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May 20, 2014

Philosophy and Philosophers – 736 titles 

B21-B69/Miscellanies, Personal Examinations, General References          B72-B105/Histories of Philosophy: General to Particular     B113-B840/ Histories & Individual Philosophers, Ancient to Modern          B841-B8414/ Philosophy & Philosophers by National Groupings

Updated 20 November 2018

B21.M3 1961 Ref   Masterpieces of world philosophy in summary form.  Edited by F. N. Magill & I.P. McGreal.  v.1, 6th century B.C. to 1800; v.2, from 1800.  Salem Press, 1961.  2v. (xxxii, 576; 577-1166, IIIp.)  Acknowlegements p.v-viii. Alphabetical List of Titles p.ix-xiv. Glossary of Common Philosophical Terms p.xix-xxxii. Author Index i-iii.  #1631, 1632  1.00

B21.P39 1994 Ref  Philosophic classics. [Edited by Walter Arnold Kaufmann & Forrest E. Baird. Prentice Hall, c1994. v.II [of IV], Medieval Philosophy. Includes bibliographical references. #16288. 6.40

B29.A73 1981   Arendt, Hannah,    -1975.  The life of the mind.  One/thinking; Two/willing.  one-volume edition.  Edited by Mary McCarthy.  Harcourt Brace: Harvest Book, 1981 c1978;  1st published 1971 & 1977.  238, 283p.  Notes p. 217-238; 219-239.  Appendix/”Judging” p.255-272.  Indexes.  #5536 16.05

B29.B446 1991  Berlin, Isaiah.  The crooked timber of humanity: chapters in the history of ideas.  Knopf, 1991.  277p..  Index.  #1074  .95

B29.B78 1968   Buber, Martin.  Between man and man.  With an afterword by the author on “The history of the dialogical principle.”  Introduction by Maurice Friedman.  The Macmillan Co., 1968 c1965; 1st published 1947.  xxi, 224p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Indexes.  #9419  .95

B29.B82 1970   Buchanan, Scott Milross, 1895-1968.  Embers of the world: conversations with Scott Buchanan.  Participants: Harris Wofford, Jr. and others.  Edited by Harris Wofford, Jr.  The Center for the study of Democratic Institions, c1970.  xii, 226, 16-33p.  (A Center Occasional Paper v.111 no.2, Feb. 1970).  Appendices: I. Memorial Minutes, 1968-1969, Proceedings, The American Philosophical Association, Scott Buchanan, 1895-1968, p.224-226.  II. The 1937-38 Catalog of St. John’s College written largerly by Scott Buchanan p.16-33.  #13280  .15

B29.G17 1996   Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-            Reason in the age of science.  Translated by Frederick G. Lawrence.  The MIT Press, 1996 c1981.  xxxiii, 179p.  Bibliographical notes at ends of articles.  Index.  (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought, n.2).  Selected essays from the author’s Vernunft im Zietalter der Wissenschaft, c1976, and two others, c1978 & c1979.  #10911  6.95

B29.G253 1983b   Gardner, Martin, 1914-        The whys of a philosophical scrivener.  Quill, c1983.  454p.  Notes p.363-442.  Index.  #11896  7.00

B29.M457 1988   The mind’s eye: fantasies and reflections on self and soul.  Composed and arranged by Douglas R.  Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennett.  Bantam Books, 1988 c1981.  ix, 501p.  #10189  2.65

B29.O713 1964   Ortega y Gasset, José, 1883-1955.  What is philosophy?  Translated from the Spanish by Mildred Adams.  W.W. Norton, 1964 c1960.  252p.  Based on a series of public lectures, 1929; 1st published in La Nacion (1930) with additions from Obras Completas, v.5, and Obras Ineditas.  #7443  10.60

B29.R26 1984  Rand, Ayn, 1905-1982.   Philosophy: who needs it?  Introd. by Leonard Peikoff.  New Am. Lib.: Signet, 1984 c1982.  228p..  Index.  (The Ayn Rand Library, v.1)  #392r  5.80

