BF-BJ Classification

May 7, 2014

Mind, Psychology, Ethics, and related – 692 Titles

BF1-BF76/Mind, Thought and Psychology Generally           BF81-BF833/Psychologists and Aspects of Psychology          BF103-BF1999/The Irrational: Occult, Superstition, etc.          BH/Aesthetics, The Beautiful                     BJ21-BJ2121/Ethics, Etiquette, Morality, Free Will 

Updated 17 September 2018.

BF31.O94 1987 Ref  Oxford companion to the mind.   Ed. by Richard L. Gregory with the assistance of O.L. Zangwill.  Oxford Univ. Press, 1987.  856p., illus.  Index.  #462  24.97

BF38.E9 1959   Eysenck, Hans Jurgen, 1916-      Uses and abuses of psychology.  Penguin Books, 1959 c1953.  318p.  Recommendations for Further Reading p.314.  #1263  .27

BF38.K23 2000   Kagan, Jerome, 1929-      Three seductive ideas. Harvard University Press, 2000, c1998. [viii], 232p. Notes p.203-217. Acknowledgements p.219. Index.  #14150 1.15

BF38.L55 1976   Lifton, Robert Jay.  The life of the self: toward a new psychology.  Simon & Schuster: A Touchstone Book, c1976.  190p.  Notes p.173-181.  Index.  #10417  .50

BF41.H3 1983   Hampshire, Stuart.  Thought and action.  New ed.  University of Notre Dame Press, 1983 c1982; 1st published 1959.  298p.  Index.  #12954  3.25

BF47.D55 2000   Dilman, Ilham. Roskolnikov’s rebirth: psychology and the understanding of good and evil. Open Court, c2000. xx, 214p. Acknowledgements p. xv. Bibliography p.207-210. Index. #13979 2.15

BF51.W43 1958   What, then, is man? A symposium of theology, psychology, and psychiatry.  Concordia, 1958.  356p.  Bibliography p.341-344.  Indexes.  #5188  .10

BF57.L5 1971   Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926-        History and human survival: essays on the young and old, survivors and the dead, peace and war, and on contemporary psychohistory.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1971 c1970.  viii, 404p.  Notes p.377-393.  Index.  #7577  1.00

BF67.C33 1964   Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955.  How to win friends and influence people.  Simon & Schustr, c1964 renewed of 1st publication c1936.  vii, 246p.  Index.  #10929  .55

BF67.M39 1967   May, Rollo.  Man’s search for himself.  New American Library: Signet, 1967 c1953.  239p.  #5595  .50

BF76.5.S68 1996   Stenovich, Keith E.  How to think straight about psychology.  4th ed.  HarperCollins College Publishers, 1996.  224p.  References p.199-217.  Index.  #1908  4.25

BF81.W35 1978   Watson, Robert Irving, 1909-          The great psychologists.  4th ed.  J.B. Lippincott, 1978.  645p., bibl. ref at end of chapters  Indexes.  #1047  4.75

BF109.F74S85 1992   Sulloway, Frank J.  Freud, biologist of the mind: beyond the psychoanalytic legend.  Harvard University Press, 1992; originally published 1979.  612p.  Bibliography p.519-575.  Index.  #1188  1.07

BF109.J8A3 1965   Jung, Carl Gustave, 1875-1961.  Memories, dreams, reflections.  Rev. ed.  Recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffé.  Translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston.  Random House: Vintage Books, 1965 c1963; 1st published as Erinnerangen Träume Gedanken.  xvi, 430p.  Appendices I-V [Letters and additional works] p.361-390.  Glossary p.391-402.  The Collected Works of C. G. Jung p.403-410.  Index.  #13440  .30

BF109.M33H63 1999   Hoffman, Edward.  The right to be human: a biography of Abraham Maslow.  Rev. and updated ed.  McGraw-Hill, 1999; 1st published 1988.  xvi, 377p., photos.  Maslow’s Publications p.325-330.  Bibliography p.331-343.  Index.  #7736  9.60

BF121.G559 1998   Glasser, William, 1925-      Choice theory: a new psychology of personal freedom. HarperCollinsPublishers, c1998. xii, 340p. Acknowledgements p. xi-xii.  #15063  5.40

