, 1907-        .  Myths, dreams and mysteries: the encounter between contemporary faiths and archaic realities.  Tr. by Philip Mairet.  Harper Torchbooks, 1975 c1960; 1st published 1957.  254p., bibl. footnotes, index.  #871.  9.53

BL303.C4 1991  Chetwynd, Tom.  Age of myth: the Bronze Age as the cradle of the unconscious.   HarperCollins: Mandala, 1991.  236p., diagrs., bibl. p.215-229, index to the Bible p.229-236.  #872  12.67

BL303.K37 1990 Ref   Kaster, Joseph.  Putnam’s concise mythological dictionary.  Based upon Gods by Bessie Redfield.  Putnam: Perigree, 1990 reprint of 1980; 1st published 1963.  182p., illus.  Further Reference p.181-182.  #5234  gift

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