B29.T4 1957  This is my philosophy: twenty of the world’s outstanding thinkers reveal the deepest meanings they have found in life.  Edited by Whit Burnett.  Harper, 1957.  378p., bibliographical footnotes.  Index.  #1529  .25

B42.V55 1964  Voltaire, i.e., Marie Francois Arouet, 1694-1778.   Dictionnaire philosophique.  Chronologie et preface par Rene Pameau.  Flammarion, 1964.  373p.  #901  5.00

B42.V5513 2006   Voltaire, i.e., Marie Francois Arouet, 1694-1778.  Philosophical dictionary.  Introduced and edited by John R. Iverson.  Barnes & Noble, c2006; originally published 1764.  xxvi, 438p.  (The Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading).  Appendix: Selections from Chaudon’s Anti-philosophical Dictionary p.413-427.  End Notes p.429-436.  Suggested Reading p.437-438.   #13631  10.70

B51.094 1995 Ref   The Oxford companion to philosophy. Edited by Ted Henderich. Oxford University Press, c1995. xx, 1010p., illus. Contains bibliographical references with articles. List of Portraits p.xii. Contributors p.xiii-sviii. Logical Symbols p.925-926. Maps of Philosopy p.927-944. A Chronological Table of Philosophy p.945-956. sources of Illustrations p.957-958. Index and List of Entries. Ted Honderich p.1010.  #5280 32.10

B53.A9 1951  Ayer, Alfred Jules.   Language, truth and logic.  Dover Publications, 1951.  160p., bibl. notes.  Index.  #393.  1.25

B53.O8 1975   The owl of Minerva: philosophers on philosophy.  Edited and with an introduction by Charles J. Bontemps and S. Jack Odell.  McGraw-Hill, 1975.  xiv, 264p.  Books & Articles p.259-260.  Index.  #7520  2.75

B53.R4 1951  Reichenbach, Hans, 1891-1953.  Rise of scientific philosophy.  University of California Press, 1951.  333p.  #1528  .25

B67.B47 1984  Berman, Morris.  The reenchantment of the world.  Bantam Books, 1989 c1981.  366p., illus., diagrams.  Notes p.305-350.  Glossary p.351-257.  Index.  #1240r 2.65

B67.B7 1978   Bronowski, Jacob, 1908-1974.  A sense of the future: essays in natural philosophy.  Selected and edited by Piero E. Ariotti in collaboration with Rita Bronowski.  The MIT Press, 1978 c1977.  x, 286p.  References p.263-275.  Publication Record p.276-278.  Index.  #10643  1.05

B67.B97 1932  Bartt, Edwin Arthur.   The metaphysical foundations of modern physical science.  2d rev. ed.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1932.  352p..  Index.  Bibliography p.329-341.  #394  .95

B72.A34 1987   Adler, Moritmer Jerome, 1902-           Ten philosophical mistakes.  Macmillan Publishing Company: Collier Books, 1987 c1985.  xx, 200p.  #12975  4.30

B72.C62 v.1 1962   Copleston, Frederick Charles.  A history of philosophy.  New rev. ed.  v.1: Greece and Rome.  Doubleday: Image Books, 1962 c1946.  2pts. (319, 280p.)  Some Abbreviations Used in This Volume pt.1 p.292-294.  A Note on Sources p.295-297.  A Few Books p.298-300.  Repeated in pt.2 p.251-261.  Index in pt2.  #10326, 10327.  2.15/pt.