BF121.G65 1975   Goodman, George W.  Powers of mind, by Adam Smith.  Random House, 1975.  xi, 418p.  Bibliography p.401-418.  #10166  .55

BF121.W43 1991   Weber, Ann L.  Introduction to psychology.  HarperCollinsPublishers: HarperResource, c1991.  vi, 297p.  Selected Readings at ends of chapters. (Harpers College Outline).  Glossary p.253-287.  Index.  #13599  4.25

BF131.J2 1963   James, William, 1842-1910.  Psychology.  Introduction by Ashley Montagu.  Fawcett: Premier, 1963; 1st published, 1892, as Psychology, brief course based on Principles of psychology, 1890.  416p.  Index.  #5092  .50

BF145.A23 1990 Ref  ABCs of the human mind: a family answerbook. Editor: Alma E. Guiness. Chief Consultant: Herbert H. Kraus. The Readers Digest Association, Inc., c1990. 336p., illus. (part color): photos, drawings, diagrams, charts, facsimilies. Index. Credits and Acknowledgments: Text p. 335. Illustrations p.335-336.  #14114b 1.10

BF145.M476 1983   Miller, Jonathan, 1934-                                States of mind.  Pantheon Books, c1983.  316p.  black & white photos, drawings, diagrms.  Suggestions for Further Reading p.293-302.  Index.  #9522  .08

BF149.M39 1980   May, Rollo.  Psychology and the human dilemma.  Norton, 1980.  221p.  Bibliographical notes at ends of chapters.  #5882  .50

BF161.H5 1954   Highet, Gilbert.  Man’s unconquerable mind.  Columbia University Press, 1954.  viii, 136p.  Notes p.129-136.  #7680  2.10

BF161.L28   Langer, Susanne Katerina Knauth, 1895-1985. Mind: an essay on human feeling.  The Johns Hopkins University press, 1980 c1967, 1974 c1972,                  v. (xxiii, 487; xii, 400p.).  Bibliography p.445-469; 357-379.  V.1: pts. I-III; V.2: pt. IV.  #10461, 10313 11.20

BF161.O9 1949   Overstreet, Harray Allen, 1875-        The mature mind.  W.W. Norton, c1949.  295p.  #9881  1.05

BF161.R9 1949   Ryle, Gilbert, 1900-               The concept of mind.  Harper & Row: Barnes & Noble Books, c1949.  334p.  Incex.  #10535  4.25

BF161.W49 1969   Wilson, John Rowan, 1919-      The mind. … and the Editors of Time-Life Books. Time-Life Books, c1969; 1st published 1964. 280p., illus (part color). (Life Science Library). Further Reading p.196. Acknowledgements p.196. Index. Picture Credits p.200.  #15814

BF173.F682 1994   Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.  Civilization and its discontents.  Translated by Joan Riviere.  Dover Publications, 1994; republication of 1930, 1st published as Das Unbehagen in der Kultur.  70p.  #1429  1.06

BF173.F7 1958   Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.   A general introduction to psychoanalysis.  Auth. English tr. of the rev. ed. by Joan Reviere.  Permabooks, 1958 c1935.  480p.  Index  #96  .50

BF173.F7 1977   Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.  Introductory lectures on psychoanalysis.  Translated and edited by James Strachey.  Norton: liveright, 1977; 1st published in 3 parts, 1916.  Bibliography and Author Index p.467-480.  Indexes.  #5226  .10

BF173.F825 1964   Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939.  Psychopathology of everyday life.  Authorized English ed.  With introduction by A. H. Brill.  New American Library: A Mentor Book, 1964 c1951; 1st published as Zur psychopatholgie des Alttagslebens.  159p.  #12142  .25

BF173.F85G377 1988   Gay, Peter, 1923-       Freud: a life for our time.  W.W. Norton & Company, c1988.  xxi, 810p., black & white phtographs.  Bibliographical Essays p.741-779.  Acknowledgements.  p.781-782.  Index.  #11466  .25

BF173.F92 1970   Fromm, Erich, 1900-1980.  The crisis of psychoanalysis.  Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1970.  161p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  #5227  .55

