My Type

Updated 15 March 2017.


Introspection dominates my life.  Just as I try to figure out what accounts for other people’s thoughts and actions, I wonder about myself.  The discovery of psychological typing proved a breakthrough for me.  Ever since I have eagerly examined my psyche via various approaches to typology.  See the following.


My LifeKey

My Thinking

My Learning

My Solo

Big Five Personality: Derived from123test®

Authenticity of My Big Five: a short round from the International Personality Item Pool.

Type and Testing: a trial of the HumanMetrics battery.

Rog the Builder as found in Helen Fisher’s Why him? Why her?

Success (my values)

My Favorites: Determining What I Favor.

My Fulfillment as found in Susan Krauss Whitbourne’s The Search for Fulfillment.

Rules of Life: an examination of “7 Cardinal Rules of Life.”

Value Politics. What is missing in partisanship?

Roger Sween Revealed as suggested by Author Revealed at Simon & Schuster.

What I Learned: at least, so far, as suggested by Jim Harrison’s responses in Esquire.

Cool Maplewood: towards a more tranquil standpoint, as suggested by Eric McCormack’s responses in US.

My Religious Beliefs: as they are when prompted by a survey.

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