B72.C62 v.2 1962   Copleston, Frederick Charles.  A history of philosophy.  v.2: Medieval philosophy.  Doubleday & Company: Image Books, 1962 c1950.  2pts. (346, 352p.)  A Short Bibliography pt.1 p.324-336.  Same pt2 p.292-304.  Index  in pt.2.  Pt.1, Augustine to Bonaventure.  Pt.2, Albert the Great to Duns Scotus.  #9561, 9562  2.75

B72.C62 v.4 1994   Copleston, Frederick Charles.  A history of philosophy.  v.4: Modern philosophy from Descartes to Leibniz.  Doubleday: Image Books, 1994 c1960.  xiii, 370p.  A Short Bibliography p.333-346.  Index.  #12275  9.50

B72.C62 v.7 1965   Copleston, Frederick Charles.  A history of philosophy.  v.7: Modern philosophy.  Doubleday & Company: Image Books, 1965 c1963.  2pts. (319, 276p.)  A Short Bibliography pt. 1 p.295-308; pt.2 p.217-233.  Index in pt.2.  Pt. 1, Fichte to Hegel.  Pt.2, Schopenhauer to Nietzsche.  #13117, 12094  4.75

B72.C62 v.9 1994   Copleston, Frederick Charles.  A history of philosophy.  v.9: Modern philosophy: from the French Revolution to Sartre, Camus, and Lévi-Strauss.  Doubleday: Image Books, 1994 c1977.  xv, 480p.  A Short Bibliography p.449-468.  Index.  #10369  9.10

B72.D75 1953  Durant, Will.  The pleasures of philoso­phy: a survey of human life and destiny.   Simon & Schuster: Touchstone Book, 1953.  446p., Bibl. guide p.409-415.  Index.  Rev. ed. of The Mansions of Philosophy, 1929.  #1105  2.10

B72.D8 1957  Durant, Will.   The story of philosophy: the lives and opinions of the greater philosophers.  [2nd ed.]  Simon&Schuster, 2005 c1961; 1st published 1933.  xvii, 412p  Contains bibliographical footnotes.  Glossary p.399-401.  Bibliography p.403-404.  Index   #395r2  .50

B72.F4 1950 Ref   A history of philosophical systems. Edited by Vergilius Ferm. The Philosophical Library, c1950. xvi, 642p. Notes and Bibliography at ends of chapters. List of Contributors p.xv. Index.  #12542 5.35

B72.G337 2013   Garvey, James, 1967-         and Stangroom, Jeremy. The story of philosophy: a history of Western thought. Quercus Editions Ltd., 2013, c2012. viii, 421p. Further Readingp. 397-401. Index. Acknowledgements p.421. #16321 5.05

B72.G5 1982   Gilson, Etienne, 1884-1978.  The unity of philosophical experience.  Christian Classics/Four Courts Press, 1982 c1965 renewed; 1st published c1937.  xii, 331p.  Bibliography p.321-324.  Index to Proper Names.  On conver: A survey showing the unity of medieval, Cartesian & modern philosophy.  #12405  6.45

B72.G74 1992 Ref   Great thinkers of the Western world: the major ideas and classic works of more than 100 outstanding Western philosophers, physical and social scientists, psychologists, religious writers and theologians. Edited by Ian P. McGreal.  HarperCollinsPublishers c1992. xiv, 572p. Contributors p.xi-xiii. Bibliography p.561-570. Thinkers Index. #9327 4.83

B72.J6 1936  Joad, C. E. M.   Guide to philosophy.  Dover Publications, 1936.  592p., bibl. notes.  Index.  #396.  2.00

B72.L384 1984  Lavine, T. Z.  From Socrates to Sartre: the philosophical quest.  Bantam Books, 1984.  426p.  Further reading at ends of parts; Glossary p.415-418.  Index.  #1359  2.66

B72.M87 1993   Murdoch, Iris, 1919-1999.  Metaphysics as a guide to morals.  Penguin Books, 1993 c1992.  520p.  Acknowledgements p.513-514.  Index.  #9370  17.00

B72.O4 1967 Ref   100 great thinkers: brief biographies of the great men of thought from Hammurabi to Sartre. Editor Jay E. Green. Washington Square Press, c1967. xvi, 620p. Contains bibliographical references. [Contributors on title page]. Acknowledgements p.ix. Glossary p.593-597. Supplementary List of Great Thinkers p.601-614. Index of 100 Great Thinkers According to Field of Endeavor p.617-618. Alphabetical Index.  #7157 .95