BF173.J7253 1959   Jung, Carl Gustav, 1875-1961.   The undiscovered self.  New American Library: Mentor, 1959 c1958.  125p.  #81.  .50

BF173.J665 1970   Jung, Carl Gustav, 1975-1961.  Analytical phychology: its theory and practice.  Foreword by E. A. Bennet.  Random House: Vintge Books, 1970 c1968.  xvi, 227p., diagrams, charts, graphs.  List of Works Cited p.211-213.  Index.  The Collected Works of … [p.227].  #9706  3.20

BF173.J73 1968   Jung, Carl Gustav, 1875-1961,  Man and his symbols.  Dell: Laurel, 1968 c1964.  413p.  Notes p.389-402.  Index.  #1573  gift

BF173.J8 1977    Jung, Carl Gustav, 1875-1961.  Two essays on analytival psychology.  2d ed.  Translabed by R.F.C. Hull.  Princeton University press, 1977 c1966; 1st published 1953 from Über du Psychologie des Unbewusstem (1943) and Die Beziehungen Zwischen dem Ich und dem Unbesussten (1928; 2d ed. 1935).  Xi, 349p.  Bibliography p.307-312.  Index.  (Bollingen Series, XX v.7).  #9907  6.95

BF173.J85G6 1966   Goldbrunner, Josef.  Individuation: a study of the depth psychology of Carl Gustave Jung.  Translated by Stalnely Godman.  University of Notre Dame Press, 1966 c1964; 1st published as Die Tiefenpsychologie von Carl Gustave Jung.  Xii, 204p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  #11152  .50

BF173.L26 1970   Lawrence, D(avid) H(erbert) 1885-1930.  Psychoanalysis and the unconscious and Fantasia of the unconscious.  Introduction by Philip Rieff.  Viking, 1970; 1st published 1921, 1922.  225p.  #1633  .25

BF173.J85S75 1990   Stevens, Anthony, 1933-        On Jung. Routledge, c1990. x, 292p. frontispiece, photos, drawings, diagrams. Figures p.vii. Acknowledgements p.ix-x. Bibliography p.277-281. Index. #16140 gift

BF173.W43 1958   Wheelis, Allen, 1915-2007. The quest for identity. W.W. Norton Company, c1958. 250p. Notesp.247-250. On cover: The decline of the superego and what is happening to American character as a result. #15758 .75

BF173.Y3 1970   Yankelovich, Daniel and Barrett, William.  Ego and instinct: the psychoanalytic view of human nature–revised.  Random House, 1970.  xiv, 494p.  Bibliography p.471-479.  Index.  #7726  1.10

BF175.A45 1958   Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937.  What life should mean to you.  Edited by Alan Porter.  Capricorn Books, 1958.  300p.  Index.  #1988  1.60

BF175.E74 1975   Erikson, Erik Homburger, 1902-       Life history and the historical moment.  W.W. Norton & Company, c1975.  283p.  Notes p.267-270.  Index.  #11465  .25

BF175.4.C84S68 1998   The soul of popular culture: looking at contemporary heroes, myths, and monsters.  Edited by Mary Lynn Kittelson.  Open Court, c1998.  xii, 338p., drawings, bibliographies at ends of chapters.  About the Authors p.ix-xii.  Index.  #9426  Review.

BF175.5.A72S75 1983   Stevens, Anthony, 1933-        Archetypes: a natural history of the self. Quill, 1983, c1982.[xii]. 324p. Acknowledgements p.ix. Glossary p.296-301. Bibliography p.302-309. Index. #16139 gift

BF175.5.O22M37 1995    Marcus, Clare Cooper. House as a mirror of self: exploring the deeper meaning of home. Forword by James Yandell p.xiii-xvi. References p.303-307. Conari Press, c1995. xvi, 307p. Acknowledgements p.ix-xii. #14441 4.30

BF204.R64 1980   Rogers, Carl Ransom, 1902-1987. A way of living. Houghton Mifflin Company, c1980. x, 38 p. Bibliographical references at ends of chapters. Chronological Bibliography .357-375. Acknowledgements p.377-379. Index.  #15804 2.15

BF233.A24 1991   Ackerman, Diane.   Natural history of the senses.  Random House: Vintage, 1991 c1990.  331p., Further Reading p.311-315  Index.  #923  10.54

