Character Strengths

June 30, 2017

Going Beyond Self-Assessment

EducationPlanner, a service of the Pennsylvania Education Assistance Agency, offers in this program an entry to career requirements and possible employment planning. Its online system asks individuals to check off positive characters they have or want to have. Once completed, the system presents related results that include descriptive definition of the characteristic, ways to think about the characteristic, ways to practice in the desired direction, and possible career examples.

Following is how I see myself relating within each characteristic in past practice. Underlying my approach in these areas is my general understanding of and attitude to the vast and divergent public that exhibit differences in need of attention and assistance. I accept responsibility to do the best I can as a citizen of this world and as a professional in the fields of education and library services, both with an emphasis on learning how to learn and thereby continuous learning.

Caring/Compassionate: concern about people and the world, and wanting to help. However individuals vary in interests, abilities, and actions, all are welcome, respected, and to be served in their needs. Their gain and satisfaction within available resources is the primary measure of successful service.

Communicative: able and eager to listen and respond to others. Engagement in conversation to be profitable requires moving beyond the phatic level. Often to be successful in answering questions and other matters at issue, speaking and listening necessarily require negotiation: that is the process of fully relating to what the other wants or seeks so that the helper understands exactly and fully what is wanted for the desired use and purpose. Part of the process is iterating the context of the question so it aligns with the problem’s resolution as needed.

Confident: trust in one’s knowledge and abilities. Since knowledge is vast and full or specialization, providing information on an impromptu level requires a peculiar professionalism. The information professional may know, proportionately, not very much out of all knowledge. Instead the needed grasp is awareness how to readily and appropriately find the answer.

Cooperative/A Team Player: the will and ability to work with others in achieving a common goal.