B72.O8 2001   The Oxford illustrated history of Western philosophy. Edited by Anthony Kenny. Oxford University Press, 2001, c1994. xii, 407p. List of Maps p.9. List of Color Plates p.11-12. Chronological Table p.371-378. Further Reading p.379-391. Acknowledgement of Sources p.393-394. Index. #16416 1.00

B74.T5 1957 Ref   Thilly, Frank. A history of philosophy; 3rd ed. Rev. by Lodger Wood. Henry Holt and Company c1959; 1st published 1914. xx, 678p. Contains bibliographical references. Acknowledgements p.ix-x. Index.  #13972 2.15

B72.R82 1972  Russell, Bertrand Russell, 3d Earl, 1872-1970.   History of Western philosophy.  Simon & Schuster: A Touchstone Book, 1972.  895p..  Index.  #508  1st published 1945.  5.30

B72.T27 1993  Tarnas, Richard.  Passion of the western mind: understanding the ideas that have shaped our world view.  Ballantine, 1993 c1991.  544p.  Bibliography p.494-512; Chronology p.446-467.  Index.  #1735  8.14

B72.W54 1998   Wilson, Edward Osborne, 1929-  Consilience: the unity of knowledge.  Alfred A. Knopf, c1998.  v, 333p.  Notes p.299-319.  Acknowledgements p.321-322.  Index.  #9449  5.40

B74.H45 1956   Hawton, Hector, 1901-      Philosophy for pleasure: an adventure in ideas.  Fawcett Publications: A Premier Book, 1956 reprint of c1956; 1st published 1949.  192p.  Glossary of Terms p.182-185.  Table of Dates p.186.  Index.  #11542  .25

B77.B723 v.1 1970  Bréhier, Émile, 1876-1952.  The Hellenic age.  Translated by Joseph Thomas.  University of Chicago Press: A Phoenix Book, c1970 c1963.  v, 242p.  Bibliographies after sections.  Index.  (The history of philosophy, v.1)  1st published as Histoire de la philosophie: L’Antiquité et le Moyen Age. I: Introduction, Périod Hellénique, c1938.  Bibliographies enlarged to include works listed in the 8th French edition, 1963.  #11597  2.40

B82.D8 1969   Ducassé, Pierre.  Les grandes philosophies.  Presse Universitaires de France, 19690.  127p.  Bibliographical footnotes.  Indexes.  #5718  .50

B82.W5 1958  Windelband, Wilhelm.   A history of philosophy.  Harper: Torchbooks, 1958 c1901.  2v (347, 348-681p.), bibl. notes, appendices.  Index.  #398, 399  3.50

B105.C5 L6 1960  Lovejoy, Arthur O.   The great chain of being; a study of the history of an idea.  Harper: Torchbooks, 1960 c1936.  376p., bibl notes.  Index.  #400  1.85

B105.P4 R83 1990  Ruddick, Sara.   Maternal thinking: towards a politics of peace.  Ballantine Books, 1990, c1989.  291p., bibl. notes p.253-280.  Index.  #509  3.18

B105.S79A52 1990  Amato, Joseph Anthony & Mosnge, D.  Victims and values: a history and theory of suffering.  Foreword by E. Weber.  Praeger, 1990.  236p., Bibliographic essays p.217-223.  #1150  gift

B105.T54H37 1982   Harrison, Allen F. and Bramson, Robert M.  Styles of thinking: strategies for asking questions, making decisions, and solving problems.  Doubleday: Anchor Press, 1982.  xi, 202p.  InQ inventory p.182-191.  Reading List p.183-184.  Index.  #10657  .55

B105.W6S56 2003   Singing in the fire: stories of women in philosophy.  Edited by Linda Martin Alcoff.  Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., c2003.  x, 171p., photos, tables. Contains bibliographical notes at ends of chapters.  About the Contributors p.167-171.  #13508