BF251.B4713 1992   Berendt, Joachim-Ernst.  The third ear: on listening to the world.  Translated by Tim Nevill.  Foreword by Yehudi Menuhin.  Henry Holt: Owl Book, 1992 c1985; 1st published as Das Dritheor.  234p., diagrams, photos.  Bibliography p.223-226.  Indexes.  #1520  .27

BF311.D384 1991   DeBono, Edward, 1933-                I am right—you are wrong.  From this to the new Renaissance: from rock logic to water logic.  Penguin Books, 1991 c1990.  xx, 293p.  #11189  5.30

BF311.K23 2005   Kahn, Alan R., 1932-      and Radcliffe, Kris Austen, 1968-      Mindshapes: understanding the differences in thinking and communication. Paragon House c2005. xxii, 336p. diagrams, tables. List of Figures p.xii-xiv. List of Tables p.xiv. Appendices: A. Child Development p.285-290. B. Comparing the Myers-Briggs Tpe Indicator and the HDM p.286-296. C. The Operator in Action p.297-298. Glossary p.299-315. References and Suggested Readings p.317-324.  Index. #14906 gift

BF311.N565 2003   Nisbett, Richard E., 1942-       The geography of thought: how Asians and Westerners think differently and why. Simon & Schuster: Free Press, 2004 c2003. xxiv, 264p. drawings, diagrams. Acknowledgements p.x-xi. Notes p.231-239. References p.241-252. Index. About the Author p.264. #16124 3.20

BF311.N675 1998   Norretranders, Tor.  The user illusion: cutting consciousness down to size.  Translated by Jonathan Sydenham.  Viking, 1998; 1st published 1991 as Maerk ver den.  467p.  Bibliography p.445-456.  Index.  #5927

BF311.O75 1986   Ornstein, Robert Evans. The psychology of consciousness. 2nd rev. ed. Penguin Books, c1986; first published 1972. xiv, 314p., photos, drawings, diagrams, tables. Acknowledgements p.ix-x. References p.297-304. Index.  #13654  free

BF318.H38 1991   Healy, Jane M.   Endangered minds: why our children don’t think.  Simon & Schuster: Touchstone Book, 1991 c1990.  382p., notes p. 347-366  Index.  #1112  11.72

BF319.5.B5B76 1979   Brown, Barbara B.  New mind, new body: bio-feedback.  New directions for the mind.  Bantam Books, 1979 c1974.  xiv, 523p., diagrams.  Appendices A-E, p.461-475.  Bibliography p.477-511.  Index.  #10408  .50

BF321.L23 1990   Langer, Ellen J.   Mindfulness.  Addison-Wesley: A Merlboyd Lawrence Book, 1990 c1987.  233p., Bibl. notes p. 205-244  Index.  #1070 Exchange

BF323.C5A37 1980   Azzen, Icek and Fishbein, Martin.  Understanding attitudes and predicting social behavior.  Prentice-Hall, c1980.  x, 278p., graphs, charts.  References p.249-257.  Appendices: A, Steps in the Construction of a Standard Questionnaire p.261-263.  B., Sample Questionnaire p.264-274.  Index.  #11455  1.00

BF323.C8E8 1969   Explorations in exploration: stimulation seeking.   An enduring problem in psychology.  Ed. by David Lester.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1969.  217p., tables, graphs, references.  #1091  1.34

BF335.W423 1991   Weilen, Wayne; Lloyd, Margaret A., and Lashley, Roben L.  Psychology applied to modern life: Adjustment in the 90s.  3rd ed.  Brooks/Cote Publishing Company, c1991; 1st published 1983.  xxxiii, 542p., color photos, diagrams, cartoons, graphs, scales, questionnaires.  Contains Recommended Reading.  Glossary p.488-494.  References p.495-500.  Indexes.  Credits p.539.  #12833  .25

BF341.P47 2002   Pinker, Stephen, 1954-      The blank slate: the modern denial of human nature.  Viking, c2002.  xvi, 509p.  Appendix: Donald E. Brown’s List of Human Universals p.435-439.  References p.461-489.  Index.  #11964  18.89