B105.W6W653 1996   Women philosophers.  Edited by Mary Warnock.  Dent & Tattle: Everyman, 1996.  xlvii, 301p.  Chronology of the philosophers’ lives and times, p.viii-xxvii.  #7684  2.50

B113.W613 1956  Windelband, Wilhelm.  History of ancient philosophy.  Translated by Herbert Ernest Cushman.  Dover, 1956.  393p., Bibliography p.385-388.  Index.  #1643  .25

B128.C8K32 2002   Kaizuka, Shigeki, 1904-           Confucius: his life and thought.  Translated by Geoffrey Bownas.  Dover Publications, 2002; 1st published [in English] c1956 [1st published in Japanese].  192p., frontispeice, maps.  Chronologi al Table p.185-187.  Index.  #12585  1.25

B128.C8S56 1973   Smith, D. Howard.  Confucius.  Scribner’s, 1973.  240p.  Bibliography p.219-223.  Principal Events in the Life of Confucius p.226-227.  Table of Dynasties.  p.227-228.  #7367  .25

B128.M33E54 2009   Mengzi, 391-308. Mencius. Translated byIrene Bloom. Edited and with an introduction by Philip J. Ivanhoe. Columbia University Press, c2009. xxiv, 174p. (Translations from the Asian Classics). Contains bibliographical references and footnotes. Introduction Notes p.xx-xxii. Index.  #15726 2.10

B131.P7 1964   Prabhavananda, Swami, 1893-       The spiritual heritage of India.  With the assistance of Frederick Manchester.  Doubleday & Company: Anchor Books, 1964 c1963.  xxii, 449p.  Bibliography p.425-430.  Index.  #11399  5.35

B154.G813 1966   Guttmann, Julius, 1880-1950.  Philosophies of Judaism: the history of Jewish philosophy from Bible times to Franz Rozenzweig.  Introduction by R. J. Zwiwerblowsky.  Translated by David W. Silverman.  Doubleday & Company, Inc.: Anchor Books, 1966 c1964.  x, 546p.  Bibliography p.453-468.  Index.  #12330  3.00

B171.G84 1965  Guthrie, W. K. C.  In the beginning: some Greek views on the origins of life and the early state of man.  Cornwall University press, 1965 c1957.  151p..  Notes p.111-144.  Index.  #1786  .73

B171.R4213   Reale, Giovanni.  A history of ancient philosophy.  Edited and translanted from the Italian by John R. Catlan.  State University of New York Press, 1985-      v.  v.3, The systems of the Hellenistic age. [3rd Italian edition].  First published as Il concetto di filosofia prima e l’unita della metofisica di Aristotle.  #11452  5.35

B171.W353 1958  Warner, Rex.   The Greek philoso­phers.  New American Library: Mentor, 1958.  238p., Bibliographic footnotes.  Index.  #1248  .30

B173.Z52 1950   Zeller, Eduard.  Outlines of the history of Greek philosophy.  13th ed., rev. by Wilhelm Nestle and tr. by L.R. Palmer.  1955 c1950.  349p.  Bibliography p.342-345.  Index.  #7121  4.15

B188.B33 1988   Barnes, Jonathan.  Early Greek philosophy.  Penguin Books, 1988 c1987.  318p., map.  The Sources p.295-301.  Further Readings p.302-303.  Indexes.  #11108  3.60

B220.E5H39 2001   Heraclitus, of Ephesus, fl. 500 B.C.E.  Fragments: the collected wisdom of Heraclitus.  Translated by Brooks Haxton.  With a foreword by James Hillman.  Viking c2001.  xxviii, 99p.  Bibliography p.99.  Greek and English on facing pages.  #11995  4.75

B316.J33 1954  Taylor, Alfred Edward, 1869-1945.   Socrates.  Doubleday: Anchor, 1954 c1952.  189p., bibl. notes.  Index.  Bibliographical Note, 175-177.  #401  1st published in England, 1933.  .75