BF371.R84 1998   Rupp, Rebecca.  Committed to memory: how we remember and why we forget.  Crown Publishers, Inc., c1998.  xx, 331p.  Bibliography p.309-318.  Index.  #13051  1.10

BF385.L755 1980   Lorayne, Harry and Jerry Lucas.   Memory book.  Ballantine Books, 1980 c1974.  206p.  #1027.  .32

BF408.D24 1965   Daedalus (Periodical).  Creativity and learning.  By Jerome B. Wiessner and others.  Stephen R. Graubard, Editor.  The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, c1965.  iv, p.527-736.  (v.94 no.3, Summer 1965).  References at ends of articles.  #10049  .70

BF408.C6 1952   Creative process: a symposium.  .  Brewster Ghiselin.  New American Library: Mentor, 1952.  251p.  #1050  Contains excerpts from creative artists, writers and thinkers.   #1050 .25

BF408.D4427 1982   de Bono, Edward, 1933-        Serious creativity: using the power of lateral thinking to create new ideas.  HarperCollinsPublishers: Harper Business, c1992.  xiv, 338p.  Index.  #11352  .30

BF408.F747 2011   Friedman, Thomas L. & Mandelbaum, Michael. That used to be us: how American fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2011. xiv, 380p., diagram, graphs, table. Acknowledgements p.359-360. Index. #14457 10.00

BF408.G37 1998   Gelb, Michael J., 1952-      How to think like Leonardo da Vinci: seven steps to genius every day. Delacorte Press, c1998. xiv, 320p., illus.: photos, drawings, cartoons, diagrams, maps. Acknowledgements p.vii-viii. Chronology p.309. Recommended Reading p.310-315. Resources p.316-318. List of Illustrations p.319-321. About the Author p.322. #15055 3.20

BF408.G38 1993   Gardner, Howard.  Creating minds: an anatomy of creativity seen through the lives of Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, Eliot, Graham, and Gandhi.  Basic Books, 1993.  464p., photos.  Bibliography p.435-449.  #5263  4.82

BF408.K6 1964   Koestler, Arthur, 1905-1983.  The act of creation.  Arkana, c1964.  751p., diagrams.  Works Mentioned in the Book p.717-728.  Index.  #10426  1.05

BF408.M25 1970   Maritain, Jacques, 1882-1973.  Creative intuition in art and poetry.  The A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts.  World Publishing: Meridian Books, 1970 c1953.  339p.  Notes p.297-339.  #1627  1.00

BF408.O8 1963   Osborn, Alex F.  Applied imagination: principles and procedures of creative problem-solving. 3rd rev. ed.  Charles Scribners Sons, c1963; 1st published 1953.  xxix, 417p.  Exercises & References at ends of chapters.  Index.  #12764  .25

BF408.S263 1961   Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980.  The psychology of imagination.  The Citadel Press, 1961 c1948.  iv, 282p.  #7524  .50

BF408.S35 1988   Shank, Roger C.   The creative attitude: learning to ask and answer the right questions.  With Peter Childers.  Macmillan, 1988.  372p.  Index.  #417  18.34

BF408.S43 1996   Significant others: creativity and intimate partnership.  Edited by Whitney Chadwick & Isabelle de Courtivron.  With 76 illustrations.  Thames and Hudson, c1993.  256p., illus., photos.  Notes and Selected Bibliographies p.244-253.  Notes on the Contributors p.254.  Index.  #12679  1.10

BF412.B824 1990   Briggs, John.  Fire in the crucible: the self-creation of creativity and genius.  Tarcher, 1990. 382p. Notes p.334-373. Index.  #5043 3.18

BF416.A1M87 2003   Murray, Charles A.  Human accomplishment: the pursuit of excellence in the arts and sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950.  HarperCollinsPublishers, c2003.  xx, 668p., maps, graphs, tables, statistics.  Significant Events [chronologies] p.163-204.  Appendices 1-5 p.459-588.  Bibliography p.625-638.  Index.  #12640  4.00

BF431.D8155 2005   Droge, Edward F. Your intelligence makeover: an easy way to learn all you need to know. Free Press, c2005. xiv, 302p. Acknowledgements p.vii. Contains quizes and exercises. Resources for Further Explanation at ends of subject sections. Index.  #14079 6.45

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