B316.S75 1989  Stone, I. F.   The trial of Socrates.  Doubleday: Anchor Books, 1989 c1988.  282p..  Notes p.249-267.  #445.  10.55

B316.X2B4 1965   Xenophon, 426-354 B.C.E.  Recollections of Socrates and Socrates’ defense before the jury.  Translated, with an introduction by Anna S. Benjamin.  Bobbs-Merrill: The Library of Liberal Arts, 1965.  xxv, 157p.  Bibliography p. xxiii-xxv.  #7724  2.10

B351.P52 1965   Plato dictionary.  Edited by Morris Stockhammer.  Littlefield, Adams & Co., 1965; 1st published c1957.  xv, 287p.  #11833  10.75

B358.C57 1989   Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  The collected dialogues of Plato, including the letters.  Edited by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns with introduction and prefatory notes.  Princeton University Press, 1987 c1961.  xxv, 1743p.  Index.  Contents: Apology, Crito, Phaedo (Tradennick); Charmides, Laches (Jowett); Lysis (Wright); Euthypho (Cooper); Menexemus, Lesser Hippias (Jowett); Ion (Cooper); Gorgias (Woodhead); Protagoras, Meno (Guthrie); Euthydemus (Rouse); Cratylus (Jowett); Phaedrus (Hackforth); Symposium (Joyce); Republic (Shorey); Theaetetus, Parmenides, Sophist (Cornford); Statesman (Skemp); Philebus (Hackforth); Timaeus (Jowett); Critias, Laws, Epipomis (Taylor); Great Hippias (Jowett); Letters (Post).  #10567  18.75

B358.R5 1956  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.   Great dialogues of Plato.  Tr. by W. H. D. Rouse. Ed. by E. H. Warmington & P. G. Rouse.  New Am. Lib.: Mentor, 1956.  525p., pronouncing index #403  .50

B358.S29 1987   Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Early Socratic dialogues.  Edited with a general introduction by Trevor J. Saunders.  Penguin Books, c1987.  396p.  Bibliographies p.381-393.  Selective Index of Greek Personal Names.  Contents: Ion (Trevor J. Saunders). Laches (Jane Lane).  Lysis, Charmides (Donald Watt).  Hippias Major, Hippias Minor, Euthydemus (Robin Waterfield).  With some fragments of Aesokines of Splettus (T.J. Saunders).  #10557  6.90 B371.A5H3 1971  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Gorgias.  Translated with an introduction by Walter Hamilton.  Penguin Books, 1971; reprint with revisions of 1960.  154p., Select Bibliography p.151.  Index.  #1722  7.65 B380.A5H35 1973  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Phaedrus and the seventh and eighth letters.  Translated with introduction by Walter Hamilton.  Penguin Books, 1973.  160p., Selected Bibliography p.159-160.  #1743  9.58

B382.A8G8 1956  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Protagoras and Meno.  Translated with an introduction by W.K.C. Guthrie.  Penguin, 1956.  157p.  #1765  .53

B386.A5W37 1987  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Theaetetus.  Translated with an esxsay by Robin A. H. Waterfield.  Penguin Books, 1987.  256p.  Bibliography p.245-256.  #5139  9.60

B387.A5L43 1977  Plato, ca.427-347 B.C.E.  Timaeus and Critias.  Translated with an introeuction and an appendix on Atlantis by Desmond Lee.  Penguin Books, 1997; Translation of Timaeus, 1965 reissued with Critias, 1971.  167p.  $5140  9.60 B395.T27 1958  Taylor, Alfred Edward, 1869-1945.   Plato; the man and his work.  Meridian Books, 1958 c1952.  562p., bibl notes, addend., chron., appendix.  #402  Reprinted from 6th ed.  1.95

B401.O7 1966 Ref   Organ, Troy Wilson, 1912-1992. An index to Aristotle in English translation. Gordian Press, Inc., 1966 c1949. vi, 181p. Index terms use the Bekker numbers of the Greek text (1831-1870) employed by the Ross & Smith English edition (1908-1931). The Index does not include Aristotle’s Fragments or the Constitution of Athens.  #15879 18.00

B407.L8 1943   Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.E.  On man in the universe.  Edited with an introduction by Louise Ropes Loomis.  Published for the Classics Club by Walter J. Black, Inc. c1943.  xxxviii, 441p.  Contents: Metaphysics (McMahon); Parts of animals (Ogle); Nicomachean ethics (Welldon); Politics (Jowett); Poetics (Butcher).  #10591  free

B407.R6 1952   Aristotle,384-322 B.C.E. The works of Aristotle. Text and annotations reprinted, translated into English under the editorship of W.D. Ross,  Oxford University Press. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1952. Published with the editorial advice of the faculties of the University of Chicago. 2v. (viii, 726; vi, 699p.) (The Great Books, v.8-9). #16414-15 2.00

B407.S6 1908   Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.E.   The works of Aristotle.  Translated into English under the editorship of John Alexander Smith and William David Ross.  Oxford University Press, 1908-1952.  Volumes and paging correspond to the Oxford edition of Bekker’s Greek texk, with section numbers, notes.  Indexes.  v.1, 1955 c1928.   CategoriaeDe interpretationeAnalytica prioraAnalytica posterioraTopica and De Sophisticis elenchis.  Index.  #404  10.00

B407.S6 1984   Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.E.  The complete works of Aristotle.  The revised Oxford Translation.  Edited by Jonathan Barnes.  Princeton University press, 1984; a revision of the translation series under the editorship of J.A. Smith and W. D. Ross, 1908-1954.  2v. (xiii, 1250; vii, 1251-2487p.) (Bolligen series, 71:2-3).  Contents:  v.1, 1995.  CategoriesDe interpretationePrior analyticsPosterior analyticsTopicsSophistical refutationsPhysicsOn the heavensOn generation and corruptionMeterologyOn the UniverseOn the soulSense and sensibiliaOn memoryOn sleepOn dreamsOn divination in sleepOn length and shortness of lifeOn youth, old age, lfe and death, and respirationOn breathHistory of animalsProgression of animalsGeneration of animalsOn colorsOn things heardPhysigonomics.  v.2, 1995.  On plants.  On marvellous things heard.  Mechanics.  Problems.  On indivisible lines.  The situations and names of winds.  On Melissus, Henophanes, and Gorgias.  Metaphysiccs.  Nicomachean ethics.  Magna moralia.  Eudemian ethics.  On virtures and vices.  Politics.  Economics.  Rhetoric.  Rhetoric to Alexander.  Poetics.  Constitution of Athens.  Fragments.  #9210, 10320  32.30

B415.A5L287 1986  Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.E.  De anima (on the soul).  Translated with an introduction and notes by Hugh Lawson Tancred.  Penguin Books, 1987.  254p.  Glossary p.117-122; Bibliography p.252-254.  #5013  Gift

B430.A5T4 1976   Aristotle, 384-322 B.C.E.  The ethics of Aristotle: the Nicomachaen ethics.  Translated by J.A.K. Thomson.  Revised with notes and appendices by Hugh Tredennick.  Introduction and bibliography by Jonathan Barnes.  Penguin Books, 1976.  583p.  Bibliography p. 44-52.  Appendices A-J (notes) p.345-366.  Glossary of Greek words p.367-370.  Indexes.  #7732  11.65

B430.E77 1980   Essays on Aristotle’s ethics.  Edited by Amélie Oksenberg Rorty.  University of California Press, c1980.  viii, 438p.  Notes at ends of articles.  Contributors p.437-438.  (Major thinkers series: 2).  #12287  13.40

B430.K73 1991   Kraut, Richard, 1944-    Aristotle on the human good.  Princeton University Press, 1991 c1989.  xi, 379p.  Bibliography p.359-363.  General Index & Index of Passages.  #12289  16.05

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